Guest Post: Angry Birds FREE printable by My Concrete Sky

who doesn’t love angry birds?
last time i checked, they are pretty close to taking over the world…
(or at least pinterest pins, eh? ;)
well, if i’m being completely honest, angry birds aren’t quite my thing, but my 4 year baby boy is sure obsessed! and i have this 6 year old daughter, who kinda likes angry bird herself, but mostly just loves making stuff for other people!
so put the two simple joys together and voila!
a fun, handmade, mommy/baby nugget ANGRY BIRDS project/sibling gift!
i wish i was clever enough to claim this idea all as my own,
but instead i am just super grateful for the genius idea i found here
i changed it up and bit and instead of hand painting each can, i created some printable labels because a) i don’t have the patience to paint each one individually! b) my daughter could then do most of the project herself (since it is her gift to little brother…)
today i am sharing those printable labels with you so that you and/or your babies
can make a fun set of your own!

+ recycled soup cans (in the amount of ‘pins’ you want to make…we had 10 for our set)
+ mod podge (i favor matte finish, but i’m sure glossy would be fab too!)
+ green acrylic paint (’2553 lime green’ by folk art from walmart for $0.97 is a great match!)
+ sponge brush (to apply mod podge)
+ regular brush (to apply paint, but you could use a sponge brush too…just use whatever you have!)
+ printed labels (you need one for each can you have…download below!)
+ paint the cans (just the tops and about an inch around the top and bottom of the cylinder part…)
while you let the paint dry, cut out your bird labels
once paint is dry, generously apply mod podge (momma helped baby girl with this part…)
stick the bird labels to the mod podged cans
make sure the entire label is adhered to each can
apply coat of mod podge all over the now labeled cans (and to the painted can tops)
let it dry
stand back, admire and go gaga over your adorable creation
wrap it up pretty and give it to some angry birds addict who will love this real life set to bits and pieces!



after one trial and error can, i discovered the easiest method for applying all coats of mod podge that i must share with you! (see photo below…)

put your hand in the can opening while you mod podge then you can apply mod podge on the entire circumference of the can without getting it all over your hands! once i was done mod podging, i slid the can off of my hand using the counter’s edge so i wouldn’t ever have to touch the stickiness! (you can see two finished cans in the background on the counter’s edge using this ‘slide-off-of-the-hand method’ :)

also, mod podge both coats with the can’s ridges instead of against…much easier!
i bought an actual angry bird doll dude at a post-thanskgiving sale…if you’d like to make your own ‘bird ball’ there is a great tutorial from the same blogger that inspired this project herea big thanks to heidi for posting her project so others could pin it (thereby allowing me to find it ;)and to, the site that so generously shared the angry bird images i used to create the labels…THANKS FOR SHARING!!

our little set turned out even cuter than i anticipated (that’s always a good thing isn’t it?)
hope you have as much fun as we did making this simple present!!
happy holidays from our home to yours!!
Download the FREE printable HERE!
alisa is living her dream and true calling as a full-time mommy/wife and as a nap-time artist/designer. She spends he days schnoogling her babies, avoiding laundry, finding order in the chaos, enjoying the journey, and cultivating a creative life. to see more of alisa’s work, please visit her at

Wrapped Christmas books

Christmas is all about creating fun family traditions and indulging the littles in   extra fun! I loved the idea of wrapping up Christmas books and having the kids open one each night to read as a family! You’d think that finding Christmas/Winter themed story books would be hard and expensive but if you frequent Thrift stores like I do you’ll quickly find that it’s amazingly easy and affordable!

Thrift stores are chuck full of Holiday books! I paid 50 cents or less for every book. I left one store with 11 Christmas books! Two thrift shop visits later I had a full collection. I even grabbed Easter, Halloween and Valentines Day books to start those holiday collections!

Starting tonight we get dive into the book basket! I don’t know who’s more excited! Me or the kids.

Speaking of Christmas stories…what’s your all time favorite Christmas story?


Cultivating a love of art in kids

One of the most asked questions I get is how do I get so many projects done with a house full of kids? And my answer… GET THEM INVOLVED! It not only allows me to have time to be creative but more importantly it helps me encourage them to be creative, express themselves and develop their talents. It also helps them understand the creative process and in my opinion it’s never to early to have a love of art!

At my kids elementary school they are lucky enough to hav ethe PTA sponsored “Reflections” art program. Each year there is a theme and every student is encouraged to enter an art project. This years theme was “Diversity Means” and this is my Blue Birds project titled ” Every Gardens Different.” She did this all my herself, even the hot glue, she was supervised of course and she was so proud of it! It was a treat to see her do each step and get more excited as it came together!

She was so excited to turn in her art work! I hope that as my kids grow up they will will have fun  memories of being creative!


Summer time up in here!

I’m  back! Well sort of! Summer is still in full swing over here with 4 weeks til school starts but I missed you guys too much and had to check in! We’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing (craft wise) and a whole lot of having fun, relaxing and hanging out!

There has been a whirl wind of crazy (I’ll explain soon enough) that has caused me to put the breaks on and simply just “be!” That will make more sense later! I’ve been a mom, that’s it, for the last few weeks and it has felt sooooooo good!

We did a whole lot of this…

Bikes, scooters, skateboards and anything else that had wheels on it could be found strewn about the front yard usually with three girls attached in some way!  Morning till night these girls and I were most likely found in the front yard!

Chuck braved her first ever Pony ride and managed to pick the one pony that was far to comfortable revealing himself  as we walked in circles. This was one of the only pictures that wasn’t offensive!

Night time back yard gazing as we tried to find the Firework sounds.

We enjoyed a whole lot of fresh Summer produce! Holy mama!! Have you ever seen such a peach! This bad boy tipped the scales at 1 lb!

And lets not forget all the just plain being silly and goofing off that’s been going on over here!

Lot’s has been keeping us busy! Lots has been keeping me smiling! It’s been a lovely reminder of how blessed I truly am! I have plenty more to share about my crazy Summer but I’ll start here!

Welcome back my online family! I’ll be posting when I have something to share and our Show and Tell Linking party will be back to work as well! Look for it posting tomorrow night with a little giveaway!

Oh how I’ve missed you!


Mini list maker…



Hummm! I have a little list maker on my hands! Wonder where she gets that from! I love the ” Clean without mom asking” one!



Here I am. I’m 32 and this is what I look like without make up.

I have fine lines around my eyes and uneven skin! My hair is kinky on the bottom and stringy on the top! I look like a 32 year old….not a 24 year old and I LOVE that!

I’ve always loved getting older! I remember when I turned 15 I was thrilled to be half way to 30. I’ve always been ok with my birthday. I can’t ever imagine being someone who lies about her age or dreads tacking on another year!

Aging celebrates growth and lessons learned. It gives value to struggles and even more value to triumphs. Every candle on a birthday cake is earned and should be adored!Think of what you’ve learned, accomplished and survived through over your life time!

I’m 32 and half way to 64 and that makes me smile!


Mr. BCD as Mr. Mom

It warms a mothers heart to know that while she’s away her kids are in capable hands! I’ve been getting email updates with photos and the above photo came saying:

” Pony Bun! BAM!”

Shoot! Some days I can’t even get my kids to let me do there hair!

And a field trip to the Library with dad apparently doesn’t include story time or reading. It’s all about hide and seek!

“Hide! Hide! Hide!”


When I called home my kids were having too much fun to notice I was even gone! Bowling, eating out, mini golf, the arcade and a trip to the Gun Show!

Who needs mom!

Man I miss my chickens! Guess all the fun has to come to an end at some point! Sorry kids! Mama’s on her way home!


Two Truths and a Lie Revealed…

Thanks everyone for playing along! I had a blast guessing your lies so be sure to go back and reveal your own lie in your comment on the original post found here!


As far as my little lie…shall we figure that one out!


  1. As a child I trained to be a diver, as in spring board 3 meter and higher. I was recruited to train at the Olympic Training Center in Long Beach, CA at the age of 1o. TRUE!

I started taking diving lessons at the age of 8 and took to it like a fish to water! I had no fear and loved the 3 meter board. I was recruited to train at the McCormicks Diving center in Belmont Shore Olympic center. They train there for the Jr. Olympics and other national competitions. When I went for a tour I  chickened out when I saw the huge platforms and never joined the team. Still one of my biggest regrets in life. I did continue diving and was on the Varsity team as a Freshman but my diving “career” came to an end when I slipped in the locker room and broke my toes in three places.

2. I’ve been on American Idol. TRUE!

But only if you count the fact that it was during a recording of the show when they panned the audience!


It was 2007, the year Jordan Sparks won and my dear sweet friend Courtney got us backstage passes and tickets to see a recording. Her husband works for FOX so we got to meet the contestants after the show!

Dancing with the Starts was filming on the stage next door so all the dancers were coming out at the same time so we snapped a few shots with them as well. Hi Cheryl!

Umm yeah! That’s me being me and throwing up my dancer leg! Wish I could still do that!

3.I’m in the process of writing of book that will be published in the fall. It’s a compilation of DIY craft ideas for home and family! FALSE!

As much as I wish that were true it’s not! 10 years ago I introduced myself and when they asked me to include a goal for myself I said I wanted to be a published author in 5 years! Well we all can do simple math and you and I both know I’m about 5 years over due on that one! As fun as I think a DIY book would be, my passions in writing have always been with children’s stories, short stories and I’ve even written the first chapter to a novel. I have a file folder filled with my writing and yet there they sit…doing nothing but reminding me of the fact that I haven’t done anything YET!!! Maybe I need to work on that!



Thanks again for playing!


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Two truths and a lie!


Happy April Fools Day people! Hope you have some fun planed! For Aprils Fools Day here on BCD I thought it would be fun to play ” two truths and a Lie!” I’ll tell you three things about me. Two of them will be true and one is a lie! Can you guess which one if not true?

  1. As a child I training to be a diver, as in spring board 3 meter and higher. I was recruited to train at the Olympic Training Center in Long Beach, CA at the age of 1o.
  2. I’ve been on American Idol.
  3. I’m  In the process of writing of book that will be published in the fall. It’s a compilation of DIY craft ideas for home and family!


Ok! Take a guess! Which one is a lie? Make your guesses in the comments section! And I’ll tell you tomorrow if you were right!

And play along! Leave me two truths and a lie after your comment and I’ll guess along with the others so try to fish out your lie!




San Fransisco report part 2: Bell’occhio

My trip to San Fransisco was one I will never forget! The food the sites and the new found shops that made themselves at home in my heart!

My new friend Joan, who I meet while visiting Timeless Treasures, suggested I go check out Bell’occhio just off Market Street.  I knew I loved Joan! She has amazing taste and sent me to a unique shop I soon loved!


Bell’occhio was charming and like nothing I had ever seen before! I felt like I was walking a Paris Street and jumped inside a shop that urged me in! This store had the most beautiful displays of the finest ribbon, the most delicate trims, the darlingest stationary and so many other treasures….

This beautiful wall unite displayed fun ways to wrap or store gifts! Hat boxes, bags, colorful string and more!

When you first walk in a canopy bed catches your eye. Atop the bed sits endless ribbon and trim that just begs you to touch it! I’ve never seen such a collection.

Note cards and paper have always been a weakness so when I found my way to the stationary I was in heaven!

These small spoons made from shells and bone were so darling!

But this is what did me in! The Vintage spools that help all the ribbon and embellished trim! It was like art! I could have stared at this display of ribbon for hours!

This is Claudia, the owner of this amazing shop! For over 20 years she been running this charming business and I can only imagine how rewarding it must feel! Could you imagine being surrounded by beautiful and inspiring things all day long! It was an honor to meet her an dbe a guest in her shop!


Add Bell’occhio to your list of MUST see locations when you visit San Fransisco! You’ll regret it if you don’t! And be sure to visit the website to get  a full look at everything they offer.


Even Martha Stewart Loves Bell’occhio–

“My favorite tiny shop for creative things in San Francisco is Bell’occhio.”

–Martha Stewart 2008


I can’t wait to show off what I create with some of my Bell’occhio finds!