Fabric Covered Spring Vases

Nothing says “Bring on the warm weather” like bright pops of color! While Spring cleaning I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet and realized I had a huge collection of glass vases and jars! I had gathered them all up and had them in my car to drop off at the thrift store but quickly realized I could re-purpose a handful of them and turn them into a fun Spring project!

Gather a variety of glass bottles and jar! Rescue them! Make sure they look great together in a cluster! Cut think strips of scrap fabric in a variety of prints and color! Hot glue the fabric onto the bottles! Time to embellish!

Fabric buttons, twine, fabric flowers and tulle! Anything to add a little more texture and color! Use what you have and just have fun with it!



Conversation Heart Pillow by “Sweetie Pie Bakery”

I think the Valentine candy hearts are one of the most sweetest candies. I love the colors and the messages…but am not very fond of the taste.

I thought pillows would be a fun way to incorporate the candy into my house without having to eat them!


1/2 yd. of fleece per color you choose

1 sheet of red felt


Heart Pillow Template


Sewing Thread


Sewing Machine



1. Begin by cutting out your hearts. Use the template provided to cut out 2 hearts per pillow. Cut out a rectangle measured at 3″ x 40″ for each pillow.

2. Cut out your text. I used a basic font on my computer and then traced the letters onto the felt.

3. Sew the messages on each pillow top. Carefully pin the letters so they don’t shift too much.

4. With right sides together, sew the rectangle end together with 1/4″ seams.

5. With right sides together, sew the loop you just made to the pillow top with 1/4″ seams.

6. Sew the back of the pillow onto the loop, right sides together, with 1/4″ seams. Make sure to leave a 3″ opening to turn the pillow out.

7. Clip the curved parts of the heart and turn the pillow right side out. Smooth the seams and then stuff the pillow to your desired fullness.

8. Using a blind stitch, sew the opening closed. Repeat this process to finish as many pillows as you like!

Share your pillows in the Baked Goods Flickr Group!

For more great ideas from Jessi be sure to visit “Sweeti Pie Bakery!”


A new door look thanks to Elmers

I had a great opportunity to try out some of Elmer’s and X-ACTO new product line! I was gobstopped when a package arrived at my door chuck full of fun tools! Here’s what I came up with… A new front door look!

1. I used my new X-ACTO knife to cut my Elmers Bi Fold Foam board to size.

2.The pink X-ACTO scissors are fantastic! I never knew how bad my scissors were until I had a new pair to work with! They were perfect for cutting my fabric to size.

3. I used hot glue and wrapped my foam board with the cut fabric. Isn’t that fabric awesome! Walmart fabric department!

4. Lastly I added fabric flowers and fabric rosettes embellishments! I have a collection of these fun flowers that I use a lot in my decor. The secret is never gluing them onto your projects but to use broach pins. That way you can change them out and never get tired of them in one place.

Super fun right! All of the great Elmers products I had the chance to use I loved! The creative tools are a must for any crafter! I especially recommend the scissors and of course the X-ACTO knife! The permanent tape runner was also an awesome tool! Great for paper crafting!

I wasn’t the only one who got to try out these great products! Elmers sent me a huge stash to share! I hosted a “Take and Make” Elmers party with some of my readers and they all got to take home their own collection of craft tools to try and then had the chance to come up with their own awesome project! I’ll be showing off their projects later this week! You are going to be blown away!

Thanks Elmers for this great chance to play with so many of your great tools!


First day of school headband


This is what you get when you add a silk flower, a fabric rosette, a rounded pom pom, a fabric button and netting!

Gather your elements and create the clutter you like! Glue them onto a piece of felt, trim and hot glue onto a fabric covered headband!

Makes the perfect accessory for the first day of school!


Kitchen Stool makeover

Last weeks thrift store haul proved to be a huge success! I knew this old dated kitchen stool was a diamond in the rough! Just look at her now…

1. Start off by removing the two fabric covered sections of the chair leaving behind only the metal frame. Now you’re ready to spray paint!

2. Time to recover the seat cushions! I found this beautiful oil cloth at Material Girls Quilt Shop. I only needed 1/2 a yard.  I used spray adhesive to help keep the fabric in place.

3.  Cut slits every 2″ to help pull the fabric over the curved edges easily.Hot glue the fabric on. I kept the existing old fabric and padding on becasue this thing was OLD and the fabric was stuck to the padding.

4. When you are done recovering it’s time to put them back onto the metal frame!

I love her!The End!


Fabric and Wood Bead necklaces

I’ve been totally inspired by all the wood jewelry I’ve been seeing. I bought an awesome wood bead necklace from Old Navy last week (and btw, when did Old Navy start selling awesome jewelry??) and was inspired to create some original new accessories of my own using wood craft beads and fabric!

I started off by getting a great variety of Knit fabrics. Think Jersey and cotton Tshirt fabric.  Fabrics that have a stretch and when cut don’t fray!

These craft beads are perfect. They are sold in a variety pack and come in a variety of stains and sizes and are sealed and shiny!

For this first version I used my rotary cutter and cut 3 long (the width of my fabric) 1 inch strips of fabric.

I used a metal skewer to help guide the fabric through the beads. In between each bead I tied a knot.  I then braided and knotted the ends and secured the ends with Ribbon Clasps.


This version is made by using a  5 inch wide strip of fabric. I strung and beads and knotted in between. Then I added a second row ob beads and tied the two together with a knot.


This last version is a 3 inch wide strip of fabric and beads.

These are simple and fast to create and are a great way to mix in fun fall colors into your wardrobe.





Fabric Button Necklaces and a contest…

I wore one of my button necklaces to a store a while back and the employee who rung me up was in love with it! I passed on my business card and weeks later she emailed me asking if I could bring in a few more creations for her to look at and to buy! Here’s what I came up with…

Carnival Ride:

Pretty in Pink:

Lake house:

Party Girl:

Can you guess which two she bought?

These were so much fun to design! I love creating something that is hard for me to part with! All four of these were my favorite for differnt reasons!

If you’d like to make one of these little darlings your very own please shoot me an email! I’d be happy to create one of these 4 or do a custom creation with colors combos you dream up! They run in price between $20- $25 shipped and will include a free matching ring.


Speaking of colors…  Which color combos would you love to see in a button necklace? Leave a comment in today’s comments section and I’ll pick my favorite 5 combo suggests, create the necklaces in each combo and we’ll vote for our favorite! The winner will win their necklace for FREE!  Ready, set, GO!!!!!



Fabric Button Bracelet

Fabric covered buttons are making an appearance on my wrist these days! After my Fabric Button Necklace I thought a bracelet would be  anatural next move!

I started with a great find from the DownEast Clearance Store. This was a messed up monogramed bracelet that they sell for $1. It has a leather band and  clasp and all it needed was some way to cover up the mess up!

A few buttons ought to do the trick! I glued these on with hot glue and it was exactly what this bracelet needed!

I love it when we can make an otherwise useless item usable again!


Everythings coming up Roses!

This weeks linking party was nothing short of fabulous! Endless eye candy for the creative at heart! So many things jumped out at me but I was blown away by all the fun Rosette and floral projects! Talk about a hot tread that I can’t get enough of! Here are just a few of my favorite linked projects that showed off Rosette making skills!

Summer Clutch by Scissors and Spatulas

This darling clutch blows me away! It’s bright and cheery colors and beautiful embellishments are a home run! Way to go Jen!

Flower Headband by Crafty Girls Workshop

Irene used lace, fabric and trim to create this totally couture headband! I am in love with this soft look!  Way to go Irene!

Wool Felt Headband by Living Craftily Ever After

Darling as they come! This color combination is to die for! I am in love with how sweet it looks. You will love seeing this on her little model! Love this Kelly!


Thanks for all the great links! I ‘m adding all of these to my growing wish list! Be sure to follow the title links to be taken to the full original tutorials!



Fabric Button Necklace with vintage jewelry chains

Buttons! Buttons! Who’s got the buttons!

I’m addicted to making fabric coverd buttons and this is no exaggeration when I say I have thousands of them! I just bought a ton of them and I’ve had so much fun creating all sorts of creative things!


This fun necklace was created with my scrap fabric, my grandmothers  costume jewelry and chalk cloth! Shall we…

I adore it when I can create a project with all my saved fabric scraps! NEVER throw away fabric scraps!

Fabric covered buttons are a cinch to make! Craft and fabric stores sell button kits in varying sizes. A variety of sizes used together look the best.

I chose to use Chalk Cloth for two reasons! I needed something strong and sturdy and that would add strength and durability!  And it is totally affordable! Leather was too pricy, felt was to weak and Chalk Cloth came to mind because of its price point and durability!

You’ll make a smile shape! This will be the foundation for your necklace! Make it as large or small as you’d like!

First start by placing your buttons in a layered arrangement! Once you like the arrangement start by gluing down the bottom layer with hot glue! The hot glue will stick really well to the chalk cloth! I found that the buttons that you add on top of that layer  adhere better when I used E6000 glue instead of hot glue. My hot glue peeled away from the fabric.

Be sure to leave half an inch on each end in order to save room for your chain.

For the chain of my necklace I rummaged through the collection of costume jewelry I inherited from my grandmother when she passed away! I can’t tell you how much I loved this! I was wondering how I’d put to use her beautiful jewelry! This made this project all the more personal to me!

You can also use ribbon, ric rack,pom poms lace or other fun trims!

I used jewelry pliers to disconnected a link in the center of the necklace to create the two sections. I then added a jump link and connected the sections through a small hole I created on each end of the center piece.

Lastly I hot glued some decorative ribbon to cover the exposed chalk cloth.



I LOVE how it all came together! Funny…my grandmothers necklace still smells like her! Avon perfume!


Seeing as I have a million fabric button supplies, I will be making these to sell so please use this tutorial for personal use only and stay tuned for an announcement on when these babies will be for sale! Thanks!