Thrift Sotre find by Life as a Thrifter

As a thrifter, I’m always on the lookout for a good basket. I was fortunate enough to run across this one at the Goodwill recently, and I literally couldn’t get it to the register fast enough!


For this project I decided to get out the jigsaw . . . something, I’m sad now, that I’d never used before.


It worked like a charm! It was so easy and much lighter than I expected! (I’m dying to use again . . .)


Newly renovated, the basket now sits on our dining room table . . . and houses a few wine corks. :)




Happy hunting, everyone!
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Shamrock Shoes by my Life and Kids

Shamrock Shoes

Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day! Make yourself a pair of glittery green shoes in four easy steps.

Shamrock Shoes Tutorial

1. Grab a pair of your old shoes that need a little updating.

2. Stuff them with grocery bags or newspaper (to protect the inside from turning green.)

3. Spray them with Krylon Glitter Blast Spray – available at most craft stores. I gave mine three coats, and one can is more than enough for a pair of shoes.

Once the final coat of glitter spray is dry, spray them with clear acrylic sealer to make sure the glitter doesn’t come off. I used one coat.

4. Wear your Shamrock Shoes on St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Shoes


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What’s your greatest “Steal of a Deal?”

It seems like every time I leave a thrift store with a new find I say to myself! ” This is the best deal EVER!” only to say it again to myself after the next  shopping trip! I LOVE a great deal. My latest “Steal of a Deal” was found during my last visit to The Home Depot…

I saw a display of these Gliden Paint samples and they were marked down to 50 cents each! I grabbed 6 of bottles of fun bright colors and headed to the checkout but low and behold they rang up for 1 penny each! What the! I asked the checker to double check because I told her what I thought they should have been. NOPE! 1 cent! SO you know what that meant right? Time to load up!

56 bottles and 56 cents later I now have this great collection of awesome colors. They are about the size of a small craft paint bottle!

So here’s a question…What’s the best “steal of Deal” you’ve ever gotten?


“To Go” container gift boxes

Looking for a simple way to give a gift card or small gift this year! Look no further then your restaurant supply store! Soup “To go” cartons can get all dressed up for the occasion and house your gift cards, jewelry, and tiny treasure gift givings!

These ‘to Go” soup cartons were the perfect size for gift cards! I purchased mine at Orson Gygi n Salt Lake City. For less then $10 I have lids and containers for 25! All that’s left is to decorate! Put those creative skills to work and go crazy!

This one is decorated with a felt flower, green tulle and rick rack! use your flower making skills for any fun flower topper! Add a leaf and some tulle for added texture and you’re set!

Twine and a simple baby blue ribbon make this one the perfect gift box! I hot glued the twine on starting at the bottom and working my way up to the top.

And lastly this crazy top was adorned with Silver ribbon, Green gingham ribbon, Silver tulle and red ric rack! A fun and festive top for a simple white container!

No more boring envelopes! Spice up your gift giving with these darling “To go” containers! The skies the limit!


Snowman Cups

Ever seen such an adorable little face! Well if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may have remembered my “Chinese take out Snowman gift box” and these I guess you can call their little offspring!

I thought I could come up with a smaller version perfect for sending little treats to my girls school class rooms! These darling little Snowman fit the bill and were a breeze to create!

6 oz Styrofoam cups and lids found at Orson Gygi were just what I needed and you can’t beat the cost of this project. 25 pack of cups: $1, 100 pack of lids: $1.55,  stiff felt: $1. And we all seem to have paint on hand! Even if you make 100 little gift cups it would cost you about $7 before you fill them with goodies!

First things first! Fill all your cups with goodies and close them with the lids! This makes them easier to hold when you paint them giving the super light Styrofoam a little more weight and with the lids on you can stack them!

Using pink paint and a small round sponge, you’ll  add your rosie cheeks! Next you’ll use the end of a paintbrush and black paint to add your coal smile and eyes! Lastly you’ll hot glue on your felt nose cut from a sheet of stiff felt. I painted all my cheeks then all my mouths and eyes and then glued on my noses. By the time I moved onto the next step, the step I just finished was dry!

I loved this little army of smiling snowman!

It took me about an hour to create 75 Snowman cups! These are perfect for Holiday classroom party favor or little treats for your kids to pass out to their friends!





Homemade Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray

I am loving all the amazing Hair tutorials on Pinterest  and while I’ve been learning new fun ways to style my hair I’ve also learned that I’ve been missing out on a styling product for years. People kept mentioning “Sea Salt” texturizing hair spray as a needed styling tool for those lose beachy looks. I’ve never heard of this stuff and all the links they referred to listed pricy bottles of product that I wouldn’t dare spend the money on and I was bummed out thinking I’d never be able to achieve that style without it.

So then I put on my “find a solution, Rebecca!” hat and started my search. Come on! It’s Salt spray! It can’t be that hard to make right? Thanks to a few searches I found a recipe for homemade Sea Salt spray! Thanks Glamour!

Water, Coconut scented conditioner, Sea Salt, hair gel and  a spray bottle! That’s all it takes to make this wonder spray and the best part was I had every single ingredient already!

1. Add 1 teaspoon of Sea Salt to 8 oz. of warm water. the warm water will help the ingredients dissolve easily.

2. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of Coconut scented conditioner. This adds that beachy scent and helps give the spray a slightly conditioning feature.

3. Add a dab of hair gel! This gives a slightly controlling feature to the spray.

4. Mix it all together. The conditioner doesn’t dissolve completely so stir it really good right before you pour it into your spray bottle.

(this is my gym bag bottle!)

You’ll need to shake up the bottle before each use! I spray this on my damp hair close to the roots to the tips and blow dry! I used this great tutorial for hand curls and found this spray to be a hit! I also noticed that when I use the Sea Salt spray it help with my “second day oily hair problem!” Day two my hair wasn’t nearly as oily at the roots and I could almost go a third day without washing!

It also helps by adding that tiny layer of texture that helps with styling! It’s like Dirty hair in a bottle without the dirty hair yuck feel!

All in all I LOVE this new spray and it cost me only pennies to make! So hello beachy wave, goodby over prices salt water!


Felt Snowflake and Pom-Pom Bunting

Who loves a cheap and easy project they can get done in less then 10 minutes? All ya all better have raised your hand! This fun bunting project is all that! Five $1 Felt Snowflakes found at JoAnn’s and about $2 worth of white Pom-Poms and a glue gun are all you need!

In between each snowflake I glued two rows of pom poms, one longer then the other to create a swag.

Nothing beats a fast and affordable project that helps add a little Holiday cheer!


Black & White Photo wall and my Kitchen reveal! FINALLY!

Earlier this Spring I had Big Fish Painting come and FINALLY refinish my kitchen cabinets! When I first walked threw my home the cabinets were something I liked! They were Camo Green and different but I knew over time I’d want a new look and 3 years later I got that new look with a fresh coat of Alabaster paint!


And After…
Ahhhh! Much better right!What a difference some paint can make I tell ya! Fresh, bright, light and a big dose of new kitchen mojo! Now you might be wondering why it’s taken me soooooo long to share my kitchen reveal! If you recall I’ve had a pretty rough year that’s lead me to have anxiety and horrible decision making skills! Remember THIS post! I literally had endless paint samples on my wall for months! I just could NOT make a wall color choice!
Well finally HGTV paint from Sherwin Williams in Copen Blue won out after sleepless nights and near panic attacks! You’d think that after I made a paint color choice it would be smooth sailing from there but oh no! Next big hurtle… What to do with the giant blue wall.
A short while  back I discovered printing photos on Blue Print  print shops. It was affordable and so stinkin’ fun! Ever since then I knew I wanted to do more with this new trick so it was time to get to work on a feature wall of Poster Prints! Add waiting for our trip to California  for family pictures, editing time and me making my mind up on prints and you get my HUGE delay!
I had these photo printed at my local Blue Print printing store, SBR Technologies in Salt Lake City. These are not photo quality printing but printed in black and white on paper which gives them a cool grainy effect that I think adds charm! The higher quality photos the better!
My collection all measure between 1″-2″ wide. I started by creating a layout I liked on my kitchen table that I thought I’d like on my wall.
I used Scotch Blue Painters tape on the top corners of each poster. When you first hang the posters you will only want to tape the top two corners. This way you can adjust the posters easily without having to remove a fully taped poster. Start with the very most top  center picture and place that one first.
Next add each remaining photo adjusting the spacing and getting it just right!
When you get the placement perfect then you can add more tape to each poster to secure it on all corners and edges. Then step back and enjoy!
To print this way costs about 30 cents a square foot so this entire wall cost me only $9!!! YEP! You read that right! NINE bucks!
I think it was just what this new space needed! So My kitchen makeover is official done! May have taken me over 6 months but I love it all the same! And the best part about this feature wall is how affordable it cost to create! HUGE impact for a small price making it way affordable to swap out photos over the years to update the family pics! Can’t beat that!
So check your local area for a print shop by doing  a yellow pages search for “Blue Print printing” and see what comes up near you. Call ahead to get their pricing and go crazy creating a fantastic feature wall of your own!

A Thankful tablecloth


During this time of year we seem to have thankful hearts! Why not turn our thankful attitude into a fun and functional reminder of all the things we have been blessed with, appreciate and want to celebrate this season! Creating a Thankful Tablecloth is an easy  way to get your entire family in on the fun.

Start by gathering your family and ask them to help you make a list of all the things they are thankful for! The more words the better! List loved ones names, special dates, personal luxuries, hobbies, vacation locations…the skies the limit!


Head on over to Lowe’s for your tablecloth supplies! YEP! Lowe’s! This darling project comes straight to you from Lowe’s! A drop cloth and some Sharpie markers and a steady and patient hand are all it takes to create this thankful look!

1. Drop cloths aren’t just for painting projects anymore! I have  a square table so finding table cloths that fit is already a difficult task for me! I love the natural color of these drop cloths and knew it would make a great starting point for this project! Lowe’s sells a 9′x6′ drop cloth for under $11. You will also need broad tip Sharpie Markers also sold at Lowe’s for under $3 for a two pack.

2. Cut your drop cloth to fit your tables need. In my case I made mine 6′x6′. Hem your cut edge.

3. You’ll want to iron out the creases in order to have a smooth writing surface.

4. Before laying out your drop cloth onto your table you will need to add butcher paper or newspaper to help avoid getting ink on your table.

Now comes the fun part! I started with my most important words! You’ll want to spread them out, have then face different ways and use different “fonts” when you write them! You’d think it would be hard to keep your printing straight but the thread grain make it super easy to keep your lines straight! You will adjust your printing size to fit sections of the drop cloth. Have words facing upside down and sideways! The more fonts and styles of writing the better!

And all of a sudden…4 hours later (Yes! This is a little time consuming but SOOO worth it!) you’ll have this awesome keep sake that will be a fun conversation piece and a lovely reminder of all the blessing you and your family have! And don’t freak out if you misspell a word or TWO in my case! I could have spit nails when I misspelled GRANDPARENTS and FOOTBALL! I know right! Trust me…do the writing with no distractions! Don’t be talking on the phone or helping your 2nd grader with homework! If it does happen just keep working! It will blend in and now you have a fun game to play at dinner…” Who can find the misspelled word!” Grab a prize or two for the winner!

Lastly I added this beautiful Quatrefoil Mirror also from Lowe’s for a centerpiece. I love the way it adds weight and reflection to this look!


My girls loved finding their names and all the words that they suggested! Certain things that tug at my own heart strings are my wedding date, special friends, vacations and inside jokes! It really was a fun way to realize how blessed I truly am! I hope you and your family can create a table cloth as meaningful as this is is to us!


Thanks Lowe’s for being a hot spot for inspiration! After reading the latest issue of Lowe’s Creative Idea’s magazine I was totally inspired to get my Holiday craft on! Have you guys signed up for the FREE Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine yet? This free publication is beyond amazing! I have never seen such creative ways to put unsuspecting items to create beautiful holiday decor! You can get a peek at what I’m talking about here online but be sure to sign up for the free Creative Ideas Magazine so you can get inspired as well!


Dollar Store Door Hang

Want to see what you get when you ad a few items from the Dollar Store…

A witches broom, bloody cloth, a skeleton, spiders and a rat! $5 later you have yourself a spooky door hang!

For sure the rats my favorite part!

“Bones” and his other pals were all attached with hot glue. The spiders were first glued to twine and then hot glued to the broom.

This is just one more option to a traditional holiday sign or wreath! Wjat ever you do, get creative and hit the Dollar Store! Dollar Tree sold these goodies and has tons of other awesome Halloween items! The fake heart is begging me to take it home!


And you know how much I love my blue frame wreath! It really is perfect all year round and no matter what I have hanging on my door if it’s not my frame wreath I feel like my doors naked! Sooooooo of course I had to come up with a layered Halloween look to rotate through out the season. I know! I’m strange! This is Halloween door look #3…

I just loved this metallic pipe cleaner spider web! When I saw it I was pretty I could replicated super easily, that was until I saw it was only $4.50 at Tai Pan Trading! Sometimes it makes more sense to just buy the darn thing then to try to replicated for cheaper! Cheaper then $4.50?? Sorry DIY friends! This time called for an “off the rack” look!

But honestly if you could get your hands on black metallic pipe cleaners you could go to town!


If you missed Halloween door look #1 be sure to check it out! Happy Spooky door hang making my friends!