Healthy, affordable and organized snacking!

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Ok! I bet I can guess 3 things we are always trying to improve in our lives!

1. Eat better!

2. Save money!

3. Get more organized!!!!!

Am I right or am I right! Well if those are things that ever make an appearance on your “To Do” list I have a great lifestyle tip for you! How would you like to roll all three of those wants into one great change? I knew I had your attention!

A few months ago my family and I were tackling those three very wants! It started with a real desire to eat better and have more snacks on hand! Because we don’t typically buy cookies, chips or other junk food we often find ourselves hungry for a snack! Apples and bananas don’t cut it every day so we set out to find some healthy snacks that we all would love!

We found ourselves at our local “WinCo” grocery store in their bulk food section. This section of the grocery store is AMAZING!!! Tons of food all sold loosly and by the pound! We grabbed tons of great new treats and took them home for stage two…

Thanks to IKEA and their amazing storage options we stocked up on these useful containers! Each new snack item or bulk food item is easily seen and makes organizing a breeze! They were affordable and reusable so the value will last a long while!

Now we have an entire shelf dedicated to healthy snacks and bulk foods nicely organized and displayed! Buying from the lose bulk section is a huge savings as well. Nearly all of the items we bought were way cheaper then had we bought them in packaged quantities! And this way we can buy the exact amount we wanted and help avoid buying items that we wouldn’t finish before they went stale and wasted money!

Here’s our list of bulk food items that we now enjoy snacking on…

Raw Almonds,Sun Flower seeds, Popcorn kernels, Dried Apple Chips, Craisins, Granola and, Roasted Pumpkin seeds!

A family favorite combo is a small bowl of Pumpkin seeds, almonds and craisins! The salty and sweet combo is to die for!

We also stocked up on bulk Jasmin rice, Basmati rice, brown rice, taco seasoning, flax seed, steel cut oats, bread crumbs, panko flakes and Italian seasoning for every day use! Bulk food is the way to go!

So we saved money by buying loose food in the quantities we wanted, we organized out pantry and made grabbing a snack easy and lastly we introduced healthy options that we all love!

And for a super easy and healthy snack alternative have you ever popped your own popcorn in the microwave? No, not the overly buttered, grease versions you buy in prepackaged folded bags! Why not try this next time…

1. Grab yourself a brown paper lunch bag and 1/3 cup of popcorn kernels!

2. Throw the kernals into the bag and fold the top over twice.

3. Microwave on your popcorn setting or for about 2 min. Listen closely. When the kernels stop popping it’s done!

4. Serve unflavored or add a very very small amount of melted butter or cinnamon sugar! Even if you flavor your popcorn I grantee it’s a much healthier version then the store bought microwavable popcorn version and this method cost only pennies!


We’ve totally been enjoy this new snacking lifestyle! I hope it inspires you to tackle those three wants that always seem to find their way on our wish lists! Happy snacking!

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Kitchen Stool makeover

Last weeks thrift store haul proved to be a huge success! I knew this old dated kitchen stool was a diamond in the rough! Just look at her now…

1. Start off by removing the two fabric covered sections of the chair leaving behind only the metal frame. Now you’re ready to spray paint!

2. Time to recover the seat cushions! I found this beautiful oil cloth at Material Girls Quilt Shop. I only needed 1/2 a yard.  I used spray adhesive to help keep the fabric in place.

3.  Cut slits every 2″ to help pull the fabric over the curved edges easily.Hot glue the fabric on. I kept the existing old fabric and padding on becasue this thing was OLD and the fabric was stuck to the padding.

4. When you are done recovering it’s time to put them back onto the metal frame!

I love her!The End!


Paper Bag Halloween Door Hang/ Trick or Treat Bag!

Who’s getting excited for Halloween already?? I AM!!! Halloween is my all time favorite holiday so I couldn’t help myself…I HAD to get a jump on my Halloween projects!

The first project of the year is my “Halloween Door Hang!” This little ditty was born out of my love of working with paper bags! Remember my “Spring Bunting!” That was the project that kicked it all of so this season wasn’t about to not get the royal “Bag” treatment!

This technique is also perfect for making darling  Trick or Treat bags for the kids this year as well! So the next time you are shopping and they ask “Paper or Plastic?”  be sure to go for good old PAPER!!!

1. Grab your paper shopping bag! It’s time to get started! If you are making a wall hanging you can use either side because you will be covering up the store logo. If you are making a Trick or treat bag cover up the store logo side!

2. Use Distress ink to the edges to add dimension. The texture of the paper bag looks awesome when you highlight it with the ink!

3. Cut long 2″ wide strips of large netting. Use a hot glue gun to make ruffled netting along every inner edge of the bag.

4. Continue the ruffling all the way around the bag.


5. Cut two pieces of scrapbook paper slightly smaller then the paper bag and then smaller then the first paper.

6. Use Distress ink on the papers edges and then sew them together using a zig zag stitch!

7. To make the moon, cut a circle! I LOVE my Martha Stewart Circle cutter!

8. Distress ink the moon and zig zag sew the moon in place!


9. Moving on to the Bats! Create a wing template out of cardstock!

10. Cut 6 wing sections and some small pieces of black felt for wing seperation.

11. Glue three wing sections together with glue at the very tip of the wings. Using hot glue, add a little dab of glue and shove in your small piece of felt between each wing section. This will help the wings look 3 dimensional and have movement and space.

12. Create a small bat by doing the same as above but smaller. Cut two round circles with ears for the bat bodies and glue on your wings!

13. Now it times to glue on our paper to the bag! Hot glue the paper onto the paper bag being sure to center ti nicely to show off the netting.

14. Hot Glue on your two bats. I glued the wings and the body to make it extra secure.

15. Add fun lettering to create a Halloween saying.

16. Add a bow and hand on the  door!


Be sure to be aware of the weather! If rain is in store, bring this little mama inside! You can also hang this on any indoor hook for indoor holiday decor!


More fun Halloween door looks to come!


Silver end table

This is a treasure to me! It was my grandmothers and if you know me you know that she was a huge influence in my life! When we bought our first home I was lucky enough to get to take this piece with me! I loved its green color but for some tragic reason its other half got a stripe of white paint on it so I finally got around to giving a new fresh look!

These best part of this piece is that it has a twin sister and when they come together it makes this darling round table! I use them separated but I love the fact that I could latch them together and have this look!

I’ve been in love with Silver lately and thought it would be fun to transform this table with some Krylon Metallic Silver Spray Paint! Krylon sent me a can to sample and I was so excited to get started!

What do you think? Nothing like a little spray paint to make a project shine! Krylon sent me this product to sample but these opinions are 100% my own.


Fabric Button Bracelet

Fabric covered buttons are making an appearance on my wrist these days! After my Fabric Button Necklace I thought a bracelet would be  anatural next move!

I started with a great find from the DownEast Clearance Store. This was a messed up monogramed bracelet that they sell for $1. It has a leather band and  clasp and all it needed was some way to cover up the mess up!

A few buttons ought to do the trick! I glued these on with hot glue and it was exactly what this bracelet needed!

I love it when we can make an otherwise useless item usable again!


Krylon to the rescue!

This beautiful Silver vase didn’t always look this stunning! It was a diamond in the rough!

I loved this tiny little creamer I found at my local Thrift Store. Not a huge fan of the flowers but it had such a darling shape I knew it would work great! I paid $2 for this piece.

Krylon is my go to brand for any spray paint need! I was sent this Nickle Metallic paint by Krylon to try and I love it!

Two coats later and a handful of freshly cut Lilacs from my front yard and I think my $2 investment was a good one!

I am always impressed with spray paint results! Nothing makes  a bigger change then a fresh coat of paint! Thanks Krylon for the sample! The opinions shared in this post are my own.


Paper Bag Spring Bunting

I was totally inspired by AZ girls Night Out clever Paper Bag Menu holder and came up with my own Paper Lunch Bag project! They are the perfect starter for this fun new Spring Bunting!

There is something about sewing through paper that I just love so this project was fun to create.

Gather paper lunch bags, scrap fabric, scrapbook paper, ric rack,  ribbon, pom pom and any other trims and embellishments that you think will help jazz up this bunting.

Start by trimming off the bottom section of your lunch bag.

Cut bright vibrant fabric to fit your bags.

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Tip Jar makeover! Silhouette to the rescue!

Ok…what wrong with this picture? Do you see it? A Tip jar made out of a paper cup!!! That’s what’s wrong! Now, I understand that a 19 year old boy is probably the last person to whip out something magical when asked to come up with  Tip Jar so I’ll cut him a little slack but I couldn’t let my dear friends over at
The Chocolate have a paper cup sitting on the counter of their beautiful store for much longer!
Enter my Silhouette Machine:

Coconut Macaroons. Falling in love with food!

 Have you ever tasted something so freakin fantastic that you had to get your hands on more immediately! Well that kind of sorta happened to me when I tasted Raw Melissa’s Coconut Macaroons. I had a sample of two and I was hooked and becasue I knew I need more more more and on more occasions then just once, I knew I need to learn how to make some!

**** HUGE disclaimer!! Theses are in no way as good as Raw Melissa’s nor did I have her recipe to go off of but they do the trick on satisfying my craving. Raw Melissa’s are 100% organic…these…not so much!

 I found a recipe on line from Healthy Green Lifestyle. A few of the items are hard to find in regular grocery stores or pretty pricey! Almond flour is really pricey and so is coconut oil! I also ran my coconut through my food processor to get it a little finer then it was.

Coconut Macaroons
3 cups unsweetened dried coconut flakes
1 1/2 cup coconut flour (or substitute almond flour)
1/2 cup maple syrup or raw honey
1/4 cup organic coconut oil or coconut butter
1 tsp. organic vanilla extract
pinch of Himalayan or sea salt

** I added 1/2 cup sugar to help sweeten


Using a stand mixer with a paddle attachment, combine all ingredients until well mixed. Taste the “batter”. If it is not sweet enough for you, add a little more sweetener until it tastes just right. Place spoonfuls of desired size on a cookie sheet and bake at 325 degrees F for about 10 minutes. Be careful they don’t burn. Alternatively, you can cook these at a low temperature (like 200 degrees F) for longer (an hour or two), or you can dehydrate these at 115 degrees F for 12-24 hours if you want them to be truly “raw macaroons”. Store in an air-tight container; if they are dehydrated, store them in the refrigerator or freezer.

This is the consistency you are looking for!

 You will want to use your small cupcake tin and scoop even scoops of dough into each well. Press each scoop down with a spoon and now it’s ready to bake!

 Bake until the edges start to get golden.

 And….pig out!

This was all that was left after one day. One batch makes about 40 cookies! Yeah…I enjoy a good treat!


Sparkle Sparkle! Trim turned bracelets in a jiffy!

Who doesn’t love cheap affordable! I for one am always looking for affordable ways to create accessories so while I was waiting in the cutting line at JoAnns and the trim section caught my eye I knew I was on to something great! I’m on a jewelry fix right now and my brain started churning.
Project Runway now has a line of trim at JoAnns! Loads of beautiful trim that sparkles and adds texture! I was drawn to the ruffles and sequins and thought they would make beautiful bracelets. I bought 1/3-1/2 of a yard of each and spent around $5 total on all this trim. 



Next it was off to the jewelry making section where I grabbed a pack of ribbon clasps for $2. This pack will give me three finished bracelets.
I measured and cut my trim to fit my wrist. Be sure to burn the edges to keep the ends from fraying. You’ll need a small pair of pliers to clamp and attach the clasps.
The thinner gold trim worked great to get a twisted look. I took two pieces and twisted them together before I clamped the second end.
I love this last one! It looks like a fun cuff! This trip was stretchy so all I did was hot glue the ends together. You could also stitch it.
So cute right! So for $7 I created 4 new bracelets that are going to  add a little sparkle to my outfits!
Think outside the box the next time you visit the craft store. Trim can become a great tool for jewelry and with all of the amazing varieties out there you are sure to find something great to work with.