Sparkle Sparkle! Trim turned bracelets in a jiffy!

Who doesn’t love cheap affordable! I for one am always looking for affordable ways to create accessories so while I was waiting in the cutting line at JoAnns and the trim section caught my eye I knew I was on to something great! I’m on a jewelry fix right now and my brain started churning.
Project Runway now has a line of trim at JoAnns! Loads of beautiful trim that sparkles and adds texture! I was drawn to the ruffles and sequins and thought they would make beautiful bracelets. I bought 1/3-1/2 of a yard of each and spent around $5 total on all this trim. 



Next it was off to the jewelry making section where I grabbed a pack of ribbon clasps for $2. This pack will give me three finished bracelets.
I measured and cut my trim to fit my wrist. Be sure to burn the edges to keep the ends from fraying. You’ll need a small pair of pliers to clamp and attach the clasps.
The thinner gold trim worked great to get a twisted look. I took two pieces and twisted them together before I clamped the second end.
I love this last one! It looks like a fun cuff! This trip was stretchy so all I did was hot glue the ends together. You could also stitch it.
So cute right! So for $7 I created 4 new bracelets that are going to  add a little sparkle to my outfits!
Think outside the box the next time you visit the craft store. Trim can become a great tool for jewelry and with all of the amazing varieties out there you are sure to find something great to work with.

Tin Can Planter Neighbor Gift Idea

It’s crunch time over here!This is the week for me to get my butt in gear and get some last minute holiday things crossed off my “To do” list! Neighbor Gifts are high on that list!  I’m determined to come up with a creative and simple and affordable small gift idea to hand out to my neighbors! I know this can be stressful! VERY STRESSFUL actually so I was never more grateful to see this darling gift idea when I toured Thanksgiving Point! I was able to make one and man is it easy!

 You’ll start by collecting used and cleaned tin cans! I know! I know! A recycling project too! Can this get any better!!!
 Add about an inch of Road gravel or small pebbles to the bottom of your can. This will help with drainage!
 Next add rich loose soil up to about an inch below the top of your tin can.
 Next add your cute and adorable flower bulb. This is a Paper White. the stem should face up!
Cover the top of your soil and your bulb with moss and water your newly planted bulb!
 Tie on a cut strip of burlap in a simple knot.
 Add some Christmas Greens like Eucalyptus and Ferns and a few craft berry’s!
 Isn’t that darling! So simple and beautiful and unique! Each tiny gift cost about $1.50. Sounds good to me!
Merry Christmas neighbor!

$2 Magazine Rack! Thank you Ikea!!!

Dear IKEA “As is” section,

Oh how I love visiting your tiny corner of the store and finding treasures! You once again did not disappoint! Today’s find was lovely so I must send a warm thank you your way! Your $1.99 Crib section I’m sure was over looked by many! “What on earth could one do with this?” one might ask! But have no fear! I’ll find a fancy way to use your tossed and mismatched goods! I’ll rescue this little number and turn it into something magical just watch!

Thanks once again “As is!” I adore you at the moment!


$1.99 and a 90 degree turn latter…..My very own simple magazine rack! I didn’t even paint anything, thought how cute would this thing be painted blue or yellow! Eeek!!! Maybe I need to start shaking up
the old spray paint can!!

Sock Wreath

The Dollar Store is a treasure trove of goodness and today’s project proves it! I’ve had both of these supplies for well over two years! While on my Spending Strike I had to get creative so while rumaging through my craft room I wondered if these two Dollar Store purchases would play well together! And the answer was YES!!!

This entire wreath cost $3! You’ll need a 12″ Foam Wreath form and two pair of striped Tube Socks!
Cut your socks at the heal and at the toe.

Next cut the longest section of your sock in half again. You only need to do this step if you’re using more then one style of sock. In my case I uses two different striped pairs of socks and wanted to alternate them so I needed to create even sections.

Cut the Foam Wreath form in order to make a place where we can slide our socks on.

Gather your sock section and slide it on!

Once you’ve put on all your sections just spread the socks evenly to make sure it covers the entire wreath!

And you’re done! Tie a ribbon on top to hang it and pat yourself on the back for marring two random Dollar Store Items to create something great!

And the next time you get on your kids or husbands backs for not picking up their socks just threaten them that if they don’t pick them up they may end up on a wreath!

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Kids can be Responsible too!

Pick up some Creativity created this fun and interactive Children’s Responsibility chart! I may have loved it at first becasue it’s the most perfect shade of green but once I read a little more I knew it was the perfect way to get my kids to get in gear and pitch in!

For full instructions be sure to check out the original post! More fun crafts and ideas are waiting to be discovered as well!

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I’m seeing BLUE!

People ask me all the time what my favorite crafting tool is and hands down it’s

Fast, affordable and the transformations are always impressive! Take for example this little before and after…

I’ve been holding onto this little spice cabinet for three years! I bought it at a Garage Sale for a whopping $1! If you can look past the scary crackle finish and dried minced onions in the window you too can see the potential I fell in love with!

Now look at her all pretty and ready for the Ball! This Cinderella Blue really makes all the difference now doesn’t it!!

I used Krylon H2O in Blue Danube River! And don’t hate but I picked it up at HONKS Dollar store! Horrible name for a store I know! I about fell over when I saw an entire end cap filled with Spray Paint! JACK POT!!! Worked like a charm!

One coat and a little sanding later to expose a little of the yellow and she was already lookin’ like a post op plastic surgery success story!

Now onto the window dressing! I cut small squares of scrapbook paper and dressed them up with numbers! A little hot glue later and we have a WINNER!!!!

I love how the crackle texture can still be scene! I love everything about her actually!

Hip hip hooray for Garage Sales!!!
Hip hip hooray for $1 Spray Paint!!!
Hip hip hooray for pretty Blue Makeovers!


Halter Top Revamp!

Time for another Revamp! Probably my most favorite thing to do! I take something that is perfectly wonderful and turn it into something even more perfectly wonderful!

This time I’ll be using this American Eagle Halter Top, adult size medium, that I picked up at my favorite Clearance Center “DowenEast Clearance!” It was $2.50 and in great shape!

First I cut the top off to even it out!

Then I cut it’s halter straps to use as straps for the new dress.

Next I turned the shirt inside out and stitched two new lines down the sides to create the size I needed to fit my little model! After you stitch the new seams trim off the excess fabric that you no longer need!

Pin down a new hem on the top of the dress and pin your straps on the front and back of the dress. I used a zig zag stitch to add a little detail!

I repeated the zig zag at the bottom of the dress to tie it all together!

Badda bing! Badda bang!Ten minutes later you have a brand new dress!
And all for $2.50! Gotta Love it!

**** Try taking photos of the busiest 2 year old on earth! Yikes! Wish I had better pics but alas…toddlers would rather play with a Zhu Zhu pet then strike a pose!


Photo Board

Hi guys!!! Super excited to be featured over at

Fireflies and Jelly beans!!!!

Be sure to go check it out! Fawnda is hosting a “Favorites Things” Series highlighting her favorite Bloggers! Quite an honor to be included in such good company!!! Be sure to check out all the amazing bloggers! Thanks Fawnda!!!

My good friend was about to chuck this amazing frame! I literally went over to her house to get a cookie recipe and came home with this little gem!

A little fabric, hot glue and ribbon later we had a winner on our hands! I wish you could get a feel for it’s grandness. It’s approximately 2.5 x 3 feet! It was darling in my little girls room! I also used it to display hair clips for boutiques!

So next time you see a stack of old ugly frames just think of the potential!


Dresser Draw Ribbon Organizers

This is one of my most favorite make over results of all time! It has all of my favorite elements all rolled into one amazing project!


After searching high and low for a cute ribbon organizer, I finally came up with my own solution!

I took this old dresser bought at a thrift store

Gutted the bottom section, refinished it (refinishing instructions found HERE!!!) and then turned it into this…

It became a lovely little storage unit!!

I turned the six removed drawers into fun ribbon organizers! It was super easy!!!

Each of these particular drawer openings were about 14″ x 14″.

  • I first measured off and then drilled holes for the dowels that would hold my ribbon.
  • Next I painted each box inside and out using my refinishing technique.
  • Once the paint was completely dried I added with Mod Pogde a sheet of scrapbook paper to the inside of the drawers. If you look close the 12″ x 12″ paper does not completely cover the inside. I simply centered it to make it look even on all sides. I had applied a Glaze that left aging in the corners and seams of the drawer so I think it looks cool. You could also use wall paper or wrapping paper and cut it exactly to size and then adhere it with Mod Podge as well if you wanted a completely covered drawer.
  • Next I adorned the outside with scrapbook “frosting!” my fancy word for pretty little extras!!
  • I spray painted the existing brass handles and reattached it once it was dry.
  • And lastly I added decorative ribbon to the handle and a fun gem and button to tie it all together!

They sit so perfectly atop a desk or work station and the handle makes them so tote-able ( is that a word!!!) The highlight has been seeing one of my ribbon boxes in
use at my favorite Fabric store!

I have made these using larger drawers! The sky’s the limit when it comes to size and shape!!!

I sold or gave then all away but not before keeping my favorite
one that sits happily in my craft room!!!


"Here’s my Card!"

You have all heard me talk about DownEast Clearance Center!!! It’s my favorite place to treasure hunt! Anyone who ever comes to visit from out of town always has this stop on there “To do!’ list!

Just a little recap: It’s a discount store that gets all of Pottery Barn, Red Envelope, DownEast and American Eagles Returns, scratch and dents, past seasons and other wise unsellable items.

Remember my Adult skirt revamp!!! That was a perfectly good last season skirt found at this store!

Moving right along….

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING from Pottery Barn that is laid to rest at this Clearance center has a monogram on it!!! It’s kind of ridiculousness!!! It’s crazy how many things can get stamped with RDT!!! Annoying to most… that is unless you can look at it’s possibilities!!!

I picked up these silver engraved Business card holders for 2 for $1 and made them useable again. I love how they turned out!!!!

Super cute huh!!! I just slapped on some E6000 glue and scrapbooking paper and called it good!!! Both sides are coverd!

I also did this treatment on some adorable 1″x1″ photo key chains…


I added that glazing product to the top of the key chains to make it look and feel like a puffy slick sticker!


So next time you see something that looks useless, try thinking of it in a different way!!! You may just create something pretty cool!

**** Who needs 5 business card holders right!!!??? I’d love to give a few away! I’m willing to ship two to two lucky Blue Cricket Friends. If you have a need for a card holder and want one let me know in your comment!!!! If you know me and where I live and want one let me know also! You can come pick one out.

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Thanks friends!!!