Yeah….it’s a Monday!

So far history has proven that when you jump in the shower and cross your fingers and make a wish that life will not come to a crashing halt while you slip away for 5 minutes and wash away your two day old pony tail and sleepy eyes, that it’s almost a guarantee that something WILL in fact go wrong!
It’s almost 100% guaranteed that when you step out of said shower and all is quiet on the Western Front that something for sure has indeed happened! The only question is HOW BAD IS THE DAMAGE?
All of the following have occurred while I’ve been taking a shower….


Ball point pen on a BRAND NEW chair cushion!
Yellow Highlighter on the flipped over cushion of that same BRAND NEW Chair!
Lip stick has been eaten,
Diapers have been removed after #2′s
Boxes of rice carefully sprinkled about the livingroom,
Entire packages of Cheese consumed,
Toilet paper pulled off the roll,
Permanent Marker Murals on baby legs, bellies and arms…
And we can now add this to the list….


Charlie found the flour!
Moral of the story: NEVER take a shower!