Mini Paper Bunting

I’m pretty much into anything “Mini!” Let’s face it…if it’s small and tiny it’s automatically irresistible! This Mini paper bunting also makes a great hostess gift for holiday parties and house visits with relatives! You can change up the colors to fit a party or holiday theme and in a mater of less then an hour you have a sweet and tiny little decoration ready to drape over a mirror, hang from a chandelier or swag across a mantel!

1. Gather your scrapbook paper and use a paper cutter to cut 1.5″ strips.

2. Cut multiple pages of paper until you have  a nice collection of strips.

3. Cut the 1.5″ strips to be 4″ long.

4. Fold each piece in half.

5. Use hot glue to glue the folded paper onto a long piece of ric rac. Be sure to make sure the glue touched the ric rac and the paper an dnot just the paper. This will keep it from slipping down the ric rac. Space the papers about an inch apart.

6. Cut a triangle out of the bottom of the papers making them pointed flags.

7. Continue cutting until all have been cut.

8. Hang and enjoy!


Simple and fun! What more do you need! This tiny bunting would also be darling if you’d like to layer your buntings! Just like fin accessories, layering in decorating can be just as impressive. Something small in scale like this would look perfectly paired with the bunting I showed off yesterday!


Mini Pie Tin Holiday Bunting

Tis the Season for  Buntings! All month I’ll be bringing you fun Christmas Bunting ideas and this first one is a one you will love becasue of it’s creative use of non traditional items! Meet the ” Mini Pie Tin Holiday Bunting!

To make this bunting you’ll need mini pie tins. I found my 5″ tins at Orson Gygi in Salt Lake for 15 cents each. You’ll also need mini and regular sized cupcake liners (also found at Orson Gygi) T’shirt fabric, ribbon and hot glue.

1.  Invert two large cupcake liners and hot glue them to the inside of your pie tin. Invert two small cupcake liners and glue them into the center of the pie tin.

2.  Create a ruffled piece of fabric by cutting a 1.5″ x 6″ strip of tshirt fabric. Do a running stitch and gather your fabric and tie off your stitch.

3. Glue your fabric ruffle into the very center of your tin!

4. Add decorative trim around the outer edge of each tin.

5. Cut two 2′ pieces of ribbon and glue then onto the upper half of each pie tin.

6. Tie the pieces of ribbon together. After you make one bow, tie two more mows to create a multiple looped bow. Add small hot glue dots in the knotted sections of the bow to keep it from coming untied.

And lastly you hang it and enjoy!

You’ll notice with many of my buntings that I use non tradition colors! I openly admit my love of blue so it’s made a cameo in all of the holiday decor here in teh Blue Cricket house!  So get ready for more bunitng love all month long!

And here’s a question… what non traditional items have incorporated into your crafting?