Pine-GO-Berry Smoothie


To say that I love Pineapple would be an understatement! It’s my favorite fruit flavor so whenever I see it on sale at my local grocery store I can’t resist picking some up! It makes such a great smoothie flavor base. I added some of my other favorite fruit flavors to create this latest recipe!

pinegoberry recipe

If fresh pineapple isn’t in season or is too pricy don’t shy away from frozen! Frozen fruit can be a perfect substitute and if you use frozen fruit add less ice! It will make for a thicker more frozen drink! Enjoy!

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Sunshine Smoothie


Nothing like starting your day with a energizing pick me up! This Sunshine Smoothie is just what you need to start your day off right. Bright fresh flavors that will wake up your taste buds and give you the energy you need!

sunshine recipe


I always love to add a few healthy add ins like milled Flax seed and protein powder! That’s the best part about smoothie making! You can customize it to your needs! My husbands loves to add extra protein powder. And don’t forget… you can turn any smoothie recipe GREEN by adding in a handful of spinach and kale! Added nutritional value never hurt anyone!

For more Smoothie recipes check out my other recipes: Freeze ahead Green Smoothie and my “Go to” Smoothie recipe!

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Go To Smoothie!

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I’m beyond thrilled to share the next smoothie recipe in my “Smoothie Series” thanks to Blendtec! I joke and say my 5th child was delivered a week ago when my Designer Series Blendtec arrived! This amazing blender is a smoothie lovers dream and we have put it to work that’s for sure!

This simple recipe is a great “go to” recipe because of its common ingredients! We ALWAYS have these fruits on hands so when ever I’m in the mood for a refreshing cool drink, this is the one I make!


Blend together:

1 Peeled Orange

1 Peeled Banana

Juice from half a Lime,

1 Cup fresh Strawberries

1 Cup Frozen Blue Berries

1 Cup fresh Spinach

2 cups Ice

1 tablespoon milled Flax Seed


My Blendtec has a setting just for smoothie making! One press of a button and it blends it perfectly! No guessing if it’s blended enough! Perfection every time! I love this thing! It’s even earned a permanent place on the counter top next to Sally my Kitchen Aid! Now that’s an accomplishment!

Any other Blendtec fans out there? Share your favorite smoothie recipe in the comments and I’ll pick a few to whip up and share! Ok! Ready, set, share!


Freeze ahead Green Smoothies

green smoothie 1

My husband and I have recently jumped on the Green Smoothie band wagon! This all came about after I noticed the HUGE amounts of treats I’ve been consuming while on bed rest for the last 5 weeks! Nothing says “Hope you’re surviving the boring weeks ahead of you in bed!” than pie, cookies, breads, candy and everything else I couldn’t say no to! Friends, don’t get me wrong! I loved every last bite of your generous offering and I have my ever expanding rear end to prove it! But there I was, sitting in bed feeling sorry for my growing self when I stumbled upon a green smoothie recipe while searching pinterest for FOOD none the less!

Inspired to get my sweet tooth under control I pinned a few recipes that sounded good and sent my husband to the store! After much tweaking and developing a recipe that we love, we came up with a morning smoothie that fits our taste buds and needs!

green smoothie 3

The recipe itself is only half the fun when it comes to making these green smoothies. I was totally inspired by this recipe I found on pinterest and her technique of preparing premade smoothie bags that she freezes and whips up every morning! GENIUS!  Because I can’t be on my feet much throughout the day this was the prefect solution.

green smoothie 2

I plopped myself down at the kitchen table surrounded by all the fresh fruit, greens and add ins. I chopped everything up and separated them into freezer bags. Each bag contained the listed ingredients above minus the water and juice concentrate. In 30 minutes I prepared 7 bags of premade smoothies.


When you are ready to enjoy a smoothie all you do is grab a bag from the freezer, add 2 1/2 cups water and your 1/4 cup juice concentrate. Because all of the other ingredients are frozen it mixes up into the perfect texture! No need to add ice!

This recipe is portioned to create two 20 oz smoothies. Perfect for me and my husband. If you only need one smoothie you can half the recipe and freeze smaller bags or make this recipe, pour half of the blended drink back into the freezer bag to refreeze and thaw out over night.

This technique and morning drink has been life changing! Each morning it takes only 5 minutes to create a healthy meal replacement and vitamin boosting drink AND that includes clean up! 30 minutes once a week and we have 14 smoothies coming our way!


TIPS: Citrus fruit is easier to peel when it’s not been refrigerated. Be sure to separate the orange segments before you put them in the bags. Limes can be easily peeled once they have been cut. Flax Seed and Soy Protein powder is often sold in bulk for super cheap. I add these powder ingredients last on top of all the cup fruit. It coats the cut fruit int he bag, freezes to it and then all gets dumped into the blender when you are ready to blend. Besides the important greens that are power packed with vitamin C and A, feel free to substitute your fruits to your liking or what’s in season and on sale.

Calorie and protein totals were calculated using this website and are considered to be an approximate calculation.