Thrift Sotre find by Life as a Thrifter

As a thrifter, I’m always on the lookout for a good basket. I was fortunate enough to run across this one at the Goodwill recently, and I literally couldn’t get it to the register fast enough!


For this project I decided to get out the jigsaw . . . something, I’m sad now, that I’d never used before.


It worked like a charm! It was so easy and much lighter than I expected! (I’m dying to use again . . .)


Newly renovated, the basket now sits on our dining room table . . . and houses a few wine corks. :)




Happy hunting, everyone!
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Cutting Edge Stencil project and giveaway

Have you guys heard of Cutting Edge Stencils? They are AWESOME!!! Yes, three exclamation mark worthy awesome! I was able to sample one and put it to work and i adore this fun creative tool!

I chose to sample the Nagoya All over stencil and  because this was my first attempt at stenciling I wanted to tackle a smaller project so I went with a creating a piece of leaning wall art.

I need something big to use as a canvas and while at IKEA I about did a cartwheel when I saw the “Vika Amon” table top for $5.99! Talk about perfect!

Along with my stencil I also used Acrylic paint and PLAID Extreme Glitter paint!

I used a foam roller and some tape to secure the stencil in place.  It was a breeze lining up your design and finishing the edges! I just had to wait a few minutes to let the paint dry before I painted the next section of designs.

And lastly when it had dried 100% I painted the glitter paint on a few random sections just to add a little more fun!

The Cutting Edge Stencil is such a blast! The hardest part about this project was picking the stencil I wanted! ENDLESS options in classic designs and craft sizes too!

Want to try one out yourself? Well nows your chance! One lucky reader will win their choice of one FREE stencil (up to $50 value!). Simply leave a comment in today’s comments section tell me what stencil you want to get your hands on! For a full list of options check out the web site HERE!

For additional entries you can follow Cutting Edge Stencils on Facebook! Please leave another comment telling me you did so!

I’ll announce the winner on the Blue Cricket Design Facebook page next Monday! And check out this fun how to video!


Mini Pie Tin Holiday Bunting

Tis the Season for  Buntings! All month I’ll be bringing you fun Christmas Bunting ideas and this first one is a one you will love becasue of it’s creative use of non traditional items! Meet the ” Mini Pie Tin Holiday Bunting!

To make this bunting you’ll need mini pie tins. I found my 5″ tins at Orson Gygi in Salt Lake for 15 cents each. You’ll also need mini and regular sized cupcake liners (also found at Orson Gygi) T’shirt fabric, ribbon and hot glue.

1.  Invert two large cupcake liners and hot glue them to the inside of your pie tin. Invert two small cupcake liners and glue them into the center of the pie tin.

2.  Create a ruffled piece of fabric by cutting a 1.5″ x 6″ strip of tshirt fabric. Do a running stitch and gather your fabric and tie off your stitch.

3. Glue your fabric ruffle into the very center of your tin!

4. Add decorative trim around the outer edge of each tin.

5. Cut two 2′ pieces of ribbon and glue then onto the upper half of each pie tin.

6. Tie the pieces of ribbon together. After you make one bow, tie two more mows to create a multiple looped bow. Add small hot glue dots in the knotted sections of the bow to keep it from coming untied.

And lastly you hang it and enjoy!

You’ll notice with many of my buntings that I use non tradition colors! I openly admit my love of blue so it’s made a cameo in all of the holiday decor here in teh Blue Cricket house!  So get ready for more bunitng love all month long!

And here’s a question… what non traditional items have incorporated into your crafting?


A new door look thanks to Elmers

I had a great opportunity to try out some of Elmer’s and X-ACTO new product line! I was gobstopped when a package arrived at my door chuck full of fun tools! Here’s what I came up with… A new front door look!

1. I used my new X-ACTO knife to cut my Elmers Bi Fold Foam board to size.

2.The pink X-ACTO scissors are fantastic! I never knew how bad my scissors were until I had a new pair to work with! They were perfect for cutting my fabric to size.

3. I used hot glue and wrapped my foam board with the cut fabric. Isn’t that fabric awesome! Walmart fabric department!

4. Lastly I added fabric flowers and fabric rosettes embellishments! I have a collection of these fun flowers that I use a lot in my decor. The secret is never gluing them onto your projects but to use broach pins. That way you can change them out and never get tired of them in one place.

Super fun right! All of the great Elmers products I had the chance to use I loved! The creative tools are a must for any crafter! I especially recommend the scissors and of course the X-ACTO knife! The permanent tape runner was also an awesome tool! Great for paper crafting!

I wasn’t the only one who got to try out these great products! Elmers sent me a huge stash to share! I hosted a “Take and Make” Elmers party with some of my readers and they all got to take home their own collection of craft tools to try and then had the chance to come up with their own awesome project! I’ll be showing off their projects later this week! You are going to be blown away!

Thanks Elmers for this great chance to play with so many of your great tools!


Paper Bag Halloween Door Hang/ Trick or Treat Bag!

Who’s getting excited for Halloween already?? I AM!!! Halloween is my all time favorite holiday so I couldn’t help myself…I HAD to get a jump on my Halloween projects!

The first project of the year is my “Halloween Door Hang!” This little ditty was born out of my love of working with paper bags! Remember my “Spring Bunting!” That was the project that kicked it all of so this season wasn’t about to not get the royal “Bag” treatment!

This technique is also perfect for making darling  Trick or Treat bags for the kids this year as well! So the next time you are shopping and they ask “Paper or Plastic?”  be sure to go for good old PAPER!!!

1. Grab your paper shopping bag! It’s time to get started! If you are making a wall hanging you can use either side because you will be covering up the store logo. If you are making a Trick or treat bag cover up the store logo side!

2. Use Distress ink to the edges to add dimension. The texture of the paper bag looks awesome when you highlight it with the ink!

3. Cut long 2″ wide strips of large netting. Use a hot glue gun to make ruffled netting along every inner edge of the bag.

4. Continue the ruffling all the way around the bag.


5. Cut two pieces of scrapbook paper slightly smaller then the paper bag and then smaller then the first paper.

6. Use Distress ink on the papers edges and then sew them together using a zig zag stitch!

7. To make the moon, cut a circle! I LOVE my Martha Stewart Circle cutter!

8. Distress ink the moon and zig zag sew the moon in place!


9. Moving on to the Bats! Create a wing template out of cardstock!

10. Cut 6 wing sections and some small pieces of black felt for wing seperation.

11. Glue three wing sections together with glue at the very tip of the wings. Using hot glue, add a little dab of glue and shove in your small piece of felt between each wing section. This will help the wings look 3 dimensional and have movement and space.

12. Create a small bat by doing the same as above but smaller. Cut two round circles with ears for the bat bodies and glue on your wings!

13. Now it times to glue on our paper to the bag! Hot glue the paper onto the paper bag being sure to center ti nicely to show off the netting.

14. Hot Glue on your two bats. I glued the wings and the body to make it extra secure.

15. Add fun lettering to create a Halloween saying.

16. Add a bow and hand on the  door!


Be sure to be aware of the weather! If rain is in store, bring this little mama inside! You can also hang this on any indoor hook for indoor holiday decor!


More fun Halloween door looks to come!


ReStore Vintage Tile Coasters

Have you guys heard of  Habitat for Humanities ReStore? It’s an amazing place to find project supplies and items for home projects!

My local ReStore is chuck full of amazing finds! Salvaged doors for $5, closet doors for $5, hardware, drawers, and tile!

A few months back I went looking for tile for my kitchen back splash. While looking through the endless selection of tile I came across a box of salvages vintage green tile that I fell in LOVE with! There wasn’t enough for my kitchen project but for 50 cents a square foot I just couldn’t leave them behind! I gathered them up and took them home hoping that a project would come to mind sooner then later!

Well, I still haven’t thought of the perfect project but in the mean time I wanted to put them to work. Why not create a set of coasters in the mean time.

Because these were salvaged tiles and removed from a home, they each have left over grout on the edges.

A little sand paper is all it takes to get the grout off!

Add a little felt and adhere with hot glue…

Sweet! Coasters For 11 cents each! I’ll co-sign that all day long!

Salvage discount stores like the ReStore are a gold mind! Check to see if you have  one near you and get shopping already!

So HELP!!! What should I do with the rest of my vintage tile stash?

P.s. That yummy drink I have in my glass is Ocean Spray White Cran-Peach and it’s beyond delish! Favorite Summer drink hands down!


Paper Bag Spring Bunting

I was totally inspired by AZ girls Night Out clever Paper Bag Menu holder and came up with my own Paper Lunch Bag project! They are the perfect starter for this fun new Spring Bunting!

There is something about sewing through paper that I just love so this project was fun to create.

Gather paper lunch bags, scrap fabric, scrapbook paper, ric rack,  ribbon, pom pom and any other trims and embellishments that you think will help jazz up this bunting.

Start by trimming off the bottom section of your lunch bag.

Cut bright vibrant fabric to fit your bags.

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Vintage Doilie Embellished Headband

When I visit my favorite Vintage Consignment stores I am always on the hunt for Doilies! Doilies seem to be a very useful and when you find some amazing ones and still don’t have a use for them, grab them anyway and hold on to them until you get inspired!

This project want meant for Doilies!

Doilies aren’t just meant for grandma’s end table any more! Use them as a modern supply for this trendy layered headband.

You can typically find Vintage Doilies at Thrift and Consignment stores ranging in price from $1-$8 depending on the age and condition. These were $3 each.

I folded this beautiful doilie twice to get this final shape. This piece will be the foundation of our headband! It’s the first section that is hot glued onto your fabric wrapped headband.

And here’s where the fun begins! Start layering! I found these glittered embellishments at an after Christmas sale for only 50 cents and they were going to be perfect! Black Tulle, lace and a vintage broach finish it all off! Layer and stack each item and secure with hot glue and you’ll get…

Super cute! The doilies make the perfect starting point for any headband. Here’s the other one I’ve made with the yellow doilie that I cut in half…

So grab a doilie and get start creating your a layered look all your own!


“Welcome” Sign

I know there are tons of fun Holiday Door decor options out there all year long but what do you do between the holidays?

Here’s what you get when you add a Silver Platter from the Dollar Store and little Silhouette vinyl!


I This project was made by using fonts from computer and an image included in my Silhouette.

I’m becoming  pro and picking vinyl and masking it for transfer!

Once it was on the platter all I did was hot glue on a ribbon and it was ready to hang!

My Blue frame stays on my front door year round so when I try to picture things hanging on my door I always keep it in mind when designing a new look! Stacking and layering is a great look all year round!



Peeking through my windows! Decorating with vintage Windows

If you peeked into my front windows you see my red piano! It’s hard to miss! It’s big and red and stairs you smack dab in your face! I LOVE my red piano (even though I can’t play it very well) but I always struggle with how to decorate above it! I’m in the “switch-a-roo” stage of home decorating! This time of year I get cabin fever and need to change things for sanity sake… I rotate my decor as often as I can to keep me from having to buy new decor. On occassion I will add something new and when I found these two vintage windows while consignment shopping one weekend I knew they would make great foundation pieces in decorating.
The smaller single paned window is from Abode ($15) and the larger one from Now and Again ($29).
Resting items is a great way to avoid endless holes in the wall. If you are like me you like to change things often enough to not want to a nail in teh wall dictate what you can put there! These frames look great layered and resting on my wall. Now that i hada a great starting point it was time to shop my house ans start accenting this area.
I started by trying out a ceramic vase with tall greens and my blue tiny cabinet. I wanted to try out different heights and colors. I have a blue table across from the piano so I was hoping the blue would look good.
Here it is with a few different items to try out! My grandmothers vintage children’s chair from her childhood that is very special to me and a bird cage. I like the way this all looks but it’s a wee bit dark for me! I need pops of color!
What about yellow flowers instead?
I kind of like this bright look…but it’s still missing something!



So I go back and forth between the two plants! I’m for sure decided on the blue cabinet but help me out on the plant. Tall or short?
It still need something more! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect last addition to the whole look! Suggestions?
Anyway…play with decor! Mix and match until you find what you love! Find large staple or foundation pieces that will work year round when you replace smaller items around it to fit the season or holiday or your mood in my case! Large statement pieces like these vintage windows are worth their investment!
Tips for finding great salvages windows:
  • Look for windows that have glass that is in good shape. Cracked panes that are cracked or broken will over time be a hazard especially you rearrange often. No one wants a boo boo!
  • Look for charming details like handles and hinges or hinge marks still on the original windows. Added details make for added charm!
  • Ask the retailer if they have more stock in the back. Often times stores can’t put out all of their inventory or they have yet to clean up all the window panes. It’s worth your time to ask.
  • Look past the dirt and grime! It only takes a little Windex and elbow grease to shine up the glass in a salvages window! Don’t be turned off if it looks filthy!
  • Negotiate the price. If you find more then one window ask if you can get a  discount! The worst thing they will say is no!