Fabric Covered Spring Vases

Nothing says “Bring on the warm weather” like bright pops of color! While Spring cleaning I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet and realized I had a huge collection of glass vases and jars! I had gathered them all up and had them in my car to drop off at the thrift store but quickly realized I could re-purpose a handful of them and turn them into a fun Spring project!

Gather a variety of glass bottles and jar! Rescue them! Make sure they look great together in a cluster! Cut think strips of scrap fabric in a variety of prints and color! Hot glue the fabric onto the bottles! Time to embellish!

Fabric buttons, twine, fabric flowers and tulle! Anything to add a little more texture and color! Use what you have and just have fun with it!



Spring Mantel

Changing up a few things can make a fun difference! My Spring mantel is spiced up by adding a few new fun finds and a simple creation…

My “Hi” frame was made with scrap paper and a plastic mirror frame! I removed the mirror and reused the blue frame!

My vintage bowling pin makes a great new home on the mantel! I love this new piece!

Add it all together with my Paper Bag Spring Bunting and there you have a simple Spring look!


FREE Spring Printable by “Stay at home Artist”

I don’t know about you, but I am itching for spring.
It’s such a happy time of year with emerging flowers, raindrops, and soft sunshine.
LOVE it.
With the coming season in mind, I’ve created a cheerful, spring-inspired free printable to share.
These darling little toothpick flags are so simple to put together.
Just print, cut, and glue!
(They can be used on other items besides toothpicks as well–drinking straws, cake pop or sucker sticks, skewers, etc.)
To print some of your own, all you have to do is download the file HERE.
Then decorate for a party or special occasion (like Easter or a birthday)…
…or make an ordinary spring day a little special!
Kacey is showing off her amazing skills full time over on “Stay at home Artist!” come check her out!

Paper Bag Spring Bunting

I was totally inspired by AZ girls Night Out clever Paper Bag Menu holder and came up with my own Paper Lunch Bag project! They are the perfect starter for this fun new Spring Bunting!

There is something about sewing through paper that I just love so this project was fun to create.

Gather paper lunch bags, scrap fabric, scrapbook paper, ric rack,  ribbon, pom pom and any other trims and embellishments that you think will help jazz up this bunting.

Start by trimming off the bottom section of your lunch bag.

Cut bright vibrant fabric to fit your bags.

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Spring Washer Necklace, Rolled Strip Fabric Tutorial and a GIVEAWAY!

I’ll be On Studio 5 today showing how to make my fun Washer Necklace! I’ve spiced them up for Spring! To celebrate I’m giving away a Necklace so be sure to enter in today’s comments section! Read on for more details and to learn how to make these fun Rolled Strip flowers I’ve added!

I spray painted these washers blue! Be sure to use paint that will adhere to metal!

Here is the original Washer Necklace I did! You can find the how to HERE!!! Look for a new washer necklace technique comeing after Easter! It’s soooo easy and versatile!

Rolled Strip Fabric Rosettes!

To make these beautiful rosettes you’ll first need to make strips of fabric! Each strip should be approximately 1/2″ wide by 20″ long! Fabric rips easily so cut a slit at the top of your fabric and pull! You can also use scissors to cut your strips!

Tie a knot at one end.

Fold your tail down and hold it like shown above!
This will act as our flower bud or the center of the rose!

Now we’ll start to wrap the strip around the bud. Each time we’ll twist and hold it in place with our fingers. Keep circling the center and you’ll see your flower grow!

When your flower is about the size of a silver dollar we can glue it to a sheet of felt. Create a pool of hot glue on your felt and press your flower onto it! Continue wrapping and folding the remaining strip of fabric until you achieve your desired size.

Tuck in the end and glue around the flower making sure all of the edges are glued into place!

Add a few more rosettes until you like the way it looks!

Trim off the excess felt and glue a pin to the back! It’s ready to adorn a necklace or shirt or Jacket! It’s the perfect fun Spring accessory that is up for
the challenge of spicing up your Spring look!!

Want to win something fun!!!?!!!

Enter to win this fun Blue Ric Rack Washer Necklace with beautiful Rosette Pin!

Here’s how to enter to win! Please leave one comment per entry!

  • Leave a comment and tell me what you plan on doing to spice up your Spring wardrobe!
  • Become a follower of Blue Cricket Design or tell me you already are!
  • Help spread the word about this fun giveaway by blogging, tweeting or facebooking with a link back to this post!

The winner will be announced Wednesday April 7th!!!


Tissue Paper Eggs

You know I love a good paper mache project! This one was no exception! Take plastic eggs and charm them up with colorful tissue paper!

Gather school glue, tissue paper and plastic Easter Eggs!

Spread you paper and make thin strips.

Dilute 1/4 cup of glue and 1/2 cup of water for your glue solution!

Because the tissue paper is so delicate you will want to roll your plastic egg into the glue solution to wet it and lay your strips of paper on the egg. Then dip your finger tips in the glue and smooth out the tissue paper! I recomend using the same color tissue paper as your egg.

Continue layering your strips of paper until it’s covered completely with a few layers of tissue paper.

Lay your eggs on a plastic trash bag to dry. After a few hours you’ll want to roll your eggs to make sure the bottoms can dry evenly. Let them dry over night to ensure that they are 100% dried!

The dried eggs dry smoother then they look while wet so don’t worry too much about small wrinkles! Now your eggs will last for years! Fun bright colored eggs just in time for Easter!


Decorating with Spring Fabric Wall Art

Hi Friends!!! I was on KJZZ this morning showing off how to make my fun
Fabric Wall Art project!

I showed you how to make this easy and affordable Fabric Wall Art in an earlier tutorial found HERE! I just wanted to show off how fun and easy it is to use in your Spring Decorating! Add a splash of color and a pop of Spring! Because this project is so affordable it’s easy to swap out a look for each season! It’s a simple way to change your decor for a small price and little effort!

Here I used a few above my refinished Red Piano! To learn how to refinish furniture check out my instructions HERE!

And check out the before and after on my mantle!

This is what it looked like before!

And here’s my fun Spring look after!

Because most of the colors in my home are bold and bright I may just in fact keep these guys up all year!

And thanks again
Material Girls Quilt Shop
in South Jordan, UT!!!

To find the fabric I used in this project and other amazing Designer Fabrics go visit
Material Girls!!!! The selection is incredible and you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store! They also have a great online store and blog!!!!! Check ‘em out!


Spring Fabric Bunting!

It’s the perfect time of year for another no sew Fabric Scraps Bunting Banner! Take your brightly colored fabric scraps and turn them into the perfect last minute decoration for your Easter Brunch! Hang it across your mantle or drape it in your dining room for a splash of color!

Cut varying sizes of fabric. The beauty of this project is that they don’t have to be perfect and they don’t have to be the same!

Simply fold the top section over 1/2″ and staple them onto a piece of twine! Be sure to staple threw the fabric and the twine so the fabric stays in place and doesn’t slip!

Easy and Fast! And use what you already have! This project is so affordable if you use fabric scraps and a $2 ball of twine!

Match it to a parties color scheme! Use holiday fabric to decorate for any occasion!

And remember my original “Scrap Fabric Bunting”I created for my daughters back yard Carnival Birthday Bash!!! Make them as short or as long as you’d like!
This one went across my entire back yard!

This is my favorite go to decoration for any and all special get togethers!

The fabric I used in my new Spring time Bunting was all generously donated by

Material Girls Quilt Shop!

It was all yummy Heather Bailey, Amy Butler and Moda fabric!

If you live in the Salt Lake area you MUST stop in and visit Nadine, her daughter Shelby and the other amazing staff! Their selection of designer fabrics is out of this world!


Paper Fan and Doilie Spring Garland

Tis the season for fun Spring colored decorations! I made this Brightly colored Paper Fan and Doilie Garland for my Daughters Birthday Party! I used these same colors throughout the party! Bright and fun and perfect for Spring ! I’ll probably keep her up for a few more weeks!

To create these easy Paper Fan just follow my tutorial found here! These were 6″ in diameter once they were done!

I found these plastic doilies used for 80′s wedding bouquets and corsages at my local thrift store! Packs of 30 for $1.50! SCORE!!! Regular paper Doilies work well too!

Using a hot glue gun you’ll attach the paper fans to the doilies!

To create the centers you’ll need to crumble up paper cup cake liners.

Hot glue 5-6 crumbled liners into the center of a liner until it’s full.

Glue them into the center of your paper fans!

I took the smaller doilie and cut out the center pieces.

I tied two 12″ pieces of satin ribbon onto each small doilie.

And used the ribbon to attach two larger doilies to either side!

I added long ribbon to the ends to tie it onto my mantel!

And that’s all she wrote!