Kids in Training: Keeping a Room Clean and Orderly! Giveaway and Free Printable

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I know I’m not the only who has struggled with trying to help my kids keep their rooms clean! It was a constant battle and frustration in my home. I would often give up and clean it myself but the reality of them missing out on this important life lesson and skill finally won me over and I had to come up with a better plan!

In my e-book “Kids in Training” I drive head first into this very topic and share how we turned a corner when it came to conquering the bedroom clutter and keeping it clean! Can you believe after I put a few new daily responsibilities into action that my 9 and 7 year old daughters have been able to keep a spotless room for over 4 months in a row!!! CRAZY, I know!

It all came down to making them responsible, minimal daily pick up and seeing the potential that their personal space had hidden under all the piles and mess!

My girls do a few thing EVERY single day. By keeping on top of it they are never left with the daunting task of cleaning a disaster zone. I share our tips and tricks in Chapter 1 of “Kids in Training: Life lessons that will help lead to productive, responsible and grateful kids!” Keeping a room clean and orderly becomes totally manageable for little ones with a little direction, motivation and organization.

I’ve created a few fun chore charts that you can use to help your kids stay on top of their bedroom responsibilities! Help them identify a few daily tasks that will help them keep a clean room. By seeing what they need to do and marking it off when it’s done, they will feel the pride that comes with being responsible. I also talk about fun incentives and rewards for their continual hard work.

Chore chart 1

chore chart 2

These weekly chore charts are great for helping your kids keep track of their progress! Insert daily bedroom chores on the blank lines and have them mark them off as they accomplish their chore! Things to consider putting on the charts…

Make Bed

Clean Desk

Clean Dresser

Clean floor

Clean closet

Toys put away

Customize it to your kids room needs or areas that have been a struggle. If they have had a hard time keeping books in order add that chore to the daily list! Doing 5-10 minutes of daily work will totally help keep a space in order!

Read more about what’s been working in my home by reading “Kids in Training!” Along with helping my kids keep a clean room, I touch on 9 other helpful life skills that are helping me teach my kids how to be productive and responsible!

If you purchase a copy of “Kids in Training” Now through March 19th, you will be entered into our “Clean Room Giveaway!”

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These fun items are the perfect tools to help any kids room become organized and ready to KEEP clean! Items are being ordered and shipped from Amazon so they are subject to availability once a winner is chosen! Winner will be chosen from my e-book sales log and announced on the Blue Cricket Design Facebook Page March 20th! If you have already purchased a copy you are automatically entered to win!

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First day of school

The first day of school is a big deal over here at the BCD house! It has been since the day I sent my first preschooler off for the very first time! This year was no differentand with all three of my littles off to school all at once I took full advantage of capturing this special day!

It wouldn’t be the first day of school without  a fresh box of Crayola Sidewalk chalk! This has become our signature first day photo op and this year Charlie got in on the action!



Grab an iconic black board and a bistro chalk pen and create this super simple “first day of school ” sign.

I borrowed this vintage school desk from a good friend and and piled on the thrift store books to help create this fun little scene. I absolutely adore the way these turned out!

These frames from “Cut it Out”  make the perfect personal sign. I create the printable and painted each unfinished frame keeping in mind what my girls outfits were and painting them a coordinating color.

I can not believe it’s back to school already for these little ones. These three will be all grown up sooner then we know it and I know I’ll treasure theses photos forever!


“Good Morning America” came to my house to film a segment on “The first Day of School!” It was a day my whole family will never forget. The segment should air sometime this week  so be sure to fan the Blue Cricket Design facebook fan page ! As soon as I know when it will air I will post details there! More details on my day with GMA to come!

In the mean time…

I created a FREE printable ready for you to download!  Enjoy these ” First day of…” signs: Preschool through 12th grade! Please feel free to share and pin.

First Day of School Pre-12th


FREE Spring Printable by “Stay at home Artist”

I don’t know about you, but I am itching for spring.
It’s such a happy time of year with emerging flowers, raindrops, and soft sunshine.
LOVE it.
With the coming season in mind, I’ve created a cheerful, spring-inspired free printable to share.
These darling little toothpick flags are so simple to put together.
Just print, cut, and glue!
(They can be used on other items besides toothpicks as well–drinking straws, cake pop or sucker sticks, skewers, etc.)
To print some of your own, all you have to do is download the file HERE.
Then decorate for a party or special occasion (like Easter or a birthday)…
…or make an ordinary spring day a little special!
Kacey is showing off her amazing skills full time over on “Stay at home Artist!” come check her out!

FREE Printable by “Stay at home Artist!”

Being creative is not always rainbows and lollipops.

Sometimes you spend hours painting a project…
…only to realize the color just doesn’t work.

Or you painstakingly toil over a new recipe…
…only to discover the texture of your dish is eerily similar to kindergarten paste.

Or you spend days working on a brilliant idea for a blog post…
…only to find another blogger just posted a similar project (and it might be “better” than yours).

At times like these (and, yes, I have had times just like these), I find it helpful to keep this simple phrase in mind:

original quote sourceIt’s easy to get caught up in unrealistic comparisons or feelings of failure and, as a result, forget about the pleasure of creating.  Projects, blogs, and the people behind them don’t have to be perfect to be worthwhile.  Creativity is a gift meant to bring us beauty, growth, and joy.

To help myself remember this, I made a little printable and put in it a frame…

I hung it above my sewing machine…
…so I can gaze upon it as I rip out stitches for the umpteenth time. :)

This printable is available for FREE!  You can download it HERE.
The file is watermark-free and fits in 8×10 or document sized frames when printed at the original size.Display it in your crafty space and enjoy working on your latest creative project–whether it turns out perfectly or not. 

Fine more amazing inspiration by Kasey over on “Stay at home Artist!”


Guest Post: Angry Birds FREE printable by My Concrete Sky

who doesn’t love angry birds?
last time i checked, they are pretty close to taking over the world…
(or at least pinterest pins, eh? ;)
well, if i’m being completely honest, angry birds aren’t quite my thing, but my 4 year baby boy is sure obsessed! and i have this 6 year old daughter, who kinda likes angry bird herself, but mostly just loves making stuff for other people!
so put the two simple joys together and voila!
a fun, handmade, mommy/baby nugget ANGRY BIRDS project/sibling gift!
i wish i was clever enough to claim this idea all as my own,
but instead i am just super grateful for the genius idea i found here
i changed it up and bit and instead of hand painting each can, i created some printable labels because a) i don’t have the patience to paint each one individually! b) my daughter could then do most of the project herself (since it is her gift to little brother…)
today i am sharing those printable labels with you so that you and/or your babies
can make a fun set of your own!

+ recycled soup cans (in the amount of ‘pins’ you want to make…we had 10 for our set)
+ mod podge (i favor matte finish, but i’m sure glossy would be fab too!)
+ green acrylic paint (’2553 lime green’ by folk art from walmart for $0.97 is a great match!)
+ sponge brush (to apply mod podge)
+ regular brush (to apply paint, but you could use a sponge brush too…just use whatever you have!)
+ printed labels (you need one for each can you have…download below!)
+ paint the cans (just the tops and about an inch around the top and bottom of the cylinder part…)
while you let the paint dry, cut out your bird labels
once paint is dry, generously apply mod podge (momma helped baby girl with this part…)
stick the bird labels to the mod podged cans
make sure the entire label is adhered to each can
apply coat of mod podge all over the now labeled cans (and to the painted can tops)
let it dry
stand back, admire and go gaga over your adorable creation
wrap it up pretty and give it to some angry birds addict who will love this real life set to bits and pieces!



after one trial and error can, i discovered the easiest method for applying all coats of mod podge that i must share with you! (see photo below…)

put your hand in the can opening while you mod podge then you can apply mod podge on the entire circumference of the can without getting it all over your hands! once i was done mod podging, i slid the can off of my hand using the counter’s edge so i wouldn’t ever have to touch the stickiness! (you can see two finished cans in the background on the counter’s edge using this ‘slide-off-of-the-hand method’ :)

also, mod podge both coats with the can’s ridges instead of against…much easier!
i bought an actual angry bird doll dude at a post-thanskgiving sale…if you’d like to make your own ‘bird ball’ there is a great tutorial from the same blogger that inspired this project herea big thanks to heidi for posting her project so others could pin it (thereby allowing me to find it ;)and to, the site that so generously shared the angry bird images i used to create the labels…THANKS FOR SHARING!!

our little set turned out even cuter than i anticipated (that’s always a good thing isn’t it?)
hope you have as much fun as we did making this simple present!!
happy holidays from our home to yours!!
Download the FREE printable HERE!
alisa is living her dream and true calling as a full-time mommy/wife and as a nap-time artist/designer. She spends he days schnoogling her babies, avoiding laundry, finding order in the chaos, enjoying the journey, and cultivating a creative life. to see more of alisa’s work, please visit her at