Good Morning America

How did I forget to post this…


Just before school started this year I got a surprising email from a producer from “Good Morning America” asking if they could feature one of my first day of school photos I took year that had gone viral! Ummm…. it took me all of 1.7 seconds to respond “HECK YEAH!!” and then over the course of a few emails, phone calls a two days the featured photo turned into a camera crew flying to Salt Lake to film me getting my littles ready for the first day of school and taking photos to capture the moment!

(insert panic here!)

The timing could not have been worst. I was an hour away from leaving town for the weekend and that would mean I had less then 72 hours to get myself, kids, front yard, and house camera ready! Now I get it…it’s suppose to be a realistic look into our lives so perfection wasn’t a must but come on people! GOOD MORNING AMERICA was coming!!!

Thanks to amazing friends I was able to pull it together! My porch had borrowed potted plants because I had failed to ever get around to planting any of my own. It had a borrowed bench because upon close exam my patio chairs had cracks, were faded and proudly displayed bird poop on them. Fun huh!

At 6 am I opened my door to see the one and only Cameron Mathison form “All my Children” and “Dancing with the Stars”  was standing on my porch.  I had my hair half done and a look of utter celeb crush shock on my face. I wasn’t told he’d be coming! All the more fun!

Lights! Camera! Action! The morning was all sort of a blur, or should I say it just went so smoothly and it felt so natural because both Cameron and the producer, Gary were so freakin’ awesome to be with! Charlie fell in love with Cameron, Mike had made two new best friends for life and I was still on schedule to get my kids off to school on time….heck! It was really the first day of school don’t forget!

What an experience! The morning wrap was over and we had time to kill before flights home. Believe it or not these guys wanted to hang out with us! We hit up a favorite donut  joint, talked shop and traded stories! Loved it!

The segment turned out great! You can watch it HERE! It was an over all fantastic experience that we will never forget!


Thanks Lesa and Nadine for coming to the rescue! My darling friend Mandy of Hoopla Earrings was sweet enough to make sure my lobes looked amazing for the shoot and thanks to her, they did!! It takes a village, people!!!

Best shot of the day…



Sock Wreath on Studio 5

Last Week I went on a local TV show Studio 5 and demonstrated how to make my super fun Sock Wreath! I was asked to be on the program two days before my appearance so with little prep time I knew I needed a relatively simple project that wouldn’t need tons of prep with lots of steps! I immediately thought of the Sock Wreath so I sent off my email saying “Yes! I could make it!” and off to the dollar store I went ready to collect my supplies!

Well wouldn’t you know! Three Dollar Stores were completely out of long knee high socks! YIKES!!!! What on earth was I to do! As I was starting to panic I did tell myself that I bought the original socks that I used probably in the dead of winter! Oh great! This is going to be a disaster! It’s 90 degrees out side! Of course I won’t be able to find knee high socks!

So just before I gave in and had to buy six pairs of regular striped socks (which would still work great by the way!) I thought to myself “Self! Let’s try Target real fast and see what happens! Maybe you’ll find some clearance tights and all will be well in the world!”

Well holy cow TARGET!!! If ever I loved you more I would not be able to pin point the day! There I was surrounded by sock love! Clearance Socks dripping from the end caps! Stripes and Argyle and Harleqin oh my! Socks for as little as $1! All was well and a shopping I went!

So this near disaster of a project actually fell in to place quite well! So hit up Target and score some amazing socks! They do carry knee socks all year round! Good to know! Good to know!

Find out how you can become a guest poster HERE!

Decorating with Spring Fabric Wall Art

Hi Friends!!! I was on KJZZ this morning showing off how to make my fun
Fabric Wall Art project!

I showed you how to make this easy and affordable Fabric Wall Art in an earlier tutorial found HERE! I just wanted to show off how fun and easy it is to use in your Spring Decorating! Add a splash of color and a pop of Spring! Because this project is so affordable it’s easy to swap out a look for each season! It’s a simple way to change your decor for a small price and little effort!

Here I used a few above my refinished Red Piano! To learn how to refinish furniture check out my instructions HERE!

And check out the before and after on my mantle!

This is what it looked like before!

And here’s my fun Spring look after!

Because most of the colors in my home are bold and bright I may just in fact keep these guys up all year!

And thanks again
Material Girls Quilt Shop
in South Jordan, UT!!!

To find the fabric I used in this project and other amazing Designer Fabrics go visit
Material Girls!!!! The selection is incredible and you’ll feel like a kid in a candy store! They also have a great online store and blog!!!!! Check ‘em out!


Studio 5 Ruffled Headband Segment

Hi friends! I was on Studio 5 this last Wednesday here in Salt Lake City! It was a total blast and surprisingly easy…in the sense that I wasn’t a stress case like last time and everything seemed to fall into place quite well! Even with two days notice I’m thrilled with how it all turned out! Thanks mom for taking the girls!

I’ve been getting so many emails asking questions. I thought I’d address many of them here! The segment didn’t allow for me to talk about every little detail so here you go!

Q: Wait? Where do you buy your Broaches?
A: DownEast Clearance Center comes through again!!! All the beautiful broaches I had in the segment were bought for $1.99 at DownEast Clearance Center! They were Ann Taylor and JCrew Accessories.It’s not the regular DownEast but the Clearnace Center in Salt Lake. This location specializes in DownEast Cloths and accessories.

DownEast Clearance Center
375 W. 14th S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


I’ve talked about another DownEast Clearance Center that I LOVE too. This location is the one I adore for all my Pottery Barn finds. Sheets, towels, furniture, rugs, clothing and other Clothing lines like DownEast, JCrew, American Eagle and other designers! Everything is scratch & dent or Monogrammed or slightly off but it’s incredibly usable still and well worth the trip!

DownEast Home and Clothing Clearance Center
3505 West 3500 South
West Valley City, UT 84120

Q: What size ribbon was I working with?
A: The Brown Ribbon was 1.5″ thick. It’s my favorite size to use when making a headband for an adult! I use 5/8th” ribbon for the ones I make for my girls! I also made a few with Silk and Satin Ribbon and Lace! Basically anything goes!

Q: Can I make this without a sewing machine?
A: YES!! You can also fold a pleat and glue it down with hot glue to get the same look but you won’t be able to pin a broach through! the glue is just too thick!

Q: What is that Organizer Called? I can’t find it on the IKEA Website!
A: Sadly IKEA doesn’t sell every single item that they sell in their store on line! Because it’s an accessory and a smaller item it’s not online. I’m not even sure what it’s called! But its initial intention is to organize belts and scarves and is on display in the bedroom department. Sorry I’m not much help!

Q: Did you make your Ribbon holder?
A: Yes I did! I have a post about it found HERE!!!!

Q: Where did you get your Outfit? (seriously someone asked this!!)
A: TARGET!!!! Who knew Target had such great clothing for moms!!! I haven’t shopped for cloths for me there in years! But there are some awesome finds! The Blue Ruffled top was a tank top and only $20 and the Gray Sweater thing was also $20 and comes in a ton of other colors. It’s long and drapie in the front. My husband hates it! He said he won’t go out in public with me if I wear it! WHATEVER MIKE! Mr. Fashion Expert himself!The turquoise ring is also from Target!

Q: Does your little girl really sleep in a headband?
A: Funny but yes! That wasn’t just comical banter! Blue sleeps in a headband as often as she can. That morning I had packed up every headband in the house and she about had a nervous breakdown without one. So I dug out of my bag the ugliest one to put her at ease! Seriously folks!!!She has a borderline unhealthy relationship with accessories! Should I be worried? It’s sort of her thing…Skirt with pants! Two shirts and a sweater and a headband to round out the look! Melts my hear I tell ya! She’s got “Punky Power!!!”

ok…that about sums up the Q and A! Thanks for the support people! It’s been exciting sharing this stage of the journey with ya! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thanks Studio 5 for an awesome day! Brooke, Darren and the entire staff were beyond helpful and made the process so comfortable and fun!! I Can’t wait to do it again!



AHHH! Quick! Click the play button on this scary video! Could there have been a worse clip to have it freeze on! Holy Exorcist!

Click it already!!!!! AHHHHH!

So yeah…That’s my news appearance that aired last week! I really debated on posting it especially when I saw the “eyes rolled back in the back of my head” freeze frame! For reals You Tube!?! REALLY!!!! I know I don’t embarrass easily but this is just cruel and unusual!

Regardless, it was quite the adventure to get ready to tape this. I wish you could have been a fly on the wall of my house the night before!

First of all I thought I’d have two weeks or so to get ready but then I got the call saying they’d be here AT MY HOUSE at 7:30 am in two days! GULP!

I went into crazy mood right then and there! My hair! My ROOTS ! My kids need full training on how to act or I at least needed to come up with a effective threat that would scare them into submission!! What to wear! What to wear!

I frantically went on a mad hunt to find a salon that could squeeze me in with absolutely no notice! The gods must have heard my frantic plea because Robert Moody at Ulta in Sandy worked his magic on my locks the very next day! If you’re on the hunt for a fab new stylist give him a call! Oh…but not before emailing me! I have a referral card you can use for $20 off your first service! HELLO!!!! Fun stuff! He’s located in the Ulta Store across from the South Town Mall! Love Ulta! Love Robert!

So now that the hair drama was out of the way I had to clean the Casa top to bottom! Now I realize they probably weren’t going to go into my laundry room but yes it was on the list to tackle! So for two days I cleaned, freaked out, tried to keep my kids from undoing all that I just did and kept thinking I had the perfect outfit in mind so the wardrobe issue wasn’t even an issue….that was until I talked to my sister at 7pm the night before. She flat out told me “You can’t wear that!” WHAT!!!!! Yellow sweaters don’t look good late January! Now what! Here’s where I went borderline Schizophrenic! I had internal dialogs with myself that would have made the best doctors scratch their heads! It was a battle between the two little imaginary Angel and Devil sitting pierced on my shoulders! I played “fashion Show at lunch” at 10:30 at night and my poor hubs had no other choice but to compliment every single outfit I put on! If he hadn’t I’m sure I would have magically turned into a puddle on the closet floor twitching in misery surrounded by perfectly good options! And throughout all of this I kept telling myself:

“No One Cares Becca!!!!! No one cares what you wear! No one cares that you just got your hair done! No one Cares about the segment anyway! No one freakin cares! Chill out!”

So I settled on my very planned casual look that said “No one cares!” I forwent the curly hair becasue really? What mother of three has perfectly curled hair at 7:30 a.m. and I gave into the fact that I’ll probably be a 20 second blip in a segment! Totally giving in to the reality of it all surprisingly put me at ease! Almost to the point where I look way boring and dull! I’m a lot more spaztic in real life!

So weeks past and the air date finally came! I of course was anxious an questioned the outcome worried it was going to be social suicide! But I watch and was pleased with the lack of mortification! And again reality set in. That same night the lead stories were heart breakers. A local family lost two of their youngest daughters due to a tragic poisoning accident. 500 local school employees were going to be laid off due to budget issues. This was the real news! This was real life! Here I was nearly tortured by what to wear, what to say, how to hold my head to hide my double chin…And in the end I was again reminded that more important things are indeed more worthy of worry and attention!

So true to form in the end I’m a realist! As fun as it was to talk about blogging and cross my fingers for exposure and my 2 minutes of fame, I was humbled by the reminders that life is happening all around us! It put a lot into perspective for me! I love my blog! I love working hard and pouring myself into it! I love all of you who read it and send me such kind words of thanks! Honestly I LOVE it! But in the end there are so many more things in life worth celebrating and honoring and getting all worked up over!

Sorry for the small rant! Life lessons while blogging right! Thanks again for being so incredible! You will all never know how much you touch my life by simply coming to check in on my crazy adventures in creating! I’m so incredibly blessed to be connected to a community that includes all of you!!!

Thanks for listening!