Valentines Mailboxes

This year for Valentines Day my oldest daughter needs to take in a homemade mailbox. So far this is the first year any of my girls have had to create something. For years I have thought that the “Fiesta Pack” carriers from Del Taco would make a darling mailbox for collecting love notes and FINALLY we got to turn them into a charming little “Love Shack!” Our good friends own a local Del Taco so she was nice enough to give us these three carriers.

Even though only one of my littles needed a mailbox I couldn’t leave the others out of all the fun. The girls helped out by cutting fun foam for the roof shingles, glue sticking scrapbook paper onto the box and applying shingles after I applies the hot glue. They picked out the paper and foam colors and designed how their houses would look! 3 hours, and 4 blisters later (I burned myself multiple times and this is why I handle the hot glue still!) we have these adorable little cottages!

And after all the Valentines festivities are over these cute little cottages make perfect doll houses for the collection of clothespins dolls I made for the girls! A sweet little neighborhood just for them!

So the next time you get a fun food carrier be sure to think of it’s next job! Might just become something fun!


Love letter hanging mailboxes

Love is in the air! If you are looking for a super simple way to collect those endless love notes you expect to get for Valentines why not create these hanging mail boxes! Simple supplies and 5 minutes is all it takes! Shall we get started!

For this project you’ll need large mailing envelopes and decorative paper. This beautiful paper is actually wrapping paper! Cut your paper slightly smaller then the envelope.

Use a glue stick to glue on your paper and embellish with cute Valentines decor. I found a pack of glittery hearts at my local dollar store and used a hot glue gun to attach them.

Fold back the flap that seals the envelope and use a hole punch to make two holes at the top of your envelope. String a ribbon for hanging.

These sweet little guys are perfect for a family Valentines party, school party or to hang at your desk! They were the perfect finishing touch to the “Cupids Night In” dinner I created for my family! More details on this fun dinner to come! My sister-in-law Stephanie, from Somewhat Simple, and I are creating a fun e-book filled with family dinner ideas you won’t want to miss! This is your first sneak peek! I know…I’m such a tease!


Conversation Heart Pillow by “Sweetie Pie Bakery”

I think the Valentine candy hearts are one of the most sweetest candies. I love the colors and the messages…but am not very fond of the taste.

I thought pillows would be a fun way to incorporate the candy into my house without having to eat them!


1/2 yd. of fleece per color you choose

1 sheet of red felt


Heart Pillow Template


Sewing Thread


Sewing Machine



1. Begin by cutting out your hearts. Use the template provided to cut out 2 hearts per pillow. Cut out a rectangle measured at 3″ x 40″ for each pillow.

2. Cut out your text. I used a basic font on my computer and then traced the letters onto the felt.

3. Sew the messages on each pillow top. Carefully pin the letters so they don’t shift too much.

4. With right sides together, sew the rectangle end together with 1/4″ seams.

5. With right sides together, sew the loop you just made to the pillow top with 1/4″ seams.

6. Sew the back of the pillow onto the loop, right sides together, with 1/4″ seams. Make sure to leave a 3″ opening to turn the pillow out.

7. Clip the curved parts of the heart and turn the pillow right side out. Smooth the seams and then stuff the pillow to your desired fullness.

8. Using a blind stitch, sew the opening closed. Repeat this process to finish as many pillows as you like!

Share your pillows in the Baked Goods Flickr Group!

For more great ideas from Jessi be sure to visit “Sweeti Pie Bakery!”


Valentines Door Wreath

Striped fabric:IKEA $7.99 a yard

Frame: “Balboa” 8 x 10 frame from “Cut it Out”   $12.99

Glitter Heart: Emporium at Thanksgiving Point $5.99

Ribbon: My craft room

Happy Valentines! Let the pink and heart crafting begin!


"Corny" Valentine’s Treat!

“Roses are red,
Violets are blue!
This “Corny” Valentine’s Treat
Was made just for you!”

When I found plain white Pop Corn Buckets at Orson Gygi I had to get ‘em! I knew they would be perfect to decorate and fill with Homemade Caramel Popcorn and pass out to the girls I visit teach this month!

Remember my Doilie Dying technique I used HERE!?! I used some of those left over Pink Doilies and Ribbon to Valentines the heck out of these Buckets!

Looks like a hit!

Caramel Popcorn

Melt in sauce pan:

1 stick Butter
half a bag of mini marshmallows
3/4 cup brown sugar

When it’s completely melted and combined, poor over Popcorn. I prefer air popped popcorn ( 1 scoop) but you can also use two bags of microwavable popcorn.


Tic -Tac -Toe Anyone?

Ok people!!!!It’s doesn’t get any easier then this!

I picked up this Unfinished Wood Box that cleverly reminded me of
Tic-Tac-Toe Game for some reason!WINK WINK!

I painted her white…

Grabbed a few bags of Valentine’s Candy for the playing pieces…

And let my kids go crazy!
Big hit I tell ya!!

I chose white paint so I can use it year round! I’ll buy Holiday Candy throughout the year to use! Pretty sure the kids will enjoy this one for a while!


Mini Valentines Gift Boxes: The Dollar Store at its finest!

Gotta love the Dollar Store! It’s hard not to when you can stock up on adorable little odds and ends! Holidays seem to be the Dollar Stores specialties! Their decorations and candy for each and every Holiday are always a hit!

This Valentines was no exception! I raided the aisles and came up with this adorable little Valentines gift for the neighborhood girls!

I’m tempted to go back and buy up all of these Favor Boxes! They are perfect for filling with goodies and decorating to fit any occasion! 12 for $1! It’s a no brainer!

Remember all the Ruffles I picked up for super dirt cheap! Well here it is in action!

Glue with your hot glue gun two rows of Ruffles!

Dollar Store goodies like Chocolate Hearts, Sugar Babies and Tiny little Lip Gloss make the cut are are thrown in!
How cute are these 5 packs of Lip Glosses? I could’n resist!

Lastly we tied on Tulle to finish them off!

For less then $1 each you can create an adorable little Valentine’s gift!
I love these little guys! Made me wish I was a kid again! Happy Valentine’s Day friends!

And Come check me out over on I never Grew up!!! I’m being featured as a “Monday Maven!” How fun is that!!!


This ‘ain’t your grandma’s Doilie {Banner! }

Doilies! Gotta Love ‘em! This time of year they are out in full force! I have to admit that Valentines Day isn’t a favorite holiday of mine! Crazy huh! But it’s true…the hubs thinks it’s too commercialized and there for down plays the event! Don’t worry girls…before you send Mr. Blue Cricket hate mail let me add that he never disappoints when it comes to stepping up to my Valentines expectations! Can you say “Tuxedo Strawberries!” My fave!

Ok…back to business…Shall we make a silly little Doilie Banner that is perfect for this time of year and with my Dying technique it’s the perfect way to color coordinate any Party color scheme for an added touch of detail!

First things first! We need some Jell-O! Good old fashion Strawberry Jell-O will do the trick to tint our paper doilies a pretty pink!

Prepare it according to the instructions on the box and poor it into a cookie sheet.
Submerge your separated doilies and keep them soaking for approximately 5 minutes. I had about 10 soaking at a time so it goes pretty fast!

Drain them as best you can and place them on your oven racks. Set the oven to it’s lowest setting. Mine was 170 degrees and “Bake” them for about 5 minutes. The Jell-O does pool a little in and it won’t dry 100% even but I like that about it! Adds character!

Oh yeah… I’d recommend wearing gloves! Don’t ask me how I came to this brilliant conclusion!

Now onto the assembly… String your ribbon on your mantel! Be sure to leave some hanging on each end! I personally like the way it looks!

Then take your dried Doilies and fold them in half over the ribbon and staple them together! Alternate Pink and White all across the length of the ribbon.

Now we’ll add ribbon in between each doilie!

Once again get your stapler ready!!! You can also tie it on! Pick your poison!

I added Tulle to my ends for a little more excitement!

Simple and easy!

Mix up your color dying by using other flavors of Jell-O! I’ll be making a fun one for my little bugs 1st Birthday Bash!!! I’ve got a few month to figure out what color pallet I’ll be using!

Get dying people!


"We’re CRAZY for you!" Valentine’s

Fancy that!!! I captured a photo of my two oldest while in their natural state!!!!

I loved this photo so much! Honestly! Who doesn’t have a photo like this! Use those crazy photos, or take a crazy picture of the kids and get to work on fun and playful Valentines!

What you’ll need:

  • A Crazy Picture of you, your kids, the fam, your pet!
  • Card Stock or a Ready to make Card set
  • Fabric
  • Wonder Under
  • Sewing machine

First Take your photo and add text! I use Photoshop but you can also use Photobucket or Picnik! Have them printed!

Next either cut your Card Stock to size or get your premade ready to use cards ready!

Find fun festive fabric and iron on Wonder Under to its back side!

Cut your fabric to a size that is smaller then the face of your card but larger then your photo! Remove the paper backing from the Wonder Under and iron it on to your card!

Lastly you’ll mount your photo on a complimentary card stock or scrapbook paper to create a colorful boarder. Then Position your photo onto the card and Zig Zag Stitch it in place!

A fun way to add a personal touch to a fun Holiday tradition!