Photo Tips with Emilie: Lighting

Hi, this is Emilie from Photo By Emilie with a photo tip.

One of my favorite photography topics is lighting. During my workshops we spend a lot of time discussing how I look at light, how I determine where I will place my subject according to my available light. Then how I enhance my available light to get warm gorgeous soft light on my subject. One of my favorite tools to enhance light is a reflector. Here are a few tips on how I use my reflector.

One trick to creating a great photo with warm light is knowing how to use Fill Light to eliminate shadow and illuminate eyes. In this photo I used the white side of the reflector. I placed the reflector at his waist and pointed it up into his face, this eliminated the shadow cast by his cap.

In this next photo I used the reflector to add drama and glow. I had my assistant stand about 10 feet back from the model. Using the gold side to catching a patch of sun and reflect it back onto the model. This achieved a more high fashion look and feel.

One of my favorite photography tools is my reflector.
I use the 32″ Soft Gold/White.

In these images you can see the difference from using a reflector. I placed the reflector white side up on her lap reflecting the light up into her face & eyes. I love the way the white side of the reflector creates a catch light in her eyes.

Learning to master light is one of the most challenging aspects of photography. Additional tools like this reflector, external flashes and speed lights add a level of drama to your images that you just can’t achieve without them. Someone recently asked me, do I need to use a flash in order to get that same shot? My answer is nope you can’t, otherwise none of us would bother. As you continue to master light with these tools you will begin to see your images pop and sparkle!!

Happy Snapping

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Photo Tips with Emilie: Photographing Children

I came across a fabulous Utah photographer and she’s going to be post a monthly photography tip. She specializes in children photography and educating the Mommy Photographer.

Here is a photo of Emilie and Santa. She has it hanging in the studio and claims that she is one of his live-away-from-the-north-pole-elves and reports all good smilers to Santa directly.

Here’s her tip…
One of the more difficult challenges when photographing little one is keeping them in one place long enough to snap your shutter. Do you have a busy busy little one? No matter what you do you can’t snap quick enough to get a good photo!?! I’ve got some tricks for you.

Here are a few of my best trick and tips to get great images
of challenging little ones.

1. Bribe Them. There’s nothing that gets results like a good old fashioned bribe. My favorite bribing tool are Smarties. Smarties are great for several reasons, there are lots of them per package for a maximum bribe time, they dissolve quickly & don’t stain or color little mouths.

Another fun bribe trick are Pez dispensers. If your trim off their little feet they slide right into your camera flash hub. This is an excellent way to keep little ones focused on the camera. Again, lots of them per package for a maximum bride time.

2. For those little runners out there. Kids that won’t sit still is one of my most common challenges. My best solution is to put your little ones on a chair. Little legs can’t run away if they are sitting on chair. Use the Smarties as a reward for not dashing away.

Here are some examples…

The chair also adds some fun vintage style to this image.

Instead of a chair we used a dresser, same concept.
Look how darling her little feet look crossed like a princess.

2 above images – Same shoot, different chairs,
different way to use the chair both help me control
one busy little boy and a busier little puppy.

Not a chair, but the same concept. This busy little one
can’t go anywhere. Not to mention how the cute buggy
really ads to the image.

Again, not a chair but the same concept.

Using a chair in a family image is really fun too.
This little gal was about 1 year old and LOVED sitting in a
chair just her size. She would have sat in that chair
and let me take her pix for hours. I got some great
family shots and then mom and dad moved out of the shot
and I got some real cute smile ones of just her in the chair.

Again, not a chair but the same concept. She was
so mesmerized by this bowl and just sat and let me snap away.

Again, not a chair but the same concept. This is my
and he thought sitting in this tire was so cool
and just smiled and smiled. This tire made my job so
easy and that’s what I’m look for during every session.

Doubling up on a chair works great too. Sometimes it’s
difficult to get kids to stand close to each other, they
are just too wiggly. When photographing little
ones compositionally it looks better to have them
fairly close together. Having them both sit on a chair
allows you to pose kids close without any effort allowing
them to just sit back and grin.

Need I say anything about this last one?

3. What if they just want to run? When you can’t stop them – join them. Find a cute backdrop and turn it into a runnin game, have your kids run toward and away from the camera. I think running photos are just darling. After about 15 minutes of this game (and oodles of darling photos) they’ll be ready for that chair.

Here are some examples…


Same concept but dancing instead of running.

Capturing Mom and Dad in the foreground and
background tells more of a story.

A whole family walking. This shot also looks so cute
walking towards the camera. I typically shoot something like
this about half way through the session, the kids love it
and allows them a little break from following posing directions
which buys me some additional time.

This is a fun variation, I had these little kids running toward the
camera and this was the
last shot I got. Just look at their
faces, they are having a great time.

Here’s another variation. The concept is the same to
allow kids to run, move and play. All you’ll need to do
is set it up so you can capture a great shot.

Love Love Love this variation.

Line them up and march them. It took us a few times to
get just the right spacing but these kids loved it.

Like this little sweetie, sometimes no matter what
tricks you try they just want to move. I spent most
of the session following her snapping when
she turned my way. I had a packet of smarties in my
hand which dramatically increased the amount she turned
toward me. This image really captures her little free spirit.

Children photography is more than just having a nice camera or perfect lighting it’s also about knowing how to create an environment where you can capture the spirit of your little ones. The more tricks you have up your sleeve the more ability you’ll have to create an environment where children are authentically having fun and capturing that in your images.
Happy Snapping!!

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Thanks Emilie! What great tips! Anything to help us capture those sweet little faces right! Thanks for joining the Blue Cricket Family! We look forward to seeing you each month and learning how we too can improve our photo skills!

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