No Grate Powder DIY laundry Soap

This was a total fluke how I came to this solution! It first started when I was trying to be a “cool” mom and showed the girls a fun soap experiment I found on pinterest where you microwave a bar of Ivory Soap and it magically (scientifically) turns from a simple bar of soap into a cool cloud of giant fluff right before your eyes! Thanks “Our best Bites” for the great trick! The girls LOVED it!

The girls were fascinated to see the soap grow and bubble and almost fill the entire microwave! It was a huge hit! Soooo… after we had this giant cloud of soap that the girls were holding and helping fall apart I was like “What now?”

I had the littles put the huge pieces of soap cloud into a bowl and let them have fun breaking it up into tiny flakes! It crumbles so easily! We were left with this bowl of fluff!

THEN IT HIT ME!!!! For all of those who LOVE to make home made laundry soap THIS was a great way to get your Ivory soap prepped!

One of the steps that everyone complains about when it comes to making DIY laundry detergent is the step that required you to hand grate bars of soap! UGG!

Well “UGG” no longer! Pop your bar of Ivory soap into the microwave on top of a large piece of wax paper! Set your timer for about 3 min. but you’ll open the door well before that time runs out! When the bar of soap turns into a HUGE mass of fluff then you want to stop the microwave. Each microwave is so different it’s hard to tell you an exact amount of time!

Be careful when you first touch it, it might be hot in certain spots! When it is completely cool put all the fluff into a bowl and break it up by hand! AND your done!

DIY Laundry Detergent!

  • 3 Bars of Ivory Soap prepped in the microwave to turn into fluff! Do one bar at a time!
  • 1 Box of Arm & Hammer Washing Soda 55oz.
  • 1  4 lb 12 oz Box Borax
  • 1  4lb Box of Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Mix together and store! Use 1-2 Tablespoons per load. Perfect for High Efficiency washers! This batch will last you FOREVER!!!

*** You can also add Oxyclean to the mix for extra umph!

Watch the soap in action…


100 0005 from Rebecca Dulgarian on Vimeo.


Photo Wall: End to End photo display

Have you ever had a wall in your home that has plagued you? I did! This wall above my stairs that leads to my basement was such a sore spot! I never know what to do with it. It stayed empty for 5 years until I recently FINALLY decided on a solution!

I always thought a HUGE piece of art work would look nice here but then I realized that the banister would probably cut it off and that would be lame. I didn’t know if photos all they way down the wall would look good either for the same reason. I knew I wanted something that would fill the space well and not be obstructed.

My sister had described a similar photo display but I had yet to see it. It was time to just go for it so off to IKEA I went! I grabbed a handful of frames in a variety of sizes and finishes and took over the floor space in the middle of the frame section at IKEA. I laid out an arrangement I liked and I was ready for step 2!

Once at home I laid out the frames again and took note of the photos needed for each frame.

Next I jumped online, sifted threw my photos and ordered prints from Sams Club.  An hour later I was ready to hang!

When it came to making sure they would hang evenly and centered I found the center of each frame and marked it with a pencil.   That way when I was ready to hang a frame next to one already hanging all I had to do was line up the center lines!


With the help of this adjustable ladder was all set and ready to start hanging!

I use 3M Command Strips for EVERYTHING! I have yet to put a nail in my walls for over 4 years! I adore theses things and they are perfect for a job like this! I’m super afraid to make a wrong nail hole especially in this case when even and level are so important. These Command strips save the day! I used 4 strips on the large frames and two on all the others!

The center photo is the most important photo. As long as it is hung level and in the right place all the other photos would be level too! I hung my largest/center photo first just to make sure I liked it’s placement before I started adding the next one. From there I worked my way out from the center to the end on each side.

My arrangement is A Symmetrical. I like how the frames vary on each side and one side is actually longer then the other. I took that into account when I started hanging them.  The entire arrangement is centered on my wall and at eye level.

I’m in love with this space! It no longer haunts me and begs to be do pretty her up! If you have a space in need of some fillin’ up, give this a try.


Lace embellished Plate Stand

I’m convinced that if you put pretty treats on pretty plates calories are canceled out. You know…cause it almost looks too pretty eat! Ok, your right! It’s still a calorie loaded treat! Ok, moving on…

This simple and pretty project makes for fun treat displays! Lace tends to do that to almost anything!

A tiny ice cream bowl and resin plate from Orson Gygi are a great starting point! I hot glued them together and they were ready for embellishing! Hot pink lace and blue cording finish off the look!

These would make darling displays for a fun birthday spread! Happy plate stand making!



A traditional bird house made from non traditional items!

Tweet tweet!!! Welcome home little birdies! Spring is knocking on our front door and it’s time to welcome back our neighborhood feathered friends!

This months Lowe’s Creative challenge was to create a bird house out of unsuspecting items from Lowe’s! Can you guess what this little abode is made of?

Molding details make the perfect frame for this easy to build bird house! When theses molding pieces were put together  they created the ideal home shape! You will need the following supplies from Lowe’s:

-Two 6″ molding halves

-One 6×6″  Cedar Hatteras castine (this tops off a stair rail)

- 4′ of rope

-One 1/4″ dowel

- Wood Glue

- Wood Fill

- Paint

- Sand Paper

- Craft sticks

Let’s get started…

1. Measure and find the center and mark where you’d like to drill your door hole.

2. Used a 1″ drill bit to make your hole.

3. Mmeasure and drill a 1/4″ hole for your perch.

4. Hold your two pieces of molding together and drill a hole in the top where your rope will be inserted into.  This step takes another pair of hands so grab a friend.

5. Now that your holes are all drilled you can glue the two molding pieces together!

6. Use a heavy object to hold the two pieces together as they dry over night.

7. Time to fill the cracks! Grab some wood fill and fill the seams.

8. After the wood fill has dried it’s time to sand off the excess fill.


Now it’s time to paint!

Hand paint the roof and walls and perch stand. Inserted the perch stand and used a little glue to secure it. String the rope threw the top hole and tied a large knot at the end.

With the house fully assembled it’s time to glue it onto the painted cedar hatteras. Painted the hatteras and turned it upside down making it the perfect base for the house.

Now it’s time for some detail work! I hand painted a shingled roof using a tooth pick! This step took me an hour (YIKES!) but I think it added such a charming look!

Broken and painted craft sticks make a perfect picket fence!I used wood glue to adhere them onto the house!

And there you have it! A charming and simple home for your chirping friends! And YES!!! That is my view from my front door! Pretty amazing huh!

Lowe’s has some fun and impressive bird house ideas in this months Creative Ideas Magazine! Have you signed up for your free subscription yet? If not jump on it!



Shamrock Shoes by my Life and Kids

Shamrock Shoes

Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day! Make yourself a pair of glittery green shoes in four easy steps.

Shamrock Shoes Tutorial

1. Grab a pair of your old shoes that need a little updating.

2. Stuff them with grocery bags or newspaper (to protect the inside from turning green.)

3. Spray them with Krylon Glitter Blast Spray – available at most craft stores. I gave mine three coats, and one can is more than enough for a pair of shoes.

Once the final coat of glitter spray is dry, spray them with clear acrylic sealer to make sure the glitter doesn’t come off. I used one coat.

4. Wear your Shamrock Shoes on St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Shoes


Be sure to check out Anna over at “My Life and Kids” for more great project ideas!


Mantel Makeover

I’ve always loved my fireplace with it’s detailed mantel and moldings but have always hated its dark tones and heavy feel. The previous owners paid a lot of money to have this fireplace hand painted, textured and glazed and we finally had had enough!

So it went from this…

To this….

“Ahhhhhhh!” sings the angelic choir! Much better!

Thanks to my ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector this painting project went off without a hitch! This new tape is awesome! The tape works on a variety of surfaces, UV resistant for 14 days – even in direct sunlight, clean removal without residue, is ideal for hanging film and features Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector for super sharp paint lines!

After lining all my edges it was time to get started! I started off with KILZ oil based primer and then followed it up with two coats of Sherwin Williams “ALABASTER” paint, the same paint color that was used on my kitchen cabinet makeover! Because of all the intricate detail this took me about 7 hours total but was so worth it after we saw how lightening it up made it look like a true focal piece!

This tape was so great to work with and when it came time to peel it off at the end of the project it peeled up with ease and left behind sharp paint lines with no bleed!

A much needed change for a space in our home that is so adored and used by our family! It literally feels like a new room!

Check out this great video HERE showing how ScotchBlue tape has incorporated an amazing new technology to help give you the cleanest paint lines ever.

To find out more information about ScotchBlue tape you can find more info at the following links:

Brand website:

YouTube page:

Facebook page:

This post was brought to you in partnership with 3M and ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. I was compensated by the advertiser to write this post, but my thoughts, opinions and words are my own.



Valentines Door Wreath

Striped fabric:IKEA $7.99 a yard

Frame: “Balboa” 8 x 10 frame from “Cut it Out”   $12.99

Glitter Heart: Emporium at Thanksgiving Point $5.99

Ribbon: My craft room

Happy Valentines! Let the pink and heart crafting begin!


Beethoven meet Valspar

Beethoven and I had a little moment in a thrift store in Arizona. Our eyes locked and it was like the universe put us together! He had to be mine! This foot high busk of the talented Mr. Beethoven was $5 and I knew he’d be moving in and setting up shot atop my piano in no time!

If you looked close you’d notice Mr. Beethoven had a few dings and a chip on his shoulder, no pun intended! Nothing a little Valspar spray paint from Lowe’s couldn’t fix.

The key to a great spay paint job is distance, constant movement and two even coats!

Now these are the projects I love! Fast and easy and makes me smile! I have to say my two year old and her friend were a little scared of this guy while he was in the garage getting his makeover! He is now lovingly referred to as “The mean  guy!” It’s ok, Chuck! She has let to learn that he’s just freakin serious about great music!

Check out Lowe’s for amazing Valspar Spray paint. Endless colors that can help you spice up a thrift store find! And don’t forget to sign up for your FREE Creative Ideas Magazine from Lowe’s!




Craft Room reveal part 1

Say good by to Green! This craft room is getting a make over and I’m finally ready to let you have a little sneak peek!This has taken me SOOOOO much longer then I ever thought, I blame the holidays but here I am ready to share…. AND no!It’s not done yet but I am getting so excited that I need to share!

You all know my issues with picking paint colors! I SUCK! So it’s no surprise that I went back to Lowe’s 3 times to have them retint my paint! I settles on the darkest color and to be honest I couldn’t tell you what this color is called becasue it’s a combination of THREE! Lets just call it “Craft Room Blue!” After what felt like hours of sanding off the hand painted tuffted buttons and stripes I was ready to paint! And May I add I had to paint the ceiling, walls, floor boards and door! My blisters had blisters!

After a WHOLE lot of this…

I finally had the blue colored room I dreamed of! I used Valspar Signature paint from Lowe’s! Let’s just say the Lowe’s paint department knows me pretty well by now!

Next comes the HUGE task of assembling furniture from IKEA! 3 bookcases, 1 desk, and one dresser to go! And then the organizing! I LOVE this part!

Lowe’s is the perfect head quarters for organization! Baskets, shelving, orgnaization trays! They have it all!

More to come in the great Craft room reveal! Be sure to sign up for the FREE “Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine for more ideas on makeovers, organization and inspiration!


Homemade Sea Salt Texturizing Hair Spray

I am loving all the amazing Hair tutorials on Pinterest  and while I’ve been learning new fun ways to style my hair I’ve also learned that I’ve been missing out on a styling product for years. People kept mentioning “Sea Salt” texturizing hair spray as a needed styling tool for those lose beachy looks. I’ve never heard of this stuff and all the links they referred to listed pricy bottles of product that I wouldn’t dare spend the money on and I was bummed out thinking I’d never be able to achieve that style without it.

So then I put on my “find a solution, Rebecca!” hat and started my search. Come on! It’s Salt spray! It can’t be that hard to make right? Thanks to a few searches I found a recipe for homemade Sea Salt spray! Thanks Glamour!

Water, Coconut scented conditioner, Sea Salt, hair gel and  a spray bottle! That’s all it takes to make this wonder spray and the best part was I had every single ingredient already!

1. Add 1 teaspoon of Sea Salt to 8 oz. of warm water. the warm water will help the ingredients dissolve easily.

2. Add 1/2 a teaspoon of Coconut scented conditioner. This adds that beachy scent and helps give the spray a slightly conditioning feature.

3. Add a dab of hair gel! This gives a slightly controlling feature to the spray.

4. Mix it all together. The conditioner doesn’t dissolve completely so stir it really good right before you pour it into your spray bottle.

(this is my gym bag bottle!)

You’ll need to shake up the bottle before each use! I spray this on my damp hair close to the roots to the tips and blow dry! I used this great tutorial for hand curls and found this spray to be a hit! I also noticed that when I use the Sea Salt spray it help with my “second day oily hair problem!” Day two my hair wasn’t nearly as oily at the roots and I could almost go a third day without washing!

It also helps by adding that tiny layer of texture that helps with styling! It’s like Dirty hair in a bottle without the dirty hair yuck feel!

All in all I LOVE this new spray and it cost me only pennies to make! So hello beachy wave, goodby over prices salt water!