Cutting Edge Stencil project and giveaway

Have you guys heard of Cutting Edge Stencils? They are AWESOME!!! Yes, three exclamation mark worthy awesome! I was able to sample one and put it to work and i adore this fun creative tool!

I chose to sample the Nagoya All over stencil and  because this was my first attempt at stenciling I wanted to tackle a smaller project so I went with a creating a piece of leaning wall art.

I need something big to use as a canvas and while at IKEA I about did a cartwheel when I saw the “Vika Amon” table top for $5.99! Talk about perfect!

Along with my stencil I also used Acrylic paint and PLAID Extreme Glitter paint!

I used a foam roller and some tape to secure the stencil in place.  It was a breeze lining up your design and finishing the edges! I just had to wait a few minutes to let the paint dry before I painted the next section of designs.

And lastly when it had dried 100% I painted the glitter paint on a few random sections just to add a little more fun!

The Cutting Edge Stencil is such a blast! The hardest part about this project was picking the stencil I wanted! ENDLESS options in classic designs and craft sizes too!

Want to try one out yourself? Well nows your chance! One lucky reader will win their choice of one FREE stencil (up to $50 value!). Simply leave a comment in today’s comments section tell me what stencil you want to get your hands on! For a full list of options check out the web site HERE!

For additional entries you can follow Cutting Edge Stencils on Facebook! Please leave another comment telling me you did so!

I’ll announce the winner on the Blue Cricket Design Facebook page next Monday! And check out this fun how to video!


De-Seeding a Pomogranate

I posted this tutorial two years ago and as I de-seeded my first pom of the season I thought it would be a good idea to share it again seeing how this technique saved my life…


‘Tis the season for delicious Pomegranates! If you are anything like me the idea of this Sweet Cold treat is mouthwatering but the effort it takes to enjoy them is daunting and not worth the hassle! And the mess! YIKES!!That was until a few years ago when I learned how to PROPERLY De-seed these tantalizing little gems! Once I learned this easy trick Pomegranate Season put a new spring in my step!

Here’s the”How To” low down on how to prepare a Pomegranate for Proper Consumption!
(I properly consume them by the fist full!)

First you’ll make your one and only cut into the fruit. Cut the top off of your Pomegranate just barely cutting into and exposing the red fruit.

Next you’ll submerge your fruit in a bowl of room temp to cold water.
(Basically whatever cool temp is comfortable for your hands!)

Now you’ll start to pull apart the fruit while you hold it under water. This keeps it from spitting red juice that stains like crazy and causes you to curse in your mind! It also makes it easy to expose the gems and brush them off of their membrane.
You’ll find that the seeds sink to the bottom of the bowl and the pieces of white membrane float to the top! This makes it super easy to scoop the white pieces out leaving behind just the fruit! Clever huh!

And there you have it! In just a minute or two you will have de-seeded an entire Pomegranate!

And to keep them fresh and easy to enjoy simply drain the seeds and spreed them onto a plate lined with a few sheets of paper towel.Dry them and keep them in an air tight Tupperware container in the Refrigerator.

They will last for over a week if stored correctly but to be honest with you you’ll most likely eat them way before the week is up!!


How to shred chicken in less than a minute

Let’s just say that not everything on Pintereset can be replicated with huge success. The above photo illustrates a “PINTEREST FAIL” when I tried to make cookie bowls on the outside of my mini bunt pan! Wah-wah-wah!!!

Did that total fail keep me from trying other new techniques I learn about on Pinterest? No! And thank heavens it didn’t becasue I think my life will forever be changed because of this little ditty….

“How to shred Chicken in your KitchenAid” originally shared by Simply Healthy Family.

Who knew? Who knew I was shredding chicken wrong all these years! No more wasting time shredding chicken with two forks! It’s all about the KitchenAid!

Shred Chicken in less then a minute! Place whole cooked chicken breast hot from the pan or boiling water and place them into your KitchenAid with the beater attachment.

Add your splatter guard if you have one and turn that bad boy on to a medium setting for about 45 sec.

And like magic you get shredded chicken in seconds! Hello time saver! Looks like Chicken Enchilada’s are making the menu more often thanks to this technique!