IKEA to the rescue! Storage anyone?

Who knew a 6 year old would have been so useful when it came to the daunting task of furniture assembly! Three bookcases, a desk and a dresser later, with the help of my Blue, we had the furniture ready to move into the craft room! Now don’t y’all go and turn me into the Fed’s for  violating child labor laws! Blue loved it!

Funny story… When Blue was helping me with the first bookcase I said to her “Wow, Blue! You’re like Jesus. He was a carpenter!” To which she replied ” Hum…Jesus made carpet?”

Little by little and piece by piece this room started coming together! I used Billy Bookcases in the corner and far right wall and when  placed side by side they really looked like a substantial storage statement! I also found the Expedit bookcase in the “As is” section already assembled! SCORE! The desk was a no brainer to add to this small 9′x9′ space!It floats in the center of the room giving me surface area to work at. I know it looks like a tight fit in there and it is but it’s also efficient and space maximizing.

With a room this small it was all about the planning! I measured and shopped for the space keeping storage in mind. I also knew I wanted white! This space was begging to be lightened up and when it came to blogging I knew I took tons of photos for my tutorials. I’ve been using a white poster board to photograph off of and now I don’t need to! My crisp white desk lends itself perfectly to blogging!

So there you have it! Stage two of my Craft room makeover! The next part is the most exciting and overwhelming! Filling it back up with all my goodies! UGG and YEAH all in the same breath!

Side note: I wish I could have found a great new rug to use in here before I moved in the furniture but alas I never found one! My colors for this room are light aqua blue, white and red. The storage baskets and tools are white, galvanized buckets, and natural grass baskets! Any suggestions on a rug?




No nails leaning photo display

I always get that itch for change around my house and I love it when you can create a new look for nothing just by rearranging furniture and using what you have!

When we no longer need a desk top computer we sold the desk it sat on and that left a huge void on this wall! I’ve been hopping for a new unit to fit this space but in the mean time I thought I create a tempory filler.

I moved the sofa table from the Piano room into this space. I’ve always hated teh placement of those outlets! I’ve always had to cover them up in some creative way.  This itme calls for leaning pictures!

I’ve had these large photos of my babies I never got around to hanging and when pulled together with a piece of art work from a cousin I think they do the trick!

The lip around this table makes this an ideal setting for leaning photos and the large glass cake cover keeps the photo from slipping forward.

I also added my large vintage scissors I found at Hobby Lobby and never knew were to hang to the mix.


All in all I am super pleased with this space! It’s a great way to show off pictures and rotate them easily. No nails in the wall and my kids are loving seeing old photos of themselves!



IKEA’s been a treasure trove lately! I could resist this darling white tray and teal blue vase! Makes a great little vignette for my family room!

I found this Wire Cage set at my grocery store of all place on clearance! YES PLEASE! $8 later it was mine!

Tiny photo of Cricket and all i need now is a tiny flower and maybe  a piece of fabric to add a little color!


Silver end table

This is a treasure to me! It was my grandmothers and if you know me you know that she was a huge influence in my life! When we bought our first home I was lucky enough to get to take this piece with me! I loved its green color but for some tragic reason its other half got a stripe of white paint on it so I finally got around to giving a new fresh look!

These best part of this piece is that it has a twin sister and when they come together it makes this darling round table! I use them separated but I love the fact that I could latch them together and have this look!

I’ve been in love with Silver lately and thought it would be fun to transform this table with some Krylon Metallic Silver Spray Paint! Krylon sent me a can to sample and I was so excited to get started!

What do you think? Nothing like a little spray paint to make a project shine! Krylon sent me this product to sample but these opinions are 100% my own.