A Thankful tablecloth


During this time of year we seem to have thankful hearts! Why not turn our thankful attitude into a fun and functional reminder of all the things we have been blessed with, appreciate and want to celebrate this season! Creating a Thankful Tablecloth is an easy  way to get your entire family in on the fun.

Start by gathering your family and ask them to help you make a list of all the things they are thankful for! The more words the better! List loved ones names, special dates, personal luxuries, hobbies, vacation locations…the skies the limit!


Head on over to Lowe’s for your tablecloth supplies! YEP! Lowe’s! This darling project comes straight to you from Lowe’s! A drop cloth and some Sharpie markers and a steady and patient hand are all it takes to create this thankful look!

1. Drop cloths aren’t just for painting projects anymore! I have  a square table so finding table cloths that fit is already a difficult task for me! I love the natural color of these drop cloths and knew it would make a great starting point for this project! Lowe’s sells a 9′x6′ drop cloth for under $11. You will also need broad tip Sharpie Markers also sold at Lowe’s for under $3 for a two pack.

2. Cut your drop cloth to fit your tables need. In my case I made mine 6′x6′. Hem your cut edge.

3. You’ll want to iron out the creases in order to have a smooth writing surface.

4. Before laying out your drop cloth onto your table you will need to add butcher paper or newspaper to help avoid getting ink on your table.

Now comes the fun part! I started with my most important words! You’ll want to spread them out, have then face different ways and use different “fonts” when you write them! You’d think it would be hard to keep your printing straight but the thread grain make it super easy to keep your lines straight! You will adjust your printing size to fit sections of the drop cloth. Have words facing upside down and sideways! The more fonts and styles of writing the better!

And all of a sudden…4 hours later (Yes! This is a little time consuming but SOOO worth it!) you’ll have this awesome keep sake that will be a fun conversation piece and a lovely reminder of all the blessing you and your family have! And don’t freak out if you misspell a word or TWO in my case! I could have spit nails when I misspelled GRANDPARENTS and FOOTBALL! I know right! Trust me…do the writing with no distractions! Don’t be talking on the phone or helping your 2nd grader with homework! If it does happen just keep working! It will blend in and now you have a fun game to play at dinner…” Who can find the misspelled word!” Grab a prize or two for the winner!

Lastly I added this beautiful Quatrefoil Mirror also from Lowe’s for a centerpiece. I love the way it adds weight and reflection to this look!


My girls loved finding their names and all the words that they suggested! Certain things that tug at my own heart strings are my wedding date, special friends, vacations and inside jokes! It really was a fun way to realize how blessed I truly am! I hope you and your family can create a table cloth as meaningful as this is is to us!


Thanks Lowe’s for being a hot spot for inspiration! After reading the latest issue of Lowe’s Creative Idea’s magazine I was totally inspired to get my Holiday craft on! Have you guys signed up for the FREE Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine yet? This free publication is beyond amazing! I have never seen such creative ways to put unsuspecting items to create beautiful holiday decor! You can get a peek at what I’m talking about here online but be sure to sign up for the free Creative Ideas Magazine so you can get inspired as well!


Pinterest Love: Fall is in the air!

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! The changing colors, the smells of spice, the cozy home life! It’s almost too much! I have been Falling for Fall all month and am thrilled to show you some of my favorite Fall finds from Pinterest…


These Pumpkin Cream pies from Tasty Kitchen are such a distraction! Really, how am I ever going to get this post done when all I want to do is go and make these!


How cute is this Fall checklist found over on The High Heel Hostess! Love these fun fall activities!  Who wouldn’t love checking off these things!


Pam Garrison shares this beautiful Fall Felt garland! Felt and I are having an affair right now just so you know! This is so charming!


I fell in love with the mantle above this stove and Julie form  Less then perfect life of Bliss decorates it perfectly for Fall! I love how she used the bold splash of Turquoise! Yep, it’s my favorite color year round too!

Simple Fall decor is what resonates with me best and these beautiful Fall framed art I just adore from Dream Home!


How darling are these fabric Acorns made by Zemphira’s Creations! I can’t get over how cute they are!

Centsational Girl shares her skills in creating a beautiful Fall porch with a fun tutorial on how to make this glazed pumpkin topiary!


And of course it would be Fall without a warm and tasty Fall treat! These Scones looked irresistible from Sweet Peas Kitchen!


"Give Thanks" Thanksgivng Shadow box

 I’ve had a lot of great finds lately and I finally added them all together to create  the perfect simple Fall and Thanksgiving decoration.

 These beauties i picked up at a favorite consignment shop called Secondhand Chic located in Sugar House. I loved these antique flatware pieces and picked them up for I think $1.50 each.

 I also found some beautiful wall paper remnants that I couldn’t wait to use! I gathered a painted shadow box I had left over from my daughters room, some vinyl , spray adhesive and my new favorite tool by PLAID , My Professionals Tool Set which included a roller tool and scraping tool!

 I first measured and cut a piece of Wallpaper to fit the back of my shadow box. I used spray adhesive and rolled my Plaid rolling tool to smooth it out!

 After trimming the edge it was ready to go!

 I used E6000 glue to glue down my Flatware.

The scraping tool and rolling tool worked great to help me transfer my vinyl on!

This sits on my mantle and reminds me of our blessings! I love this simple reminder that was simple to make! 
Plaid wants to give one lucky reader their very one Professionals Tool set So you to can make a fun project like this! Simply leave a comment in today’s comments section and I’ll pick a winner and announce it next Wednesday!


Blue Cricket Designs Halloween Flash Back

If this is your first Halloween here on Blue Cricket Design You are in for a treat! I am featuring the hottest Halloween craft ideas on the web.

Last year at this time I was knee deep in Halloween Ideas! Halloween is by far my favorite time of year! Please enjoy a few of my favorite post from Halloween ’09! Classic projects that I am excited to share with my new readers! Click the photos to be taken to their original full length tutorials!

More new and exciting Halloween Projects BY ME to come!

Severed fingers! Nothing cooler then a fake finger to freak someone out with! These were so much fun to make! My kids have already started begging me to make these again!

“Something to sink your teeth into!” This is a yummy treat, Raspberry Bars, packaged in a fun Halloween gift box! Perfect gift idea for teachers and neighbors!

Paper Fall leaves and fabric scraps make for the perfect Fall garland!

These black bleeding candles are simple and easy! They add the perfect spooky touch to any mantel! They are not for burning but for decor!

Find out how you can become a guest poster HERE!

Fall Decor Galore!

I am loving all the
“Falling” for Fall
links! Keep them coming and don’t forget to add the
Button for others to see where to come for all the fun!

I finally got most of my own decorations up this week! Now for a little guided tour!

Please no flash photography and keep your arms
and legs securely inside!

The Mantle is finally done!! I finished her off with Black Paper Bats and my “Trick or Treat” Sign I won at Bunco last year!

This is my entry table! Our amazing Cousin painted the Picture! Isn’t it awesome!

On top of my piano!

Here is my sofa table display! The glass Hurricane is filled with dried
orange slices and fall leaves.

The Buffet in our dinning room!

Our dinning room table! I love the Glitter Skulls I picked up at the Dollar Store! I swear the Dollar store did not disappoint this year!

And finally our garage door!

I love everything about Fall Decorations! The best part is that Fall decorations can stay up through November! So it’s a perfect excuse not to dust… I mean heck!!!Cob webs are sooo
Halloween Spooktacular right!

Keep your ideas coming and add them to the ever growing list of Fun Fall projects!

Falling for Fall
Click button for direct link to a list of other amazing Fall ideas!


Fall Mantle Makeover Part Two: Bleeding Candles

Bleeding Candles

Not sure why but every time I hit up my local Thrift stores they always have a large collection of Brass Candle stick holders! I finally found a great way to put them to use…

For this project you’ll need a few candle stick holders, red candles and Black spray paint (which I already had!) I payed .50- $1 for each of these and only 50 cents for each candle.
Lovin’ the cheap factor here!!!

Spray Paint the Candle Stick holders Black!

After they are dried put your candle in the holder and spray paint the Red candles Black as well!

Once the Candles are dry you can now burn them and watch the red wax drip through the paint and resenble blood!


Add a few spiderwebs and just like that you’ve added one more Halloween decoration!
Total cost:$3.25

I would have loved to have found a Candelabra to do this to but no such luck! If any of you do this with a Candelabra PLEASE send me a photo!!! I think it would look soooo great!


Fall Mantle Makeover: Part one!

I can’t tell you how excited I am to get all my Fall Decorations up! Each year when I unpack my decorations I’m as excited as a kid on Christmas morning!

Every year I add to my collection! This year I created this fun Fall Garland!

Super Easy and Super Cheap!

First I had to work my magic on a set of Crape Paper Leaves I picked up at the Dollar Store!


These sweet little reminders of Autumn were a wee bit boring and plain for my taste but you couldn’t beat the price! A ten pack for $1!!!SCORE!

I spruced them up by painting on a burnt yellow color and making them look more veiny. I added a few more shades of Autumn hues and sprayed on some Gold Glitter!

Now these puppies are ready to be hung!


I attached 6 leaves to a swagged piece of ribbon!
I used two pieces of fabric ( about 1/4 of a yard each) and cut them into approximately 1″ x 9″ strips.
Alternating the fabric, I tied then onto the ribbon!

And that’ll do it folks!

Be on the look out for Part Two of my Mantle Makeover!!!