Thrift Store haul

The thrift store gods were in a good mood last week and I for one took full advantage! Total score, after a long drought that’s for sure! Wanna see my haul? I’m still giddy over it!

$10 vintage kitchen stool! Love at first sight! this little piece screamed “SAVE ME!” so I did! I already introduced it to a little can of yellow spray paint over the weekend! You’re gonna love her!

$5 College Chair/ desk: Every wondered what a college desk would look like spray painted? Yeah! Me too! We’ll all see how it turns out together!

$15 refinished sewing cabinet! HELLO!!! A beautiful already refinished table! SOLD! Nowt to the task of finding the perfect place for it!

$25 Twin size bed frame! Score of the year! Talk about perfect timing! We are moving Charlies bed down stairs into the big girls new room so she was going to need a bed. This find was a big one! Headboard, foot board, rails and slats! I had a few ladies hating me for finding this before they had! It’s in great condition and only missing some hardware!


Man I love thrift stores! I’m lucky and live in a great area dripping with great thrifting! The D.I. (Deseret Industries) is out big Thrift Store chain here in Utah!. When I lived in California all we had was Salvation Army and Good Will! Colorado had AMAZING thrift Stores!!! How about in your area? Do you have  any good thrifting?


ReStore Vintage Tile Coasters

Have you guys heard of  Habitat for Humanities ReStore? It’s an amazing place to find project supplies and items for home projects!

My local ReStore is chuck full of amazing finds! Salvaged doors for $5, closet doors for $5, hardware, drawers, and tile!

A few months back I went looking for tile for my kitchen back splash. While looking through the endless selection of tile I came across a box of salvages vintage green tile that I fell in LOVE with! There wasn’t enough for my kitchen project but for 50 cents a square foot I just couldn’t leave them behind! I gathered them up and took them home hoping that a project would come to mind sooner then later!

Well, I still haven’t thought of the perfect project but in the mean time I wanted to put them to work. Why not create a set of coasters in the mean time.

Because these were salvaged tiles and removed from a home, they each have left over grout on the edges.

A little sand paper is all it takes to get the grout off!

Add a little felt and adhere with hot glue…

Sweet! Coasters For 11 cents each! I’ll co-sign that all day long!

Salvage discount stores like the ReStore are a gold mind! Check to see if you have  one near you and get shopping already!

So HELP!!! What should I do with the rest of my vintage tile stash?

P.s. That yummy drink I have in my glass is Ocean Spray White Cran-Peach and it’s beyond delish! Favorite Summer drink hands down!