I can do hard things!

I did it! I am officially no longer a “Tri Virgin!” This last weekend after two months of training I crossed the finish line of my first ever Triathlon!

Triathamom was unbelievable! I have never felt so accomplished! It was amazing to be surrounded by such inspiring woman and feel so encouraged! The atmosphere was incredible. Woman of all ages and abilities together for one event!  This triathlon meant a lot to me personally. It was a finish line for me for more reasons then one. These last few months have been a struggle for me and this race was a day on the calender I could focus on getting to and tackling. When I crossed that finish line I wanted to mentally put a lot of hurt and pain behind me and I have to say I felt the weight of these  last few months lighten  and my heart fill with  pride and renewed joy as I did just that!

Each leg of the race was meaningful to me. The swim was a beautiful reminder of the people I’ve been blessed with in my life who have rallies around me to hold me up. As we all crammed poolside waiting for our turn to get started I was overwhelmed by the spectators who filled the stands to cheer on their loved one. I couldn’t look up at them without getting teary eyed! I could only imagine that out of the hundreds of participants that so many other stood there with grateful hearts for this journey and what it has meant to them. I could see such pride in the husbands and children and grandparents who were sending support. It was amazingly touching!

By the time I got on my bike I was so pumped! I had already finished the first leg of the race and I felt ready to accomplish anything. That was until I was less then a mile into the ride and realized that I was going uphill for a long while! It was hard and I had never been on a constant uphill ride for any of my training. I know it wasn’t a steep uphill ride but my average speed was only 6 mph  and I was discouraged because in all the miles I had trained on a bike I had been able to keep at least a 17 mile an hour pace. It was a hard realization that this wasn’t going to be easy but in the back of my head I kept telling myself ” You can do this! You’ve done hard things before. It’s only for a few miles and then you can enjoy all of this hard work! Go, Rebecca! Keep pushing! It won’t hurt forever. ” I honestly had this internal dialog with myself for 4 miles. I was talking to myself and to Heavenly Father. They were some pretty interesting conversations. And then all of a sudden after those long hard miles I reach the top of the hill and all of a sudden I had made it threw the worst stretch of it all.  And like they say… it was all down hill from there (but in a good way)!

It was as if they knew we all needed it. Miles of down hill coasting and flat roads. It was our reward for suffering and pushing our hardest. I was filled with emotion as I realized what those first few miles represented for me.  Pain, hurt, and struggle but peace and clam awaited me at the top. If I could just get threw all the hard stuff there was sooooo much to look forward to.

I think I smiled the entire way from the top of the hill to the end of the bike ride.  I was really doing it. It sunk in then that I was actually living my dream of accomplishing this race.

The run was what I least looked forward to.  I knew it would stack my time but I saw it as a means to an end. No matter how long it took me I was going to be proud that I never gave up and I finished. If I could just get threw this last leg I would see my family and it would all be worth it.

During the run we could listen to music and I think that made a huge difference for me. I was also the most emotional during this part of the race. I couldn’t believe I was almost done! Certain songs randomly come on my MP3 player that were teaching me things about myself as I moved closer to each mile marker.

Mindy Gledhills song “All about your Heart” started to play and I began to well with tears. I have listened to this song for months now and it’s always been a favorite but right then, on a street in Herriman, Utah, I heard for the first time what it has been trying to convince me of all along. ” It’s not about your scares, It’s all about your heart!” My scares have been painful this year but they are not the only things that make me who I am. I am not just two miscarriages. I am not just surgeries or heartache or anxiety, loss and guilt. I am so much more then that and it’s time to realize it.

I found my stride and kept one foot in front of the other. Cameron Rafiti gave me a beat to smile along to. Lenny Kravits had me fist pumping along to “American Woman!” And then all of a sudden I saw the park and felt a hunger to find my family in the crowd. I can’t remember a time where I was more excited to see them! I crossed the finish line and held back tears as I found the girls and held on tight to Mike!

From start to finish I was learning. I learned that my body wasn’t broken. It was capable of doing things I never knew it could . I learned that Heavenly Father has been listening to me all along and that He knew I needed to see how strong I really was.  I learned that after hard work comes amazing rewards. I learned that pain turns into power and that time can help you heal.I learned that I can do hard things.


This is my amazing friend Dani, one of the inspired creators behind Triathamom! She has been a huge support to me over these last few months! If you know her and are lucky enough to call her a friend then you know what I mean when I say she ROCKS! She’s everyone’s biggest cheerleader and I’ve never seen her without a smile on her face!

My amazing friend Jessica was a huge support! She jumped right on board when I put out a call to see if any of my friends wanted to join me in this adventure! She killed it on race day finishing 30th over all which is jaw droppingly impressive and this was only her 2nd triathlon!! I came in 207th to put that into perspective! Way to go, Jess!

The beautiful Emily Hill was another rock star Triathamom! She finished in the top 20 over all and I am so inspired by her!

Tam was another friend who blew my mind with her results! 13th overall! GET OUT!!! And she has a two month old at home! What the heck, right!

All of these ladies have inspired me to work harder  and improve my time for the next tri I take part in! Yep! I think I’m hooked!

The girls had a blast at the family carnival. Face painting, bounce houses, slides, popcorn, cotten candy, Chick Filet, balloons! Triathamom thought of everything!

I am beyond grateful for my experience at Triathamom! It has been an incredible journey to reach this goal and I am so proud of my accomplishment! I would strongly encourage anyone to make this their own goal! You will feel so amazed at yourself and what you can do! Find a sprint triathlon near you! Join me next year for this one! This one was such a huge success I am sure it will sell out fast so be sure to follow Triathamom on Facebook so you can get all the updates on when next years registration will open.

A million thanks to Dani and Ali and the endless volunteers who helped make this event so wonderful! Thanks to my sweet friend Brooke who loaned me her road bike! I think I know what I’ll be saving my pennies for!!! And thanks to my sweet family for all their encouragement and love and support.  And thanks to my readers for all of your encouragement! I feel like you’ve been cheering me on  and wishing me well as well! I loved every minute of it and wanted to thank you for allowing me to share this adventure with all of you!!


Race Day!!!

Say a prayer and wish me luck….It’s RACE DAY!!!!!

I am soooo excited/anxiouse/nervouse!

It’s been a journey for sure! Miles of bike rides! Hours on the treadmill and on the road and lap after lap in the pool!

I can do it! I can do it!!! That’s what I’ll be saying to myself on the last leg of the triathlon! Running is my worst event! I CAN DO IT!!!!

Thanks for all the support! I’ve appreciated it so much!