“Hello Sunshine” by Life as a Thrifter!”

Surely you all have been sitting on the edge of your seats dying to know what I did with my pallet canvas…??? :)
Well, let me just start off by saying, Michael, YOU inspired me!
If you haven’t seen his ‘from wood to wall‘ post, then you should. TO DIE FOR. Really and truly everything he’s done is…but it was that project that made me get my paint brush out.
Here’s what I did:
Step 1: Freehand your image…in this case, a sun. (I wanted it to look folkart-esk, so I didn’t worry much about perfectly, straight lines.)

Step 2: Get out all your left over paints…mix them around…and create various shades.

Step 3: Paint, paint, paint.

Step 4: Stencil on your outline…if words are what you want.
For a more detailed description on this, click here.

Step 5: Paint and sand.

It sits waiting to be hung on the porch…as the porch has become my latest project…
Holly has more amazing projects to share over on “Life as a Thrifter”

Birthday Card by Catherine Pooler

It’s time for another series of videos and tutorials! Yay!  This time we are going to use the deliciously wonderful Sweet Shoppe Product Suite from the Occasions Mini Catalog by Stampin’ Up!  This Mini Catalog expires on April 30, so if you like these goodies be sure to order them before they are gone.

Click here to view the Occasions Mini Catalog

Click here to view this Product Suite in my Online Store!


Making cards and paper crafting is a wonderful and fun hobby, and when you give someone something you made…boy, that sure is a great way to make someone’s day!

View the video to see how this card came together:

Stampin’ Up Supplies:

  • Mouthwatering Stamp Set, Teeny Tiny Wishes Stamp Set
  • Cardstock:  Lucky Limeade, Pool Party, Whisper White
  • Ink:  Lucky Limeade and Calypso Coral Markers
  • Accessories:  Sweet Shoppe Designer Series Paper, Scallop Squares Duo, Calypso Coral Ruffled Ribbon

Stay tuned over the next couple of weeks while I bring you more cards made with this product suite.

Thank you for popping in today, I hope you have a lovely day!

Catherine Pooler


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Arts and Craft storage by Teal and Lime!

I do not think it is possibe to fit anymore storage in a 3 foot section of wall.  When we decided to transition our boys from daycare to staying at home with a nanny, it was very important to me they still have a “classroom”.  There was already room in the laundry room for a large table under the  window (seen here in the post about laundry room curtains).  I wanted to maximize the tiny bit of wall space available in the laundry room to create a mega arts and crafts storage center.  My main requirement was storage to not only contain all the arts and crafts supplies, but also to keep them easily accessible.  This is so much easier said than done.

Here is what I created:

Ultimate Kids Art and Craft Storage Center

In keeping with the laundry room mood board, I chose to use the Ikea Trofast storage collection.  This made meeting my requirements of containment and accessibility really easy.  These pieces are super quick to assemble and have a nice streamlined look.  I used two lower trofast boxes to form the base, which hold up to six bins each.  I used one wall unit above, which holds six smaller bins.  The area above the base units serves as a counter.

Craft Storage Tower

In the base units I used all single-depth bins in green.  I wanted the maximum number of bins, so I could thoroughly sort the supplies and store only like things together.  These bins hold all kinds of craft and art supplies, from paper to yarn.  The bins pull out and can easily be taken to the table when needed.  All of the items in these bins I considered safe to keep within the kids reach.  I used the included mounting brackets to safely secure these units to the wall to prevent tipping.

Home School storage

On top of the base units I added two turquoise paper boxes (from the Container Store) to store artwork…one for each boy.  I find it really handy to keep these storage boxes accessible, so art can easily be added and contained.  On the “counter” there is also a bamboo mail sorter that holds the nanny’s clipboard (from Target) for her daily log and reward stickers.  I found the magazine racks at the Container Store.  Two of them fit nicely side by side just under the wall unit.  The magazine racks hold frequently used activity books on the left and Spanish learning books on the right.

Art and Craft Storage for Kids

In the wall unit, there are 6 individual bins for all the craft supplies I did not want the kids to be able to reach, like glue, paint, and scissors.  By keeping these up high, they need an adult to help them get and use these supplies.  These bins also pull out easily to take to the table when the contents are needed for a project.  On top of the wall unit, I added some storage buckets and containers to hold even more supplies and tools.  The polk-a-dot and stripe buckets were the boys Easter baskets buckets from Target.  They now hold dry-erase marker and paint brushes.  (Yes, I totally bought buckets to match the laundry room so I could repurpose them after Easter).

The total cost for this storage solution was less than $175.  We spent about $133 on the Ikea Trofast frames and plastic bins.  We spent another $40 on the paper boxes and magazine racks.  We had all the other containers around the house.

This small, but living big, arts and crafts storage center has transformed the laundry room into a well-organized classroom.  It is easy to pull out just the bins needed for a particular activity.  They return just as easily for clean up.  My mom and I scrounged through our craft supplies to stock the art center.  We both donated items from our stash that we no longer needed and would make great fodder for kids projects.  It helped clean up my overstock of craft supplies.  Now, if only I could organize all my mommy craft supplies this neatly.

Want to see what we are keeping in all of the bins?  See what craft supplies we keep on hand and what they are used for.  Also, check out the newest addition to the storage center: flash card organizers.

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Thrift Sotre find by Life as a Thrifter

As a thrifter, I’m always on the lookout for a good basket. I was fortunate enough to run across this one at the Goodwill recently, and I literally couldn’t get it to the register fast enough!


For this project I decided to get out the jigsaw . . . something, I’m sad now, that I’d never used before.


It worked like a charm! It was so easy and much lighter than I expected! (I’m dying to use again . . .)


Newly renovated, the basket now sits on our dining room table . . . and houses a few wine corks. :)




Happy hunting, everyone!
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Thread and Rhinestone bangle bracelets by “Miss lovie”

Today I’m showing you Tutorial #1 of the mixed media bracelets I made for SYTYC: the bangle. It’s really super easy and I think you’ll love it! Be sure to check back tomorrow for the braided one!
First you have to find some super cheap bangles. Since you’ll be covering them up it doesn’t matter what they look like. A place like Walmart would be a good place to look. Mine came from Forever 21 and were $2 something for 3 bangles and were a good width. The width should be at least an inch wide or more.
Materials Needed:
4 different, but coordinating, colors of chenille embroidery thread, 48-60 in. long (depending on the width of your bangle and how much you overlap as you wrap)
1 metallic embroidery thread 70-80 inches long
bangles-1 inch thick or more
rhinestone chain
hot glue
Mod Podge
(All measurements are approximate. I usually eyeball. And often I have to fix it because I don’t properly measure. The measurements above may be overshot a little, but you can always trim the thread as needed)
I separated the colors and put them together again so the different colors were made into one large mixed thread. This is optional, but I think it looks really cool.
First you want to cut 2 sets of about 70-80 inches of embroidery thread from each color (depending on how much you overlap as you wrap). Then you are going to separate the threads into 2 strands each. Each thread comes with 6 threads twisted together so you’ll separate it into 3 sets with 2 strands in each set. Once you do that to both sets from the same color you’ll have 6 sets with 2 strands in each set. Do that with the rest of the colors and you’ll have 24 sets with 2 strands in each set.
(please email me if you have questions. I know that’s confusing!!)
I don’t know if my way is the right way to separate embroidery thread, but I always hold one end of the thread between my knees and pull the threads apart slowly. This keeps it from tangling so much. If it tangles, let it untwist some and be patient. If you pull too hard, it will knot.
After your thread is ready you want to put the threads together by alternating colors. On every thread you add, run your thumb and index finger along the entire length of the joined threads to keep them together to reduce tangles and knots.
When you’re done adding all the thread it should look like this. See how the colors are all mixed together? 
 Cut each end for a clean edge to work with. 
 Put a dab of hot glue on the inside of the bangle and press the ends of the thread into it. Try not to burn
yourfingers like I always do.
 Then start wrapping your thread around. You want to keep your thread flat and spread out. You can overlap the thread in some parts, but be sure it stays even and isn’t thicker in some spots than others. You will probably have to continually run your thumb and index finger down the thread to untangle any knots that pop up.
 Keep going until the bangle is completely wrapped. You want the ends to finish on the inside of your bangle.
If they don’t, trim them so that the do.
 I used Mod Podge to glue the threads down. I painted on some Mod Podge to the bracelet, pressed the threads down, put some more Mod Podge on top and held my thumb on top for a little bit. Let dry for a couple minutes until you’re sure it will stick. You can use a tiny dab of hot glue instead if you want, but it won’t look as smooth as the Mod Podge. I tried both ways. The hot glue sets quicker, but if you’re not careful with how you put it on, it doesn’t look awesome.
 When it’s dry, you’ll glue the rhinestone chain to the middle of the bangle. Put tiny dots of hot glue under each rhinestone. This will not hold it on there super tight, but it’ll hold it enough until you wrap it with the metallic embroidery thread.
 Trim the rest of the chain off when you meet the beginning of the chain. Glue down carefully.
 Glue down the end of metallic embroidery thread. I did find that hot glue worked best on the metallic thread. Place a dot of hot glue down. Let cool for a few seconds then press the thread on top with your thumb. It’ll be warm but should not burn you. Pull finger off gently.
Then start wrapping the metallic embroidery thread around. On this bracelet I used 3 strands (pulled apart from the 6 strands it comes with) and on the yellow orange one I made like this I used 2. Just experiment and see how wide you want the metallic part to be. You’ll need about 70-80 inches of metallic thread. 
Wrap it on top of each connector piece between rhinestones at an angle. Be careful not to push on the rhinestones too much or they will become unglued.
 When you get back to where you started, start wrapping the opposite way. While wrapping, try to make Xs on either side of the rhinestones like the picture above. When you reach the end use the hot glue method to glue the ends down. And done!!
As you can see, the wrapped metallic thread is not super perfect, but it still looks cool, I think!
Here it is with the three strands of metallic.
And here it is with only two strands.
So pretty.
Stacked bracelets are supposed to be SO in right now. :)
Linking to all the parties you see on my sidebar!
Thanks for reading.
And if you make one I’d LOVE to see it. Post it to my Flickr pool or just email me!


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Embellished Spring Tee By “Sweeti Pie Bakery”

Here is a fun spring upcycle for your knit tops!As I do at the end of every winter, I was going through the old clothes from last spring and summer to see what we could keep and what we needed to donate.  Aeris still fit in this top from last summer so it was a keeper!  I wanted to breathe some new life into it so it felt current for this year.

Aeris loves her some butterflies so that is where we started.  I
found the center of her shirt and created a template.  I used some puffy
pom poms from our craft bin and sewed each of them on with a needle and







The whole project took less than an hour and Aeris thinks the shirt is so much fun.  I think this would be a great way to embellish shirts for easter with peeps or an easter bunny!



Jessi has more fun projects waiting for you to enjoy over at “Sweeti Pie Bakery.”

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Bowling party by “Just another day in Paradise”

I do believe that probably the only person that will get me title is my good old friend Tara…for the rest of you who probably never heard of the movie…my title comes from a song in the sweet movie Grease 2. Yes they made a second one. Yes it had Michelle Phifer in it. AND yes, there was bowling in it.

Now that I digressed….

Let’s bring it  back. Retro bowling party. Yup it happened, even despite me running a fever days before. All of my party plans didn’t quite come to pass, but I still think it was coolsville.

My whole party was based on the fabric that I had found. It screamed retro to me. Once I had made Little Man’s bowling shirt and bag, the rest of the party followed theme with chocolate brown and orange.

One of the easiest ways to decorate a party is to find food and drink in a color matching the theme. Boy did I find some fun orange and brown food.

aren’t these gumballs gorgeous
Of course my brand new Silhouette had to play a part in the decorating. I made these three 16×20 canvases by simply taping off a boarder, painting them with craft paint, and then cutting out the shapes and phrases from vinyl.
This might have been my favorite part!
I also used the Silhouette to cut out these way cute cupcake wrappers.

What would a party be with out a little goodie bag to take home? I made our bowlers a mini version of my bigger bowling bag and packed it full of orange and brown goodies.

This party was super fun. I would totally do a party like this again. I think my Little Man would agree.
Larissa can be found blogging over at “Just another day in Paradise!”

Harry Potter Party by “Just another day in Paradise”

banner tutorial here

Nothing is more magical than a Harry Potter party. This party theme is perfect for your older Witch or Wizard. I had a lot of fun throwing our 8 year-old this Wizarding themed birthday party. It was by far the most fun party I have thrown.

The decorations were burgundy and gold for the Gryffindor House, with a little bit of black thrown in. There was definitely magic in the air between spells class, magical creatures class, potions class, broom-flying instruction and then a trip to Honeyduke’s.

Of course the whole thing started off with this very special invite.

tutorial here and here 

On party day we had everything set up to welcome our Wizards.

Once they had their robes and wands, it was time for spell class. Each wizard got his very own spell book and a magical creatures book. They learned some important spells. Then we went through the magical creatures book in order to prepare for a magical creatures hunt.

 spell/magical creatures books tutorial here

One of the funnest parts of the party was potions class.

Just looking and smelling the bottles of disgusting ingredients was a hit. Labels were downloaded from HERE. I ended up doing a bit of my own interpretation of the different ingredients. My motto-think outside the box and use your imagination!

In potions class we had three different potions that we whipped up.

The blue fuzzy potion was a mixture of Unicorn Tears, Bone Dust, Worm Juice, and a little water. AKA vinegar, baking soda, and dish detergent. This was probably the most popular potion made.

After a good time in potions class we headed to Honeyduke’s for some famous Harry Potter treats.

A midst all the goodies were chocolate frogs, acid pops, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Jelly Beans, chocolate covered  cockroaches…AND

there were even Cauldron Cakes.

This little cupcake was my answer to a birthday cake. Individual and fabulously unique cupcakes are almost as good as a huge elaborate cake…plus there is less left over!

recipe here 

After getting all of their wizard training, each guest was officially ready to be a wizard. They left armed with books and wands in tow and belly’s full of magical treats, flying home on their very own Firebolt broom.

broom tutorial here
If you have a Harry Potter enthusiast in your midst, a magical wizard party will definitely be a hit. Hope you enjoy all the fun I had in creating this party and that it gives you some inspiration!
For more amazing party ideas be sure to visit Larissa over on “Just another day in Paradise”

FREE Spring Printable by “Stay at home Artist”

I don’t know about you, but I am itching for spring.
It’s such a happy time of year with emerging flowers, raindrops, and soft sunshine.
LOVE it.
With the coming season in mind, I’ve created a cheerful, spring-inspired free printable to share.
These darling little toothpick flags are so simple to put together.
Just print, cut, and glue!
(They can be used on other items besides toothpicks as well–drinking straws, cake pop or sucker sticks, skewers, etc.)
To print some of your own, all you have to do is download the file HERE.
Then decorate for a party or special occasion (like Easter or a birthday)…
…or make an ordinary spring day a little special!
Kacey is showing off her amazing skills full time over on “Stay at home Artist!” come check her out!

Shamrock Shoes by my Life and Kids

Shamrock Shoes

Don’t get pinched this St. Patrick’s Day! Make yourself a pair of glittery green shoes in four easy steps.

Shamrock Shoes Tutorial

1. Grab a pair of your old shoes that need a little updating.

2. Stuff them with grocery bags or newspaper (to protect the inside from turning green.)

3. Spray them with Krylon Glitter Blast Spray – available at most craft stores. I gave mine three coats, and one can is more than enough for a pair of shoes.

Once the final coat of glitter spray is dry, spray them with clear acrylic sealer to make sure the glitter doesn’t come off. I used one coat.

4. Wear your Shamrock Shoes on St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock Shoes


Be sure to check out Anna over at “My Life and Kids” for more great project ideas!