Dresser Draw Ribbon Organizers

This is one of my most favorite make over results of all time! It has all of my favorite elements all rolled into one amazing project!


After searching high and low for a cute ribbon organizer, I finally came up with my own solution!

I took this old dresser bought at a thrift store

Gutted the bottom section, refinished it (refinishing instructions found HERE!!!) and then turned it into this…

It became a lovely little storage unit!!

I turned the six removed drawers into fun ribbon organizers! It was super easy!!!

Each of these particular drawer openings were about 14″ x 14″.

  • I first measured off and then drilled holes for the dowels that would hold my ribbon.
  • Next I painted each box inside and out using my refinishing technique.
  • Once the paint was completely dried I added with Mod Pogde a sheet of scrapbook paper to the inside of the drawers. If you look close the 12″ x 12″ paper does not completely cover the inside. I simply centered it to make it look even on all sides. I had applied a Glaze that left aging in the corners and seams of the drawer so I think it looks cool. You could also use wall paper or wrapping paper and cut it exactly to size and then adhere it with Mod Podge as well if you wanted a completely covered drawer.
  • Next I adorned the outside with scrapbook “frosting!” my fancy word for pretty little extras!!
  • I spray painted the existing brass handles and reattached it once it was dry.
  • And lastly I added decorative ribbon to the handle and a fun gem and button to tie it all together!

They sit so perfectly atop a desk or work station and the handle makes them so tote-able ( is that a word!!!) The highlight has been seeing one of my ribbon boxes in
use at my favorite Fabric store!

I have made these using larger drawers! The sky’s the limit when it comes to size and shape!!!

I sold or gave then all away but not before keeping my favorite
one that sits happily in my craft room!!!


Cart Caddy GIVEAWAY!!!

Look what I created!!!!

This was born out of absolute frustration and Insanity prevention ! Last week while shopping, I was so fed up with losing my coupons, having to pry the slobbery remains of a coupon out of my baby’s mouth and simply not having enough hands while I shop! My shopping
excursions are a mess!!!! If you were ever to see me shopping with three kids in tow you’d most likely find two out of three of ‘em crying and the other covered in chocolate chip bribery!

Well…Problem solved!!!!
(at least the coupon part of my problem! Let me know if you have a wonder
solution for the kid melt downs!)


I came home to create this Coupon Catch all for my Shopping cart!
It has two pockets! One to hold my Coupon Organizer and one to store the coupons I will be redeeming! And if you’re not a coupon shopper it’s the perfect little helper to hold
your bottled water, emergency candy bar you opened 15 min. into your visit and cell phone while you graze aisle after aisle!

Aren’t they A-DOR-A- BLE!!!!

And Lucky you I’m in a giving mood!!!! Enter to win one of these Cart Caddy Coupon thing-a-ma-bobs!I’m giving away BOTH of them so there will be two winners!

Here’s how to win!!!

  • Leave me a comment telling me which one you’d love to find in your mailbox! Blue/ Green Caddy or Orange Flowers! If you win I’ll try my best to accommodate!
  • Become a follower of this blog or tell me you already are a smart cookie and ALREADY follow Blue Cricket!
  • Make a post about this giveaway on your bloggy blog!

Three chances to win!!! Make One comment for each entry! It makes it easier for me when I use random.org to pick my winners!!!


So enter now and cross your fingers! I’ll be posting the winners Aug. 26th!!!!
Happier shopping awaits!

Sorry for the huge script! Blogger is wacko today! And thanks happy shopping friend who allowed me to invade her produce hunt in Smiths today!!!


School years…

A few years ago While I was visiting my dads house he handed over a plastic grocery bag filled with my school “Crap” as he would have put it!!! Certificates, reports, awards, pictures etc… It was a jumbled mess but so fun to go through non the less!

I found an award I was given in Kindergarten, ” Great pumper award!!!” I’m sure my teacher had to rack her brain to come up with that one. I wasn’t a good speller or math whiz so being a good pumper on the swings was my top skill at the time! Still it was probably better then getting a “Great pusher in of her chair award!”

I also found a 10th place ribbon for some field day event, a poem I wrote in the 2nd grade and a slew of other smile inducing pieces of paper!

Now with my oldest about to start school I wanted to come up with a better way to store and organize her “School crap!” When she graduates High School I’ll be able to give her this instead of an Albertsons bag!

On each hanging file I’ll be displaying their “First day of school” photo along with their signature.
I can’t wait to see how their handwriting changes over the years!
I picked up the pink crates at Walmart and let each girl picked out the ribbon they wanted. I’ll add their name in vinyl just above the bow.

These cute crates are easy to store in our guest room closet and even stack!!!

So there you have it! A place to put all those special treasures our little monkeys come home with!


A"Junk Drawer" no more…

Are your spools of ribbon rolling all over the place? Here sits the solution to your Ribbon Chaos!!! These stylish ribbon drawers will look perfect on any crafting desk or self! 26″ of ribbon space and they hold even the large spools!

Each ribbon drawer is approximately 16″ square!

And Mother Earth just let out a sigh a relief!!!These babies are made from recycled dresser drawers!!! So go hug a tree and get those spools of ribbon ready to be put on display!!! Oohs and Ahh’s to follow!

(meant to be displayed up right like shown!)

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