Kitchen Stool makeover

Last weeks thrift store haul proved to be a huge success! I knew this old dated kitchen stool was a diamond in the rough! Just look at her now…

1. Start off by removing the two fabric covered sections of the chair leaving behind only the metal frame. Now you’re ready to spray paint!

2. Time to recover the seat cushions! I found this beautiful oil cloth at Material Girls Quilt Shop. I only needed 1/2 a yard.  I used spray adhesive to help keep the fabric in place.

3.  Cut slits every 2″ to help pull the fabric over the curved edges easily.Hot glue the fabric on. I kept the existing old fabric and padding on becasue this thing was OLD and the fabric was stuck to the padding.

4. When you are done recovering it’s time to put them back onto the metal frame!

I love her!The End!


Scalloped Paper Doily Wall Treatment

Scalloped Paper Doily  Molding

Paper Doilies make me happy! I LOVE working with them! In the past I have created buntings, Valentines gifts, and other fun projects so I am always looking for ways to get creative with paper doilies again!

This project is by far my new favorite paper doily project yet! I mean…how else can you make such a charming statement so simply and affordably!

1. I purchases a pack of 6″ doilies. 100 pack for $3.99 from Orson Gygi. For an averaged size room you will need two packs.

2. Carefully separate the doilies. Paper doilies are fragile and someitmes the punched out detail makes them fragile around the edges so be careful seperating them.

3.  Fold each doily in half lining up the details perfectly.

4. Use hot glue to secure it together. I added three small dabs of glue on the edges and that did the trick.

** This is a great project to do with your little ones! My 5 year old was a fantastic folder and she loved being apart of this project! I of course handled the hot glue!


1. Get your masking tape ready!

2. Use two small rolled pieces of masking tape and put them on the two top edges of the folded corners of the doilie. Prepare a lot of them at once. This will make it easy to hang a large section at once.

3. When you walk into a room the last place your eye looks is behind you so start above the door. This will be a convenient place to start and stop your placement just in case the very last doily doesn’t line up perfectly. I overlapped each doily by about an inch, basically the length of the punched out detail.

4. When it comes to corners simply fold the doily where it will hit the corner! It fits so seamlessly! Gotta love working with paper! I didn’t need any extra tape. Continue adding your doilies until you reach your start point again!


This project is super simple but does take some time! It took me about an hour to fold and prep and then almost an hour to hang them all…but I did have two little ones at my heels!

Total cost: $8

Long live the paper doily!




Paper Bag Spring Bunting

I was totally inspired by AZ girls Night Out clever Paper Bag Menu holder and came up with my own Paper Lunch Bag project! They are the perfect starter for this fun new Spring Bunting!

There is something about sewing through paper that I just love so this project was fun to create.

Gather paper lunch bags, scrap fabric, scrapbook paper, ric rack,  ribbon, pom pom and any other trims and embellishments that you think will help jazz up this bunting.

Start by trimming off the bottom section of your lunch bag.

Cut bright vibrant fabric to fit your bags.

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Wait!?! Did you just say $15???

Ok… I know I say this like every time I leave a thrift store but this time I mean it! I scored the greatest find EVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!

I’ve gotten pretty chumie with a local guy who buys from Estate sales. I’ll check in with him every once in a while just to see what he’s gotten in !

Well once upon a time I stopped in and hit the Estate Sale jackpot!

There in his latest stash were two, yes TWO beautiful antique beds! They were beautiful. Yes they needed a little TLC but I was in love! I was almost certain they were going to be too expensive and I was leary to show up at home with yet another refinishing project we didn’t have room for and a need for for that matter!

But like the title of this posts reveals they were only $15 each! WHAT!!!! SOLD!
Headboards, Foot boards, rails and planks! GET OUT!!!!

I have visions of a girls dormitory someday where all three of my girls share a huge room! I could see these two beds in that future room! I paid the man and prayed my husband wouldn’t kill me! Lucky for me he saw the potential in them as well!

So now… What to do to them! A distressed turquoise? A Butter yellow!!!?? What to do! What to do! So for now they sit waiting for me to beautify them. I have all winter to mull over it!

What would you do to them? Input please!


Fabric Barn!

I am excited to share a little shopping joy with all of you! You all know I am a sucker for ribbon!
I can never have too much and it’s almost always used in my creative process so I think of
it as an investment!

I recently spent a week in CA visiting my old stomping ground! It would not be a trip to CA without visiting a Classic stop! Fabric Barn in Long Beach has been a staple in my life. For as long as I can remember I have visited Fabric Barn. As a young kid my mom dragged us there. We sat at the pathetic childrens table with baby toys and waited for our mom to finish her shopping!

Funny how it’s come full circle! Now I too drag my kidlets to this wonderland and they whine and complain and I promise to hurry! But it’s all worth it!

Look what I scored this time…

5/8 in. Satin Ribbon is only $2.50 for 100 yards! No Joke!

Ric Rack! My most favorite decorative embellishment was $1 for 25 yards!

And the Ruffles! Oh the Ruffles! It was all between .37 -.22 cents a yard!
Ruffle Butt Onsies here I come!!!

And Tulle was $1.75 for 25 yards! I’m a sucker for a good roll of Tulle for gift wrapping!

See why I love it so much! The prices can’t be beat! There Long Beach store open to the public
and they do have online store but it looks like you need a resale license to order!

check em out HERE!

Do you guys have a favorite Ribbon supplier? Seeing as I only get to California about once a year I would love to find other online suppliers that are tried and true hits!

So hopefully this week I can bust out some awesome projects using my new stash!


Before and Afters:It doesn’t take a lot of $$$ to get a look you love!

An $8 book shelf and some scrap fabric and $3 curtain rods make this project a steal at $11. I just used some paint from my collection!

It’s safe to say this piano project has been my largest undertaking! I found it used on line in our local classifies and all in, after buying it, paying for it to be moved twice, and supplies , this project cost a grand total of about $350… I say that’s pretty fantastic for a working, charming, one of kind piano and piece of furniture! I’ll spend more on piano lessons to learn how to play it!

This dresser I scored from a tiny store that was packed to the ceiling with random stuff. I payed $15 for it and it quickly made a home for itself in my heart and in my dinning room as our beloved buffet!

Yard sales at there best result in great finds like this! This Pottery Barn coffee Table came with a side table as well. I paid $25 for both! I used a crackle finish and now have this totally fun, random blue table in my family room! The best part of using a crackle finish is it makes the wear and tear my kids put on it look intentional! Gotta’ love that!
This project was a blast! I had to gut the entire inside of the bottom section so I got to use a saw and a little elbow grease to get this charming storage unit! I used the removed drawers to make ribbon organizers…I’ll post that fun project soon!! total cost: $20

I wish I had a before picture but I don’t… I was an average oak desk begging for a little love! $40 get’s you a lot when you put in the time and effort!The hunt is half the fun! I love yard sales, thrift stores and online ads! I look at furniture with a whole other eye. Everything has potential!

Here is my basic guidelines when it comes to my refinishing projects:

  • has to be a quality piece to begin with!Sturdy and solid and no veneer!
  • buying Oops paint,or what they call mistint paint is always a great way to cut cost! You can buy mistint paint for $1-$5
  • Oil based primer will save you from having to sand down your project when you fist go to paint it!!! One coat of primer is all you need!
  • take before and afters! You’ll never believe how ugly a piece started out as once you finish it!
  • A good antique glaze always adds depth and texture! It’s my favorite! I never just paint a one flat treatment! I love personality in my pieces and glazes, crackles and rubs will add just that!

This is the perfect time of year to try your hand at a refinishing project! So hit up yards sales this weekend and get busy!