Love letter hanging mailboxes

Love is in the air! If you are looking for a super simple way to collect those endless love notes you expect to get for Valentines why not create these hanging mail boxes! Simple supplies and 5 minutes is all it takes! Shall we get started!

For this project you’ll need large mailing envelopes and decorative paper. This beautiful paper is actually wrapping paper! Cut your paper slightly smaller then the envelope.

Use a glue stick to glue on your paper and embellish with cute Valentines decor. I found a pack of glittery hearts at my local dollar store and used a hot glue gun to attach them.

Fold back the flap that seals the envelope and use a hole punch to make two holes at the top of your envelope. String a ribbon for hanging.

These sweet little guys are perfect for a family Valentines party, school party or to hang at your desk! They were the perfect finishing touch to the “Cupids Night In” dinner I created for my family! More details on this fun dinner to come! My sister-in-law Stephanie, from Somewhat Simple, and I are creating a fun e-book filled with family dinner ideas you won’t want to miss! This is your first sneak peek! I know…I’m such a tease!


Birthday Card by Catherine Pooler

It’s time for another series of videos and tutorials! Yay!  This time we are going to use the deliciously wonderful Sweet Shoppe Product Suite from the Occasions Mini Catalog by Stampin’ Up!  This Mini Catalog expires on April 30, so if you like these goodies be sure to order them before they are gone.

Click here to view the Occasions Mini Catalog

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Making cards and paper crafting is a wonderful and fun hobby, and when you give someone something you made…boy, that sure is a great way to make someone’s day!

View the video to see how this card came together:

Stampin’ Up Supplies:

  • Mouthwatering Stamp Set, Teeny Tiny Wishes Stamp Set
  • Cardstock:  Lucky Limeade, Pool Party, Whisper White
  • Ink:  Lucky Limeade and Calypso Coral Markers
  • Accessories:  Sweet Shoppe Designer Series Paper, Scallop Squares Duo, Calypso Coral Ruffled Ribbon

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks while I bring you more cards made with this product suite.

Thank you for popping in today, I hope you have a lovely day!

Catherine Pooler


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Card making by Catherine Pooler

My video series where I choose a specific set of supplies and make a series of different projects with them have been quite popular, so today we start a new one!

Over the next couple of weeks we will be looking at my favorite Sale-a-bration products you can get for FREE by ordering Stampin’ Up products in my online store.

So, stay tuned…today we begin the series with a Clean and Simple card showing some basic stamping techniques, then we’ll move on from there.  We’ll throw in more supplies, maybe punches, the Big Shot, some techniques, etc. over the next couple of weeks.  The items I’ll be using for this series are:

  • Elementary Elegance Stamp Set
  • Fresh Vintage Stamp Set
  • Everyday Enchantment Designer Series Paper
  • Ribbon and Brads Bundle

Be sure to view the video so you can see from start to finish how to make this Clean and Simple Card!

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Stampin’ Up Supplies:

  • Elementary Elegance Stamp Set
  • Cardstock: Crumb Cake, Blushing Bride
  • Ink:  Chocolate Chip, Blushing Bride
  • Accessories:  Rhinestones, Curly Label Punch, Everyday Elegance Designer Series Paper

Catherine Pooler

For more great how to’s and to buy Stampin Up products please visit Catherine!

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Harry Potter birthday invites by “Just another day in Paradise!”

I love a good party. Okay I am obsessed with good parties.

The next party in our house…you guessed it a Harry Potter party. A party perfect for any Witch or Wizard.

Before any party though has to come a fun party invite!

Today I am sharing with you a how-to on making this Harry Potter party invite.

What you need:

off-white cardstock
vellum paper
envelope template (found here)
you can use any template you want…this one opened like I wanted
and fit on a regular size of cardstock
brown ink
red clay
First you need to print off the names of your guest on the off-white cardstock. This will take some adjusting, finagling, some chocolate (for your patience), and some trial and error…so do some test runs on regular paper. I addressed mine like Harry’s letter to go to Hogwarts but I changed it to use each guests’ name (see below).Then you will print your invitations, 2 per page in landscape. Be creative on the wording…I tried to sound as Hogwarts official as I could. Another way too look official is to make sure to use Harry Potter fonts. These are the fonts I used and/or am using at the party.

all of the fonts can be downloaded HERE for free
After everything is printed out, it is time to cut out the envelope. Use the template. Make sure the envelope template is facing the right way to ensure the name will be the facing the right way on the back. My template was actually upside down.
Set the template over the name, aligning it in the center box. Trace around the outside. Then cut out.

Next, go crazy with the ink. Make it look old and all antique. When you are done, fold the envelope according to the directions on the template.

Almost done! Cut the invitations. Fold in half and make sure they fit inside the envelope.

Place the invite inside the envelope.

Now it is time to make your fake wax seal.

Take your red clay, break off a tiny bit and roll into a ball. Then smoosh…yes that is an official crafting term…the clay onto the point on the top flap of the envelope. Make is look like a melted circle. Then take a coin, any coin, and press it in the middle of the clay circle. This will help it look like a seal.

If you press hard enough, the clay should hold in place. However, if you find the clay seal lifting, you can hot glue it in place.

Now you have all of your official looking Harry Potter invitations.

Any Witch or Wizard would be thrilled to see his/her name on the invitation.

In true Potter fashion, of course the invitation will be delivered by OWL.

If you have a Harry Potter fan in your family and are planning any kind of Harry Potter party, these invites will be a sure hit!
I can’t wait to share with you the whole wizarding celebration!
Be sure to visit Larissa over on ” Just another day in Paradise” for even more amazing inspiration!

Cultivating a love of art in kids

One of the most asked questions I get is how do I get so many projects done with a house full of kids? And my answer… GET THEM INVOLVED! It not only allows me to have time to be creative but more importantly it helps me encourage them to be creative, express themselves and develop their talents. It also helps them understand the creative process and in my opinion it’s never to early to have a love of art!

At my kids elementary school they are lucky enough to hav ethe PTA sponsored “Reflections” art program. Each year there is a theme and every student is encouraged to enter an art project. This years theme was “Diversity Means” and this is my Blue Birds project titled ” Every Gardens Different.” She did this all my herself, even the hot glue, she was supervised of course and she was so proud of it! It was a treat to see her do each step and get more excited as it came together!

She was so excited to turn in her art work! I hope that as my kids grow up they will will have fun  memories of being creative!


Mini Paper Bunting

I’m pretty much into anything “Mini!” Let’s face it…if it’s small and tiny it’s automatically irresistible! This Mini paper bunting also makes a great hostess gift for holiday parties and house visits with relatives! You can change up the colors to fit a party or holiday theme and in a mater of less then an hour you have a sweet and tiny little decoration ready to drape over a mirror, hang from a chandelier or swag across a mantel!

1. Gather your scrapbook paper and use a paper cutter to cut 1.5″ strips.

2. Cut multiple pages of paper until you have  a nice collection of strips.

3. Cut the 1.5″ strips to be 4″ long.

4. Fold each piece in half.

5. Use hot glue to glue the folded paper onto a long piece of ric rac. Be sure to make sure the glue touched the ric rac and the paper an dnot just the paper. This will keep it from slipping down the ric rac. Space the papers about an inch apart.

6. Cut a triangle out of the bottom of the papers making them pointed flags.

7. Continue cutting until all have been cut.

8. Hang and enjoy!


Simple and fun! What more do you need! This tiny bunting would also be darling if you’d like to layer your buntings! Just like fin accessories, layering in decorating can be just as impressive. Something small in scale like this would look perfectly paired with the bunting I showed off yesterday!


Paper Bag Halloween Door Hang/ Trick or Treat Bag!

Who’s getting excited for Halloween already?? I AM!!! Halloween is my all time favorite holiday so I couldn’t help myself…I HAD to get a jump on my Halloween projects!

The first project of the year is my “Halloween Door Hang!” This little ditty was born out of my love of working with paper bags! Remember my “Spring Bunting!” That was the project that kicked it all of so this season wasn’t about to not get the royal “Bag” treatment!

This technique is also perfect for making darling  Trick or Treat bags for the kids this year as well! So the next time you are shopping and they ask “Paper or Plastic?”  be sure to go for good old PAPER!!!

1. Grab your paper shopping bag! It’s time to get started! If you are making a wall hanging you can use either side because you will be covering up the store logo. If you are making a Trick or treat bag cover up the store logo side!

2. Use Distress ink to the edges to add dimension. The texture of the paper bag looks awesome when you highlight it with the ink!

3. Cut long 2″ wide strips of large netting. Use a hot glue gun to make ruffled netting along every inner edge of the bag.

4. Continue the ruffling all the way around the bag.


5. Cut two pieces of scrapbook paper slightly smaller then the paper bag and then smaller then the first paper.

6. Use Distress ink on the papers edges and then sew them together using a zig zag stitch!

7. To make the moon, cut a circle! I LOVE my Martha Stewart Circle cutter!

8. Distress ink the moon and zig zag sew the moon in place!


9. Moving on to the Bats! Create a wing template out of cardstock!

10. Cut 6 wing sections and some small pieces of black felt for wing seperation.

11. Glue three wing sections together with glue at the very tip of the wings. Using hot glue, add a little dab of glue and shove in your small piece of felt between each wing section. This will help the wings look 3 dimensional and have movement and space.

12. Create a small bat by doing the same as above but smaller. Cut two round circles with ears for the bat bodies and glue on your wings!

13. Now it times to glue on our paper to the bag! Hot glue the paper onto the paper bag being sure to center ti nicely to show off the netting.

14. Hot Glue on your two bats. I glued the wings and the body to make it extra secure.

15. Add fun lettering to create a Halloween saying.

16. Add a bow and hand on the  door!


Be sure to be aware of the weather! If rain is in store, bring this little mama inside! You can also hang this on any indoor hook for indoor holiday decor!


More fun Halloween door looks to come!


Scalloped Paper Doily Wall Treatment

Scalloped Paper Doily  Molding

Paper Doilies make me happy! I LOVE working with them! In the past I have created buntings, Valentines gifts, and other fun projects so I am always looking for ways to get creative with paper doilies again!

This project is by far my new favorite paper doily project yet! I mean…how else can you make such a charming statement so simply and affordably!

1. I purchases a pack of 6″ doilies. 100 pack for $3.99 from Orson Gygi. For an averaged size room you will need two packs.

2. Carefully separate the doilies. Paper doilies are fragile and someitmes the punched out detail makes them fragile around the edges so be careful seperating them.

3.  Fold each doily in half lining up the details perfectly.

4. Use hot glue to secure it together. I added three small dabs of glue on the edges and that did the trick.

** This is a great project to do with your little ones! My 5 year old was a fantastic folder and she loved being apart of this project! I of course handled the hot glue!


1. Get your masking tape ready!

2. Use two small rolled pieces of masking tape and put them on the two top edges of the folded corners of the doilie. Prepare a lot of them at once. This will make it easy to hang a large section at once.

3. When you walk into a room the last place your eye looks is behind you so start above the door. This will be a convenient place to start and stop your placement just in case the very last doily doesn’t line up perfectly. I overlapped each doily by about an inch, basically the length of the punched out detail.

4. When it comes to corners simply fold the doily where it will hit the corner! It fits so seamlessly! Gotta love working with paper! I didn’t need any extra tape. Continue adding your doilies until you reach your start point again!


This project is super simple but does take some time! It took me about an hour to fold and prep and then almost an hour to hang them all…but I did have two little ones at my heels!

Total cost: $8

Long live the paper doily!




Paper Bag Spring Bunting

I was totally inspired by AZ girls Night Out clever Paper Bag Menu holder and came up with my own Paper Lunch Bag project! They are the perfect starter for this fun new Spring Bunting!

There is something about sewing through paper that I just love so this project was fun to create.

Gather paper lunch bags, scrap fabric, scrapbook paper, ric rack,  ribbon, pom pom and any other trims and embellishments that you think will help jazz up this bunting.

Start by trimming off the bottom section of your lunch bag.

Cut bright vibrant fabric to fit your bags.

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Christmas Countdown. Good things do come in small packages!

(This is a fan’s favorite revisit from last year!!) 

With so many wonderful Advent Calendars and Count Downs out there you know I had to put my spin on the Holiday tradition! I created this smaller version of a Christmas classic for all of you out there with limited space and for those of us who’s husbands would kill us if we brought home one more Huge Christmas Decoration!

Gather the following supplies…

1 pack of Library Book Pockets/Envelopes. ( sold at teacher/learning stores)
Approximately 12 Sheets of Scrapbook paper
3 Sheets of Colored Card Stock
Distressing Ink
Glue Stick
Paper Cutter
2″Circle Punch
# Stencil
2″ Ring

And away we go!

Measure and Cut 25 pieces of paper. You will want the cut paper to be slightly smaller then the envelope. I used standard sized envelopes so my paper was cut to 3.5 x 3.25″.

Use your Distress Ink to add detail to the edges and corners of the cut paper! This step is well worth the added time! Attention to detail always pays off!

Now you will want to lay out all 25 pieces of paper. Arrange them in a random order being sure not to put two of the same prints next to each other!

It’s now time to add our 2″ Circles. First we will need to cut them out! I have fallen in love with my new Martha Stewart Circle Cutter! It cuts Circles from 1″ – 5 7/8″. All that versatility in one tool! Gotta love it!

Cut 25 and distress!

Assign a circle to each piece of paper being sure to make it look random and complimentary!

Taking one at a time you will now add the numbered day to each circle! I used a Stencil and a sharpie but if you have awesome free hand skills by all means show ‘em off!!

To make your inserts you will measure and cut a new piece of paper slightly longer then you did your first pieces of paper. In my case I cut mine 3.25 x 4.5″

You know the drill…Distress and arrange them to each envelope. At this point you can also adhere each circle to envelope.

@5 Days of Christmas Count Down Ideas

Now we need to add our Daily idea. I have created a list of 25 fun activities! Use these suggestions and add them to your inserts! I created my idea print outs on Photoshop! Come up with a customized way to display yours based on the Colors you you are working with!

Cut each Idea out and glue them to the insert cards. Be sure to lay them all out first and make sure certain suggestions are closer to the beginning of the month then the end! Putting up Christmas Decorations is something you don’t want to do December 24th!

Punch a hole in the corners.

Add them to a 2′ ring and tie on a Bow!

Hang on a Knob or on your Mantel and enjoy counting down the days until the Fat Man comes and raids your cookie jar!!!

Happy Count Down!