Lady Gaga

Last night the hubs and I had a date with this little Miss! Lady Gaga came to town so I dusted off my best meat suite and we hit the town! WARNING!!! This probably isn’t the best show to take your kids to. TRUST ME! It was pretty CRAZY! It was a people watchers paradise and she has incredible vocals and stamina!  It was pretty amazing to see!

I haven’t been to a ton of concerts in my life compared to others but man do I love going!I’ve been to see…

Tori Amos, Rascal Flatts, James Taylor, the Killers (twice), Paul McCartney and Lady Gaga! All super fun and so different.

So here’s m y burning question for ya….

What’s the best concert you’ve ever been to and who are you dying to see?


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San Fransisco report part 1: Timeless Treasures and my new friend Joan

I’m convinced that every corner of America has something just waiting for me to discover! When I was planning my recent trip to San Fransisco (the greatest city on planet earth!) I just knew an adventure was awaiting me! Because I used to live in the city for a short while I wasn’t in need of visiting Fisherman’s Warf or Lombard St. I wanted to get into the good stuff! I wanted to discover the gems that lived among the busy streets and find a few treasures!
When I put a call out on twitter for must visit stores in the city a sweet twitter friend sent me a link to Timeless Treasures! Who knew that a week later I’d be stepping foot in one of the most amazing stores I’ve ever had the privilege to visit! Timeless Treasures first peeked my interest because of their collection of vintage letters! They specialized in Salvaged Signage and their collection was extensive!
Each wall was dripping with beautiful Sayings and unique letters that ranged in size, style,and character! “Look on the Bright side!” How cute is that! You are more then welcomed to break up a word on the wall if you find the perfect “R”  or finally find that missing “E” you’ve been on the hunt for!
I loved this collection of letters that made up the word DIVINE! The V and the E are both metal  with reflectors on them!
And this little gem is a total treasure! I learned that certain letters and symbol are more rare then others! Ampersands are a hot commodity!
I was in awe of the amount of letters they had available! This beautiful display was chuck full of every letter in the alphabet. Organized by letter and so easy to look through. And the amazing vintage card catalog had even more letters in smaller sizes! There is nothing you can’t spell out!
The tiny treasures were endless as well. Ceramic letters used in old film making to create the credits were all displayed and ranged in price from $1 and up. I was thrilled to find the exact letters I need to create a fun project I’ll be showing off later!
These tiny stamps were from a collection of stamps for teachers to create their lesson plans. I dug and dug and searched and searched and found the exact word I needed! “Blue” came home with me! I would have died on the spot had I found the word “Cricket!”
The letters are drew me to Timeless Treasures but this beautiful store showcased so much more…
From frames to mirrors to baskets to jewelry. Everything looked like it had a story to tell. I loved hearing the back stories to some of the owners favorite finds. She travels the country finding items for her store that invoke such a wonderful nostalgia!
After looking through the entire store I kept being drawn back to this vintage handwriting  sign. Doesn’t it take you back! Maybe it’s my love for writing that makes me adore it. I couldn’t turn a corner without finding something special. I was totally at home in this shop. I’m funny that way! Things seem to speak to me. I’m a believer that you should decorate your surroundings with things that bring meaning to your life. Things that remind you of special people or places or ignite feelings of joy!
But my very very most favorite thing I discovered at Timeless Treasure was my new friend, Joan! Joan is the lucky owner of this must visit neighborhood shop. I was captivated by how she interacted with all the customers that visited in the same window of time that I was there. Everyone wanted to talk to Joan! She was personable and welcoming and not a single customer left the store without having a meaningful interaction with her! I could tell that she was in love with her job!
I was fascinated by this woman! We were lucky enough to slip away to a coffee shop around the corner where time slipped away from us and hours later we were saying goodbye to what felt like a life long friend! I hit the jackpot on my day of discovery! I not only found a new store I adored but I found a new dear friend!
So do yourself a favor and plan on visiting Timeless Treasures the next time your in San Fransisco! They also do custom consulting for out of towners if you’d like to create a beautiful word for a wall in your home.
So here’s my question! What word would you create from salvaged letters?

A look into the life of a real "Mormon Mommy Blogger!"

I love that I had three different friends email me the link to the article ” Why I can’t stop reading Mormon housewife blogs” by Emily Matcher
It was pretty darn funny to read as I sat in my sweat pants in the middle of my pit I call home! I had to laugh! There I was technically a Mormon Mommy blogger myself and I knew for a fact that life as a MMB’er isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and flower arranging!
I had to put in my two cents! So here you go people! A look into the life of REAL Mormon Mommy Blogger! I’m happy to be the one to shed a little light on the topic and show you how life can really be… and NO… I don’t apologize for the day old mascara under my eyes or the double chin! Reality at its best!
So my real takeaway is this… No one wants to see us or be seen at our worst all the time! It was like when I first went on Myspace years ago…I was blown away at how great and happy everyone looked from high school. I started feeling frumpy and unaccomplished but then I was like “Hold up, Becks! No one in their right mind is going to put up a bad photo of themselves! No one is going to shine a spot light on their flaws, messy homes or less then perfect life!”
We ALL like to be seen at our best! EVERYONE! No matter your religion, financial status, or family situation! It’s not just we Mormons! It’s human nature to accentuate the positive and eliminate the negative! But that being said, please realize that behind the scenes life is in full swing and to some, maybe even most of us, it looks like real life! Don’t feel bad that your house never looks like a photo of your favorite bloggers! Don’t feel bad that your kids aren’t dresses to the nines and can pose like Gap babies! Because the fact of the matter is most of ours don’t either!
So there you have! Call me a whistle blower! I’m just happy to be a blogger in this blogging world we all love and adore so much! Don’t fall into the trap of feeling bad that you don’t live a life like those that are portrayed as perfect all the time becasue it’s all smoke and mirrors but with lot of happiness and joy too.And yes…just enough Cheerios on the floor to make us relatable! Wink wink!
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Yeah….it’s a Monday!

So far history has proven that when you jump in the shower and cross your fingers and make a wish that life will not come to a crashing halt while you slip away for 5 minutes and wash away your two day old pony tail and sleepy eyes, that it’s almost a guarantee that something WILL in fact go wrong!
It’s almost 100% guaranteed that when you step out of said shower and all is quiet on the Western Front that something for sure has indeed happened! The only question is HOW BAD IS THE DAMAGE?
All of the following have occurred while I’ve been taking a shower….


Ball point pen on a BRAND NEW chair cushion!
Yellow Highlighter on the flipped over cushion of that same BRAND NEW Chair!
Lip stick has been eaten,
Diapers have been removed after #2′s
Boxes of rice carefully sprinkled about the livingroom,
Entire packages of Cheese consumed,
Toilet paper pulled off the roll,
Permanent Marker Murals on baby legs, bellies and arms…
And we can now add this to the list….


Charlie found the flour!
Moral of the story: NEVER take a shower!

Holiday Confession, I mean tradition!

I have to laugh at myself! I know this will sound sad and far from what you may have ever expected from me but what I am about to tell you is true! For the past three years we have participated in what has now become a Family Tradition! Not a tradition I am proud of or one that I brag about! Holiday traditions are suppose to be sweet and meaningful and worthy of passing on to the generations that will follow you. This one…well I hope it dies soon!
Ok…on with it! For the last three years my family and I have…( gulp, red face, totally embarrassed to admit but ok here I go…) Have eaten at Wendy’s on Christmas Eve for dinner! I KNOW!!!! Totally sad and pathetic!
I grew up thinking Christmas Eve was just was important as Christmas Day! We spent every Christmas Eve at my dear grandmothers and It was dripping with tradition! DRIPPING! It wasn’t until we moved here to Utah, far from the majority of our families that Christmas Eve totally took a nose dive and turned into a day I nearly dread! My little family and I wake up, mill around the house and finally find ourselves at the mall! The first year I gawked at all the shoppers! “Really!?! People are here and not sitting around grandma’s table! This is NUTS!” But there we were! Among the crowds of people with nothing better to do!
Finally we would have wasted enough time and it was time to head home! With limited options we’d start looking for a quick meal. We cursed Del Taco for closing at 3, were happy to see Arby’s was also dark and finally left with no other option, we’d pull into Wendy’s and dine on 5 piece Crispy nuggets and Jr. Bacon Cheese Burgers! Thank heavens for the Frosty. It was the only thing that made it almost not totally pathetic!
I know! Totally lame! But what can I say! With limited family nearby and everyone else surrounded with family plans your forces to make due! So sadly it’s become a family holiday tradition!
SO PLEASE HELP!!!! Help me come up with some new family traditions I can implement in this years Christmas Eve plans! I’m desperate to not fall victim to Dave Thomas and his square patties! What do you guys do on Christmas Eve? What can a small family of 5 with a toddler do to spice up their day and make lasting memories? HELP!!!!!!

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Denver love affair Part 2: Thrifting! Yes…well worth a trip just to buy others people crap!

It’s no secret I have a special place in my heart for Thrift Stores! It’s kind of sort of a weekly adventure. Hey…it goes with the job title! As a creative gal on the hunt for trash to treasure finds and other inspiring things I’ve grown accustom to thrifting! I know exactly how to tackle my favorite Thrift Stores! I do the same exact loop. Starting in the furniture section first, then the yard, Knick knacks, books, shoes, and cloths! It’s a lovely routine I must say! Some times I score loads and other times I just get to stretch my legs!

My sister in law, Karrilynn, has been tempting me for years to come to Denver! She talked of thrifting like no other! There was actually a thrifting season in Denver and I finally made plans to catch the tail end of it!

Holy Mecca of all thing thrift worthy!

We had our two days mapped out in a loop. Hitting three stores on day one and a handful more on day two! We ditched the kids and hit the streets like professional shoppers on a mission!

These stores were incredible! A few known for selling new, unused clothing from stores like Gap, Banana Republic, Ann Taylor, American Eagle and more and most of the clothing still had tags on them! Most of the shoes were all new and in perfect condition many still with Nordstrom tags still on them! New Toys, Dishes, and brand name gently used items had my eyes bugging out of my head!

Leadpad Learning systems for $2! GAP jacket for $6! I was in Heaven!!!!!

Brand new Hush Puppies and Nine West Shoes for $10! I bought two new pair of Crocks for $3 each and a pair of new Kenneth Cole Shoes for $4!

This was our cart after two hours of thrifting joy! It was hilarious! When you thrift your mind switched gears… If you were in Banana Republic and you found a Jacket for $8 you’d never let it go right? But our minds were in cheap mode and it was so funny to hear us talk ourselves out of a great $8 find becasue everything else was so cheap! Man I loved that!

So once again Denver knew how to draw me in! First with amazing food and secondly with Thrift stores that now grace my dreams and beg me to come back!

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Denver love affair Part 1: D Bar….will you marry me?

There’s nothing like amazing food to put a place on the map and in this case Denver ought to send D Bar a nice thank you note for gettin’ the job done and putting me into a food coma!

D Bar
1475 E. 17th St. Denver, CO

Memorize this address becasue if you ever get to Denver add it to your list and thank me later!

I recently flew to Colorado for a weekend of Sister in law madness, thrifting and food! Let’s just say I wasn’t disappointing in any department!

Today I’ll reminisce about my inappropriate love affair with a Panini and bowl of French fries! First let me set the stage! My Sister in Law, Karrilynn, calls me a few days before our adventures and tells me she found the perfect restaurant we MUST visit! Being the foodie that I am I was all on board! Who wouldn’t love a restaurant that has these 3 major highlights…

  1. Serves only Appetizers!
  2. AND Desserts!
  3. And is owned and operated by Food Networks own Keegan Gerhard of Food Challenge!

First things first! The menu is the only bad thing about this place (wink wink!)! It’s next to impossible to narrow in on what you want to devourer so I suggest going with friends, ordering a ton of stuff and sharing! There are that many tempting choices!

We started off with:

the monika
roasted asparagus ∙ prosciutto ∙ fontina ∙ small arugula salad

and the

applewood bacon ∙ avocado ∙ white cheddar ∙ tomato ∙ small salad

Both Paninis were out of this world! It was a toss up on which one we liked the best! The salad was the perfect partner in crime with its light and flavorful vinaigrette!


Our next indulgent will tempt you to lick your monitor so resist with all your might!

Meet Crue Fries. I’m convinced theses bad boys should be added to the 7 Deadly Sins! They are heaven on earth and highly addictive!

garlic parm fries · mac sauce · melted cheddar jack · bacon · ranch · chives….I LOVE YOU! Honestly…could there be a better combo of goodness? I cross my heart and promise there isn’t!

The after math!

Dessert time was almost as euphoric as dinner! ( AGAIN…those fries!!!) D Bar is known for it’s heavenly plated desserts! We saw so many amazing dishes pass our table and it took all that I had in me not to dive across the patio and steal a donut hole or sneak a spoonful of Creme Brulee off a perfect strangers plate!! “Quick! Look over there!”

I’m a sucker for lime or lemon anything so this Lemon Tart had my name on it! Yes please! May I have another!

Karrilynn had to try the highly recommended Chocolate Cake and Milkshake! From the moment we took our first bite we knew exactly why it was a top seller! If your weakness is chocolate then I tell you what! This will for sure do you in! Is that little milkshake not the cutest thing ever!

The entire restaurant was beautiful! Classy and simple! Comfortable and inviting! We never wanted to leave!

And just our luckKeegan himself was on site making the whole experience all the more incredible!! When we first meet him we were blown away at how amazingly kind he was. He joined us at our table and indulged us in conversation! He recommended dished, talked about the menu he was working on and then invited us behind the line to see the kitchen, meet his beautiful wife, Lisa, and take a sneak peak at a Challenge Cake they are working on for a Toy Story 3 themed episode of Food Challenge!

Ummm yeah! Did you just hear all that! We got the V. I. P. treatment…or so I think ! I wouldn’t be surprised if Keegan is that nice to all his guests! Seriously he was amazing!

Hello there Toy Story crew! Nice to meet you!

So the moral of the story….

D Bar is a must when visiting Denver! If you pass through this beautiful state without stopping in it would be like visiting France and not seeing the Eiffel Tower or listening to your favorite Michael Jackson CD and not trying to do the moon walk! Do your stomach a favor and hit it hard! No holding back! Order three appetizers and 4 desserts! Trust me…you’ll love every bite!

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What I learned at a Paul McCartny Concert!

For our 9th wedding anniversary my lover and I got to live it up and celebrate with my good friend Paul McCartney! I call him my good friend because I’ve known him forever! I listen to him as a wee little monkey! My parents were big fans so as a child that simply translates to being a fan yourself!

As I was there I was overwhelmed with the spirit of the evening and was struck upside the head with the life lessons I was learning all around me! SO sit back and enjoy a few lessons learned while soaking in Paul…

  • Age means nothing when listening to a legend! Paul McCartney is no spring chicken but does he draw in the chicks of all ages? YES! The crowd was filled to the brim with grandparents, parental fingers, couple like me, teenagers, tweens and even hand holding little kids! It was a family affair for sure! I was at times more captivated with the audience then I was with the performer! Inhibitions were non existent and 75 year old men were dancing in the aisles and I couldn’t stand it any longer! I leaped over the patio wall where I was spectating and joined in…me and my grandfather figure cutting a rug, carefree and loving it! Lesson Learned? Dance because you feel it so strongly inside you can’t control it!
  • My theory still stands! It doesn’t matter how old you are, what you look like or the number of gold records you have! If you are singing on stage I automatically love you and would consider running away with you! Paul is no exception! Lesson Learned? Watch out Mike!
  • I’m fully capable of suppressing my inner dork but on occasions such as this why? Lesson learned? Lovers who truly love you even when your inner dork is seeping out of every poor are worth holding onto and thoughts of running away with rock stars seem to lessen as the night goes on!

  • Amazing nights are only made more thrilling when shared with the ones you love!

  • Jumbo-tron screens make for great photo ops! Tacky? Not really! Once in a lifetime moments captured? BINGO!!!! Lesson Learned! A Beatle is a Beatle no matter what size!

  • Paul from a few hundred feet away on a VIP patios is pretty awesome! Paul from floor seats row 10 A-Ma-ZING!!!! Lesson learned? Swap tickets with a friend and smile at security!

  • Really it all comes down to this….Give peace a chance! Lesson learned? A six minute song can solve a world of problems!
  • Paul felt the connection too! This is him sending me a personal thank you hug for making the night worth all his sweat! Lesson learned? I’m a wanted woman by rock legends so I just get used to it!! wink wink!

  • Cute they may be but not the best dancing shoes! Lesson learned? If you go to a concert where you know you are going to cut lose and care less…wear dancing shoes and not peek a boo wedges! Blisters are not the souvenirs of choice!

  • and lastly….I’m convinced if there is one more baby in the heavens waiting to join this family that a Beatles inspired name is in order!There are way to many to chose from and this little number inspires joy, youth and smiles! My SIL is considering this name and I am on board! Do it you guys! Maybe we’ll add a Penny or a Lucy to the mix! Hey Jude! I HEART you!!! Lesson Learned? Beatles rock my baby name list making! Fingers crossed I may someday get to use it!
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Theses are a few of my favorite things!

I love a good recommedation! I love hearing what people are reading, what people are loving and what people can’t live without! Here are a few of my favorite things I’d gladly recommend to my closest friends!

“The Help” by Kathryn Stockett is the perfect summer read! It came recommended by a friend and I was hooked! It’s a great easy and enjoyable read!

Vitamin water always seems to find it’s way into my shopping cart! We are not soda drinkers and usually only have Milk or Water on the menue but this little treat is always the exception when I’m on the run and need of a refreshing drink. I have especially loved the Vitamin C and Zink enriched drink. The first singn of a cold I start drinking and and it kicks my colds butt! And if you are in need a little chuckle just read thedescriptions on every bottle!

Dove Cream Oil Body Wash! Yum yum! This stuff is so rich and full of moisturizer! I love the way it lathers and still has a clean rinse! I especially have love dit this summer wiht my drier then normal skin!

My Paula Dean Cook wear set is my new favorite thing in the kitchen! I ordered it from the CSN site and could not wait to get my little paws on them! They have not disappointed! I love the bright blue color, the easy grip handles and the inter changeable lids! If you are looking for a new set of pots and pans I highly recommend this set! They come in other
fun colors too!

What are you loving at the moment?

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Happy Fathers Day!


It’s easy to see how adored Mike is when he is surrounded by his girls! Daddy’s don’t come any better then this! When I asked the girls what they love most about their dad this is what they said…

  • I love it when daddy swings me in my blanket to bed!
  • When he “Jives” me and almost makes me pee my pants!
  • When he bought me ice cream at Zions!
  • When he finds me hiding in his bed and tickles me!
  • When he takes me to Classic Skate and we go on the water slides together!

How blessed are we to have such a wonderful Daddy and Husband to love!!!!

***I’ve been reminded of my own dad lately when I see the girls doing things I did as a child. Recently Blue has been calling Mike at work and asking him to bring her home a treat! My siblings and I used to do the exact same thing and call my dad asking him to stop at the company store and buy us licorice. On those days we anxiously awaited his arrival and there it was. Our requested treat in it’s brown paper bag!!! I can still picture it! Love you too dad!!!!

Thanks to all the great men in our lives who deserve so much honoring on Father’s Day!

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