Stenciled Book Cover: Creating a stencil from scratch!

Stencils can be super expensive and they often come in sizes that are a some times too small or just barely too big! When I got my Silhouette cutting machine last month I was wondering if I would be able to make my own custom Stencils! And the answer is YES!!!!!

If you go to the Stencil section of most craft stores you can find sheets of Mylar, the plastic material that stencils are made from. A small 12 x 12 sheet is only $1.99. I cut mine to the 8.5″ with to fit my machine and was then ready to create!

I picked out the shape that I wanted to experiment with and was able to make it the exact size I wanted!

I used the Pink cap that is used for cutting through the thickest material and pressed cut!

I did have to push out the design but it still had clean and crisp edging making my stencil perfectly ready to use!

Next I gathered my paint, book, stencil and paintbrush…

I held my stencil in place and painted a single layer of paint on my book cover.

I love how it adds just a tiny little detail! I can’t wait to get busy making more and more stencils! There are thousands of designs I can upload from the Silhouette collection on line! The trick is using a design that is solid and will punch out in one piece! This entire project took me like 10 minutes start to finish! I love this new toy of mine!

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Kids can be Responsible too!

Pick up some Creativity created this fun and interactive Children’s Responsibility chart! I may have loved it at first becasue it’s the most perfect shade of green but once I read a little more I knew it was the perfect way to get my kids to get in gear and pitch in!

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