School years done right!

A few years ago While I was visiting my dads house he handed over a plastic grocery bag filled with my school “Crap” as he would have put it!!! Certificates, reports, awards, pictures etc… It was a jumbled mess but so fun to go through non the less!

I found an award I was given in Kindergarten, ” Great pumper award!!!” I’m sure my teacher had to rack her brain to come up with that one. I wasn’t a good speller or math whiz so being a good pumper on the swings was my top skill at the time! Still it was probably better then getting a “Great pusher in of her chair award!”

I also found a 10th place ribbon for some field day event, a poem I wrote in the 2nd grade and a slew of other smile inducing pieces of paper!

With the school year ending I’m sure you may be wondering what to do with the pile of “School crap!” your little ones have been bringing home! Problem solved!

On each hanging file I’ll be displaying their “First day of school” photo along with their signature.
I can’t wait to see how their handwriting changes over the years!

I picked up the pink crates at Walmart and let each of my girls pick out the ribbon they wanted. I’ll add their name in vinyl just above the bow.

These cute crates are easy to store in our guest room closet and even stack!!!

So there you have it! A place to put all those special treasures our little monkeys come home with!

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Little baby blessed in white

While relabeling my post I was reminded how much I loved this project. I still can’t believe I made my daughters own blessing dress! It’s so easy my friends. I still cherish this dress and that sweet little nugget that wore it!

I was totally inspired by a post I saw on this blog MADE. She has a step by step tutorial on how to make a toddlers dress out of a Mens Dress shirt! How fun is that!!!! I took the general idea and adapted it for a Babies Blessing dress. I haven’t made a dress for the girls out of their dads shirts yet but I think I will for Fathers Day!!!

Here’s my go at using the instructions but with modified measurements and bolt fabric and trim instead of a shirt…

First create a pattern on a poster board. I folded the poster board in half the long way and made HALF of the dress, that way it was exactly the same on the other side once you open it up again! You will cut two of each piece… two sleeves and a front and back. I got a general idea of the measurements by looking at a shirt or dress that fits my baby but as you notice the neck line is extra wide. WORD TO THE WISE: because it’s a gather style you don’t have to be exact and I would go bigger if in doubt. (trust me!!! I had to make two dresses because I didn’t go bigger!!!) To get a perfect curve for your pattern use a bowl and trace it’s curve. For making your pattern please refer to the original tutorial I have linked above. I’m sure it’s way clearer in her description!
With fabric folded with rights sides in, trace and cut out pieces.

Starting with the sleeves, one at a time, pin to the main dress section and sew a 1/4″ seam straight stitch. Make sure the right sides of the fabric are touching. Sew both sleeves to both main pieces until you end up with it looking like this. I always finish my raw edged and press and sew a top stitch.

At this point we are going to iron in a hem, or fold around the neck line for the elastic to be added. I folded it over 1/2″. I also used a surging stitch to first finish the edge. I don’t have a surger so I just found a stitch that does the trick. Straight stitch around the neck line but be sure to leave about an inch opening so you can thread in the elastic! We will thread the elastic once the dress is pretty much done, not at this point!
If you plan on adding any lace or trim this is when you would do it! I sewed on two rows of lace just by pinning it in place and using a straight stitch.

Once you have your trim on you can fold the dress inside out, lining up the sleeves and bottom. pin it together and sew with a straight stitch leaving 1/4″ . Sew from the bottom of the dress all the way to the sleeve section.

Repeat the same ironed hem you did for the neck now on both sleeves.

To add the elastic you need 1/8″ elastic and a safety pin. I cut two 8″ pieces for the sleeves and one 12 ” piece for the neck. ( I like to thread much longer then needed pieces and do the sizing while it’s in the garment. Easier to adjust!) pin the safety pin to the end of the elastic and now push the safety pin through the casing on the neck ’till it comes out the end. you can at this point try the dress on the baby and see how much gather you want and tie off the elastic several times and trim off the ends of the elastic. Do the same for each sleeve. I just guessed on the gather and made my sleeves slightly loose so they didn’t pinch her arms. Stitch up the space you left for the threading and there you have it!!! All the gathering is done!!!

Hem the bottom and add lace!

This process would work for any baby dress. Just shorten and use any fabric that makes you smile!!! It’s a simple easy pattern and can be adjusted for any size. Use the rule of thumb that bigger is better when it comes to measuring!!! The gathering is very forgiving! The important thing is to gauge the width in the chest area as best as possible! If any thing I hope this post inspires you to try your hand at creating a pattern!

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The Snack Bar is OPEN for business!

So I crossed on over to the “cool mom” side of life when I created this Snack Bar! Call me lazy or crazy or both but I along with my kids are loving it!

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who’s kids constantly beg to be feed ALL DAY LONG!!! I get soooo tired of the asking for a snack that I had to come up with something!

These cute and affordable canisters helped me come to my solution! Tai Pan to the rescue!
The chalk board canister was $10 and the other two were each $4! I filled them with healthy snacks that I won’t mind them helping themselves to! Dollar store fat free animal crackers, goldfish and almonds!

And here is my reminder to “Ask mom” fist before they dive in! The rules are simple! They can have one bowl of snacks but it has to last them the entire afternoon! Ask once and you’re good!

And I scored the cute tiny red plastic bowls from Target on clearance for $1.40 and the white basket tray from a local thrift store for $1! So help yourself friends!
The snack bar is open for business!

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Birthday Patch Applique!

I loved how my Charlie bugs birthday outfit turned out this year! The hat, still my favorite! The skirt a close second! And lastly the fun and simple Birthday patch that tied it all together!

First you will iron on Heat ‘n Bond adhesive to the back side of your three fabrics. Use a circle pattern or trace lids to get two different sized circles! Mine are 4 and 3 inch circles. Trace a number or free hand one. Be sure to remember to trace your number backwards because you are tracing it on the back side of your fabric.

Remove the paper from the back of your number and center it onto your smaller circle. Iron it on to adhere it!

Next remove the paper from the back of your smaller circle and center it onto your larger circle. Iron it in place to adhere it!

Sew along the edges of your number and the smaller circle using a zig zag stitch!

Now it’s ready to iron onto a birthday shirt! Tips for sewing it on:

  • You’ll need to use a stabilizing fabric on the back side of the shirt. Cut a piece slightly larger then your patch. This will keep the shirt from snagging and gathering in your sewing machine!
  • After you have sewn the patch on feel free to trim the stabilizing fabric on the inside of the shirt for better comfort.

The final touch that makes a fun statement!


Tissue Paper Eggs

You know I love a good paper mache project! This one was no exception! Take plastic eggs and charm them up with colorful tissue paper!

Gather school glue, tissue paper and plastic Easter Eggs!

Spread you paper and make thin strips.

Dilute 1/4 cup of glue and 1/2 cup of water for your glue solution!

Because the tissue paper is so delicate you will want to roll your plastic egg into the glue solution to wet it and lay your strips of paper on the egg. Then dip your finger tips in the glue and smooth out the tissue paper! I recomend using the same color tissue paper as your egg.

Continue layering your strips of paper until it’s covered completely with a few layers of tissue paper.

Lay your eggs on a plastic trash bag to dry. After a few hours you’ll want to roll your eggs to make sure the bottoms can dry evenly. Let them dry over night to ensure that they are 100% dried!

The dried eggs dry smoother then they look while wet so don’t worry too much about small wrinkles! Now your eggs will last for years! Fun bright colored eggs just in time for Easter!


The "Outfit" and a giveaway!!!

We hardly can believe it,
that this day has really come!
Our sweet little Charlie,
is finally turning ONE!

Today’s a big BIG Day!!!! My tiny little stinker is the big 01! Where has the time gone!

To help celebrate her special day I wanted to make her a fun outfit for the occasion! I had dreamed up her birthday hat and centered the entire outfit around it! I got to work and just loved how it all turned out! More about her hat and patch later…

Her tiny little skirt is a new favorite! I fell in love with Pink Fig Patterns two years ago when I bought my first pattern. So easy! Such great instructions! I was hooked! I’ve made “The Girly Skirt” and this “The Girly Stripworks Skirt!” My girls love ‘em! Is it not soooo adorable!!!

“The Girly Stripworks Skirt”

Fun, bright and beautiful fabric helped make this skirt so fun!

So to help celebrate this special day I have a few gifts for you! Chelsea is the creative mind behind Pink Fig Patterns and Vintage Chic Boutique! You can find her cute button in my Sponsors section!She is all kinds of talented and her designs are incredible! I HEART her!!!!

Chelsea wanted to pass on some “Girly Stripworks skirt” fun to help celebrate Charlies birthday! I’m pretty sure you all won’t mind!

3 lucky readers
will be chosen!!!!

So you too can whip up one of these babies! How cool is that!

If I didn’t already own this pattern I’d be jealous I couldn’t win!
A million thanks Chelsea!!!
Be sure to go and check out all her available patterns for sale!

Here’s how you can enter to win! PLEASE leave one comment per entry!

  • Every one who leaves a comment today will be entered in the random drawing so say hello, wish my baby bug a happy day or tell me something fun!
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Last chance for St. Patty’s Day fun!

Well tomorrow’s the big day! I feel a wee bit guilty for not loving this holiday as much as I should so I’m trying to come up with a few things to make it special! My best friend has always been totally into this holiday and I wish I was as cool of a mom as she is.

Every year she tells her kids to be on the look out for those tricky Leprechauns! They are always out pulling pranks for St. Patrick’s day! Then after she tucks her kids in bed the night before she gets to work! She’ll dye the milk green and add green food coloring to the toilet water! She puts her kids shoes in the refrigerator and uses baby shoes to leave tiny foot prints in her entry way! Her kids eat it up!!!

So here I sit with less then 24 hours to try to come up with a few cool things I can do to win a “Mother of the year award!” I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who needs some last minute help! So here you go friends! A collection of some great ideas from the web! Thanks Martha Stewart, Family Fun and other great resources! Click the images to be taken to their original posts!

Here’s a fun game to play with the kids! I’ve tried it! I’d like to hear form you guys how dumb it made you feel!!!

Anyone for a pot of gold!!!
Holy Stinkin’ cute! I love this little guy!

These little numbers are almost too pretty to eat! ALMOST!!! And let’s be honest! Ours won’t look nearly as beautiful as Martha’s! GET IN MY BELLY!

I’m not a Corn Beef and Cabbage kind of gal but this Shepherd’s Pie might do the trick for this years holiday menu! I’m picturing the mashed potatoes turning green!

Traditional Irish Soda Bread can add an authentic taste for the Special Day!

Ok Martha! How fun is this! This is one of those “Oh why didn’t I think of that!” My kids are doing to love this one!

This happy little Shamrock Boutonniere is as cute as they come! Simply and fast and I think they would also look adorable tied to a little bag or package full of treats!

And Check out THIS SITE to down load some awesome St. Patty’s day work sheets and activities for the kids! Cross Words, Word Searched and more!

And lastly send a free E-Card to your loved ones! Check out THIS SITE for a fun selection!

HAPPY HAPPY St. Patrick’s Day Eve!!!!


Rolled Felt Headband

Super cute right? Felt is so freakin’ fantastic I just can’t get enough of it!It’s my version of teh Burlap obsession going on! Now I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…. YOU HAVE TO GET THE GOOD STUFF!!! Really good Boiled Wool is way different then the sheets of felt you buy in the craft section! It’s becoming a staple supply in crafters collections so more and more fabric stores are carrying it! Heather Bailey carries a really good line of Felt so if all else fails and you can’t find some local Felt check her on line store and stock up.

Here is just one more thing you can create with Felt…and it takes the smallest amount!Save! Save! Save your felt scraps! They come in handy!!!

Here’s what you’ll need…

  • Felt! Imagine that!
  • Hot glue and glue gun
  • Rotary Cutter and straight edge…not a must but it sure does help!
  • Headband
  • Scissors
You’ll cut thin strips of felt 1/4″ wide by 6-10.” The longer your strip the larger your rolled felt piece will be! You’ll cut a variety of lengths!

Cut different lengths and colors.

Tightly roll each strip and secure the end with a dab of hot glue!

Roll and glue then all until you have a small collection.

Now we will glue our rolls down onto a piece of felt to create our design. Start with your center roll and adhere it with glue.

Continue adding each roll being sure you like its placement before you glue it down.

Cut out the entire design that you have glued onto the felt.

Lastly we’ll glue it to our headband and cover the back with one last piece of felt! I buy all my 3mm Wire Headbands from You can get a dozen for $7! LOVE that!

So so simple and fun! Easy and fast and totally customizable!Just imagine the color combos! I am in love with this simple process and can’t wait to bust out some more!


Hoo? Hoo? Hoo wants to Applique?

This ones for all you readers who say “I’M NOT CRAFTY!!!” You know who you are! You think it takes some genetic jack pot or a magic Genie granting you a wish to turn you into a crafting Goddess! Don’t tell anyone but being creative isn’t all that difficult! Especially when there are amazing tools out there to use to get the job done with little effort or skill really!

Take for example this Applique Onsie I threw together… Holy Cute Owl Batman! All I did was buy a fat quarter of fabric, iron on some heat ‘n bond, cut it out, iron it on a onsie and zig zag stitched around it!

Ok…so maybe I did add some Ric Rac and fabric leaves but come on people!!!! If ever you’ve wanted to dive in and get your feet wet in the crafting world this is how to do it!

Take full advantage of the amazing Designer Fabric that is beyond beautiful and vibrant! If you can find a print you love that has an isolated image all the better!

Here are a few tips I have for Fabric Applique…

  • Be sure to buy the sewable Heat ‘n Bond! If you don’t your needle may get stuck in the thicker bonding and trust me! It’s not fun!
  • When you cut out your image don’t cut directly on its outline. Allow for a small space that will accommodate your stitching without interrupting your image!
  • You must use a stabilizing fabric for the inside of your shirts. Without it you’re screwed! Onsies and thin cotton will gather and not sew. You need something stronger on the back to help it glide threw your machine! Again…don’t ask me how I know!
  • Layering appliques looks incredible too! Don’t be limited to just one idea…play around with your images by stacking, layering and playing with a design before you iron them on!

Flowers, Birds, Trees, Shapes and other images lend themselves so well to Applique! Next time you need a project idea browse the aisles of your favorite fabric store and keep your eyes peeled for prints that you can picture on a tee shirt or onsie!

So no more excuses my friends! If you can iron you can applique!


Halter Top Revamp!

Time for another Revamp! Probably my most favorite thing to do! I take something that is perfectly wonderful and turn it into something even more perfectly wonderful!

This time I’ll be using this American Eagle Halter Top, adult size medium, that I picked up at my favorite Clearance Center “DowenEast Clearance!” It was $2.50 and in great shape!

First I cut the top off to even it out!

Then I cut it’s halter straps to use as straps for the new dress.

Next I turned the shirt inside out and stitched two new lines down the sides to create the size I needed to fit my little model! After you stitch the new seams trim off the excess fabric that you no longer need!

Pin down a new hem on the top of the dress and pin your straps on the front and back of the dress. I used a zig zag stitch to add a little detail!

I repeated the zig zag at the bottom of the dress to tie it all together!

Badda bing! Badda bang!Ten minutes later you have a brand new dress!
And all for $2.50! Gotta Love it!

**** Try taking photos of the busiest 2 year old on earth! Yikes! Wish I had better pics but alas…toddlers would rather play with a Zhu Zhu pet then strike a pose!