Halloween Windowbox makeover!

Halloween can make itself at home inside and outside! Making your space holiday ready is easy and affordable! See what happens when I spend a whopping $6 at the Dollar Store…

“Oooooohhh!” A spooky window box filled with Styrofoam Headstones, Plastic Sculls and Spiderwebs!

My window boxes were giving up the ghost and the flowers were already drying out and withering! It made perfect sence to turn this space into a grave yard of doom!

I pulled the last of the flowers and places the goods! I’ve stopped watering so even as the rest of the flowers go brown it will only add to the spookiness don’t ya think!

And check out the cute $1 “Trick or Treat” sign I also picked up at the Dollar Store! The perfect finishing touch to my front door!

So don’t forget to dress up the outdoors as well when you think about Halloween! Happy decorating!

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Blue Cricket Designs Halloween Flash Back

If this is your first Halloween here on Blue Cricket Design You are in for a treat! I am featuring the hottest Halloween craft ideas on the web.

Last year at this time I was knee deep in Halloween Ideas! Halloween is by far my favorite time of year! Please enjoy a few of my favorite post from Halloween ’09! Classic projects that I am excited to share with my new readers! Click the photos to be taken to their original full length tutorials!

More new and exciting Halloween Projects BY ME to come!

Severed fingers! Nothing cooler then a fake finger to freak someone out with! These were so much fun to make! My kids have already started begging me to make these again!

“Something to sink your teeth into!” This is a yummy treat, Raspberry Bars, packaged in a fun Halloween gift box! Perfect gift idea for teachers and neighbors!

Paper Fall leaves and fabric scraps make for the perfect Fall garland!

These black bleeding candles are simple and easy! They add the perfect spooky touch to any mantel! They are not for burning but for decor!

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Heather Bailey Fabric Flowers

It’s no secret That I HEART Heather Bailey! Meeting her in person defiantly is up there on my list of awesome moments in my life! I adore anything Heather Bailey! Her style! Her fabric of course! Her projects! She is completely inspiring!

I fell pretty hard for her Fabric Scrap Flowers and she was all to kind to include a free “How To” on her blog! Check it out HERE.So naturally I jumped right in and started crankin’ them out!

This first set is made with Old School IKEA Fabric. Glad I saved my scraps from 2003!

Nearly all the fabric I used in these flowers was bought from my favorite Fabric Store “The Material Girls Quilt Shop” In South Jordan, UT. They have the best selection and of course their Heather Bailey fabric runneth over!

And lastly I created a few for Halloween! Finally I was able to use an IBC Soda cap I have been holding onto for who knows how long!

Super easy! Super inexpensive!!! The perfect little adornment for a sweater, a hair do, a pretty little package!The possibilities are endless!!!


Magic Halloween Bag

Magic Halloween Bag!!!

One of my roommates in College has a wonderful family tradition! After Trick or Treating her kids leave their Halloween candy on the front porch and “Magically” it turns into a prize in the morning! I fell in love with the idea!!! I can’t stand all the candy after the holiday! There is just too much! So I am adding to this fun tradition and I have created a “Magic Halloween Bag” to put the candy in! You could also simply make this bag for Trick or Treating! It beats the Pillow case I always used as a kid! They are just so darling!!!

Let’s get started…

For this project you’ll need a variety of Halloween Fabrics. I bought 7 prints all 1/4 of a yard. You will also need a yard of a fabric for the lining of the bag. I bought my fabric at Walmart and all together it only cost me $6

Cut each print in strips the width of the fabric. Vary your strip size for a fun random look.

Lay your cut strips out alternating the colors and prints and create your pattern. Start sewing the strips together until they are all sewn together!

Press this finished section with an Iron.

I used Ric Rack and other ribbon and added then throughout the strips. I sewed mine on with a zig zag stitch!

Now we are going to sew the finished section onto the lining of the bag. Be sure to place the striped section face down onto the lining fabric and pin it in place.

Sew the fabrics together leaving a small opening where you will then turn the bag right side out!

Press again with an Iron.

Adding the drawstring is easy! Lay a piece of ribbon that is longer then the width of the bag onto the top of the bag. Fold over an inch of fabric and pin in place!

Sew a straight stitch to encase the ribbon.

Fold the bag in half with the stripes on the inside and sew the sides together leaving the top open. Be careful not to sew the drawstring closed.

Turn it right side out and there you go!!!

I made up a Poem to go along with our new family tradition of trading in our candy! I will print it out on fun Halloween Paper and laminate it and then attach it to the drawstring.

It’s always fun to Trick or Treat!
With lots of yummy things to eat!

Like M & M’s and Licorice,

Handfuls from a candy dish!
But all that candy can’t be great!
It might give you a tummy ache.
So toss it in,
And close it tight!
And when you go to sleep at night
This magic bag has a surprise!
It turns your candy into a PRIZE!


Fall flower Arrangement!

One more little known fact about me…

I’m not only an amazing mom!!! hehehe!
And a fantastic cook!!! Ha ha ha!!!
And an incredible seamstress! Hardy har har!!!

I’m also a “Florist!”
I haven’t done it since we moved here two years ago! I never got around to getting my Business license for Utah! But I have done a few weddings in my day!

I came across these Fall arrangements I “Once upon a time” created and man it makes me want to get my Thorn ripper out and start arranging again!

These are pretty easy to create. I used a foam pumpkin I picked up at a craft store and hollowed it out. I inserted a vase and threw some fall flowers in!

I love fresh flowers in my house! I need to revisit this one again!

HERE is some more of my work I’ve done in the past!


Severed Fingers

Check out these babies…

Oooooh!!!! Spooooooky!

I made severed fingers over the weekend! I wish I worked in an office because you know I’d slip one of these guys into a co workers desk just for kicks and giggles!

Wanna’ make some? I know you do!

Go get yourself some of this:

  • Art Plaster, use a coupon!
  • some small plastic disposable cups
  • You know that stuff your dentist used to make molds of your teeth as you try your hardest not to choke, drool and die! It’s called ALGINATE. I asked my dentist if I could buy some off him and he was happy to help! I paid $10 for a jar. You can do an online search as well!

First mix up equal parts Alginet and water. Use cold water. Warm and hot water will make it settle up too quickly. Stick your fingers in the goo!

After two minutes you should be able to pull your fingers out leaving perfect molds of your wrinkly little digits!

Mix the art plaster according to the instructions and pour it into your finger hole molds!

ok…now don’t totally laugh but I made a video of how to extract the fingers from the mold! Yes it took us like 10 takes! Yes I could not stop laughing! and YES I was holding a baby while I was filming! But for the sake of this post I’ll let you all see it! Please forgive my pronunciation of “Finger!” I know! Sadly this was the best take!

I let my fingers set for about an hour before I popped them out of the molds and
this is how they looked! Pretty cool huh!?!

I then dusted them with eyeshadow to give them a more realistic look.

And now they sit under a glass dome waiting to freak someone out!


Halloween Ornaments

Are you guys ready for a little Halloween fun?


Halloween Hangy thingy-ma-bobs!!!
(a.k.a. Halloween Ornaments!)

Are they too much fun or what!!!!

I was introduced to Paper Mache Christmas ornaments from my Cousin! I thought to myself “Self! Wouldn’t these be perfect for any Holiday!?!” For sure!!

Some whimsical painting and Halloween colors make
these little guys Spookerific!

Here’s the “How To” low down…

What you’ll need:

  • Those glass ornaments I’m sure you can find in your Christmas stash! If you need to go get some check your thrift stores first! I picked up a 24 pack for 50 cents!!! SCORE!
  • A newspaper
  • The magic Craft necter MOD PODGE
  • Paint
  • Patience…the painting can take a while!
  • Wire for hanging
  • Beads for added touch!

  1. Get your balls ready! (trying not to laugh over here!)
  2. Take newspaper and rip it in to thin strips. If you rip from the top of the page to the bottom it rips super smooth and even. HINT!!The thinner the strips the smoother the paper will lay. Strips should be about 1/4″- 1/2″ thick.
  3. Mix 1 part water with 1 part Modge Podge! Enough to submerge your paper in.
  4. Dip each strip into the MP mixture being sure to get it completely wet. Using your fingers wipe off excess mixture.

5. Start wrapping the wet paper strips onto the ornaments.
6. Continue wrapping paper strips and be sure to get the lip of the bulb that holds the top hanging thing.
7. Cover all of your ornaments completely.
8. Hang them to dry over night!

Once they are completely dried you can start to get crazy and paint your heart out!
Get creative with your designs and patterns!
Add glitter and gems to add sparkle or cut out Halloween images from Scrapbook paper and MP them on! The possibilities are endless!

Add wire and beads if you plan on hanging them! I have mine hanging on door knobs and cupboard knobs throughout my house. You could also display them in a bowl
or basket or jar just as they are!


"Something to SINK your teeth into!"

Who doesn’t love coming home and finding a treat dropped off on your door step! Treats taste better when someone else makes them and your kitchen isn’t begging you to clean up the mess!!!

Well make someones day and drop off this fun Halloween treat!

Vampire Bars!!!

Pick up a Raspberry Bar mix in your baking aisle! My favorite is Krusteas Raspberry Bars

I usually bake from scratch but I was in a pinch one day and picked this box up and fell in love!!! I was hooked! I’ll post my own recipe soon! In the mean time all you need is a
quick mix to make this gift perfect!

Now for the packaging!It’s all about presentation right!

Pick up some Chinese take out boxes in Halloween Colors! I bought these
ones at Michaels Craft store!

You’ll need paint and a Chapstick cap!

Dip your Chapstick cap in paint and stamp on a perfect circle onto your box!

Now fill in the circles with a paint brush.

Package up a few Raspberry Bars a.k.a. Vampire Bars ( because the raspberry looks like gooey blood!) and tie it off with a ribbon!

Place them in the box along with a note that reads “Something to SINK your teeth into!” and tie on a few different Halloween ribbons and a set of vampire teeth!

I added a few gems for some Festive Sparkle!

The perfect gift for Neighbors, Girls you Visit Teach or your child’s Teacher!


Fall Decor Galore!

I am loving all the
“Falling” for Fall
links! Keep them coming and don’t forget to add the
Button for others to see where to come for all the fun!

I finally got most of my own decorations up this week! Now for a little guided tour!

Please no flash photography and keep your arms
and legs securely inside!

The Mantle is finally done!! I finished her off with Black Paper Bats and my “Trick or Treat” Sign I won at Bunco last year!

This is my entry table! Our amazing Cousin painted the Picture! Isn’t it awesome!

On top of my piano!

Here is my sofa table display! The glass Hurricane is filled with dried
orange slices and fall leaves.

The Buffet in our dinning room!

Our dinning room table! I love the Glitter Skulls I picked up at the Dollar Store! I swear the Dollar store did not disappoint this year!

And finally our garage door!

I love everything about Fall Decorations! The best part is that Fall decorations can stay up through November! So it’s a perfect excuse not to dust… I mean heck!!!Cob webs are sooo
Halloween Spooktacular right!

Keep your ideas coming and add them to the ever growing list of Fun Fall projects!

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"Falling" for Fall!

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