Girl’s room make over part 1: Fresh coat of paint & Board and Batten

My solution to the dreaded ” Mom! Mom!!!! We reeeeeeeeally want a pink room! PLEEEEESE!!”


Um yeah! Not  a fan of pink rooms! Not a fan of soft, frilly, princess like loveliness! I know! I may in fact never win the “mother of the year award” for not giving into “Pink” but I can still give them a great room that fits the rest of the homes feel! Colors that don’t scream kids room but are still youthful and fun!

So my solution is: PINK Board and Batten accent wall!



Now don’t hate me or send me nasty emails for painting over this darling mural! I know! I know! It’s a crime! But honestly…it served it’s purpose in the playroom but with us moving the big girls into this space I knew I had to kiss it goodby!

First’s things first…when you paint over any sort of mural you need to sand the paintings. They might feel flush to the wall but trust me! They will leave a raised impression so put in the time and sand.

This project is pretty affordable especially when you go for the more economical wood. These wood pieces were more “rustic” meaning they needed sanding and I took my time looking for pieces that were straight and not super knotty. This entire wall treatment cost me less then $20.

Board and Batten is pretty simple! Measure the lengths of each board, 45 degree angle cut the ends that will line up with your base boards, layout your boards being aware of outlets that might get in the way and nail then in place starting with the top horizontal wood pieces and then add the boards. Cover the nails with wood fill and paint!

It really is that simple!

Board and Batten Color: “Wazzup” by Kwal

Now we are both happy! The girls get a dose of pink and I’m happy to not have a “Blush and Bashful” room in the house! So much more to reveal as this room comes together!

 Here’s a little preview on the new bedding…

Bedding found at TJ MAXX and Home Goods! It’s youthful and not juvenile and that’s exactly the direction I wanted to go!

Stay tunes for more girls room makeover posts to come!



Thrift Store haul

The thrift store gods were in a good mood last week and I for one took full advantage! Total score, after a long drought that’s for sure! Wanna see my haul? I’m still giddy over it!

$10 vintage kitchen stool! Love at first sight! this little piece screamed “SAVE ME!” so I did! I already introduced it to a little can of yellow spray paint over the weekend! You’re gonna love her!

$5 College Chair/ desk: Every wondered what a college desk would look like spray painted? Yeah! Me too! We’ll all see how it turns out together!

$15 refinished sewing cabinet! HELLO!!! A beautiful already refinished table! SOLD! Nowt to the task of finding the perfect place for it!

$25 Twin size bed frame! Score of the year! Talk about perfect timing! We are moving Charlies bed down stairs into the big girls new room so she was going to need a bed. This find was a big one! Headboard, foot board, rails and slats! I had a few ladies hating me for finding this before they had! It’s in great condition and only missing some hardware!


Man I love thrift stores! I’m lucky and live in a great area dripping with great thrifting! The D.I. (Deseret Industries) is out big Thrift Store chain here in Utah!. When I lived in California all we had was Salvation Army and Good Will! Colorado had AMAZING thrift Stores!!! How about in your area? Do you have  any good thrifting?


No nails leaning photo display

I always get that itch for change around my house and I love it when you can create a new look for nothing just by rearranging furniture and using what you have!

When we no longer need a desk top computer we sold the desk it sat on and that left a huge void on this wall! I’ve been hopping for a new unit to fit this space but in the mean time I thought I create a tempory filler.

I moved the sofa table from the Piano room into this space. I’ve always hated teh placement of those outlets! I’ve always had to cover them up in some creative way.  This itme calls for leaning pictures!

I’ve had these large photos of my babies I never got around to hanging and when pulled together with a piece of art work from a cousin I think they do the trick!

The lip around this table makes this an ideal setting for leaning photos and the large glass cake cover keeps the photo from slipping forward.

I also added my large vintage scissors I found at Hobby Lobby and never knew were to hang to the mix.


All in all I am super pleased with this space! It’s a great way to show off pictures and rotate them easily. No nails in the wall and my kids are loving seeing old photos of themselves!



IKEA’s been a treasure trove lately! I could resist this darling white tray and teal blue vase! Makes a great little vignette for my family room!

I found this Wire Cage set at my grocery store of all place on clearance! YES PLEASE! $8 later it was mine!

Tiny photo of Cricket and all i need now is a tiny flower and maybe  a piece of fabric to add a little color!


This is not a joke…

For the last 6 weeks this has been what I’ve been staring at…

It’s been over 2 months since Big Fish Painting came and refinished our kitchen cabinets and you know what’s been keeping me from being able to do my big reveal post??? THE PAINT color for the walls!

That’s 17 different paint samples littering my wall! I think I hit the point of no return when I had more then 4 colors up there! Now It’s just a mess and so confusing! BUT I’m happy to report that weeks and weeks later and lots and LOTS of money spent on paint samples I have finally decided on a color. And the luck y winner is…

Copen Blue” an HGTV Home color by Sherwin Williams!

Which in real life looks nothing like that paint image! Now all I have to do it actually put it on the walls…that is after I sand down all the paint samples already on the wall!

And don’t even get me started on a Back splash! I think I reached my decision making limit for the year! That might need to wait a few years at this rate!!

Why is some cases are design decision so hard and other times a breeze? Ugg!


Silver end table

This is a treasure to me! It was my grandmothers and if you know me you know that she was a huge influence in my life! When we bought our first home I was lucky enough to get to take this piece with me! I loved its green color but for some tragic reason its other half got a stripe of white paint on it so I finally got around to giving a new fresh look!

These best part of this piece is that it has a twin sister and when they come together it makes this darling round table! I use them separated but I love the fact that I could latch them together and have this look!

I’ve been in love with Silver lately and thought it would be fun to transform this table with some Krylon Metallic Silver Spray Paint! Krylon sent me a can to sample and I was so excited to get started!

What do you think? Nothing like a little spray paint to make a project shine! Krylon sent me this product to sample but these opinions are 100% my own.


Fabric Button Bracelet

Fabric covered buttons are making an appearance on my wrist these days! After my Fabric Button Necklace I thought a bracelet would be  anatural next move!

I started with a great find from the DownEast Clearance Store. This was a messed up monogramed bracelet that they sell for $1. It has a leather band and  clasp and all it needed was some way to cover up the mess up!

A few buttons ought to do the trick! I glued these on with hot glue and it was exactly what this bracelet needed!

I love it when we can make an otherwise useless item usable again!


Krylon to the rescue!

This beautiful Silver vase didn’t always look this stunning! It was a diamond in the rough!

I loved this tiny little creamer I found at my local Thrift Store. Not a huge fan of the flowers but it had such a darling shape I knew it would work great! I paid $2 for this piece.

Krylon is my go to brand for any spray paint need! I was sent this Nickle Metallic paint by Krylon to try and I love it!

Two coats later and a handful of freshly cut Lilacs from my front yard and I think my $2 investment was a good one!

I am always impressed with spray paint results! Nothing makes  a bigger change then a fresh coat of paint! Thanks Krylon for the sample! The opinions shared in this post are my own.


Spray it before you toss it! Wicker makeover.

Last weekend I was ready to toss this worn patio set! It was unraveling on the legs, had water stains and was just plain tired looking!


Luckily Mr. BCD convinced me to try to make it over before we lost all hope! So that’s exactly what we did last weekend. We used E6000 glue to repair the unraveling wicker.


We used a hard brush to scrub off the chippimg paint.


this is my Spray gun! I love her! She makes me smile when I use it for projects like this! Get yourself a good spray gun if you do a lot of refinishing projects. This HVLP 1000 gun cost me $100.


Nooks and Crannies were no match for me spray gun!

Te DA!!!! Brilliant right! Thanks to my hubbies foresight we made $150 when we sold it on just 4 hours after we finished painting it! Way to go babe!

So before you toss out that weathered and worn patio set, try to pump a little life back into it with some paint!


Flower Pot cheat!

I love this time of year! Time to sprinkle our yards with bright and cheery flowers! Flowers can get expensive so a great way I’ve found to trim a little off my nursery bill is to cheat a little! I got wise to this trick after I had admired my neighbors over flowing pots…this was her little secret! Thanks Angie!


I bought these beautiful low profile urns at the end of last Summer on clearance for $11 each at Sam’s Club. They are HUGE actually! By the time I would fill them with soil and baby plants I’d be invested about $40 and I have two of them! YIKES! So here’s the perfect solution…


Instead of filling them with dirt I filled it with a paver. We demoed our deck last year and these were underneath it so these were free!

Then I placed my beautiful and mature hanging basket I picked up from a local nursery  for only $25 each on top of the paver. The paver lifts the basket a little higher and really helps it fill out this giant urn!

And lastly I removed the hanging wires! Bada bing! Bada bang! A totally full and lush looking planter at a huge savings and I didn’t even get my hands dirty!

The best part is that you can easily still take out the baskets and bring in your plants if the weather is threatening, which I have had to do! And at the end of the season clean up is so easy! Just toss the basket and store your urns, no dumping soil and hosing out pots! It’s a win win!!

Happy out door decorating!


Peeking through my windows! Decorating with vintage Windows

If you peeked into my front windows you see my red piano! It’s hard to miss! It’s big and red and stairs you smack dab in your face! I LOVE my red piano (even though I can’t play it very well) but I always struggle with how to decorate above it! I’m in the “switch-a-roo” stage of home decorating! This time of year I get cabin fever and need to change things for sanity sake… I rotate my decor as often as I can to keep me from having to buy new decor. On occassion I will add something new and when I found these two vintage windows while consignment shopping one weekend I knew they would make great foundation pieces in decorating.
The smaller single paned window is from Abode ($15) and the larger one from Now and Again ($29).
Resting items is a great way to avoid endless holes in the wall. If you are like me you like to change things often enough to not want to a nail in teh wall dictate what you can put there! These frames look great layered and resting on my wall. Now that i hada a great starting point it was time to shop my house ans start accenting this area.
I started by trying out a ceramic vase with tall greens and my blue tiny cabinet. I wanted to try out different heights and colors. I have a blue table across from the piano so I was hoping the blue would look good.
Here it is with a few different items to try out! My grandmothers vintage children’s chair from her childhood that is very special to me and a bird cage. I like the way this all looks but it’s a wee bit dark for me! I need pops of color!
What about yellow flowers instead?
I kind of like this bright look…but it’s still missing something!



So I go back and forth between the two plants! I’m for sure decided on the blue cabinet but help me out on the plant. Tall or short?
It still need something more! I’m still on the hunt for the perfect last addition to the whole look! Suggestions?
Anyway…play with decor! Mix and match until you find what you love! Find large staple or foundation pieces that will work year round when you replace smaller items around it to fit the season or holiday or your mood in my case! Large statement pieces like these vintage windows are worth their investment!
Tips for finding great salvages windows:
  • Look for windows that have glass that is in good shape. Cracked panes that are cracked or broken will over time be a hazard especially you rearrange often. No one wants a boo boo!
  • Look for charming details like handles and hinges or hinge marks still on the original windows. Added details make for added charm!
  • Ask the retailer if they have more stock in the back. Often times stores can’t put out all of their inventory or they have yet to clean up all the window panes. It’s worth your time to ask.
  • Look past the dirt and grime! It only takes a little Windex and elbow grease to shine up the glass in a salvages window! Don’t be turned off if it looks filthy!
  • Negotiate the price. If you find more then one window ask if you can get a  discount! The worst thing they will say is no!