I bet if you looked under a Leprechauns jacket you may in deed find Ruffles!

***** I have two posts today so be sure to check out the one that posted before this one!

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In honor of this years day of Green and all things Irish and lovely…I’ve gone against my better judgment to create a Holiday Shirt Worthy of Leprechaun love!

I give full credit to the Dollar Store for making this project Possible!

Hello Dollar Store Shirts! Yep! These green shirts were hard to resist as I browsed the aisles of Dollar Tree! And for a total of TWO Bucks I was up for the challenge…heck! If it went horribly wrong it wasn’t going to cost me much!

I used the larger shirt as my ruffle supplier by cutting 1.5″ strips from it’s bottom.

I knew I wanted 6 total strips that varied in length. Remember these are doubled up in the photo…I cut each set of strips about 2″ shorter then the longer one that proceeded it to get the lengths I needed!

Then I sewed a straight stitch down the center of each individual strip being sure to set my machine to create the largest stitch possible.

Repeat until all six strips were stitched! (Say that 6 times fast!)

Now to turn them into ruffles! Simply pull one of the two strings to create a gather! You can do this from each end of the strip to push the gathers towards the center!

Finish Ruffling each strip and keep the long strings in tact.

Before I attached the ruffles to the shirt I wanted to adjust the neck line!

So I cut of the existing neck trim…

Used it as a template to create the new neckline…

And cut it out! Now I have the desired neck line I was hoping for! There I go again trying to show off the cleavage I don’t have!

Now we need to lay out our ruffles and pin them in place!

Straight Stitch them on and remove the pins and trim all the strings!

And lastly we’ll create a new neck trim by using a 1″ strip of fabric from the other shirt we’ve been cutting. Start near the shoulder and fold it over the edge and sew it on!

NO time to crop so pardon the lack of make up and smile! I have to bribe my kids to snap photos for me and today Cricket wasn’t in a bargaining mood!

Make up or no make up I’m in love with how this turned out! And take it from me…if your girls upstairs are lacking this here shirt is all you need to fluff up that section and put a little bounce in your step! Gotta love that!

So back off Pinch Happy friends! I’m covered this year!

P.S. people!

My friend Disney over at “Ruffles and Stuff” is hosting her first ever creative contest! Can you guess what it might involve?????

Ruffles! Ruffles! And more Ruffles!!!!

Be sure to submit your ruffle creations! The prizes are out of this world!


Blooming Fabric Flower pin!

Fabric…LOVE IT!
Flowers…Adore ‘em!
Wearing Fabric Flowers….Total ubber love with a cherry on top!

We all know I’m a fan of wearing huge and borderline obnoxious things on my chest! I do it for a few reasons…

a. I love a bold pop of color!
b. It’s sort of my thing…some people get tattoos, wear heavy eye makeup or carry around their little dogs in ventilated Doggy purses… I wear flowers!
c. and lastly….listen closely because I’ll be whispering this deep dark secret…but I wear them to mask the fact that I nurse my babe on one side! Lopsided issues people! Nuff said!

ok…moving on!

These little beauts are simple and easy! Gather the following supplies and get ready to create a fab new accessory just in time for Spring!

You’ll need:

  • fabric
  • A needle and Thread
  • Glue Gun
  • Felt
  • Broach Pin
  • Button
  • Cookie cutters or a flower shaped stencil in varying sizes
I used this Wilton Set of flower cookie cutters!

You’ll be using a few sizes of the flower so cut out 4 of each sized flower size that you plan to use! You can do many different layers so get crazy! I ended up doing three different sized layers.

Fold each flower in half and then half again!

Sew the middle together with a few whip stitches in order to keep it from unfolding!

And lastly you’ll start assembling your flower! Cut out a large circle of felt to use as our base! Glue down your largest layer first and then the next largest layer on top of that until you have the flower complete! Finish it off with a button and glue a broach pin on the back!
(sorry for the example change! I forgot to take pics of the blue flower I was working on! Are we still friends!?)

Snazzy eh?


Hoo? Hoo? Hoo wants to Applique?

This ones for all you readers who say “I’M NOT CRAFTY!!!” You know who you are! You think it takes some genetic jack pot or a magic Genie granting you a wish to turn you into a crafting Goddess! Don’t tell anyone but being creative isn’t all that difficult! Especially when there are amazing tools out there to use to get the job done with little effort or skill really!

Take for example this Applique Onsie I threw together… Holy Cute Owl Batman! All I did was buy a fat quarter of fabric, iron on some heat ‘n bond, cut it out, iron it on a onsie and zig zag stitched around it!

Ok…so maybe I did add some Ric Rac and fabric leaves but come on people!!!! If ever you’ve wanted to dive in and get your feet wet in the crafting world this is how to do it!

Take full advantage of the amazing Designer Fabric that is beyond beautiful and vibrant! If you can find a print you love that has an isolated image all the better!

Here are a few tips I have for Fabric Applique…

  • Be sure to buy the sewable Heat ‘n Bond! If you don’t your needle may get stuck in the thicker bonding and trust me! It’s not fun!
  • When you cut out your image don’t cut directly on its outline. Allow for a small space that will accommodate your stitching without interrupting your image!
  • You must use a stabilizing fabric for the inside of your shirts. Without it you’re screwed! Onsies and thin cotton will gather and not sew. You need something stronger on the back to help it glide threw your machine! Again…don’t ask me how I know!
  • Layering appliques looks incredible too! Don’t be limited to just one idea…play around with your images by stacking, layering and playing with a design before you iron them on!

Flowers, Birds, Trees, Shapes and other images lend themselves so well to Applique! Next time you need a project idea browse the aisles of your favorite fabric store and keep your eyes peeled for prints that you can picture on a tee shirt or onsie!

So no more excuses my friends! If you can iron you can applique!


Halter Top Revamp!

Time for another Revamp! Probably my most favorite thing to do! I take something that is perfectly wonderful and turn it into something even more perfectly wonderful!

This time I’ll be using this American Eagle Halter Top, adult size medium, that I picked up at my favorite Clearance Center “DowenEast Clearance!” It was $2.50 and in great shape!

First I cut the top off to even it out!

Then I cut it’s halter straps to use as straps for the new dress.

Next I turned the shirt inside out and stitched two new lines down the sides to create the size I needed to fit my little model! After you stitch the new seams trim off the excess fabric that you no longer need!

Pin down a new hem on the top of the dress and pin your straps on the front and back of the dress. I used a zig zag stitch to add a little detail!

I repeated the zig zag at the bottom of the dress to tie it all together!

Badda bing! Badda bang!Ten minutes later you have a brand new dress!
And all for $2.50! Gotta Love it!

**** Try taking photos of the busiest 2 year old on earth! Yikes! Wish I had better pics but alas…toddlers would rather play with a Zhu Zhu pet then strike a pose!


Headbands love Ruffles too you know!

If I can’t wear Jewelry like the best of them I’ll kick it up a notch with a fun headband most of the time! It makes me feel current, together and like I’m putting in the effort to complete a look! So what if I’m 30 years old and have a baby snot snail trial on my shoulder! At least my head looks good right!?

Headbands aren’t just for Grammar School girls! Mom’s can get away with them too!

Have a go at this super easy and versatile Ruffled Headband!

What you’ll need:

  • Two 20″ cut pieces of 1 1/2″ Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Straight Pins
  • Headband
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hot Glue gun and Glue

It’s simple really! Just start gathering your ribbon and making pleats being sure to pin them in place as you go!

This is how it will look when it’s been Ruffled or Pleated! Burn the edges of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Sew a straight stitch directly down the center!

Repeat the same thing on your second piece of ribbon but this time sew a straight stitch down the edge and not the center!

Using your Glue Gun glue the ruffled ribbon that has been sewn on the edge onto your headband. Glue it’s sewn edge down. You will want it to cascade down the side.

And lastly glue on your other ruffled piece layering it on top of the first! Glue its center down.

I love keeping it versatile! This simple design allows you to add to it. I pin on broaches that can easily be changes to match any outfit!

Can you believe I scored those beautiful Broaches for $1.99 each!!! DownEast Clearance Center comes through again! They had a huge selection of Ann Taylor and JCrew accessories all for just $1.99! They all retailed originally for$25-$40 !I bought up a huge collection and when I made this headband I knew they would be the perfect little touch!


Felt Flower Pin

I recently went to a Jewelry party. There I was surrounded by beautiful necklaces and bracelets and all things sparkly and beautiful! I draped things across my neck, dangled gems near my lobes and gazed into the mirror and in the end I came to the same conclusion I do every time I try to glitz up my look and dive head first into the world of accessorizing…

I am not a jewelry person! Try as I may I just can’t do it! I’m trying! Trust me I’m trying but I still can’t pull it off like so many of you can! Layers and sparkles and bangles “Oh my!” I want so badly to make it look right on me but it rarely does. SIGH!

So to make up for my lack of fashionable “Frosting” as I like to call it, I tend to spice up my look with a fun hair accessory or playful pin I can slap on my chest to show off my personality!

Meet my latest….
My large Blooming “Hello Friends!” Felt Flower Pin! She’s large and in charge and way more “Me” then the any strand of pearls and links that I try to convince myself I could pull off!

Felt, good felt, is so fun to work with with! Vibrant colors, lush texture and bold prints! I fell hard for this Hounds Tooth and could not wait to use it!

To make a fun Felt Flower you need to gather good Wool or a.k.a. Felt! It’s sold in a wonderful variety at good fabric stores or on line. You’ll also need a needle and thread, card stock to make a pattern, scissors, glue gun and a Broach Pin piece.

First draw out petal shapes and stagger the sizes. Mine are 2.5, 2, and 1.5 “. The joy of folk art crafting is the hand drawn charm of pattern making! Nothing has to be perfect!
Free hand is wonderful!

Use your pattern to cut out 7 large pieces and 6 medium pieces. ( If you want yours smaller them my finished flower then use the medium and small petal pattern!)

Now we’ll be adding a puckered pleat to our petals. This video my 6 year old shot shows you exactly how to do this much better then me trying to type out the instructions!

Pleat each of your petals!

Now you will stitch your petals together over lapping each petal slightly and finishing your stitching to create a circle. Repeat this step with your smaller petals so you have two completed petal layers.

Next you’ll layer the two petal sections and stitch them together.

Now we need to create our center fringed section! Take a 9″x1.5″ strip of Wool.

Cut very close slits creating your fringe approximately 1″ long.

Roll up your cut strip tightly.

Stitch the roll together and tie off and trim excess thread.

Pretty huh!!

Tuck your fringed center into the center of your layered petals and stitch it securely in place!

And lastly you’ll cover the stitching with a section of felt and glue on your Broach Pin piece!

Wear it on a jacket! Slap it on a bag! Glue it on a headband! It’s pretty much adorable everywhere!

So pardon my lack of jewelry my friends! I prefer flowers!


What to do with a BIG ‘ol stack of Jeans!

16 pair of Jeans stared me down! Stacked high on a power trip they taunted me with their obvious usefulness yet they knew I was putting them off…so they used it against me! They tortured me as they cluttered a corner of my closet. I heard their laughter and snickers to each other as they made bets to see if I’d ever make time to tackle them. For months they got away with murder! Got off Scott free as I kept avoiding making eye contact with them. Then… One day in December I showed them who was boss!

Take that you evil stack of Denim Apparel! Who’s laughin’ now!

Thanks to my collection of Jean Castaways and a Hubby’s nearing Birthday, I finally concured the mountain of Denim that set up shop in a corner of my home! I honestly had no desire to make a Denim quilt but when your husband puts up with all your creative CRAP and asks for only ONE thing in return, it’s pretty hard to say no!

Mid summer while shopping at our favorite Discount Store, DownEast Clearance Center, The hubs eyes lit up when he saw all the damaged Jeans! $1 a pair or fill a trash bag for $10! How could he resist! So there a dream was born of a quilt made of Blue! I resisted! I bargained! I rolled my eyes! Yet deep down I knew I had to do it!

So months later I finally sleighed the Dragon and busted out a quilt made with LOVE for the one I love!

Tricks, Tips and Short cuts when making
a Denim Quilt:

  • Keep it simple! I cut Long strips down each leg. I used my straight edge acrylic cutting edge and just cut long 5″ wide strips.
  • Lay them out and stagger the strips to create a Hardwood Floor like look! This saves you tons of time and keeps it looking pieced, more modern and fresh.
  • When considering the backing CHEAT!!!! I bought a king size Fleece blanket from Walmart for $19. Fleece is expensive and the amount I needed was going to be way costly and require me to sew together two large panels in order to make it large enough. So to avoid the annoying seam and the cost just go buy a blanket large enough to use as baking! And because it was thick enough I didn’t need to buy any batting either! HUGE cost saver!

Yes!! I was “Wife of the year” when I surprised my man with his very own Denim Quilt! I think he had given up hopes of me ever making it! I kept telling him it was a “Fall Project!” Ok…so it was more of a “Winter Project!” But It’s done! And I never again have to look at that stack of Jeans again!

The End!

Oh Happy Day! I’m being featured over on

Mod Podge Rocks!

for Amy’s new behind the creator series! Come check it out! There is a photo of me spanking Pretzel dough you won’t want to miss! Black mail worthy? YES!


Sweater Revamp

Man I love a good revamp! This latest sweater makeover is a new personal favorite! I took these two Items…

And turned then into this…

LOVE IT!!!!!

So I picked up this American Eagle Sweater from my favorite discount store, DownEast Clearance Center! This store sells a Hodge Podge of Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Red Envelope, Down East, J Crew, American Eagle and other Brands. The inventory is slightly damaged, monogrammed or scratch and dent! It’s a dream come true for someone like me who loves to turn otherwise unusable Quality Items into Original creations.

Anyway… I picked up this sweater that had a small hole in it for $2.50! For weeks I held onto it just waiting for an idea to pop into my head!

That idea finally came when I scored this little lovely while pillaging a bag of cloths my sister was going to toss! STOP THE PRESS!!!! What a find! (For sure she hates that she parted with such a gem NOW! Sorry Boopers!)

I cut out it’s beautiful and intricate details and started to arrange them on my sweater being sure to cover the hole!

Using as much of it as I could I even liked the look of reusing it’s buttons. I later decided against using all of them because of where they laid on my body once it was all put together! Let’s just say it could have been offensive if you know what I mean!

I pinned the appliques on and Zig Zag Stitched them on!

Ba-da Bing! Ba-da Bang! A brand new “Anthropology-esk” Sweater! I know we aren’t suppose to love things as much as I do this Sweater but I just can’t help myself! I HEART her!!!!


Baby Booties!

Baby Booties are easier then you think! Especially when you can find fantastic free patterns on line! I used the free pattern for these sweet little Bitty Booties from Heather Bailey. She shares a simple printable pattern HERE!

The key is using wonderful Boiled Wool! I found mine sold on a bolt at Hancock Fabrics. Heather Bailey also sells a wonderful line of high quality Wool on her website HERE!

The bottoms are made with suede! I think I may have to come up with an adult sized pattern for adults! I’m thinking Elf Shoes for me come Christmas time!


Heather Bailey Fabric Flowers

It’s no secret That I HEART Heather Bailey! Meeting her in person defiantly is up there on my list of awesome moments in my life! I adore anything Heather Bailey! Her style! Her fabric of course! Her projects! She is completely inspiring!

I fell pretty hard for her Fabric Scrap Flowers and she was all to kind to include a free “How To” on her blog! Check it out HERE.So naturally I jumped right in and started crankin’ them out!

This first set is made with Old School IKEA Fabric. Glad I saved my scraps from 2003!

Nearly all the fabric I used in these flowers was bought from my favorite Fabric Store “The Material Girls Quilt Shop” In South Jordan, UT. They have the best selection and of course their Heather Bailey fabric runneth over!

And lastly I created a few for Halloween! Finally I was able to use an IBC Soda cap I have been holding onto for who knows how long!

Super easy! Super inexpensive!!! The perfect little adornment for a sweater, a hair do, a pretty little package!The possibilities are endless!!!