Gunner’s Room

I can’t even begin to tell you all how in love I am with my little guy. It was exactly how everyone said it would be and that special love affair that a mom has with her son is a real thing, people! I am smitten. I just adore my tiny little man and he’s affectionately been named “Mr. Wonderful” because lets face it… he is all kinds of wonderful!

I’ve always had the decorating for girls thing down so the thought of having to create a room for a little boy was a little daunting. I was convinced that boy rooms had to be heavily theme oriented. Sports was all that came to mind and I am far from a sports fan. I don’t know what I was so afraid of because what I ended up creating I am loving!

This all came about pretty organically. I had a few prized items I had been holding on to and I never exactly knew when I was going to use them. It was like they were meant to be in this space even before I knew this space was meant to be! One by one things came together and now my Mr. Wonderful has a cheerful space all to his own that will grow with him and not feel to juvenile.

This room used to be my youngest daughters room. Its walls were already blue so we decided to kick Chuck out and move her next door. Don’t worry, she loves her new space! I had always loved how bright this room was so we kept the wall color and had fun filling it up and working on new projects.



The first project we tackled was painting the crib. Can I just start by saying PAINTING CRIBS SUCKS! Man did I hate this! 6 hours and practically 1 million coats later it was done. And yes! I used a safe paint. I do love how it turned out and being on this end of a project like this I can say it was well worth it!

Gunny’s darling Captain America cape that is hanging on his crib came from Klassi Kreations!




I am in LOVE with my paper airplane mobile! I didn’t want to hang anything on the wall above his crib for fear it would come crashing down on him ( YES I’m one of those parents who thinks her kids are always one accident away from tragedy! I know! I know!) I was holding Gunner one day in his room trying to rock him to sleep when I had this idea come to me! It was perfect.  An airy way to fill the space, add some more pops of color and entertain my little dude while he gazed up from his crib.


This is one of those special pieces I was talking about! For as long as I could remember my summers were spent on Lake Mead on my grandpas house boat. It was my happy childhood place that soon became my teenage and adulthood happy places. I took my own kids there and we spend the hot summer months swimming, boating and creating memories. Finally after 20 some on years it was time to retire the boat but not before my siblings and I raided the place for keepsakes. This sketch hung inside the boat and conjures up amazing memories of being with my grandpa, who was my most favorite person as a young girl, and my dad! I’ve been holding on to this piece of art for years wondering how to enjoy it. Now it hangs watching over Guns crib. I kind of think of it as if my grandpa is keeping watch over my sweet boy.  It didn’t always look like this. I’ll share how I breathed new life into soon enough.



I’ve quickly found a new hobby of collecting small toys for Gunner and I hit the jackpot when my sweet friend was getting rid of a ton of toys her kids had out grown. Plastic dinosaurs, animals, action figures, trucks, cars and other small toys fill these bins from IKEA.


The art collage above the toys is a collection of a gifted letter “G” from a sweet friend that I framed in a shadow box lined with fabric, an adorable print from Lucy Darling prints and framed fabric. All the frames were bought at IKEA. I use 3M Command Strips to attach all my frames in my house and they work great for collages like this one. No need to worry about having to put multiple nails in the wall once you realize you’ve miscalculated and pounded in a nail that no longer works.


Gotta love thrifting! It’s funny how your mind starts thinking differently when you thrift a lot! This beautiful old globe was a whopping $6. I almost didn’t buy it because I thought it was too pricy! Ha! Isn’t that funny! $6 at a thrift shop is way different in my mind then $6 spent somewhere else! Glad I snapped out of it and realized that it would be perfect and a steal at that price.

And everyone has been asking about the 5 inch Green Army Men! I KNOW, RIGHT!! Totally cool! Those little gems came from my friends toy stash! What a find! I am on the hunt for more and have found them on ebay.



I had scored a huge box of vintage marquee letters and just before I dropped them off to consign I sifted through them to see if I could spell out GUNNER and low and behold I could! Glad I checked. These are stuck on with ticky-tack.





The giant VW Bus is the crowning jewel of this entire room! A labor of love and a little self indulgence on my part. The entire room took on a non traditional beachy/water feel and I had to try my hand at adding this iconic piece into the plans. For full tutorial on how I created this piece jump on over HERE!


I needed a little storage for larger toys and I’m not a fan of the traditional toy box with a lid. I wanted a galvanized trough but the only ones I could find at local feed stores were too big and over $100. YIKES! This was a great alternative and a splurge at $40 from HomeGoods but it will last forever!



More fun toys from my friend and some leaning art. The “Hello Sunshine” piece was a project from Poppy Seed Projects that I painted using the same paint from the crib and the huge surf poster is from Pottery Barn.



We are Utah transplants who moved here from Huntington Beach, CA. This sweet little vintage sign greets you as you come into Gunner’s room. It sets the tone for the rest of the space and reminds me of my childhood growing up on the beach!

This was such a fun room to put together. Nothing about it screams baby and that’s what I think I love! He’ll easily transition out of a crib into a bed in this space with little need to mature the look of it!

This room is for sure kid tested, Gunner approved!


Decorating with one of a kind pieces: Consignment shopping

If you are anything like me you are always on the hunt for one of kind pieces that will help add a unique touch to a space! I love that my home is filled with vintage charm and fun bright pieces I have picked up over the years. My Vintage Bowling pins, a painted shoe cabinet in my entry, my old teal bank drawers…each piece always seems to find a place in my home and into my heart! My entire home is an eclectic mix of pieces I’ve either refinished myself or found at favorite consignment shops.

A new darling shop recently opened up near my house! It pretty much makes living where I live perfect! I’m right by my favorite dessert cafe, my favorite fabric store and now Forget Me Not Boutique! This adorable new store is  filled with beautiful painted furniture, antique charmers and fun accessories! I picked up this antique tablecloth last week…

Isn’t it beautiful! There was a stack of table clothes to sift through but this blue beauty grabbed me and I had to bring her home!

Check out the other fun finds waiting to be adopted…


Check out that China set! Tea Party anyone?

Loved this blue cabinet! It’s a bold punch of color that would add a fun feel to any space! Those vintage school chairs are perfect for any playroom!


Consignment shopping can be intimidating! It can be a little overwhelming to walk into a shop brimming with possibilities. I’ve discovered a few tricks when it comes to shopping at places like Forget Me Not and other consignment home stores.

- Go with something in mind. It’s hard to see through all the beautiful colors and displays but if I go in looking for a DRESSER it helps me narrow in on looking for a dresser! Everything is a bonus! If I find the perfect dresser AND a cool new lamp them I win big time that trip!

- Take two walk throughs. I always walk a store twice! The first walk through is where I take it all in, get a good idea of what’s there and see if anything jumps out at me. On my second walk through I always look a little deeper. I look high and low and revisit an item that might have caught my attention. If I still love it and linger then I know it’s worth considering.

- Chances are if you fall in love with something at a consignment store you better get it! These are one of kind finds. If you pass up that vintage table cloth you’ve always wanted thinking you’ll find it again, the reality is you might not! This is good and bad! The good news is because it is so rare not everyone will have it but you! Bad news…if you pas it up you might not find it again!

- Get to know the owners! Strike up a conversation! Tell them what you’re looking for! Often times stores like this have a wish list. They too are on the hunt for things they know their customers will love and if they know you are looking for a vintage globe or wing back chair they too will put it on their radar and hopefully help you find it.

- Visit often. Inventory at consignment stores are changing all the time, daily even in some cases. Take advantage of an ever changing selection of finds. You might even find something you didn’t even know you were looking for!


Consignment shopping is my absolute favorite kind of shopping! I have found some of my favorite home decor items in shops just like Forget Me Not! These pieces add personality and charm to a room that no big box store could replicate! Jump into the consignment world and see what your local shops have to offer and if you live in the Salt Lake Valley area be sure to check out Forget me Not Boutique located at 9200 S Redwood Road, West Jordan, UT 84088 They are open Thursday, Friday 11-7pm and Saturday 11-6pm.




Cupids night in

This year I am all about creating more family memories and planning fun meals together is a big part of that goal! For Valentines dinner this year I’m creating a beautiful night in with my husband and girls! This table setting sets the scene for a night of amazing food, fun activities and together time! This is just a sneak peek at what I’ll be doing but I wanted to share a little preview…

Apothecary jars make great center pieces and can be filled with anything to fit a season or theme. I filled my two jars with affordable treats, pink marshmallows and red hots!

The dinner table isn’t the only thing that gets dressed up! I hung hearts, tissue paper balls and pin wheels on the walls to make the entire dining room ready for the night!

My everyday simple white dishware looks almost fancy set up on top of layered paper place mats and white doilies both found at a local party supply store. No plastic kid plates or cups here! Make the night special and set the table with “fancy” glass ware and grown up place settings!

I created these easy love letter hanging mailboxes to hang on the back of each chair! Our activity for the night will be to write each other “love notes” and deliver them to each family member.

This night is one of many fun filled theme dinners I’ll be experiencing with my family this year! Stay tuned for more! Steph for Somewhat Simple and I have an ebook coming your way that is filled with themed dinner ideas for you and your family! Menus, activities, decor and more! Each night planned out with memory making in mind! More to come!





Chip It by Sherwin-Williams

Happy Summer, people!

Are you loving the warm weather, kids at home and vacation time? I sure am! So far we’ve been loving the lazy days of summer, hitting the pool and enjoying cool summer treats! I plan on eating my weight in Snow Cones before school starts again!

We’ve also been tackling a few home projects and while looking for color inspiration I was so thrilled to try out a new tool called “Chip It” by Sherwin Williams!  This tool is amazing! It lets you create a color pallet from what inspires YOU!

Picture this… say you’re visiting your favorite online boutique and you fall in love with an amazing outfit! Right then it hits ya “I wish I had a room that looked like this dress!”

With the new Chip It tool, now you can! Once you’ve installed the super simple Chip It tool all you need to do now is click the “Chip It” button on your tool bar and the Chip It feature appears on your page!

Scroll your mouse over the photo you want to create a color palette based on and click your mouse! It will even give you a color preview!

And just like that you have a custom color Chip Card with Sherwin-Williams colors suggested and you are now ready to transform any project into something fantastic! And to think…it was all inspired by something you fell in love with online!
(image source)

AMAZING right! You can take any image that you find online and by clicking your “Chip It” tool, it magically turns your photo into a color pallete creation that pinpoints Sherwin-Williams colors!

I’ve been having so much fun creating ChipCards left and right! I am in love with this tool! So if you’ve been trying to create the perfect color pallete but are just not sure how, give Chip It a try! You can add the feature to your tool bar with one simple click!

I’ve been creating fun summer ChipCards from summer inspiration that I’ll be sharing next time! Till then, happy Chip-ing!


Fabric Covered Spring Vases

Nothing says “Bring on the warm weather” like bright pops of color! While Spring cleaning I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet and realized I had a huge collection of glass vases and jars! I had gathered them all up and had them in my car to drop off at the thrift store but quickly realized I could re-purpose a handful of them and turn them into a fun Spring project!

Gather a variety of glass bottles and jar! Rescue them! Make sure they look great together in a cluster! Cut think strips of scrap fabric in a variety of prints and color! Hot glue the fabric onto the bottles! Time to embellish!

Fabric buttons, twine, fabric flowers and tulle! Anything to add a little more texture and color! Use what you have and just have fun with it!



Spring Mantel

Changing up a few things can make a fun difference! My Spring mantel is spiced up by adding a few new fun finds and a simple creation…

My “Hi” frame was made with scrap paper and a plastic mirror frame! I removed the mirror and reused the blue frame!

My vintage bowling pin makes a great new home on the mantel! I love this new piece!

Add it all together with my Paper Bag Spring Bunting and there you have a simple Spring look!


Thrift Sotre find by Life as a Thrifter

As a thrifter, I’m always on the lookout for a good basket. I was fortunate enough to run across this one at the Goodwill recently, and I literally couldn’t get it to the register fast enough!


For this project I decided to get out the jigsaw . . . something, I’m sad now, that I’d never used before.


It worked like a charm! It was so easy and much lighter than I expected! (I’m dying to use again . . .)


Newly renovated, the basket now sits on our dining room table . . . and houses a few wine corks. :)




Happy hunting, everyone!
For more great posts ready to inspire be sure to visit “Life as a Thrifter!”

Baby girl nursery by “Life as a Thrifter”

  Being a former kindergarten teacher, choosing an “old school” theme for this room seemed quite natural and ended up being more fun that I could have ever imagined.
This is our baby girl’s nursery.

(Wall color- Behr: Jamaica Bay)
For more amazing ideas be sure to visit Holly over at “Life as a Thrifter!”

A Thankful tablecloth


During this time of year we seem to have thankful hearts! Why not turn our thankful attitude into a fun and functional reminder of all the things we have been blessed with, appreciate and want to celebrate this season! Creating a Thankful Tablecloth is an easy  way to get your entire family in on the fun.

Start by gathering your family and ask them to help you make a list of all the things they are thankful for! The more words the better! List loved ones names, special dates, personal luxuries, hobbies, vacation locations…the skies the limit!


Head on over to Lowe’s for your tablecloth supplies! YEP! Lowe’s! This darling project comes straight to you from Lowe’s! A drop cloth and some Sharpie markers and a steady and patient hand are all it takes to create this thankful look!

1. Drop cloths aren’t just for painting projects anymore! I have  a square table so finding table cloths that fit is already a difficult task for me! I love the natural color of these drop cloths and knew it would make a great starting point for this project! Lowe’s sells a 9′x6′ drop cloth for under $11. You will also need broad tip Sharpie Markers also sold at Lowe’s for under $3 for a two pack.

2. Cut your drop cloth to fit your tables need. In my case I made mine 6′x6′. Hem your cut edge.

3. You’ll want to iron out the creases in order to have a smooth writing surface.

4. Before laying out your drop cloth onto your table you will need to add butcher paper or newspaper to help avoid getting ink on your table.

Now comes the fun part! I started with my most important words! You’ll want to spread them out, have then face different ways and use different “fonts” when you write them! You’d think it would be hard to keep your printing straight but the thread grain make it super easy to keep your lines straight! You will adjust your printing size to fit sections of the drop cloth. Have words facing upside down and sideways! The more fonts and styles of writing the better!

And all of a sudden…4 hours later (Yes! This is a little time consuming but SOOO worth it!) you’ll have this awesome keep sake that will be a fun conversation piece and a lovely reminder of all the blessing you and your family have! And don’t freak out if you misspell a word or TWO in my case! I could have spit nails when I misspelled GRANDPARENTS and FOOTBALL! I know right! Trust me…do the writing with no distractions! Don’t be talking on the phone or helping your 2nd grader with homework! If it does happen just keep working! It will blend in and now you have a fun game to play at dinner…” Who can find the misspelled word!” Grab a prize or two for the winner!

Lastly I added this beautiful Quatrefoil Mirror also from Lowe’s for a centerpiece. I love the way it adds weight and reflection to this look!


My girls loved finding their names and all the words that they suggested! Certain things that tug at my own heart strings are my wedding date, special friends, vacations and inside jokes! It really was a fun way to realize how blessed I truly am! I hope you and your family can create a table cloth as meaningful as this is is to us!


Thanks Lowe’s for being a hot spot for inspiration! After reading the latest issue of Lowe’s Creative Idea’s magazine I was totally inspired to get my Holiday craft on! Have you guys signed up for the FREE Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine yet? This free publication is beyond amazing! I have never seen such creative ways to put unsuspecting items to create beautiful holiday decor! You can get a peek at what I’m talking about here online but be sure to sign up for the free Creative Ideas Magazine so you can get inspired as well!


Girl’s room make over part 1: Fresh coat of paint & Board and Batten

My solution to the dreaded ” Mom! Mom!!!! We reeeeeeeeally want a pink room! PLEEEEESE!!”


Um yeah! Not  a fan of pink rooms! Not a fan of soft, frilly, princess like loveliness! I know! I may in fact never win the “mother of the year award” for not giving into “Pink” but I can still give them a great room that fits the rest of the homes feel! Colors that don’t scream kids room but are still youthful and fun!

So my solution is: PINK Board and Batten accent wall!



Now don’t hate me or send me nasty emails for painting over this darling mural! I know! I know! It’s a crime! But honestly…it served it’s purpose in the playroom but with us moving the big girls into this space I knew I had to kiss it goodby!

First’s things first…when you paint over any sort of mural you need to sand the paintings. They might feel flush to the wall but trust me! They will leave a raised impression so put in the time and sand.

This project is pretty affordable especially when you go for the more economical wood. These wood pieces were more “rustic” meaning they needed sanding and I took my time looking for pieces that were straight and not super knotty. This entire wall treatment cost me less then $20.

Board and Batten is pretty simple! Measure the lengths of each board, 45 degree angle cut the ends that will line up with your base boards, layout your boards being aware of outlets that might get in the way and nail then in place starting with the top horizontal wood pieces and then add the boards. Cover the nails with wood fill and paint!

It really is that simple!

Board and Batten Color: “Wazzup” by Kwal

Now we are both happy! The girls get a dose of pink and I’m happy to not have a “Blush and Bashful” room in the house! So much more to reveal as this room comes together!

 Here’s a little preview on the new bedding…

Bedding found at TJ MAXX and Home Goods! It’s youthful and not juvenile and that’s exactly the direction I wanted to go!

Stay tunes for more girls room makeover posts to come!