Mini Pie Tin Holiday Bunting

Tis the Season for  Buntings! All month I’ll be bringing you fun Christmas Bunting ideas and this first one is a one you will love becasue of it’s creative use of non traditional items! Meet the ” Mini Pie Tin Holiday Bunting!

To make this bunting you’ll need mini pie tins. I found my 5″ tins at Orson Gygi in Salt Lake for 15 cents each. You’ll also need mini and regular sized cupcake liners (also found at Orson Gygi) T’shirt fabric, ribbon and hot glue.

1.  Invert two large cupcake liners and hot glue them to the inside of your pie tin. Invert two small cupcake liners and glue them into the center of the pie tin.

2.  Create a ruffled piece of fabric by cutting a 1.5″ x 6″ strip of tshirt fabric. Do a running stitch and gather your fabric and tie off your stitch.

3. Glue your fabric ruffle into the very center of your tin!

4. Add decorative trim around the outer edge of each tin.

5. Cut two 2′ pieces of ribbon and glue then onto the upper half of each pie tin.

6. Tie the pieces of ribbon together. After you make one bow, tie two more mows to create a multiple looped bow. Add small hot glue dots in the knotted sections of the bow to keep it from coming untied.

And lastly you hang it and enjoy!

You’ll notice with many of my buntings that I use non tradition colors! I openly admit my love of blue so it’s made a cameo in all of the holiday decor here in teh Blue Cricket house!  So get ready for more bunitng love all month long!

And here’s a question… what non traditional items have incorporated into your crafting?


Tin Can Planter Neighbor Gift Idea

It’s crunch time over here!This is the week for me to get my butt in gear and get some last minute holiday things crossed off my “To do” list! Neighbor Gifts are high on that list!  I’m determined to come up with a creative and simple and affordable small gift idea to hand out to my neighbors! I know this can be stressful! VERY STRESSFUL actually so I was never more grateful to see this darling gift idea when I toured Thanksgiving Point! I was able to make one and man is it easy!

 You’ll start by collecting used and cleaned tin cans! I know! I know! A recycling project too! Can this get any better!!!
 Add about an inch of Road gravel or small pebbles to the bottom of your can. This will help with drainage!
 Next add rich loose soil up to about an inch below the top of your tin can.
 Next add your cute and adorable flower bulb. This is a Paper White. the stem should face up!
Cover the top of your soil and your bulb with moss and water your newly planted bulb!
 Tie on a cut strip of burlap in a simple knot.
 Add some Christmas Greens like Eucalyptus and Ferns and a few craft berry’s!
 Isn’t that darling! So simple and beautiful and unique! Each tiny gift cost about $1.50. Sounds good to me!
Merry Christmas neighbor!

Making a table scape that fits MY style! Thank you Pier 1 Imports

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Pier 1 Imports. All opinions are 100% mine.

I’m no stranger to Pier 1 Imports! It’s one of those “go to” places that I utilize often and the holidays just beg for a shopping trip to Pier 1!

I love that I can go into a store like Pier 1 and customize a look that fits my bright and bold style! I’m sort of a non traditionalist when it comes to Holidays and Christmas is no exception! I love the typical red and green look but of course I’m always looking to put my stamp on EVERYTHING that I put on display in my home! I want all my decor, including holiday decor, to look like me and to look like my home! Thanks to Pier 1 I was totally able to do that!
When I first walked into the store I was blown away by the beautiful displays and bold sparkle and colors! I was in heaven! Golds, Reds, Greens, Silvers and my favorite BLUE! I knew I was going to be able to create something awesome! Check out some of the amazing displays that offered endless inspiration…
I’ve always been drawn to beautiful tablescapes! Layer after layer of details! Each piece thought out and intentional. How cute are those felt snowflakes underneath those Candy Cain dinner plate! So so cute!
This adorable Penguin theme was happily on display! I love how they used the large ones for chair back decorations…
 and tucked into trees! My kids would have loved this! 
I know when we think of holiday decorating we thing Mantle, Dining room table and a wreath on the door! But don’t forget all the other tiny spaces that can show off holiday cheer! Look at this gorgeous collection of festive throw pillows! The Snowflake pillow if a personal favorite and that “Ho Ho Ho” pillow is decked out with pom poms and green! What’s not to love!
So after wondering the displays and getting totally inspired I knew exactly what I wanted to create for my own space!
I loaded up and created a color pallet of Red, Green, Blue, White, and Black! I found some fun and playful things that weren’t your typical Christmas items but when placed together created a look that screamed 
I started off with a beautiful Black and White Hounds tooth place mat and a sparkly Red Charger! Chargers are a great way to add a pop of color and tie in a color scheme!  The hounds tooth was the perfect tectured jumping off place for this soon to be fantastic tablescape!
Next I added my own blue dinner place and white salad bowl! I was in love with the fact that all my Pier 1 finds would work seamlessly with items I already had! What a great way to use what you have and add new fun holiday pieces all at once! A napkin at each setting ties in one more of my colors!
 Next I added a darling sparkly ornament instead of napkin ring! I love how it all looks together! I used red and blue ornaments in order for them to pop off of the green napkin!
Time for some glassware! This is where I added my most favorite feature! Check out my adorable Dot Tumblers! Talk about cute! When placed along side a traditional wine glass it makes the perfect addition to my whimsical setting!
Now that my place settings are ready to go it’s time to address the center of my table!
I whipped up a table runner that would tie in all my fun colors! Bright bold fabrics and burlap helped to creat this perfect centerpiece starting place!
For the very center I stacked two glass cake platters! I love the small size! I added a small piece of hounds tooth wool to add one more texture!
When I saw these beautifully detailed Doily Plates I knew I wanted to use them somehow! I rested them atop my blue glittered snowflakes I already had and used them as a candle holder! Darling right!
Embossed Fleur De Lis votives and lime green candles are just one more layer of the look! Little details make all the difference!
And lastly I filled in with beautiful Pier 1 Import glittery ornaments and bulbs, and silver glitter stars from my own collection!
Isn’t it magical! Totally me! It was so fun to create a look that fit the rest of my homes decor and totally brings in a fun festive holiday feel! Thanks to Pier 1′s amazing selection of beautiful holiday and year round items, I created a table I LOVE!!!! 
And Pier 1 isn’t just a great one stop shop for beautiful decor! Get that Christmas shopping list out and start shopping! And (hint hint) If I happen to find my way on your list you are more then welcomes to pick me up a few favorite things that caught my eye!
I love this Rack with Baskets and it’s on sale!

And I’ve also had my eye on these Assorted Bird Art pieces! On sale for only $24.99! What a bargain!

Besides the amazing deals and selection at Pier 1 I am also in love with their generous giving spirit! During the months of November and December, you can support Toys for Tots by dropping off an unwrapped toy and/or making a cash donation at the register. Also  if you “Like” Pier 1 Imports on Facebook during the month of November, Pier 1 will donate $1 to Toys for Tots. It’s all about giving back and Pier 1 is a great example of that!

Christmas Countdown. Good things do come in small packages!

(This is a fan’s favorite revisit from last year!!) 

With so many wonderful Advent Calendars and Count Downs out there you know I had to put my spin on the Holiday tradition! I created this smaller version of a Christmas classic for all of you out there with limited space and for those of us who’s husbands would kill us if we brought home one more Huge Christmas Decoration!

Gather the following supplies…

1 pack of Library Book Pockets/Envelopes. ( sold at teacher/learning stores)
Approximately 12 Sheets of Scrapbook paper
3 Sheets of Colored Card Stock
Distressing Ink
Glue Stick
Paper Cutter
2″Circle Punch
# Stencil
2″ Ring

And away we go!

Measure and Cut 25 pieces of paper. You will want the cut paper to be slightly smaller then the envelope. I used standard sized envelopes so my paper was cut to 3.5 x 3.25″.

Use your Distress Ink to add detail to the edges and corners of the cut paper! This step is well worth the added time! Attention to detail always pays off!

Now you will want to lay out all 25 pieces of paper. Arrange them in a random order being sure not to put two of the same prints next to each other!

It’s now time to add our 2″ Circles. First we will need to cut them out! I have fallen in love with my new Martha Stewart Circle Cutter! It cuts Circles from 1″ – 5 7/8″. All that versatility in one tool! Gotta love it!

Cut 25 and distress!

Assign a circle to each piece of paper being sure to make it look random and complimentary!

Taking one at a time you will now add the numbered day to each circle! I used a Stencil and a sharpie but if you have awesome free hand skills by all means show ‘em off!!

To make your inserts you will measure and cut a new piece of paper slightly longer then you did your first pieces of paper. In my case I cut mine 3.25 x 4.5″

You know the drill…Distress and arrange them to each envelope. At this point you can also adhere each circle to envelope.

@5 Days of Christmas Count Down Ideas

Now we need to add our Daily idea. I have created a list of 25 fun activities! Use these suggestions and add them to your inserts! I created my idea print outs on Photoshop! Come up with a customized way to display yours based on the Colors you you are working with!

Cut each Idea out and glue them to the insert cards. Be sure to lay them all out first and make sure certain suggestions are closer to the beginning of the month then the end! Putting up Christmas Decorations is something you don’t want to do December 24th!

Punch a hole in the corners.

Add them to a 2′ ring and tie on a Bow!

Hang on a Knob or on your Mantel and enjoy counting down the days until the Fat Man comes and raids your cookie jar!!!

Happy Count Down!


Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends! My heart if full and I feel so blessed! It’s impossible not to reflect on the meaning of this blessed day! I am filled with love and gratitude for a loving Savior who knows my heart. I send you all my warmest love! Please enjoy this video that touched me! I especially loved the end when we can see the compassion that is hopefully in all of us!

Enjoy the blessings that surround you! Merry Christmas my friends!


Save your wrapping paper…

Do as Granny says “Save that paper darlin’!”

Tomorrow morning as you tear into those gifts be sure to collect and save the paper! Trust me! It will come in handy if you consider it as Crafting Supplies! It’s also a wonderful
way to reuse a useful item!

As a kid my brother and sister and I used to make Confetti out of our wrapping paper to use New Years Eve!

It will make for wonderful backgrounds in card making and other fun paper crafts! So grab it, store it and pull it out next time you need a little splash of color!


Music Note Gift Tags

Today I would love to share an easy and fun project perfect for this Holiday Season! Personal touches to any gift add charm and sentiment. Try your hand at Homemade Gift Tags to finish off those gifts before you put them under your tree or give them to your closest friends! They also make a wonderful gift given as a gift set to Piano Teachers, Music Instructors or anyone who enjoys the joy of Music!

Gather the following materials:

Scrapbook paper
Paper Cutter
Glue Stick
Distress Ink
A Holiday Stamp
School Glue
Hole Punch

Used Sheet Music! I buy my Sheet music at my local Thrift Store. Each one of these books were $1 or less!

Based on the size of your stamp, you will want to cut your sheet music to be slightly larger.

Use your Distress Ink on all the edges to add detail.

Now we need to cut our background paper. Use Scrapbook paper and cut it to be slightly larger and longer then your sheet music. By making it longer we can turn it into a Tag shape.

Cut off the top corners to achieve a tag like shape!

Time to Distress once again!

Use a glue stick to adhere your sheet music onto your scrapbook paper. Be sure to notice the music and make sure it’s arranged the correct way!

Now we can add our stamp detail!

Once the paint has dried we can then add our glitter!

Paint a thin layer of glue onto your stamp.

Stamp it on top of your painted stamp. It doesn’t have to be perfect! I think a layered whimsical look is best!

Sprinkle on your glitter!

Remove the excess glitter and watch it sparkle!

Punch a hole and add a ribbon to hang them on your gift boxes! Write the “To: and From:”
on the reverse side!

These are the perfect personal touch that are sure to be admired!



Gift Wrapping! It’s in the Details!

Before I jump into this post I need to Do a cartwheel or two!!! I was featured on one of my Favorite Blogs YESTERDAY!!! Woot Woot!! Come check out the feature over at
Today’s creative Blog!
I’m still sort of on a high over it!

ok…on to today’s post…

Here we are knee deep in December! Hopefully it’s been an enjoyable month so far! I think the stress level will increase the closer we get to the 25th don’t you! I’m happy to report my shopping is D-O-N-E!!!!! Now it’s on to the wrapping!

I love a beautifully wrapped gift! I was lucky enough to grow up with a mom who was a professional gift wrapper! I’m not jokin’! She actually worked in a department stores Gift wrapping department at one time! We always had gifts with impeccable creases and hidden tape! It was magical really!

I may not be as precise as my mother but I do love trying my hand at a beautiful presentation! It’s all about the small details! A beautiful gift tag or a added touch on the tie! It’s fun to go crazy when it comes to wrapping gift!

Here’s a little gift box I’m using that has a little bit of sparkle and special added touch.

I picked up this fun Chinese Take out Box from Robert’s Crafts for $1.50. Alone it’s pretty darn cute and by simply adding a bow you’d be pretty much set! But I like to take it one step further..

By adding just one more detail you can kick it up a notch! These layers of Poinsettia’s are shimmery and the glitter dot is one more pop of bold color and texture! It’s still simple which I like but dressing it up a tiny bit makes it feel important!
You can do the complete opposite and wrap a gift like my husband does…

Like that?!?!
He prefers Tape and a Stapler to frills and lets say WRAPPING PAPER!
Lucky me!

Check out some of these other beautiful ways to present a beautiful gift!
(HINT HINT Michael!!!)

Check out HGTV’s tips and trips!

And I love Good Housekeeping Ideas on how to create a Gift Wrapping station!

And lastly I just wanted to show off these fun colors! Think outside of Green and Red this Christmas! Any color combination can lend itself to Holiday cheer when done tastefully!

Do you guys have a non traditional Color Scheme this year!
You’ve seen me going nuts with Blues, Reds and Greens! I just adore it!
What’s your favorite thing to add to a package to make it festive and special?


Funky Gift Tags

I took a que from one of my readers Chelsea when I fell in love with her Advent Calendar! I was smitten with her glittered Ticket Day 20 and had to try my hand at some Glittery Ticket Magic!

Check ‘em out…

I LOVE these little gems! They are soooo me! Colorful and a little unexpected! They are the perfect Funky Detail to any package!

Easy to make! All you need is…

Glitter…lot’s and lot’s of Colorful Glitter
School Glue
Glue Gun
Embellishments like Feathers, Tulle, Ribbon

Make a pool of glue on a plate and dip each edge of the tickets into the glitter.

Generously sprinkle your glitter onto the glue. HINT: Once you’ve collected a pile of excess glitter on your plate you can simply dip your ticket into the glitter on your plate…it’s actually easier this way!

Ooh!!!Ahhh!!Glitter! GLITTER! Glitter!!!
Now start going nuts! Use a glue Gun to attach ribbon, feathers and fanned Tulle! Get Crazy! You imagination is your road map!

Use a glue gun to attach them to your gifts!

PURDY huh!!!!


Cookie Dough Gift Idea

“Sugar and Spice and everything Nice!! That’s what GREAT Neighbors are made of!”

We don’t always have time to spend crankin’ out multiple Neighbor Gifts! This idea is for all of us who need a simple fast and yet fun gift to pass out to the masses!

This time of year you can often find the Pre made Sugar Cookie Dough on sale! This Pillsbury Tube was $1. While your at the grocery Store grab a few tubes of Cookie Dough, some Holiday Cookie Cutters and Frosting Gels.

Wrap a piece of trimmed Scrapbook paper around the Cookie Dough and tie on the rest! Simple and easy and a fun gift that Families with kids will especially enjoy!