Happy Fathers Day Mr. BCD

Dude! I love my husband! Like really really adore him! Happy Fathers Day my love! You make me proud to be your parental partner on this parenting journey we are experiencing together! You are the greatest dad our three girls could dream up! We are so blessed to have you!
** and yes! That’s the face we get when we ask Charlie to smile!


Hope you are all enjoying your Fathers Day weekend with the special men in your life!


Fathers Day traditions!

For the last few years, well at least since we’ve owned our home, we’ve started a new tradition in our home when it comes to Mothers and Fathers Day. For Mothers Day Mike gives me a new potted plant to put in our garden and for Fathers Day the girls and I give Mike a new tool for his collection! It’s been a fun way to keep it simple and useful and grow our two collections!

Each year my flowers pop back up ( we only get perennials!) and I’m reminded of Mothers Day’s past and Mikes collection of house hold tools is growing. That’s the extent of our gift giving! I LOVE having that standard! In years past I’ve been disapointed and it ruins my day. That’s totally lame! So now that we both understand what to expect we can totally appreciate the day and enjoy the other fun little loving gestures.

I think I want to add a new tradition this year!

Ice Cream Cake!!!

I think an Ice Cream Cake is in order for the day! And don’t tell my husband but this is just as much for me as it is for him! We NEVER have this yummy treat. I never remember to think of it but every time I have¬† a slice I’m always like ” I need this more often!” So I think a new tradition will be born!


What are your Fathers Day traditions? Share share share!!!