Thrift Store haul

The thrift store gods were in a good mood last week and I for one took full advantage! Total score, after a long drought that’s for sure! Wanna see my haul? I’m still giddy over it!

$10 vintage kitchen stool! Love at first sight! this little piece screamed “SAVE ME!” so I did! I already introduced it to a little can of yellow spray paint over the weekend! You’re gonna love her!

$5 College Chair/ desk: Every wondered what a college desk would look like spray painted? Yeah! Me too! We’ll all see how it turns out together!

$15 refinished sewing cabinet! HELLO!!! A beautiful already refinished table! SOLD! Nowt to the task of finding the perfect place for it!

$25 Twin size bed frame! Score of the year! Talk about perfect timing! We are moving Charlies bed down stairs into the big girls new room so she was going to need a bed. This find was a big one! Headboard, foot board, rails and slats! I had a few ladies hating me for finding this before they had! It’s in great condition and only missing some hardware!


Man I love thrift stores! I’m lucky and live in a great area dripping with great thrifting! The D.I. (Deseret Industries) is out big Thrift Store chain here in Utah!. When I lived in California all we had was Salvation Army and Good Will! Colorado had AMAZING thrift Stores!!! How about in your area? Do you have  any good thrifting?


My sweet little 50′s girl! Thank you Abode!

Ok…look at that face! Is she not the most mischievous looking little girl you’ve ever laid eyes on!? This here is my youngest and she is exactly what you think…a whole lot of fun, spunk, laughs and personality! Remember her run in with my flour… She actually never sits still long enough to take her picture so I count these latest shots as one’s to treasure!
And to make it even better I found the most adorable Vintage dress in perfect condition at my favorite consignment shop in Salt Lake called Abode.
I was dying when I saw it and had to buy it and boy am I glad I did! It fits Charlies’ sweet and sassy personality to a T! 


My sweet little 50′s girl! Decked out in her red plaid ready to rule the world! All she’s missing is her text books wrapped in a belt and an apple for the teacher. Charlotte is her given name but we never call her Charlotte! From the very beginning we’ve always called her Charlie! It’s the prefect name for this larger then life little ray of sunshine! She’s a Charlie through and through and even a  Chuck on some days! I’m the luckiest mom on planet earth becasue she’s mine! Even if she’s all sorts of trouble,
I love this little chicken nugget!



The last thing this new outfit needed was the perfect accessory! Have no fear! Momma’s got this under control! Time to whip up a simple
Mary Jane Bow!


Boiled Wool (felt), really good wool, make’s for the best bow! Heather Bailey Wool is my all time fave and you can buy it locally at Material Girls Quilt Shop! I have a stash in endless colors in my craft room! Red was a given in this case! This strip is 12″ x 1″




A few simple folds later you’ll have the basic construction. The second photo is a side view so you
can get an idea of how I folded it.


Add tiny dabs of hot glue in between each fold to secure this shape.




You’ll add the center band by cutting a small strip of wool and wrapping it around the center being sure to secure it with hot glue on the back! If you pinch the center when you do this you can create a pucker! Trim the ends.


Lastly glue on a clip. Glue the clip on with the clip opened so you don’t accidentally glue it closed!




Sweet and easy!  Almost as sweet as my Charlie!  Ooh!!! I could just eat that face!
If you love vintage and great finds you must must must get over to Abode! I’ve never been in there and not felt like I just found the greatest find of my life!
Abode has it all! Painted and refinished furniture, vintage clothing, toys, home decor,  Letters, Maps, doilies, linens, accessories, artwork, and endless vintage details you didn’t even know you wanted!
Come see why I love this place!

1720 S. 900 E.
Salt Lake City, Ut 84105
(801) 486-2633
Visit them on line HERE!
Read their fun blog HERE!
Follow their sweet tweets HERE!
And follow them on Facebook HERE!
p.s. Abode has groovy music that plays on their website! I may have in fact been listening to it the entire time I’ve been writing this post and I’ve had a perma-grin on my face because of it!


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