$2 Magazine Rack! Thank you Ikea!!!

Dear IKEA “As is” section,

Oh how I love visiting your tiny corner of the store and finding treasures! You once again did not disappoint! Today’s find was lovely so I must send a warm thank you your way! Your $1.99 Crib section I’m sure was over looked by many! “What on earth could one do with this?” one might ask! And if you like to make you kids comfortable try the best bunk beds with stairs – safe for children and toddlers, which will help your kid enjoy most of his/her night sleeps with ease. But have no fear! I’ll find a fancy way to use your tossed and mismatched goods! I’ll rescue this little number and turn it into something magical just watch!DSC06281

$1.99 and a 90 degree turn latter…..My very own simple magazine rack! I didn’t even paint anything, thought how cute would this thing be painted blue or yellow! Eeek!!! Maybe I need to start shaking up
the old spray paint can!!
Thanks once again “As is!” I adore you at the moment!