Studio 5 Ruffled Headband Segment

Hi friends! I was on Studio 5 this last Wednesday here in Salt Lake City! It was a total blast and surprisingly easy…in the sense that I wasn’t a stress case like last time and everything seemed to fall into place quite well! Even with two days notice I’m thrilled with how it all turned out! Thanks mom for taking the girls!

I’ve been getting so many emails asking questions. I thought I’d address many of them here! The segment didn’t allow for me to talk about every little detail so here you go!

Q: Wait? Where do you buy your Broaches?
A: DownEast Clearance Center comes through again!!! All the beautiful broaches I had in the segment were bought for $1.99 at DownEast Clearance Center! They were Ann Taylor and JCrew Accessories.It’s not the regular DownEast but the Clearnace Center in Salt Lake. This location specializes in DownEast Cloths and accessories.

DownEast Clearance Center
375 W. 14th S.
Salt Lake City, UT 84115


I’ve talked about another DownEast Clearance Center that I LOVE too. This location is the one I adore for all my Pottery Barn finds. Sheets, towels, furniture, rugs, clothing and other Clothing lines like DownEast, JCrew, American Eagle and other designers! Everything is scratch & dent or Monogrammed or slightly off but it’s incredibly usable still and well worth the trip!

DownEast Home and Clothing Clearance Center
3505 West 3500 South
West Valley City, UT 84120

Q: What size ribbon was I working with?
A: The Brown Ribbon was 1.5″ thick. It’s my favorite size to use when making a headband for an adult! I use 5/8th” ribbon for the ones I make for my girls! I also made a few with Silk and Satin Ribbon and Lace! Basically anything goes!

Q: Can I make this without a sewing machine?
A: YES!! You can also fold a pleat and glue it down with hot glue to get the same look but you won’t be able to pin a broach through! the glue is just too thick!

Q: What is that Organizer Called? I can’t find it on the IKEA Website!
A: Sadly IKEA doesn’t sell every single item that they sell in their store on line! Because it’s an accessory and a smaller item it’s not online. I’m not even sure what it’s called! But its initial intention is to organize belts and scarves and is on display in the bedroom department. Sorry I’m not much help!

Q: Did you make your Ribbon holder?
A: Yes I did! I have a post about it found HERE!!!!

Q: Where did you get your Outfit? (seriously someone asked this!!)
A: TARGET!!!! Who knew Target had such great clothing for moms!!! I haven’t shopped for cloths for me there in years! But there are some awesome finds! The Blue Ruffled top was a tank top and only $20 and the Gray Sweater thing was also $20 and comes in a ton of other colors. It’s long and drapie in the front. My husband hates it! He said he won’t go out in public with me if I wear it! WHATEVER MIKE! Mr. Fashion Expert himself!The turquoise ring is also from Target!

Q: Does your little girl really sleep in a headband?
A: Funny but yes! That wasn’t just comical banter! Blue sleeps in a headband as often as she can. That morning I had packed up every headband in the house and she about had a nervous breakdown without one. So I dug out of my bag the ugliest one to put her at ease! Seriously folks!!!She has a borderline unhealthy relationship with accessories! Should I be worried? It’s sort of her thing…Skirt with pants! Two shirts and a sweater and a headband to round out the look! Melts my hear I tell ya! She’s got “Punky Power!!!”

ok…that about sums up the Q and A! Thanks for the support people! It’s been exciting sharing this stage of the journey with ya! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Thanks Studio 5 for an awesome day! Brooke, Darren and the entire staff were beyond helpful and made the process so comfortable and fun!! I Can’t wait to do it again!


Halter Top Revamp!

Time for another Revamp! Probably my most favorite thing to do! I take something that is perfectly wonderful and turn it into something even more perfectly wonderful!

This time I’ll be using this American Eagle Halter Top, adult size medium, that I picked up at my favorite Clearance Center “DowenEast Clearance!” It was $2.50 and in great shape!

First I cut the top off to even it out!

Then I cut it’s halter straps to use as straps for the new dress.

Next I turned the shirt inside out and stitched two new lines down the sides to create the size I needed to fit my little model! After you stitch the new seams trim off the excess fabric that you no longer need!

Pin down a new hem on the top of the dress and pin your straps on the front and back of the dress. I used a zig zag stitch to add a little detail!

I repeated the zig zag at the bottom of the dress to tie it all together!

Badda bing! Badda bang!Ten minutes later you have a brand new dress!
And all for $2.50! Gotta Love it!

**** Try taking photos of the busiest 2 year old on earth! Yikes! Wish I had better pics but alas…toddlers would rather play with a Zhu Zhu pet then strike a pose!


Headbands love Ruffles too you know!

If I can’t wear Jewelry like the best of them I’ll kick it up a notch with a fun headband most of the time! It makes me feel current, together and like I’m putting in the effort to complete a look! So what if I’m 30 years old and have a baby snot snail trial on my shoulder! At least my head looks good right!?

Headbands aren’t just for Grammar School girls! Mom’s can get away with them too!

Have a go at this super easy and versatile Ruffled Headband!

What you’ll need:

  • Two 20″ cut pieces of 1 1/2″ Grosgrain Ribbon
  • Straight Pins
  • Headband
  • Sewing Machine
  • Hot Glue gun and Glue

It’s simple really! Just start gathering your ribbon and making pleats being sure to pin them in place as you go!

This is how it will look when it’s been Ruffled or Pleated! Burn the edges of the ribbon with a lighter to prevent fraying.

Sew a straight stitch directly down the center!

Repeat the same thing on your second piece of ribbon but this time sew a straight stitch down the edge and not the center!

Using your Glue Gun glue the ruffled ribbon that has been sewn on the edge onto your headband. Glue it’s sewn edge down. You will want it to cascade down the side.

And lastly glue on your other ruffled piece layering it on top of the first! Glue its center down.

I love keeping it versatile! This simple design allows you to add to it. I pin on broaches that can easily be changes to match any outfit!

Can you believe I scored those beautiful Broaches for $1.99 each!!! DownEast Clearance Center comes through again! They had a huge selection of Ann Taylor and JCrew accessories all for just $1.99! They all retailed originally for$25-$40 !I bought up a huge collection and when I made this headband I knew they would be the perfect little touch!


What to do with a BIG ‘ol stack of Jeans!

16 pair of Jeans stared me down! Stacked high on a power trip they taunted me with their obvious usefulness yet they knew I was putting them off…so they used it against me! They tortured me as they cluttered a corner of my closet. I heard their laughter and snickers to each other as they made bets to see if I’d ever make time to tackle them. For months they got away with murder! Got off Scott free as I kept avoiding making eye contact with them. Then… One day in December I showed them who was boss!

Take that you evil stack of Denim Apparel! Who’s laughin’ now!

Thanks to my collection of Jean Castaways and a Hubby’s nearing Birthday, I finally concured the mountain of Denim that set up shop in a corner of my home! I honestly had no desire to make a Denim quilt but when your husband puts up with all your creative CRAP and asks for only ONE thing in return, it’s pretty hard to say no!

Mid summer while shopping at our favorite Discount Store, DownEast Clearance Center, The hubs eyes lit up when he saw all the damaged Jeans! $1 a pair or fill a trash bag for $10! How could he resist! So there a dream was born of a quilt made of Blue! I resisted! I bargained! I rolled my eyes! Yet deep down I knew I had to do it!

So months later I finally sleighed the Dragon and busted out a quilt made with LOVE for the one I love!

Tricks, Tips and Short cuts when making
a Denim Quilt:

  • Keep it simple! I cut Long strips down each leg. I used my straight edge acrylic cutting edge and just cut long 5″ wide strips.
  • Lay them out and stagger the strips to create a Hardwood Floor like look! This saves you tons of time and keeps it looking pieced, more modern and fresh.
  • When considering the backing CHEAT!!!! I bought a king size Fleece blanket from Walmart for $19. Fleece is expensive and the amount I needed was going to be way costly and require me to sew together two large panels in order to make it large enough. So to avoid the annoying seam and the cost just go buy a blanket large enough to use as baking! And because it was thick enough I didn’t need to buy any batting either! HUGE cost saver!

Yes!! I was “Wife of the year” when I surprised my man with his very own Denim Quilt! I think he had given up hopes of me ever making it! I kept telling him it was a “Fall Project!” Ok…so it was more of a “Winter Project!” But It’s done! And I never again have to look at that stack of Jeans again!

The End!

Oh Happy Day! I’m being featured over on

Mod Podge Rocks!

for Amy’s new behind the creator series! Come check it out! There is a photo of me spanking Pretzel dough you won’t want to miss! Black mail worthy? YES!


Sweater Revamp

Man I love a good revamp! This latest sweater makeover is a new personal favorite! I took these two Items…

And turned then into this…

LOVE IT!!!!!

So I picked up this American Eagle Sweater from my favorite discount store, DownEast Clearance Center! This store sells a Hodge Podge of Pottery Barn, William Sonoma, Red Envelope, Down East, J Crew, American Eagle and other Brands. The inventory is slightly damaged, monogrammed or scratch and dent! It’s a dream come true for someone like me who loves to turn otherwise unusable Quality Items into Original creations.

Anyway… I picked up this sweater that had a small hole in it for $2.50! For weeks I held onto it just waiting for an idea to pop into my head!

That idea finally came when I scored this little lovely while pillaging a bag of cloths my sister was going to toss! STOP THE PRESS!!!! What a find! (For sure she hates that she parted with such a gem NOW! Sorry Boopers!)

I cut out it’s beautiful and intricate details and started to arrange them on my sweater being sure to cover the hole!

Using as much of it as I could I even liked the look of reusing it’s buttons. I later decided against using all of them because of where they laid on my body once it was all put together! Let’s just say it could have been offensive if you know what I mean!

I pinned the appliques on and Zig Zag Stitched them on!

Ba-da Bing! Ba-da Bang! A brand new “Anthropology-esk” Sweater! I know we aren’t suppose to love things as much as I do this Sweater but I just can’t help myself! I HEART her!!!!


"Here’s my Card!"

You have all heard me talk about DownEast Clearance Center!!! It’s my favorite place to treasure hunt! Anyone who ever comes to visit from out of town always has this stop on there “To do!’ list!

Just a little recap: It’s a discount store that gets all of Pottery Barn, Red Envelope, DownEast and American Eagles Returns, scratch and dents, past seasons and other wise unsellable items.

Remember my Adult skirt revamp!!! That was a perfectly good last season skirt found at this store!

Moving right along….

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING from Pottery Barn that is laid to rest at this Clearance center has a monogram on it!!! It’s kind of ridiculousness!!! It’s crazy how many things can get stamped with RDT!!! Annoying to most… that is unless you can look at it’s possibilities!!!

I picked up these silver engraved Business card holders for 2 for $1 and made them useable again. I love how they turned out!!!!

Super cute huh!!! I just slapped on some E6000 glue and scrapbooking paper and called it good!!! Both sides are coverd!

I also did this treatment on some adorable 1″x1″ photo key chains…


I added that glazing product to the top of the key chains to make it look and feel like a puffy slick sticker!


So next time you see something that looks useless, try thinking of it in a different way!!! You may just create something pretty cool!

**** Who needs 5 business card holders right!!!??? I’d love to give a few away! I’m willing to ship two to two lucky Blue Cricket Friends. If you have a need for a card holder and want one let me know in your comment!!!! If you know me and where I live and want one let me know also! You can come pick one out.

Shipping is starting to add up over here!!! That’s why I sell ad space… to pay for my shipping!!! Get it!!! So also if you know of anyone who’s business would fit in over here at BCD send them my way!!! The more I can generate in advertising the more GIVEAWAYS I can offer!!!!

Thanks friends!!!


Revamp it!!!!! Adult Skirt turns into a Girly Dress!

Don’t you hate it when you hit a Clearance sale and all that’s left is Size XXS or XXL!!!!
What’s a girl to do!!!???!!!

Well think out side the empty rack and get creative!

While at my favorite Clearance Center DOWNEAST CLEARANCE CENTER I found two XL
Skirts! Ahh shucks!!! Not a single small size in sight! But just before I threw them back my mind started doing what it does best!!!

Could it be!?! Is there something adorable just waiting to be created!!!



Adult skirt revamped into this Adorable Little girls Dress!
(and could it be any easier!!!??)

Let’s Check out the before!

Super cute Down East Basic Skirt but a titch too big for me to enjoy…or is it!!!??
(Check the bottom of this post to see how I even get a little love out of her!)

I picked up the last two skirts for $5 each! Not too bad huh!

Let’s get this party started….

Put the skirt on your little cutie and pin it where you plan to cut. Be sure to allow a little space for seam allowance and a little extra room if you want it to last more then one season.

ALSO: be sure to take advantage of the already existing zipper!! This skirt had it sewn in on one of the sides so I was sure to cut off the opposite side! If the skirt has the zipper in the back just center it on your model and pin both sides showing where you’ll cut!

To line up a perfectly angled cut to match the other side of the skirt, simply fold the skirt in half taking the zippered side and matching it up to your pin marking where you’ll cut!

Follow the edge of the folded skirt with your scissors! Now you have a perfect
angle to match the other side!!!

Save that fabric you just removed…It’s what we’ll be using for the straps!

Now take your skirt section and fold it with right sides in. Sew a straight stitch down the length of the skirt making it a tube.

Finish the raw edge with a surging stitch!
And just like that your dress is nearly done!!!

Now moving onto the straps!

Using the piece of fabric you cut off, Cut out two strips. You can cut them as thick as you’d like and as long as you need . Measure your models shoulders to get an idea of the length you need. Remember, longer is always better! You can adjust them later!

Straps are simple! Fold your cut strip in half long ways and straight stitch up the edge. Turn the tube inside out! Press with an iron and add straight stitches up both edges to finish
the look and reinforce the straps.

Your nearly done!!!!
Put the dress on your model and pin the straps onto the front and back!
Sew them on using a straingt stich. I start at one side of the zipper and sew all the way across making it look clean and finished!

And ther you have it!!!!

A darling little dress any girl would love!!!


I also revamped a headband!!! I used left over scraps, added a handmade fabric flower
and glued on a vintage button!!! The perfect “Frosting” to our newest little get up!!!


And look what else is “SEW” simple to do… take a large skirt in and enjoy it yourself!!!!

I told you it was easy!!!!!


Mens shirt Makeover!

For Fathers Day I made Some dresses Out of my husbands Dress shirts! Super easy and the possibilities are endless! I was afraid my oldest daughter,almost 6, would need a larger shirt so I bought an XXL from my favorite discount store, DownEast Clearance for only $2.50. Here is how you turn an old favorite of Dad’s into a new favorite dress …
First take a dress shirt and cut off the sleeves and the bottom half just below the arms.
Remove the pockets by using a seam ripper!

(Oops!Sorry for the misspelling!)

To make a pattern you need a poster board, and a tank top shirts. Fold the poster board in half the long way. Measure your daughters chest area to get an idea of how wide you want the dress. For my girls I measured 7″. Add 1/2″ to that measurement for seam allowance and then divide in half because we are making our pattern on a folded Poster Board.

Starting at the top of the poster board, on the fold, measure and mark off your half measurement. For me, 3.25″. Now take your tank top shirt and trace the arm curve. From the bottom of the arm curve use a straight edge and draw a line to the bottom corner of the Poster Board

I use this entire template to make an A line dress out of dress shirts as well, but for this tutorial we will only be using the top sections when we trace out the top of the dress.

Using the top half of the shirt, both front and back, trace and cut out two pieces that will then look like this. NOTE: Line up the template about 1″ above a button. Be sure to use the crease mark in the template to make sure you are straight. It should be in the center lined up with the buttons. The lenght of this section is determined by holding up the template to your daughter and getting an idea of how long you need it. If you notice in my photos of the compleated dress my daughters have different lenghts… I used a longer one on my older daughter.
Now we will make the straps. Using fabric from one of the sleeves or left over from the top of the shirt, cut a piece 3″ by 20″. Fold and iron both length wise sides. Fold that in half and iron. Sew with a straight stitch both length wise sides and cut the strip in half. You should now have two 10″ strips. ( You can make the straps as wide or skinny as you want!)

Fold and iron the top of the bodice and the arm curve section. Pin on your strap 1/4″ from the edge. Fold over edge and sew starting from the bottom of one arm curve , across the straps and down the second arm curve.

For the back side, seperate the two buttoned sections. Measure on your daughter how long you need the straps and iron and pin the same way. Once you have sewn both back sides,re button.

Now place the front and back sections of the bodice together,right sides facing in and sew up each side section. Turn it right side out and now you have a completed top section of your dress.

Now to attach the skirt part.Unbutton and open your bodice and lie it length wise facing up on your ironing board. Take your bottom section of the shirt, the skirt, and unbutton it. With it’s right side facing down, line up the same sides, meaning button side to button side bodice. Pin then together.

We are now going to start to gather and pin our shirt. I do this one section at a time to insure I have an even gathers. You have already pinned the button edge together. Now take the first seam and match it up to the first seam in the bodice. Pin it there as well. You should have a loose section of skirt fabric. Now gather and pin the skirt fabric to the bodice fabric. Repeat now on the last two sections, the middle and other end by using the trick of first pinning each seam together and then pinning down the loose skirt fabric.

Repeat the pinning till it’s been pinned entirely.
Sew a straight stitch and attach the skirt.

Turn the dress right side out and press and stitch one more time on top to give it a finished look.

There you go!!! The beauty of this dress is in the steps you get to skip…Because you use the bottom section of a skirt, it is already hemmed and finished on the bottom and the sides and buttons make little to no work for the back!

The possibilities are endless. I plan on sewing on just the bottom of a cut off shirt onto a plane white t shirt using the gathering step and making a simple casual dress. You could also shorten it and make a baby doll top just by cutting the bottom half of the shirts closer to the bottom!!