"Give Thanks" Thanksgivng Shadow box

 I’ve had a lot of great finds lately and I finally added them all together to create  the perfect simple Fall and Thanksgiving decoration.

 These beauties i picked up at a favorite consignment shop called Secondhand Chic located in Sugar House. I loved these antique flatware pieces and picked them up for I think $1.50 each.

 I also found some beautiful wall paper remnants that I couldn’t wait to use! I gathered a painted shadow box I had left over from my daughters room, some vinyl , spray adhesive and my new favorite tool by PLAID , My Professionals Tool Set which included a roller tool and scraping tool!

 I first measured and cut a piece of Wallpaper to fit the back of my shadow box. I used spray adhesive and rolled my Plaid rolling tool to smooth it out!

 After trimming the edge it was ready to go!

 I used E6000 glue to glue down my Flatware.

The scraping tool and rolling tool worked great to help me transfer my vinyl on!

This sits on my mantle and reminds me of our blessings! I love this simple reminder that was simple to make! 
Plaid wants to give one lucky reader their very one Professionals Tool set So you to can make a fun project like this! Simply leave a comment in today’s comments section and I’ll pick a winner and announce it next Wednesday!


Lunch Time Love Notes

We’ve been loving our back on a schedule routine around here with kids back in school and life marching to a different beat! I have a first grader this year and that means ALL DAY school! She has lots to look forward to like riding the bus both ways, two recesses and eating lunch at school!

When I got my new toy, the Silhouette Cutter, in the mail a few weeks ago I knew exactly what I wanted to create first…

Lunch time LOVE NOTES!

Theses sweet little note cards make the perfect back drop for words of encouragement, I love you’s and “good luck on today’s spelling test!”

They were fun to create and with the help of this awesome new toy it was incredibly fast and open to endless possibilities!

After uploading and setting up my machine all I needed to do was pick my designs, place them where I wanted and push “cut!”

I loaded the fun card stock and watched these shapes come to life! I cut the flower and snowflake shape in half to get more of a design look then shape look! Next I was off to create my cards…

Ribbon, stacked scrapbook paper and gems finish it all off!

I wish you could have seen my daughters face when she got home from school! I got the biggest hug ever! She saved her special card and I could tell she adored her special acknowledgment that she found at lunch!

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Pretty Bird Wall Art

Inspiration is all around us. Creating a work of art inspired by pricier designer prints is easy and a fun and creates a personal work of art.

Supplies Needed:

Two Canvases
Permanent Marker
Printed Birds to trace
Paint, Wallpaper or Vintage pages to create a canvases back ground
Glue or Mod Podge

It’s easy to find images of birds online by doing an image search. Print your images on card stock or mount them on card stock to create a firm template. Cut them out and your ready to go!

To create some fun texture and interest cover your canvas in Scrapbook paper, Paint or Vintage book pages! To adhere any sort of paper mix two parts water to one part school glue or Mod Podge. Paint your paper with your glue mixture and lay smoothly on your canvas. Once the entire canvas is covered let it dry over night before moving onto the next step.

When it’s dried completely lay your two canvases next to each other.

Use a pencil to free hand your tree branches. Be sure to continue your branch from one canvas to the next.

Outline your penciled sketch with your permanent marker.

Color in your branches completely.

Place your bird images on the branches and trace them with a pencil. Remember you can make a bird face the other way by flipping them over!

Color in your birds.

Now we’ll add our details! Draw on leaves and smaller branches and color them in. Lastly you’ll want to color it all in one last time to insure a deep dark silhouette and to cover up any uneven marker strokes.

Hang them side by side and enjoy!

Here si my appearance on Studio 5 demonstrating this project!

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4th of July "Can" offical start!

The 4th of July has to be one of my favorite holidays!!! I’m in love with all it stands for! Freedom! Sacrifice! History!Hope! Celebration!

I love a good excuse to pass on a little glimmer of my enthusiasm when ever I can! For this 4th of July it comes in the form of this fun candy filled Pop Top Tin Can!


It’s as easy as Pie… take any pop top tin can and open it with a can opener from the bottom! Rinse it out and dry it well. Fill it with anything fun! Glue the bottom using a hot glue gun! Decorate the can with paper and tie ribbon on the pull tab! Add a cute tag and look forward to Oohs and Ahhs!

Any Holiday would be cause to can a little something! Holiday scrapbook paper is the perfect way to customize this gift idea all year round!

It also makes for adorable birthday gifts! They are the perfect size for hiding gift cards, lip glosses, jewelry and small trinkets!


I think they would be super cute for party invitations, Thank you notes or visiting teaching gifts! The possibilities are endless!!!

And once the top is off you can use it for a cute pen holder!!!

And yes… we had soup for lunch and my freezer is filled with zip lock freezer bags filled with diced tomatoes and beef stew!

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Homemade Easter Grass and Readers Rock!

What do you get when you take a Paper Shredder

And colorful Construction paper?
Answer: Homemade Easter Grass!!!!

Now you have the perfect colorful Easter Grass needed to fill those fun little baskets you plan on passing out to teachers, girls you visit teach and neighbors!

Stuff tiny baskets with tissues paper…

Cover then with Homemade Grass…

And fill them with your favorite Easter treats!

Gotta love Targets Dollar Spot Section!They had the cutest Easter pails! Pretty simple huh!

And now for some Readers Rock!!!!! I’m so super busy this weekend so pardon my lack of ubber love! Know that I love all these fun links! Click on the photos to get to their original post!

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Tissue Paper Eggs

You know I love a good paper mache project! This one was no exception! Take plastic eggs and charm them up with colorful tissue paper!

Gather school glue, tissue paper and plastic Easter Eggs!

Spread you paper and make thin strips.

Dilute 1/4 cup of glue and 1/2 cup of water for your glue solution!

Because the tissue paper is so delicate you will want to roll your plastic egg into the glue solution to wet it and lay your strips of paper on the egg. Then dip your finger tips in the glue and smooth out the tissue paper! I recomend using the same color tissue paper as your egg.

Continue layering your strips of paper until it’s covered completely with a few layers of tissue paper.

Lay your eggs on a plastic trash bag to dry. After a few hours you’ll want to roll your eggs to make sure the bottoms can dry evenly. Let them dry over night to ensure that they are 100% dried!

The dried eggs dry smoother then they look while wet so don’t worry too much about small wrinkles! Now your eggs will last for years! Fun bright colored eggs just in time for Easter!


Paper Fan and Doilie Spring Garland

Tis the season for fun Spring colored decorations! I made this Brightly colored Paper Fan and Doilie Garland for my Daughters Birthday Party! I used these same colors throughout the party! Bright and fun and perfect for Spring ! I’ll probably keep her up for a few more weeks!

To create these easy Paper Fan just follow my tutorial found here! These were 6″ in diameter once they were done!

I found these plastic doilies used for 80′s wedding bouquets and corsages at my local thrift store! Packs of 30 for $1.50! SCORE!!! Regular paper Doilies work well too!

Using a hot glue gun you’ll attach the paper fans to the doilies!

To create the centers you’ll need to crumble up paper cup cake liners.

Hot glue 5-6 crumbled liners into the center of a liner until it’s full.

Glue them into the center of your paper fans!

I took the smaller doilie and cut out the center pieces.

I tied two 12″ pieces of satin ribbon onto each small doilie.

And used the ribbon to attach two larger doilies to either side!

I added long ribbon to the ends to tie it onto my mantel!

And that’s all she wrote!


This ‘ain’t your grandma’s Doilie {Banner! }

Doilies! Gotta Love ‘em! This time of year they are out in full force! I have to admit that Valentines Day isn’t a favorite holiday of mine! Crazy huh! But it’s true…the hubs thinks it’s too commercialized and there for down plays the event! Don’t worry girls…before you send Mr. Blue Cricket hate mail let me add that he never disappoints when it comes to stepping up to my Valentines expectations! Can you say “Tuxedo Strawberries!” My fave!

Ok…back to business…Shall we make a silly little Doilie Banner that is perfect for this time of year and with my Dying technique it’s the perfect way to color coordinate any Party color scheme for an added touch of detail!

First things first! We need some Jell-O! Good old fashion Strawberry Jell-O will do the trick to tint our paper doilies a pretty pink!

Prepare it according to the instructions on the box and poor it into a cookie sheet.
Submerge your separated doilies and keep them soaking for approximately 5 minutes. I had about 10 soaking at a time so it goes pretty fast!

Drain them as best you can and place them on your oven racks. Set the oven to it’s lowest setting. Mine was 170 degrees and “Bake” them for about 5 minutes. The Jell-O does pool a little in and it won’t dry 100% even but I like that about it! Adds character!

Oh yeah… I’d recommend wearing gloves! Don’t ask me how I came to this brilliant conclusion!

Now onto the assembly… String your ribbon on your mantel! Be sure to leave some hanging on each end! I personally like the way it looks!

Then take your dried Doilies and fold them in half over the ribbon and staple them together! Alternate Pink and White all across the length of the ribbon.

Now we’ll add ribbon in between each doilie!

Once again get your stapler ready!!! You can also tie it on! Pick your poison!

I added Tulle to my ends for a little more excitement!

Simple and easy!

Mix up your color dying by using other flavors of Jell-O! I’ll be making a fun one for my little bugs 1st Birthday Bash!!! I’ve got a few month to figure out what color pallet I’ll be using!

Get dying people!


File Folder Activity Book!

My sister tipped me off to an awesome site called Finch Family Games ! She ordered the down loadable file folder activity’s and went to work assembling them into an awesome binder for her little ones to enjoy!

Aren’t they adorable! She was sure to buy at Walmart the clear Velcro tabs!Check out the Sheeps face! It has the sticky Velcro on it but you can’t even tell!

They’re too too cute! She laminated hers to better protect them! When you buy them from the site they are ready to print in color!

Also check out this site HERE for more FREE down loadable File Folder Activity’s! Looks Like I need to get to work!


"We’re CRAZY for you!" Valentine’s

Fancy that!!! I captured a photo of my two oldest while in their natural state!!!!

I loved this photo so much! Honestly! Who doesn’t have a photo like this! Use those crazy photos, or take a crazy picture of the kids and get to work on fun and playful Valentines!

What you’ll need:

  • A Crazy Picture of you, your kids, the fam, your pet!
  • Card Stock or a Ready to make Card set
  • Fabric
  • Wonder Under
  • Sewing machine

First Take your photo and add text! I use Photoshop but you can also use Photobucket or Picnik! Have them printed!

Next either cut your Card Stock to size or get your premade ready to use cards ready!

Find fun festive fabric and iron on Wonder Under to its back side!

Cut your fabric to a size that is smaller then the face of your card but larger then your photo! Remove the paper backing from the Wonder Under and iron it on to your card!

Lastly you’ll mount your photo on a complimentary card stock or scrapbook paper to create a colorful boarder. Then Position your photo onto the card and Zig Zag Stitch it in place!

A fun way to add a personal touch to a fun Holiday tradition!