Family Dinner Project!


Several months ago, my sister-in-law and I were talking about ways we can add a little more fun to our family routines- specifically our dinner-time routines. We both agreed that the dinner table is an ideal gathering place to connect with your family and create lasting memories. But with all of the tasks and responsibilities we have as parents, it is easy to fall into a “dinner-time rut” and lose some of that excitement and joy.

Raising children is no walk in the park; in fact, it’s one of the HARDEST things we’ve ever done. We’re all about keeping motherhood meaningful and fun, but what happens when you get too busy for meal times or the conversations at the dinner table are lacking? We all have struggles and triumphs in our own lives and there is no such thing as a “Perfect Mom”, but with a little bit of effort and determination, the time you spend with your family can be meaningful and memorable.

We got right to work brainstorming ideas that we could implement with our own families- activities we could do at the table, games, themed dinners, fun foods to eat etc. When we had a pretty extensive list of ideas, we hit the ground running and tried them out on our individual families.

And guess what………. it was a stinkin’ BLAST!!!!!!!

family dinner project 1

My kids for sure thought I was the coolest mom ever. If they came home from school and saw the table already set for dinner, they knew they were in for a treat! A couple times their friends would come over when I was setting things up and you could see the ENVY in their eyes…… every kid deserves to experience this!

We had such a great success with our individual families, we decided to write a book all about it! Introducing……….

FamilyDinners-3D cropped

The Family Dinner Project is a book written by moms for moms! We continue to work extremely hard at our motherhood responsibilities. We’ve learned many things along the way and we are ready to share them with you! If you’re ready to make family dinners a priority in your home, we have you covered!

{sneak peak at the inside}

{sneak peak at the inside}

“The Family Dinner Project” is here to help make dinner time more meaningful! We planned 12 themed meals that are fun, interactive and perfect for all the different times of the year. These are some of the best tips and ideas we’ve put to use with our own families.

{sneak peak at the included printables}

{sneak peak at the included printables}

All of the planning has been done for you – the menu is set, a shopping list is written and the decor and activities are suggested. We’ve also included fun printables for every meal that will make your evenings even more special. All you have to do is add your own special touch!

Let us help you turn your dinner table into something magical!

CLICK HERE get your hands on a copy of The Family Dinner Project for only $9.95!!!!!

Then, gather your family together and let’s see where the night takes you!


Kids in Training: Keeping a Room Clean and Orderly! Giveaway and Free Printable

clean room giveaway poster

I know I’m not the only who has struggled with trying to help my kids keep their rooms clean! It was a constant battle and frustration in my home. I would often give up and clean it myself but the reality of them missing out on this important life lesson and skill finally won me over and I had to come up with a better plan!

In my e-book “Kids in Training” I drive head first into this very topic and share how we turned a corner when it came to conquering the bedroom clutter and keeping it clean! Can you believe after I put a few new daily responsibilities into action that my 9 and 7 year old daughters have been able to keep a spotless room for over 4 months in a row!!! CRAZY, I know!

It all came down to making them responsible, minimal daily pick up and seeing the potential that their personal space had hidden under all the piles and mess!

My girls do a few thing EVERY single day. By keeping on top of it they are never left with the daunting task of cleaning a disaster zone. I share our tips and tricks in Chapter 1 of “Kids in Training: Life lessons that will help lead to productive, responsible and grateful kids!” Keeping a room clean and orderly becomes totally manageable for little ones with a little direction, motivation and organization.

I’ve created a few fun chore charts that you can use to help your kids stay on top of their bedroom responsibilities! Help them identify a few daily tasks that will help them keep a clean room. By seeing what they need to do and marking it off when it’s done, they will feel the pride that comes with being responsible. I also talk about fun incentives and rewards for their continual hard work.

Chore chart 1

chore chart 2

These weekly chore charts are great for helping your kids keep track of their progress! Insert daily bedroom chores on the blank lines and have them mark them off as they accomplish their chore! Things to consider putting on the charts…

Make Bed

Clean Desk

Clean Dresser

Clean floor

Clean closet

Toys put away

Customize it to your kids room needs or areas that have been a struggle. If they have had a hard time keeping books in order add that chore to the daily list! Doing 5-10 minutes of daily work will totally help keep a space in order!

Read more about what’s been working in my home by reading “Kids in Training!” Along with helping my kids keep a clean room, I touch on 9 other helpful life skills that are helping me teach my kids how to be productive and responsible!

If you purchase a copy of “Kids in Training” Now through March 19th, you will be entered into our “Clean Room Giveaway!”

clean room prize

These fun items are the perfect tools to help any kids room become organized and ready to KEEP clean! Items are being ordered and shipped from Amazon so they are subject to availability once a winner is chosen! Winner will be chosen from my e-book sales log and announced on the Blue Cricket Design Facebook Page March 20th! If you have already purchased a copy you are automatically entered to win!

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Cupids night in

This year I am all about creating more family memories and planning fun meals together is a big part of that goal! For Valentines dinner this year I’m creating a beautiful night in with my husband and girls! This table setting sets the scene for a night of amazing food, fun activities and together time! This is just a sneak peek at what I’ll be doing but I wanted to share a little preview…

Apothecary jars make great center pieces and can be filled with anything to fit a season or theme. I filled my two jars with affordable treats, pink marshmallows and red hots!

The dinner table isn’t the only thing that gets dressed up! I hung hearts, tissue paper balls and pin wheels on the walls to make the entire dining room ready for the night!

My everyday simple white dishware looks almost fancy set up on top of layered paper place mats and white doilies both found at a local party supply store. No plastic kid plates or cups here! Make the night special and set the table with “fancy” glass ware and grown up place settings!

I created these easy love letter hanging mailboxes to hang on the back of each chair! Our activity for the night will be to write each other “love notes” and deliver them to each family member.

This night is one of many fun filled theme dinners I’ll be experiencing with my family this year! Stay tuned for more! Steph for Somewhat Simple and I have an ebook coming your way that is filled with themed dinner ideas for you and your family! Menus, activities, decor and more! Each night planned out with memory making in mind! More to come!





“Kids in Training” ebook

I am so excited to announce that my first e-book, “Kids in Training,” is finally ready for your viewing pleasure!

If you’ve followed my blog over the years you’ll remember me stepping away from blogging full time last May. That much needed break came at a time in my life when I desperately needed to slow down and refocus. It took walking away from something I loved in order to be still long enough to know what I needed to do next. These last 8 months have lead to a lot of wonderful things, the biggest being a renewed love and appreciation for my family and my responsibility as a mother.

It was during all this new free time that I was reminded about the joys of being a full time mom. It also put into perspective the moments I might be missing out on to teach my kids important lessons. Born out of this realization came the idea for this book. I asked myself “What are the things I want my kids to know how to do, and do well, once they leave my home? How can I help them learn?” My time as a mom of young kids could be more then car pool and bed time kisses. I felt an urgency to be teaching them more! I wanted to maximize my influence and take advantage of their young teachable spirits as best I could and yes, still kiss them good night knowing we all did our best that day!

I focused in on 10 “Training Lessons” that were things I wanted them to understand. I put into action new routines, new responsibilities and new opportunities for growth and amazingly enough I am seeing great things happening not only in my kids but in our whole family!

These were the topics that came to me as I made my list of what I needed to be working on with my family…

In the book I dive into each topic and share a few war stories, talk about ideas and activities that are working in my home and hopefully inspire you to create new ideas to implement into your own family. I share what is working, where I have failed miserably and how gaining a grasp on these concepts will help prepare our little ones to be productive, responsible and grateful kids!

It’s been an adventure as I’ve discovered the potential myself and my kids have had all along! These life lessons are helping us develop skills and a lifestyle that promotes family unity, team work and productivity. I hope and pray that you too can see the benefits of teaching kids at a young age the important skills that will help them join the real world prepared.

This e-book is being sold as a downloadable PDF and will be emailed to you once your order is complete. It is 52 pages long and can be bought by following the link below! Check out is via Paypal. A million thanks to all of you for your support!

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