Birthday Patch Applique!

I loved how my Charlie bugs birthday outfit turned out this year! The hat, still my favorite! The skirt a close second! And lastly the fun and simple Birthday patch that tied it all together!

First you will iron on Heat ‘n Bond adhesive to the back side of your three fabrics. Use a circle pattern or trace lids to get two different sized circles! Mine are 4 and 3 inch circles. Trace a number or free hand one. Be sure to remember to trace your number backwards because you are tracing it on the back side of your fabric.

Remove the paper from the back of your number and center it onto your smaller circle. Iron it on to adhere it!

Next remove the paper from the back of your smaller circle and center it onto your larger circle. Iron it in place to adhere it!

Sew along the edges of your number and the smaller circle using a zig zag stitch!

Now it’s ready to iron onto a birthday shirt! Tips for sewing it on:

  • You’ll need to use a stabilizing fabric on the back side of the shirt. Cut a piece slightly larger then your patch. This will keep the shirt from snagging and gathering in your sewing machine!
  • After you have sewn the patch on feel free to trim the stabilizing fabric on the inside of the shirt for better comfort.

The final touch that makes a fun statement!


Ummm! Bundt Cake!

Sorry! But nothing is prettier then a Bundt Cake! Perfectly shaped confection! LOVE IT!!!!

Last month I brought home my grandmothers original Bundt Pan! This baby is a gem! Heavier then sin and memory inducing! Some of my best memories of my grandmother are ones of her in the kitchen so I just felt close to her as I baked my first ever bundt cake!

AHHH!!! ( Angels singing from the heavens! ) Ain’t she a beaut!

Here is the recipe I use for Vanilla Bundt Cake Magic…

2 1/2 cups Flour
1 3/4 cup sugar
2 tsp. Baking Powder
3/4 tsp. Baking Soda
1 tsp. Salt
2 sticks Unsalted Butter melted
1 cup Sour Cream
4 eggs
1 tsp. Vanilla Extract

Have all the ingredients at room temp. Position the rack in the lowest third of your oven and preheat to 375. Grease and flour your pan well.

In one bowl sift and combine all of your dry ingredients. In separate bowl, whisk together all of your wet ingredients. In a mixer use your beater attachment and combined the flour mixture to your wet ingredients until combined. Pour the batter into your greased and floured pan and bake for 30-40 minutes until a tooth pick comes out clean and it’s starting to pull away from
the sides of the pan.

Transfer to a wire rack and let cool for approximately 30 min. Flip onto a cake plate and admire!

The key to frosting a Bundt Cake is to heat your frosting until it is runny! Microwave your frosting for about 30 seconds and tint it to the color you desire! I use store bought caned frosting! Pour it on and let it run over the edges!

Oops! I just drooled on myself!


Tissue Paper Pom poms

Remember these fun Pom Poms I hung in the trees of my daughters Birthday Party!

I bought the large ones in a kit by Martha Stewart! They were on super mark down at my local Big Lots. A 5 pack was only $2! Can you believe it! Well I needed smaller sizes so I bought my own tissue paper and created a few more!

This is as easy as it comes and you can use any color and coordinate it for any party or room!

Each ball has between 10-12 sheets of tissue! In the example below I will be using one of the Martha Stewart pre cut kits but to get the same exact look just cut a scalloped or large zig zag edge on your own stack of tissue.

Lay out your tissue stack.

Begin folding your tissue like an accordion. My folds were approximately 1 1/2 – 2 inches wide.

Attach a 8 inch piece of wire in the center and make a loop on the top to string ribbon through.

One sheet of tissue at a time, carefully start to separate and fluff up each sheet. Continue doing this step until the entire ball is fluffy and separated!

Hang and enjoy!!!

To make smaller sized simply cut your tissue paper smaller making them thinner. Not shorter! The red line above shows where I cut to make smaller balls.

I wish these stored better!I would have loved to have kept these!They are just so beautiful!They make my heart smile!

The large yellow paper fans were made out of Wallpaper! I used a similar technique in the tutorial found HERE!!


No Sew Fabric Bunting Banner!

This here little labor of love is something I like to call my 4th child!!! Seeing as it took me 6 plus hours to birth it I think it qualifies don’t you!!!

Honestly this was a never ending project! Over the course of 4 days I cut, sorted and stapled my heart out but the results were more then worth it!

Raid your fabric scraps and collect a wide variety of prints! As you can see there are a ton of different fabrics here! Let’s just say I was more then happy to finally find a use for
some of my awful fabric I had in my craft room! Yes the thought “Why would I ever
buy this?” did come to mind…many times!

Cut them up into square or rectangle shapes. The size and shape varied! This is a no measure sort of project! The more random the better!

I found it much easier to make a stack of alternating fabrics. Instead of leaning in and picking a fabric one at a time I randomly stacked mine and had them in arms reach as I attached each one!

Get yourself a big ol’ ball of twine!

Fold each piece of fabric over and staple a few times! Be sure to get at least one staple through the twine so it keeps that piece in place keeping it from sliding on the twine.

Repeat the stapling part about…oh… 1,239,058 more times and then you too can have a 4th child to call you’re very own!!!

I swear, no joke this thing is the length of a football field!

Because I used fabric I already had this entire Bunting banner only cost me $2.39!
The cost of the twine!

It looked so pretty hanging in my back yard I kept it up for days! Sadly now it’s been retired! It’s waiting for the next celebration or for someone to borrow it! Hint hint friends!!!


Carnival Entrance

This Carnival Entrance is super easy and super Cheap… I mean affordable!! WINK WINK!!

Here is what you need:

Two ten foot pieces of PVC pipe cut to size ( measure your gate first!) two long pieces and one short piece for the top!
Two corner PVC Pipe connectors
Three Plastic Table Cloths from the Dollar store!
Ribbon to tie the curtains back

Total Cost: $6.50

Take each plastic Table Cloth and fold the end over 2 inches and sew a casing
to slide the pipe into.

Cut each table cloth in half.

Once you have sewn and cut each table cloth, slide them onto the short pipe
alternating the colors!

Tie the finished pipe onto your fence and tie each side back!

I told you it was easy!


Birthday Bash 2009

We recently threw a huge Backyard Carnival Birthday Party for both our girls! With their birthdays only one month apart and winter just around the corner, we really wanted to celebrate outdoors so an early party it was!

Weeks and weeks of planning and preparing helped make this day special for
our Cricket and Blue!


We hired an amazing face painter and she did not disappoint! I was tempted to cut in line and get myself a little princess mask or butterfly! I loved the spooky faces a few of the kids got! She was incredible! I wish we could think of more occasions to have her come and paint faces! Maybe for Ground Hogs Day!


I worked for days on the decorations! We have a pretty huge backyard and it needed to be filled with colorful decorations!

One super duper long homemade fabric Bunting Banner! I swear this thing took me almost 7 hours to make. It’s probably the length of a football field but it was my most favorite feature of the entire party!
(Please!!!Someone borrow it!!)

I also created the Carnival entrance!Super easy… A PVC Pipe
frame and three $1 plastic table cloths!


And lastly I made a few dozen Tissue Pom Poms and Fans to hang in the trees!


The games were a hit! We had a Goldfish game, Ping Pong Toss, Ring Toss,
Bean bag Toss and Can Game!

I picked up some Harry Potter Blood Pops for some of the prizes!
Check out how cool they made the kiddos look…

Way too funny!


I made Cupcakes for the party from Scratch! Yeah! I’m into baking! Click HERE for my killer recipe! My secret for amazing frosting is Jello! I used Strawberry, Lemon and Lime Flavored Jello to get the vibrant color and great taste!


And we could not have pulled it off with out theses amazing helpers!!! Grandma Reena, Uncle Chris and soon to be Aunt Megan were so incredible!!! Thanks a million you guys!

The party went off without a hitch…that is unless you count the fact that my camera batteries went dead and the propane tank was empty 5 minutes into the shin dig! Other
then that it was a hit!!!

Come back for the endless tutorials I have in the hopper!!! I’ll be showing you how to create…

A quick no sew Fabric Bunting
Tissue Paper Pom Poms
Jello Frosting
Carnival Entrance


Witch’s Lunch!

Halloween! By far my favorite Holiday! Everything about it I absolutely adore!
The decorations! The treats! The Spookiness of it all!

It’s time to get our Spook on here at Blue Cricket! I’m ready to post about all the things I love most about this time of year! Look forward to decorating ideas, party fun, pumpkin carving and so much more! I’ll be featuring my favorite finds for the Holiday!

Let’s dive in…

Last year I hosted a little Witch’s Lunch for my girls and their friends! I was in heaven! Honestly I think I was more into this then they were! I created Halloween treats and we sat down to a kid friendly meal that was a huge hit!

Witches Brew: Limeade with plastic spiders and Gummy worms!

Spider Eggs: Tater Tots and Plastic Spiders!

Shrunken Heads: Peeled Apples and licorice!

Mummy’s: Hot Dogs wrapped in Pillsbury Croissants that were first cut into strips.

A new family tradition was born! This year I’m on the hunt for more festive dishes and treats to serve at our Witch’s lunch!

Send me your favorite edible ideas! They may be featured in an upcoming “Readers Rock!” post where I’ll feature submitted ideas from YOU!

Happy first day of FALL!


Birthday Cakes

I’m in total Birthday Mode!!! I’ve been crankin’ out decorations and trying to get everything squared away for the huge Birthday Bash we have planned for this weekend for BOTH my girls! It’s crunch time people!!! Fabric bunting 1/4 mile long! Tissue Paper Balls! Carnival signs! I can’t wait till this weekend is over!

This will be the first year I don’t do a “special” cake for a party! I’ll be making The Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes for the party and a “special” cake on their actual birthdays just for us to enjoy!

I had to laugh at some of their previous cakes I’ve tried my hand at…

The first one was my attempt at a frog! My Father in law said it looked like Oscar the grouch! OUCH!

Don’t laugh at my castle!!! Cricket loved it and that’s all that mattered!

I’m at a loss for what sort of cake to make this year! I need two totally wonderful ideas. Tell me what to do! Send me links, pictures , ideas!!! I need your help!

My oldest daughter’s birthday is next Friday so send them fast!!! I’m up for anything!!


Cupcake Love!

I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect cupcake! My daughters birthday party is next weekend and I am convinced that I am going to nail it in the cupcake department! Thanks to some experts in the field of baking and a little innovation on my part I have what I hope will be
the perfect confection…

I used this recipe for the perfect “Domed” Vanilla cupcake from over at “Cake Journal!”
I could not believe the difference in the dome!!! It really is the best recipe I have yet to find to get that all impressive high dome prefect for frosting! Cake Journal gives some great tips on how to achieve a high dome and she gives credit to the vanilla recipe she found at
The Joy of Baking!

I came up with the icing recipe! I knew what I wanted …

a bright PINK color
A smooth glassy finish
and flavor that would be obvious and compliment the vanilla cupcake!

I achieved that in a big bold way!!!

Here is my recipe for the icing:

1/4 cup butter
1/4 cup cream cheese
2 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 teaspoons milk

and the secret flavor and color enhancer….

wait for it…

wait for it….

1 1/2 Tablespoons Strawberry Jello!!!
( you could add any flavor Jello to get a vibrant hue and great taste!)

Soften and mix together the butter and cream cheese.
add the reaming ingredient until smooth.

I dipped my 100% cooled cupcakes into the icing to get a smooth glassy finish.

Aren’t they beautiful!?!