Water Color art



If I had to pick one favorite thing in Gunners new nursery it would have to be his “The Catch” art that hangs and keeps watch over his crib. This simple little sketch means more to me then even I knew.

When I was only 7 years old my grandpa meet us early one morning and me and my family and my oh so handsome grandfather drove across the dessert to Lake Mead just outside of Las Vegas. This was a far away adventure for a 7 year old. As a little girl I idolized my grandpa. He was the perfect man in my eyes and to be going on an adventure like this with him was pretty darn special. He had just bought a house boat and to me and my siblings it was more exciting them Disneyland!

So many memories were made on that house boat! Even when my grandpa told me I drove it like a drunken sailor and it made me cry, it was a moment I’ve never forgotten! I grew up on the lake, learned to ski at age 8, weathered countless storms, took all my childhood friends along through the years, took my boyfriend and finally my own kids to that houseboat. It was just so apart of me that when the time came, over 20 years later to say goodby to it that it felt like my heart was braking a tiny little bit.

I can still close my eyes and mentally walk every inch of it inside and out. I can feel the scratchy couch cushions and can picture the tacky fake yellow and white flowers I’m sure my grandma loving chose to spruce the place up with. And there hanging above the stairs hung this sketch “The Catch” for all those years. It was as iconic to my childhood as “Saved by the Bell!” So on my very last trip to my most favorite place I took the one thing that would always remind me of all those great memories. I’ve been holding onto this yellowed faded piece of paper for 7 years just waiting for the perfect place to hang it.

I think it was always meant to hang in my sons room. All I needed to do was to breath a little bit of new life into it…



Sadly over the years of storage and it had become a little worse for the wear! I had my fingers crossed that a little brightening up might help! So I held my I dipped my paintbrush, held my breath and crossed my fingers and in the end I was amazed at how I turned this treasured momento into a new family keepsake! I adore how it turned out and what it represents.



It now hangs keeping watch over little Gun! It reminds me of my grandpa, his love of fishing and my endless summers on the lake! In some small way it feels like he is watching over my little guy! I sure hope he is!

Gunners full Nursery reveal here!

** Water color pallet is from Michaels Crafts $5, frame from IKEA $17


Valentines Mailboxes

This year for Valentines Day my oldest daughter needs to take in a homemade mailbox. So far this is the first year any of my girls have had to create something. For years I have thought that the “Fiesta Pack” carriers from Del Taco would make a darling mailbox for collecting love notes and FINALLY we got to turn them into a charming little “Love Shack!” Our good friends own a local Del Taco so she was nice enough to give us these three carriers.

Even though only one of my littles needed a mailbox I couldn’t leave the others out of all the fun. The girls helped out by cutting fun foam for the roof shingles, glue sticking scrapbook paper onto the box and applying shingles after I applies the hot glue. They picked out the paper and foam colors and designed how their houses would look! 3 hours, and 4 blisters later (I burned myself multiple times and this is why I handle the hot glue still!) we have these adorable little cottages!

And after all the Valentines festivities are over these cute little cottages make perfect doll houses for the collection of clothespins dolls I made for the girls! A sweet little neighborhood just for them!

So the next time you get a fun food carrier be sure to think of it’s next job! Might just become something fun!


Fabric Covered Spring Vases

Nothing says “Bring on the warm weather” like bright pops of color! While Spring cleaning I cleaned out a kitchen cabinet and realized I had a huge collection of glass vases and jars! I had gathered them all up and had them in my car to drop off at the thrift store but quickly realized I could re-purpose a handful of them and turn them into a fun Spring project!

Gather a variety of glass bottles and jar! Rescue them! Make sure they look great together in a cluster! Cut think strips of scrap fabric in a variety of prints and color! Hot glue the fabric onto the bottles! Time to embellish!

Fabric buttons, twine, fabric flowers and tulle! Anything to add a little more texture and color! Use what you have and just have fun with it!



Girls room makeover reveal & $100 Lowe’s giveaway

When we moved our girls down stairs we knew their room was going to take a lot of work! I’m not  a frilly, soft pink kind of mom so no such room was going to exist in my house either! This girls room was going to be a fun reflection of our entire home… bright and cheery! And super important, this new room need to be  suitable for two young girls who are most likely going to grow up in this space.

We transformed our playroom from this:



I installed this fun Board and Batten wall and leaned away from the tradition of painting it white! HELLO pink! To be honest it was my way of getting around painting a room girly pink! This punch of pink was the perfect amount for me and my girls love it too! Win, win!

To this…


Matching beds  ($15 each from an estate sale) got a new coat of paint! I used this method found here!

This $30 thrift store dresser got a fresh paint of paint as well! Baskets found at Lowe’s give new bedside book storage!

Wall art and a small desk face the window!

This desk was an amazing find! The space between the wall and the end of the beds isn’t very generous so when I found this 16″ deep desk at a local consignment store I had to buy it right up! It makes the perfect tiny work space that my girls love to play at. The wooden stool also got a fresh paint job and the purple pots on top of the desk came from Lowe’s garden department and are perfect art supply holders!

The fun and bright bedding is where this entire color pallet began! Cynthia Rowley quilts and accessories. Those yellow rugs are also from Lowe’s and have a makeover of their own I will soon share!

The last detail I added to make this space complete was a felt owl placement attached to the door with 3M Command strips! I swear I can’t live without 3m command strips! I hang everything I can with these babies!

I love the colors in this room, For the same fun pallet try using these great Olympic colors from Lowe’s:

Evening Glow, By the Sea, Cerise

This room was a blast to create! From installing the Board and Batten to creating fun storage with baskets! Lowe’s came to the rescue again and helped make this room makeover a hit! For more great ideas on how you can transform a space be sure to sign up for the FREE Lowe’s Creative ideas Magazine!

Giveaway time!

Lowe’s want’s to help one lucky BCD reader kick start a room makeover of their very own! Enter to win a $100 Lowe’s Gift Card! Winner will be chosen and announced On Monday April 23rd on the Blue Cricket Design Facebook page!

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Mantel Makeover

I’ve always loved my fireplace with it’s detailed mantel and moldings but have always hated its dark tones and heavy feel. The previous owners paid a lot of money to have this fireplace hand painted, textured and glazed and we finally had had enough!

So it went from this…

To this….

“Ahhhhhhh!” sings the angelic choir! Much better!

Thanks to my ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape with Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector this painting project went off without a hitch! This new tape is awesome! The tape works on a variety of surfaces, UV resistant for 14 days – even in direct sunlight, clean removal without residue, is ideal for hanging film and features Edge-Lock Paint Line Protector for super sharp paint lines!

After lining all my edges it was time to get started! I started off with KILZ oil based primer and then followed it up with two coats of Sherwin Williams “ALABASTER” paint, the same paint color that was used on my kitchen cabinet makeover! Because of all the intricate detail this took me about 7 hours total but was so worth it after we saw how lightening it up made it look like a true focal piece!

This tape was so great to work with and when it came time to peel it off at the end of the project it peeled up with ease and left behind sharp paint lines with no bleed!

A much needed change for a space in our home that is so adored and used by our family! It literally feels like a new room!

Check out this great video HERE showing how ScotchBlue tape has incorporated an amazing new technology to help give you the cleanest paint lines ever.

To find out more information about ScotchBlue tape you can find more info at the following links:

Brand website: http://www.scotchblue.com

YouTube page: http://www.youtube.com/scotchblue

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ScotchBlue

This post was brought to you in partnership with 3M and ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape. I was compensated by the advertiser to write this post, but my thoughts, opinions and words are my own.



Getting organized

Now that I had my new craft room painted and new furniture assembles it was time to fill it back up! This part of the makeover process was a little overwhelming for me becasue I wanted everything to not only look great but be functional and accessible! This was going to take boxes, bins, jars and canisters! After looking at what felt like endless options I finally found what I wanted!

To recap…

My old craft room started off with green walls, hand painted button walls and wood toned storage.

After using Valspar Signature paint and IKEA furniture I now had a space that was fresh and bright and ready for filling!

These Allen and Roth Baskets from Lowe’s were the perfect fit for my new bookcases. Like PERFECT fit! This is where my inspiration began! I new I wanted natural elements and these baskets were a great find. Anything Allen and Roth I adore! Remember my Allen and Roth Paintable Wallpaper toy chest! So fun!

Add some Metal buckets, white boxes and red pots from IKEA to the mix and now I had the perfect organizational team!

Next the fun part began! I love to organize so finding the perfect place for everything was a fun task for me! I started by placing my baskets, boxes, jars and bins in the places I thought looked the best. Then I made sure what I filled them with made sense. I shuffled around a few things once I realized I wanted paint over here and ruffles over there but all in all it was a pretty easy process.

When it came to thinking about how I wanted to set up the room I thought about how I was going to use the room. At the desk I knew I knew I wanted certain things at an arms reach. The small metal buckets were perfect for organizing my gel pens, markers, pencils and pens. The Red pot is perfect for task tools I’ll be using while on a projects; things like scissors, pliers and rulers.

Forever I’ve been looking for a great ribbon display to hang on the wall but in the end I really liked how all my ribbon, ruffles, lace and tulle looked on the shelf.

My Allen and Roth narrow baskets were great for storing my lose ruffles and collection of glitter! They tucked perfectly into their shelf.

Kerr jars make the perfect storage for  my buttons and gems!

Paint moved in and made itself at home!

These metal buckets each hold different collections that include broaches, premade felt flowers, magnets, and more!

This pretty red dresser is on the wall when you first walk in! It soon will be filled with more supplies as I finish up organizing. For now it displayed my great vintage Blue Singer Sewing Machine I found at a thrift store for $6!

Great storage products make all the difference! Do you have a space in your home that could use a little organizing? I found great luck with the tools I implemented into my craft room to help create this new space I am loving!

Lowe’s wants to make one lucky readers Organization task that much easier with a $100 Lowe’s gift card!

To enter leave a comment in today’s comment section telling me what space in your home needs a little Organization TLC! For additional entries you can Fan Lowe’s Creative Ideas on Facebook! Let me know you did so in a separate comment!

Winner will be announced on the Blue Cricket Designs Facebook page on Monday Jan. 23rd!

Next up I’ll be tackling the walls! I’m working on a cork board and s few other fun details! In the mean time don’t forget to sign up for your FREE Lowe’s Creative Ideas Magazine where you too can get inspired to make your spaces shine!


Beethoven meet Valspar

Beethoven and I had a little moment in a thrift store in Arizona. Our eyes locked and it was like the universe put us together! He had to be mine! This foot high busk of the talented Mr. Beethoven was $5 and I knew he’d be moving in and setting up shot atop my piano in no time!

If you looked close you’d notice Mr. Beethoven had a few dings and a chip on his shoulder, no pun intended! Nothing a little Valspar spray paint from Lowe’s couldn’t fix.

The key to a great spay paint job is distance, constant movement and two even coats!

Now these are the projects I love! Fast and easy and makes me smile! I have to say my two year old and her friend were a little scared of this guy while he was in the garage getting his makeover! He is now lovingly referred to as “The mean  guy!” It’s ok, Chuck! She has let to learn that he’s just freakin serious about great music!

Check out Lowe’s for amazing Valspar Spray paint. Endless colors that can help you spice up a thrift store find! And don’t forget to sign up for your FREE Creative Ideas Magazine from Lowe’s!




Toy Box Makeover

Seems like we’re always on the hunt for great storage solutions around the house. When it comes to helping kids stay organized and motivated to keep their space neat the classic toy box might just be the perfect solution!

This toy box called my name when I saw it at the thrift store but the stars and moon cut out were not its best feature! But for $12 I knew I could work some much needed magic on it and turn it into a real storage solution that looked great too!

 What  a difference some paint and wall paper can make! Enter LOWE’S! With just  a few supplies and a little time this toy box became a new piece of furniture I’m proud of.

I gathered a few items from Lowe’s to help with this makeover! My newest favorite craft product has to be the Allen and Roth Paintable wallpaper (under $20 for 11 yard roll!) This stuff is amazing!  It’s like embossed paper that would look beautiful on a wall and it was perfect for this toy box. More projects with this wonder stuff to come! I also grabbed Krylon spray paint and new hardware!

1. I first cleaned the wood toy box and got rid of dust, dirt, and the sticky price tag.

2. I measured each recessed panel and used my cutting board and rotary cutter to cut the wall paper panels for each side.

3. I used 3M spray adhesive as my glue. I sprayed a layer of glue on each panel and waited about 20 second before I added the paper. That gave it time to get extra tacky.

4. I added a wallpaper panel and pressed it down evenly. I used a wet cloth to scrub off any of the excess glue.

5. For the back of the toy box I measured out my panel and cut a piece of wall paper slightly taller then I needed. Once it was glued on I used an X-Acto knife to trim off the top. It was a smooth flush cut.

6. Once my wall paper panels were dry it was time to move the toy box outside to get ready to paint!

7. I did a few coats of spray paint and let it dry over night before I moved it back in!


Much improved right? I replaced the missing hardware inside and now have a darling toy box for my little girl’s room. The painted wall paper adds such a fun texture and so much charm! Now I have tons of leftover wall paper that will be put to great use for other projects!  Man I love that stuff!

Don’t forget about the FREE Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine! For more fun and inspiring project ideas using great Lowe’s products…


Black & White Photo wall and my Kitchen reveal! FINALLY!

Earlier this Spring I had Big Fish Painting come and FINALLY refinish my kitchen cabinets! When I first walked threw my home the cabinets were something I liked! They were Camo Green and different but I knew over time I’d want a new look and 3 years later I got that new look with a fresh coat of Alabaster paint!


And After…
Ahhhh! Much better right!What a difference some paint can make I tell ya! Fresh, bright, light and a big dose of new kitchen mojo! Now you might be wondering why it’s taken me soooooo long to share my kitchen reveal! If you recall I’ve had a pretty rough year that’s lead me to have anxiety and horrible decision making skills! Remember THIS post! I literally had endless paint samples on my wall for months! I just could NOT make a wall color choice!
Well finally HGTV paint from Sherwin Williams in Copen Blue won out after sleepless nights and near panic attacks! You’d think that after I made a paint color choice it would be smooth sailing from there but oh no! Next big hurtle… What to do with the giant blue wall.
A short while  back I discovered printing photos on Blue Print  print shops. It was affordable and so stinkin’ fun! Ever since then I knew I wanted to do more with this new trick so it was time to get to work on a feature wall of Poster Prints! Add waiting for our trip to California  for family pictures, editing time and me making my mind up on prints and you get my HUGE delay!
I had these photo printed at my local Blue Print printing store, SBR Technologies in Salt Lake City. These are not photo quality printing but printed in black and white on paper which gives them a cool grainy effect that I think adds charm! The higher quality photos the better!
My collection all measure between 1″-2″ wide. I started by creating a layout I liked on my kitchen table that I thought I’d like on my wall.
I used Scotch Blue Painters tape on the top corners of each poster. When you first hang the posters you will only want to tape the top two corners. This way you can adjust the posters easily without having to remove a fully taped poster. Start with the very most top  center picture and place that one first.
Next add each remaining photo adjusting the spacing and getting it just right!
When you get the placement perfect then you can add more tape to each poster to secure it on all corners and edges. Then step back and enjoy!
To print this way costs about 30 cents a square foot so this entire wall cost me only $9!!! YEP! You read that right! NINE bucks!
I think it was just what this new space needed! So My kitchen makeover is official done! May have taken me over 6 months but I love it all the same! And the best part about this feature wall is how affordable it cost to create! HUGE impact for a small price making it way affordable to swap out photos over the years to update the family pics! Can’t beat that!
So check your local area for a print shop by doing  a yellow pages search for “Blue Print printing” and see what comes up near you. Call ahead to get their pricing and go crazy creating a fantastic feature wall of your own!

Huge Print preview!!!

I saw a great segment on Studio 5 where the darling,  Laci Davis, shared an AMAZING secret! She filled us in on the how you can get HUGE black and white photos printed at Blue Print Printing shops for WAY cheap! I knew I had to go check it out for myself!

So I took this photo…

And I had it printed to be 4′ x 3′! This print cost me $6.

And to put it into perspective, here’s the silly faced model sitting next to her larger then life print!

And here’s a funny story…when I went to go pick up the prints the guy who was helping me over the phone showed me his printing FAIL:

He accidentally put in the wrong dimensions on this picture of Cricket and this is what happened! Pretty funny huh! He gave to me for free and lets just say this thing might be hanging up as a family joke from here on out on special occasions! I’m thinking prom night, first day of her senior year!

I had my photos printed at SBR Technologies in Salt Lake City. To find a print shop in your area do a google or yellow pages search for ” Blue Print printing” and see what pops up. You will basically find printing costs for black and white for about 35 cents a square foot.

This was my test run! Now that I know I LOVE this technique I’m going to create a fun photo wall. I think this is a little too big for what I’m going for but you can print like this in any size so I’ll be getting creative!

These photos are printed on paper, not photo paper so they are not as sturdy as a photo print. This is what makes them so affordable so it’s a fun way to print photos and change them out!


After I saw the HUGE long photo of Cricket I thought how fun would those look at a wedding reception!! Long huge black and white photos of the bride and groom  hanging off large dowels with ribbon hanging  all over! Makes me want to get married again!