Flower Pot cheat!

I love this time of year! Time to sprinkle our yards with bright and cheery flowers! Flowers can get expensive so a great way I’ve found to trim a little off my nursery bill is to cheat a little! I got wise to this trick after I had admired my neighbors over flowing pots…this was her little secret! Thanks Angie!


I bought these beautiful low profile urns at the end of last Summer on clearance for $11 each at Sam’s Club. They are HUGE actually! By the time I would fill them with soil and baby plants I’d be invested about $40 and I have two of them! YIKES! So here’s the perfect solution…


Instead of filling them with dirt I filled it with a paver. We demoed our deck last year and these were underneath it so these were free!

Then I placed my beautiful and mature hanging basket I picked up from a local nursery  for only $25 each on top of the paver. The paver lifts the basket a little higher and really helps it fill out this giant urn!

And lastly I removed the hanging wires! Bada bing! Bada bang! A totally full and lush looking planter at a huge savings and I didn’t even get my hands dirty!

The best part is that you can easily still take out the baskets and bring in your plants if the weather is threatening, which I have had to do! And at the end of the season clean up is so easy! Just toss the basket and store your urns, no dumping soil and hosing out pots! It’s a win win!!

Happy out door decorating!