Getting organized

Now that I had my new craft room painted and new furniture assembles it was time to fill it back up! This part of the makeover process was a little overwhelming for me becasue I wanted everything to not only look great but be functional and accessible! This was going to take boxes, bins, jars and canisters! After looking at what felt like endless options I finally found what I wanted!

To recap…

My old craft room started off with green walls, hand painted button walls and wood toned storage.

After using Valspar Signature paint and IKEA furniture I now had a space that was fresh and bright and ready for filling!

These Allen and Roth Baskets from Lowe’s were the perfect fit for my new bookcases. Like PERFECT fit! This is where my inspiration began! I new I wanted natural elements and these baskets were a great find. Anything Allen and Roth I adore! Remember my Allen and Roth Paintable Wallpaper toy chest! So fun!

Add some Metal buckets, white boxes and red pots from IKEA to the mix and now I had the perfect organizational team!

Next the fun part began! I love to organize so finding the perfect place for everything was a fun task for me! I started by placing my baskets, boxes, jars and bins in the places I thought looked the best. Then I made sure what I filled them with made sense. I shuffled around a few things once I realized I wanted paint over here and ruffles over there but all in all it was a pretty easy process.

When it came to thinking about how I wanted to set up the room I thought about how I was going to use the room. At the desk I knew I knew I wanted certain things at an arms reach. The small metal buckets were perfect for organizing my gel pens, markers, pencils and pens. The Red pot is perfect for task tools I’ll be using while on a projects; things like scissors, pliers and rulers.

Forever I’ve been looking for a great ribbon display to hang on the wall but in the end I really liked how all my ribbon, ruffles, lace and tulle looked on the shelf.

My Allen and Roth narrow baskets were great for storing my lose ruffles and collection of glitter! They tucked perfectly into their shelf.

Kerr jars make the perfect storage for  my buttons and gems!

Paint moved in and made itself at home!

These metal buckets each hold different collections that include broaches, premade felt flowers, magnets, and more!

This pretty red dresser is on the wall when you first walk in! It soon will be filled with more supplies as I finish up organizing. For now it displayed my great vintage Blue Singer Sewing Machine I found at a thrift store for $6!

Great storage products make all the difference! Do you have a space in your home that could use a little organizing? I found great luck with the tools I implemented into my craft room to help create this new space I am loving!

Lowe’s wants to make one lucky readers Organization task that much easier with a $100 Lowe’s gift card!

To enter leave a comment in today’s comment section telling me what space in your home needs a little Organization TLC! For additional entries you can Fan Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook! Let me know you did so in a separate comment!

Winner will be announced on the Blue Cricket Designs Facebook page on Monday Jan. 23rd!

Next up I’ll be tackling the walls! I’m working on a cork board and s few other fun details! In the mean time don’t forget to sign up for your FREE Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine where you too can get inspired to make your spaces shine!


IKEA to the rescue! Storage anyone?

Who knew a 6 year old would have been so useful when it came to the daunting task of furniture assembly! Three bookcases, a desk and a dresser later, with the help of my Blue, we had the furniture ready to move into the craft room! Now don’t y’all go and turn me into the Fed’s for  violating child labor laws! Blue loved it!

Funny story… When Blue was helping me with the first bookcase I said to her “Wow, Blue! You’re like Jesus. He was a carpenter!” To which she replied ” Hum…Jesus made carpet?”

Little by little and piece by piece this room started coming together! I used Billy Bookcases in the corner and far right wall and when  placed side by side they really looked like a substantial storage statement! I also found the Expedit bookcase in the “As is” section already assembled! SCORE! The desk was a no brainer to add to this small 9′x9′ space!It floats in the center of the room giving me surface area to work at. I know it looks like a tight fit in there and it is but it’s also efficient and space maximizing.

With a room this small it was all about the planning! I measured and shopped for the space keeping storage in mind. I also knew I wanted white! This space was begging to be lightened up and when it came to blogging I knew I took tons of photos for my tutorials. I’ve been using a white poster board to photograph off of and now I don’t need to! My crisp white desk lends itself perfectly to blogging!

So there you have it! Stage two of my Craft room makeover! The next part is the most exciting and overwhelming! Filling it back up with all my goodies! UGG and YEAH all in the same breath!

Side note: I wish I could have found a great new rug to use in here before I moved in the furniture but alas I never found one! My colors for this room are light aqua blue, white and red. The storage baskets and tools are white, galvanized buckets, and natural grass baskets! Any suggestions on a rug?




Craft Room reveal part 1

Say good by to Green! This craft room is getting a make over and I’m finally ready to let you have a little sneak peek!This has taken me SOOOOO much longer then I ever thought, I blame the holidays but here I am ready to share…. AND no!It’s not done yet but I am getting so excited that I need to share!

You all know my issues with picking paint colors! I SUCK! So it’s no surprise that I went back to Lowe’s 3 times to have them retint my paint! I settles on the darkest color and to be honest I couldn’t tell you what this color is called becasue it’s a combination of THREE! Lets just call it “Craft Room Blue!” After what felt like hours of sanding off the hand painted tuffted buttons and stripes I was ready to paint! And May I add I had to paint the ceiling, walls, floor boards and door! My blisters had blisters!

After a WHOLE lot of this…

I finally had the blue colored room I dreamed of! I used Valspar Signature paint from Lowe’s! Let’s just say the Lowe’s paint department knows me pretty well by now!

Next comes the HUGE task of assembling furniture from IKEA! 3 bookcases, 1 desk, and one dresser to go! And then the organizing! I LOVE this part!

Lowe’s is the perfect head quarters for organization! Baskets, shelving, orgnaization trays! They have it all!

More to come in the great Craft room reveal! Be sure to sign up for the FREE “Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine for more ideas on makeovers, organization and inspiration!


A place to call {HOME!} For fabric that is!

I love a good Before and After!!!

I have been on the hunt for a good Dresser and hutch to transform! I was desperate to find a home for all my fabric! I love the idea of having my fabric organized and beautiful and on display ready to inspire me every time I walk into my Craft Room! My new happiness is for sure
an inspiration!

I found these two mismatched pieces at my local Thrift Store!
The Hutch was $25 and the Dresser $35.

Both were constructed with care and would serve me well. We just had to get over the fact that they were dated and let’s be honest UGLY!

I gladly welcomed the challenge and set off to find the perfect color! I followed my Furniture Refinishing Steps I have listed HERE and got to work!

A few hours later I had a sparkling new piece of furniture ready to be put to work!

So I filled her up with pretty folds of fat quarters and yards of cotton! Her drawers house my collection of Felt and even more fabric! This baby makes finding what I need a breeze!

I save all my scraps and in the buckets they go…

I was in heaven sorting and folding and organizing all my fabric! I just sat back and gazed at it all when I was done! I love her!!! My little home of all things soft and bright! She lives in the corner of “My” corner of our home! My craft room is my domain! My refuge! My inspiration!!!

More about my Craft/Creative space to come!


Dresser Draw Ribbon Organizers

This is one of my most favorite make over results of all time! It has all of my favorite elements all rolled into one amazing project!


After searching high and low for a cute ribbon organizer, I finally came up with my own solution!

I took this old dresser bought at a thrift store

Gutted the bottom section, refinished it (refinishing instructions found HERE!!!) and then turned it into this…

It became a lovely little storage unit!!

I turned the six removed drawers into fun ribbon organizers! It was super easy!!!

Each of these particular drawer openings were about 14″ x 14″.

  • I first measured off and then drilled holes for the dowels that would hold my ribbon.
  • Next I painted each box inside and out using my refinishing technique.
  • Once the paint was completely dried I added with Mod Pogde a sheet of scrapbook paper to the inside of the drawers. If you look close the 12″ x 12″ paper does not completely cover the inside. I simply centered it to make it look even on all sides. I had applied a Glaze that left aging in the corners and seams of the drawer so I think it looks cool. You could also use wall paper or wrapping paper and cut it exactly to size and then adhere it with Mod Podge as well if you wanted a completely covered drawer.
  • Next I adorned the outside with scrapbook “frosting!” my fancy word for pretty little extras!!
  • I spray painted the existing brass handles and reattached it once it was dry.
  • And lastly I added decorative ribbon to the handle and a fun gem and button to tie it all together!

They sit so perfectly atop a desk or work station and the handle makes them so tote-able ( is that a word!!!) The highlight has been seeing one of my ribbon boxes in
use at my favorite Fabric store!

I have made these using larger drawers! The sky’s the limit when it comes to size and shape!!!

I sold or gave then all away but not before keeping my favorite
one that sits happily in my craft room!!!


A"Junk Drawer" no more…

Are your spools of ribbon rolling all over the place? Here sits the solution to your Ribbon Chaos!!! These stylish ribbon drawers will look perfect on any crafting desk or self! 26″ of ribbon space and they hold even the large spools!

Each ribbon drawer is approximately 16″ square!

And Mother Earth just let out a sigh a relief!!!These babies are made from recycled dresser drawers!!! So go hug a tree and get those spools of ribbon ready to be put on display!!! Oohs and Ahh’s to follow!

(meant to be displayed up right like shown!)

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