Creative Estates Wardrobe Drama



This time next week I’ll be at Creative Estates!!! Woo hoo!!! Bring on the party!  I’ve been having some issues while gearing up for the big conference. See if you can relate…

And you heard my video self correctly! I’ll be tweeting live at Creative Estates all weekend long so be sure to follow me on Twitter @iheartBCD to get the up to date dish on all things CE!!!


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So are you ready or what!!!


A look into the life of a real "Mormon Mommy Blogger!"

I love that I had three different friends email me the link to the article ” Why I can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs” by Emily Matcher
It was pretty darn funny to read as I sat in my sweat pants in the middle of my pit I call home! I had to laugh! There I was technically a Mormon Mommy blogger myself and I knew for a fact that life as a MMB’er isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and flower arranging!
I had to put in my two cents! So here you go people! A look into the life of REAL Mormon Mommy Blogger! I’m happy to be the one to shed a little light on the topic and show you how life can really be… and NO… I don’t apologize for the day old mascara under my eyes or the double chin! Reality at its best!
So my real takeaway is this… No one wants to see us or be seen at our worst all the time! It was like when I first went on Myspace years ago…I was blown away at how great and happy everyone looked from high school. I started feeling frumpy and unaccomplished but then I was like “Hold up, Becks! No one in their right mind is going to put up a bad photo of themselves! No one is going to shine a spot light on their flaws, messy homes or less then perfect life!”
We ALL like to be seen at our best! EVERYONE! No matter your religion, financial status, or family situation! It’s not just we Mormons! It’s human nature to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative! But that being said, please realize that behind the scenes life is in full swing and to some, maybe even most of us, it looks like real life! Don’t feel bad that your house never looks like a photo of your favorite bloggers! Don’t feel bad that your kids aren’t dresses to the nines and can pose like Gap babies! Because the fact of the matter is most of ours don’t either!
So there you have! Call me a whistle blower! I’m just happy to be a blogger in this blogging world we all love and adore so much! Don’t fall into the trap of feeling bad that you don’t live a life like those that are portrayed as perfect all the time becasue it’s all smoke and mirrors but with lot of happiness and joy too.And yes…just enough Cheerios on the floor to make us relatable! Wink wink!
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