My favorite stocking stuffers thanks to Target

Anyone still shopping for stocking stuffer? Here are a few of my favorites this year you can pick up at Target…

Maybeline Baby Lips Lip gloss! I ADORE this stuff. There are some great shade that are light and appropriate for little girls and teenagers would love this too. It’s super moisturizing and costs around $3. I saw a two pack last night at Target for$5. Yes please!

My kids love using an electric toothbrush! These cute ones cost only $4 but you can grab other fun themed brushes for under $10.

We love a good game and this pint sized game is perfect for anyone in the family! Banangrams is a letter based game that can teach preschoolers sounds and letters while older kids can play it as intended by building words. $15

Target carries the BEST fun socks at at only $2.50 each you can get a fun variety of prints!

Why not help kick off the new year with a new journal! So many fun styles and sizes! Target carries a ton ranging in price from $5-$16.

And you’re gonna need some new pens for that journal right! Fun sets of colored pens make a great companion! $5

I’m in love with these darling wallets from Target. Adorable characters and only $10

This three pack of gloves can easily be divided and I don’t know about your family but we are always losing one glove here and there! A new pair is just what this time of year calls for! $10 for a three pack. They also have tech fingers!!

What do you stuff your stockings with? Is there something you include every year? I love hearing about fun stocking traditions. Please share!





Sweater Stockings

I hate to admit it but this will Charlies 3rd Christmas but her first with an actual stocking of her own! I know! I know! I am a horrible DIYer. What crafty mom would make her youngest daughter suffer through the holidays with a borrowed stocking from her dad!  I tried to make up for it this year and made the final family stocking for baby #4 while I was at it to try to save face!

It was also a great opportunity to incorporate blue into the color pallet of hung must haves! Blue, green and red are my Christmas colors! HECK! Blue makes it into every holiday and all aspects of decor in this house! Why not finally introduce it into our stockings!

This project starts off with a trip to the Thrift Store! I found knit sweaters in the colors I wanted and they each ranged in price from $3-$5. I also picked up some ribbon and fun pom pom trim from my favorite fabric store, Material Girls Quilt shop!

Creating the stocking was simple. I tried taking advantage of the sweaters as much as possible. If it had a turtle neck I made sure to keep that in the design of the stocking! I turned the sweater inside out and used a pattern I created and cut out my design on both sides of the sweater. I just left the neck in tack  or took advantage of the finished edge of the bottom of a sweater in the case that it did not have a turtle neck! Look for short cuts!

Embellishing the front was the fun part. before I sewed the stocking together I added other pieces of sweater and trim! Once I was happy with the embellishments I sewed the edges and turned it right side in…or is it right side out??

Repeated 5 times over and now we have our family of stockings! EVERYONE gets one this time around! I think they turned out great and they look great when you see how my entire house is decked out in this Blue, green and red color scheme!



“To Go” container gift boxes

Looking for a simple way to give a gift card or small gift this year! Look no further then your restaurant supply store! Soup “To go” cartons can get all dressed up for the occasion and house your gift cards, jewelry, and tiny treasure gift givings!

These ‘to Go” soup cartons were the perfect size for gift cards! I purchased mine at Orson Gygi n Salt Lake City. For less then $10 I have lids and containers for 25! All that’s left is to decorate! Put those creative skills to work and go crazy!

This one is decorated with a felt flower, green tulle and rick rack! use your flower making skills for any fun flower topper! Add a leaf and some tulle for added texture and you’re set!

Twine and a simple baby blue ribbon make this one the perfect gift box! I hot glued the twine on starting at the bottom and working my way up to the top.

And lastly this crazy top was adorned with Silver ribbon, Green gingham ribbon, Silver tulle and red ric rack! A fun and festive top for a simple white container!

No more boring envelopes! Spice up your gift giving with these darling “To go” containers! The skies the limit!


Holiday Decor: Using a color theme

It’s been a fun adventure over these last 4 years of being a full fledged home owner to decorate for the holidays and being a blogger it’s fun to look back and see what I was up to years ago as I decorated for the Holidays…

Last year my bright and colorful Christmas table scape was a blast to create pairing hounds tooth placemats, polka dotted glasses, candles, ornaments and a homemade table runner!

In 2009 I created my fun Paper Mache Christmas Ornaments! These whimsical decorations were a labor of love and so much fun to get creative and design! They still make me smile when I put them up around my home each year!
One year I even wrapped up Canvas Art Work with wrapping paper for some easy and affordable decor! Looking back I have loved seeing that my bright color scheme has been around for years! Each year I add new things but they all have one thing in common… “BRIGHT COLOR!” I love using color as a consistent theme!
Have you noticed that you do the same thing? Do you decorate for the holidays using a color theme? I’d LOVE to hear what your color theme is! Is it traditional Red, White and Green? Silver and Blue? Black, white and Red? Tell me!!!

Now I’d love to know, how do you spread real cheer with your holiday decorating? Show me with your photos! Click “Add me” in the Cheer Tree below to upload your holiday decorating photos and share them with your Twitter followers and Facebook friends. Be sure to click on “Special Offers” to unwrap the hidden coupons and deals exclusively from Sears. Keep checking throughout the holidays–new deals are unlocked every day! For all your holiday decorating needs and solutions, don’t forget to visit Sears and discover real deals, real cheer!

Snowman Cups

Ever seen such an adorable little face! Well if you’ve been reading my blog for a while you may have remembered my “Chinese take out Snowman gift box” and these I guess you can call their little offspring!

I thought I could come up with a smaller version perfect for sending little treats to my girls school class rooms! These darling little Snowman fit the bill and were a breeze to create!

6 oz Styrofoam cups and lids found at Orson Gygi were just what I needed and you can’t beat the cost of this project. 25 pack of cups: $1, 100 pack of lids: $1.55,  stiff felt: $1. And we all seem to have paint on hand! Even if you make 100 little gift cups it would cost you about $7 before you fill them with goodies!

First things first! Fill all your cups with goodies and close them with the lids! This makes them easier to hold when you paint them giving the super light Styrofoam a little more weight and with the lids on you can stack them!

Using pink paint and a small round sponge, you’ll  add your rosie cheeks! Next you’ll use the end of a paintbrush and black paint to add your coal smile and eyes! Lastly you’ll hot glue on your felt nose cut from a sheet of stiff felt. I painted all my cheeks then all my mouths and eyes and then glued on my noses. By the time I moved onto the next step, the step I just finished was dry!

I loved this little army of smiling snowman!

It took me about an hour to create 75 Snowman cups! These are perfect for Holiday classroom party favor or little treats for your kids to pass out to their friends!





Front Door Wreath switch up

(This post was scheduled for weeks and in the hopper before I got my new “Cut it Out” frame! There is still time to enter the “Cut it Out” Frame giveaway! Jump over HERE to enter!)

Time for a new look for the front door! This Frame has seen some changes now hasn’t it! Winter calls for a fresh new look and with the newly opened Crate N’ Barrel here in my area I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the darling foam Snowflake placement that caught my eye!


The placemat almost fit perfectly on the back side of my frame and becasue of the cutouts all i had to do was push the backing threw the cutouts and it was held securely.

$5 and 1 minute makeover! YES PLEASE!

How often do you change out your front door decor?  I’m dying to reassure myself that I’m not the only one that has a dozen looks throughout the year!


Felt Snowflake and Pom-Pom Bunting

Who loves a cheap and easy project they can get done in less then 10 minutes? All ya all better have raised your hand! This fun bunting project is all that! Five $1 Felt Snowflakes found at JoAnn’s and about $2 worth of white Pom-Poms and a glue gun are all you need!

In between each snowflake I glued two rows of pom poms, one longer then the other to create a swag.

Nothing beats a fast and affordable project that helps add a little Holiday cheer!


Wrapped Christmas books

Christmas is all about creating fun family traditions and indulging the littles in   extra fun! I loved the idea of wrapping up Christmas books and having the kids open one each night to read as a family! You’d think that finding Christmas/Winter themed story books would be hard and expensive but if you frequent Thrift stores like I do you’ll quickly find that it’s amazingly easy and affordable!

Thrift stores are chuck full of Holiday books! I paid 50 cents or less for every book. I left one store with 11 Christmas books! Two thrift shop visits later I had a full collection. I even grabbed Easter, Halloween and Valentines Day books to start those holiday collections!

Starting tonight we get dive into the book basket! I don’t know who’s more excited! Me or the kids.

Speaking of Christmas stories…what’s your all time favorite Christmas story?


Advent Calendar: Mini Goodie Bags

Each year I love creating a new advent Calendar for the family!

Remember my 25 Days of Christmas Count Down!That year I created a Advent Calendar using Book envelops! This year I used a fun product as well that allowed me to create goodie bags that my girls will love opening each day as we count down the days till Christmas.

Single serving Popcorn Bags from Orson Gygi (3.99 for 100 pack) are the jumping off point for this years fun filled advent! Along with scrapbook paper, Distress Ink, and number stamps!

1. I cut my paper just big enough to cover the popcorn image on the popcorn bags.

2. I’m a lover of the Distress Ink so of course that was a must to help define the edges!

3. I stamped on the dates.

4. And used a glue stick to glue on each paper to the bags. I did lay heavy books on top of the bags while the glued dried to help them dry flat.

5. I got a  collection of fun goodies to add to each bag for my girls to open. I put three treats into each bag so my girls will be sharing the contents of each count down day. Things like candy, Christmas erasers, new tooth brushes, half dollars, pencils, fruit roll ups, and coupons that read ” Makeover with mom tomorrow! You get to stay up 10 more minutes tonight! Back tickles!” Special things that they can look forward to.

6. I strung a ribbon and folded over each bag and secured it with two large paper clips. I want to be able to reuse these bags down the road so I avoided staples and a cloths pin just wasn’t cutting it on some og the heavier bags!

This entire project me just over an hour to complete! It’s a fun and festive way to count down the holiday season! You still have time to create one of your own! December is only a few days away!


Mini Paper Bunting

I’m pretty much into anything “Mini!” Let’s face it…if it’s small and tiny it’s automatically irresistible! This Mini paper bunting also makes a great hostess gift for holiday parties and house visits with relatives! You can change up the colors to fit a party or holiday theme and in a mater of less then an hour you have a sweet and tiny little decoration ready to drape over a mirror, hang from a chandelier or swag across a mantel!

1. Gather your scrapbook paper and use a paper cutter to cut 1.5″ strips.

2. Cut multiple pages of paper until you have  a nice collection of strips.

3. Cut the 1.5″ strips to be 4″ long.

4. Fold each piece in half.

5. Use hot glue to glue the folded paper onto a long piece of ric rac. Be sure to make sure the glue touched the ric rac and the paper an dnot just the paper. This will keep it from slipping down the ric rac. Space the papers about an inch apart.

6. Cut a triangle out of the bottom of the papers making them pointed flags.

7. Continue cutting until all have been cut.

8. Hang and enjoy!


Simple and fun! What more do you need! This tiny bunting would also be darling if you’d like to layer your buntings! Just like fin accessories, layering in decorating can be just as impressive. Something small in scale like this would look perfectly paired with the bunting I showed off yesterday!