Last chance for St. Patty’s Day fun!

Well tomorrow’s the big day! I feel a wee bit guilty for not loving this holiday as much as I should so I’m trying to come up with a few things to make it special! My best friend has always been totally into this holiday and I wish I was as cool of a mom as she is.

Every year she tells her kids to be on the look out for those tricky Leprechauns! They are always out pulling pranks for St. Patrick’s day! Then after she tucks her kids in bed the night before she gets to work! She’ll dye the milk green and add green food coloring to the toilet water! She puts her kids shoes in the refrigerator and uses baby shoes to leave tiny foot prints in her entry way! Her kids eat it up!!!

So here I sit with less then 24 hours to try to come up with a few cool things I can do to win a “Mother of the year award!” I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who needs some last minute help! So here you go friends! A collection of some great ideas from the web! Thanks Martha Stewart, Family Fun and other great resources! Click the images to be taken to their original posts!

Here’s a fun game to play with the kids! I’ve tried it! I’d like to hear form you guys how dumb it made you feel!!!

Anyone for a pot of gold!!!
Holy Stinkin’ cute! I love this little guy!

These little numbers are almost too pretty to eat! ALMOST!!! And let’s be honest! Ours won’t look nearly as beautiful as Martha’s! GET IN MY BELLY!

I’m not a Corn Beef and Cabbage kind of gal but this Shepherd’s Pie might do the trick for this years holiday menu! I’m picturing the mashed potatoes turning green!

Traditional Irish Soda Bread can add an authentic taste for the Special Day!

Ok Martha! How fun is this! This is one of those “Oh why didn’t I think of that!” My kids are doing to love this one!

This happy little Shamrock Boutonniere is as cute as they come! Simply and fast and I think they would also look adorable tied to a little bag or package full of treats!

And Check out THIS SITE to down load some awesome St. Patty’s day work sheets and activities for the kids! Cross Words, Word Searched and more!

And lastly send a free E-Card to your loved ones! Check out THIS SITE for a fun selection!

HAPPY HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day Eve!!!!


I bet if you looked under a Leprechauns jacket you may in deed find Ruffles!

***** I have two posts today so be sure to check out the one that posted before this one!

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In honor of this years day of Green and all things Irish and lovely…I’ve gone against my better judgment to create a Holiday Shirt Worthy of Leprechaun love!

I give full credit to the Dollar Store for making this project Possible!

Hello Dollar Store Shirts! Yep! These green shirts were hard to resist as I browsed the aisles of Dollar Tree! And for a total of TWO Bucks I was up for the challenge…heck! If it went horribly wrong it wasn’t going to cost me much!

I used the larger shirt as my ruffle supplier by cutting 1.5″ strips from it’s bottom.

I knew I wanted 6 total strips that varied in length. Remember these are doubled up in the photo…I cut each set of strips about 2″ shorter then the longer one that proceeded it to get the lengths I needed!

Then I sewed a straight stitch down the center of each individual strip being sure to set my machine to create the largest stitch possible.

Repeat until all six strips were stitched! (Say that 6 times fast!)

Now to turn them into ruffles! Simply pull one of the two strings to create a gather! You can do this from each end of the strip to push the gathers towards the center!

Finish Ruffling each strip and keep the long strings in tact.

Before I attached the ruffles to the shirt I wanted to adjust the neck line!

So I cut of the existing neck trim…

Used it as a template to create the new neckline…

And cut it out! Now I have the desired neck line I was hoping for! There I go again trying to show off the cleavage I don’t have!

Now we need to lay out our ruffles and pin them in place!

Straight Stitch them on and remove the pins and trim all the strings!

And lastly we’ll create a new neck trim by using a 1″ strip of fabric from the other shirt we’ve been cutting. Start near the shoulder and fold it over the edge and sew it on!

NO time to crop so pardon the lack of make up and smile! I have to bribe my kids to snap photos for me and today Cricket wasn’t in a bargaining mood!

Make up or no make up I’m in love with how this turned out! And take it from me…if your girls upstairs are lacking this here shirt is all you need to fluff up that section and put a little bounce in your step! Gotta love that!

So back off Pinch Happy friends! I’m covered this year!

P.S. people!

My friend Disney over at “Ruffles and Stuff” is hosting her first ever creative contest! Can you guess what it might involve?????

Ruffles! Ruffles! And more Ruffles!!!!

Be sure to submit your ruffle creations! The prizes are out of this world!


St. Patty’s Day Tea Towel

We already know I’m not the biggest fan of this holiday! I think it has to do with the fact that it has limited projects. I’m not exactly into commercial decorations for any holiday so this one becomes even more limited if I’m not in the mood for Leprechauns and pots of gold on my walls!

Here’s an easy way to get into the spirit of the holiday without going too commercial! Spice up your kitchen with a simple Green Tea Towel and consider yourself good!

I bought these towels at the dollar store! Never under estimate the power of your local Dollar Store! Don’t limit yourselves to the holiday selection. These green towels were in the housewares section!

And all we’ll do is add some green Ric Rack and Ruffles! It really it that easy!

Pin them in place…

And straight stitch them on!

It’s the tiny little details that add just the right amount of personal touch! For less then $2 You too can create a St. Patty’s day Accent!


"Lucky You!" St. Patty’s Day Front Door!

St. Patrick’s Day!

Not a big fan! Oops! Did I just say that out loud? Don’t get me wrong! Green is my favorite color but for some reason I just don’t dive head first into this holiday like I do the others! Yet…still… I know I need a little Leprechaun Spirit up in here so here you go my IRISH friends… My first of three St. Patty’s Day projects!

Dollar Tree rocks my world! This entire project cost me all of $4!

I’m using this EASTER sign!

And these three balls of goodness. Not sure what these are but they were green and my baby liked holding them so they were a go!

Look what happens when you flip that Easter sign over! Perfect and green and ready to write on!
I grabbed my Sharpie and free handed “Lucky You!” Seriously? Are we already done? Pretty much!

Toss it on my already hanging Frame Wreath and add our “Not sure what they are” balls and there you have it! The bally things look like a shamrock right!

So welcome welcome all my St. Patty’s Day lovin’ Irish pals! When you knock on my door I’ll greet you with festive warm wishes and Shamrock Smiles!

And check out my Chalkboard! See…I’m giving into the Holiday!
There may be hope for me after all!