Water Color art



If I had to pick one favorite thing in Gunners new nursery it would have to be his “The Catch” art that hangs and keeps watch over his crib. This simple little sketch means more to me then even I knew.

When I was only 7 years old my grandpa meet us early one morning and me and my family and my oh so handsome grandfather drove across the dessert to Lake Mead just outside of Las Vegas. This was a far away adventure for a 7 year old. As a little girl I idolized my grandpa. He was the perfect man in my eyes and to be going on an adventure like this with him was pretty darn special. He had just bought a house boat and to me and my siblings it was more exciting them Disneyland!

So many memories were made on that house boat! Even when my grandpa told me I drove it like a drunken sailor and it made me cry, it was a moment I’ve never forgotten! I grew up on the lake, learned to ski at age 8, weathered countless storms, took all my childhood friends along through the years, took my boyfriend and finally my own kids to that houseboat. It was just so apart of me that when the time came, over 20 years later to say goodby to it that it felt like my heart was braking a tiny little bit.

I can still close my eyes and mentally walk every inch of it inside and out. I can feel the scratchy couch cushions and can picture the tacky fake yellow and white flowers I’m sure my grandma loving chose to spruce the place up with. And there hanging above the stairs hung this sketch “The Catch” for all those years. It was as iconic to my childhood as “Saved by the Bell!” So on my very last trip to my most favorite place I took the one thing that would always remind me of all those great memories. I’ve been holding onto this yellowed faded piece of paper for 7 years just waiting for the perfect place to hang it.

I think it was always meant to hang in my sons room. All I needed to do was to breath a little bit of new life into it…



Sadly over the years of storage and it had become a little worse for the wear! I had my fingers crossed that a little brightening up might help! So I held my I dipped my paintbrush, held my breath and crossed my fingers and in the end I was amazed at how I turned this treasured momento into a new family keepsake! I adore how it turned out and what it represents.



It now hangs keeping watch over little Gun! It reminds me of my grandpa, his love of fishing and my endless summers on the lake! In some small way it feels like he is watching over my little guy! I sure hope he is!

Gunners full Nursery reveal here!

** Water color pallet is from Michaels Crafts $5, frame from IKEA $17


Favorite Things Party!

My “Favorite Things” party has quickly become something my friends and I look forward to each year! I know we don’t need an excuse to gather but when you add a fun gift exchange, yummy treats and amazing friends you can’t help but have the makings for a perfect night.




When I plan a party I always try to find one special something to set the mood or color pallet. These darling chevron cupcake stands from Pick your Plum were the perfect place to start! I loved their bright colors and they were perfect for a fun summer party. When it came to ordering the stands I couldn’t decide on what colors to get so I just got one of each! Orange, Teal, Pink, Lime Green, and Gray. And at only $3.99 each I didn’t feel too bad stocking up! Pick your Plum is a deal a day site so go sing up for updates and watch for these to pop up again!


I went light when it came to refreshments. I made my homemade cupcakes: Lemon Curd and French Vanilla with whipped Chocolate and Strawberry frosting. I also served fresh fruit.






For last years party I invested in a collection of vintage glass ware! It’s still my most favorite thing at my Favorite Things party! I went from thrift shop to thrift shop in search of a hodge podge of vintage glass wear. At 50 cents each this was a very affordable way to get a beautiful collection of glasses that get used at every party I throw! I also reused the glass bottles that were originally bought filled with Italian Soda but now I refill with water and pink lemonade.



My style is affordable and simple decor and it doesn’t get much more affordable and simple then this! A half yard each of the coordinating colored fabric cut into 1.5″ strips and tied to green twine made the perfect bunting. It was probably about 100 feet long and I draped it back and forth along the walls of my dining room. And last minute I used the scraps and wrapped my chandelier! I am in LOVE with how my fabric wrapped channy turned out!


And lastly I made fun take home bags for all my guests! These adorable chevron bags came from a local shop PAK-N-Wrap. I filled them with my all time favorite treats: Kit Kats, Twix, Peach rings and Spearmint gum. Just a little thank you for coming!

Each guest brought a $15 wrapped gift that represented something they LOVED or could be considered their “Favorite Thing!” We had a gift exchange and all went home with a list of new things we all wanted to try.

Turn in to my next post to see what I gave as my “Favorite Thing!”


Lemon Curd Cupcakes


I’m a sucker for lemon anything so when I tried my hand making this cupcake I had my fingers crossed that it would be a success and HOLY COW was it ever! This amazing cupcake is a lemon lovers dream but could easily be adapted to any favorite flavor! The cupcake is vanilla so you can change the filling and frosting to get your chocolate, berry or any other craving fix!

The recipe is easy peasy: Follow the cooking instructions on the back of a Vanilla Cake mix but do the following to make the cupcakes taste even better!!!

  • Add 1 more additional egg then required
  • Substitute Milk for the water, same amount
  • Use melted butter instead of the needed oil, same amount

Bake as instructed.


When your cupcakes are about half cooled you’ll want to make a well in them for the filling. I used a tiny round cookie cutter.


This is when the fun starts! I put my store bought lemon pie filling/curd into a giant plastic bread bag with the corner cut off. The bag makes it easy to squeeze in about a tablespoon of lemon filling.


And lastly it’s time for the super light frosting! To create a whipped frosting I mixed together 1 can of lemon frosting and one tub of thawed whipped cream. 3 minutes in my mixer later and I had this billowy dream cream that was so pretty when squeezed onto my fully cooled cup cakes. I used the plastic bread bag trick again. No need for fancy pastry tips.


These are AMAZING!!! So pretty and taste as good as they look! I love the lighter tasting frosting paired with the tart lemon curd! It’s a fresh combination that works perfectly with the vanilla cupcake. I think I’ll make a strawberry filled and chocolate mousse one next!

Happy Baking!


Pine-GO-Berry Smoothie


To say that I love Pineapple would be an understatement! It’s my favorite fruit flavor so whenever I see it on sale at my local grocery store I can’t resist picking some up! It makes such a great smoothie flavor base. I added some of my other favorite fruit flavors to create this latest recipe!

pinegoberry recipe

If fresh pineapple isn’t in season or is too pricy don’t shy away from frozen! Frozen fruit can be a perfect substitute and if you use frozen fruit add less ice! It will make for a thicker more frozen drink! Enjoy!

For more Smoothie recipes check out my other recipes:

Freeze ahead Green Smoothie

“Go to” Smoothie

Sunshine Smoothie!

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Boy, oh boy giveaway


What a fun week! Thanks everyone for helping me celebrate the addition of my new little Gunner! I really am thrilled to have this new guy in my life and to embrace all things BOY! It has been a blast seeing all that I have to look forward to being a mom to a boy! As we wrap up this week long celebration I could not be happier to end the week with an AMAZING giveaway event! Thanks to so many generous sponsors you guys are about to meet some impressive vendors who all offer amazing items any little dude would LOVE!

One winner will be chosen at random to win all of the following items below! A giant prize package for one big winner!  Entry details will be at the bottom of this post!


Rocky Paper and Design is about as cool as it gets! This site offers amazing personalized gifts that any little guy will love. From Birth Announcements to Personalized wall art to these darling lunch boxes! Rocky Paper Design is your gift giving destination! Winner will receive a lunch box of their choice! Enjoy 15% off with coupon code: BCD salew ends June 30.

Website / Facebook


Knot So Crafty Creations is a crochet shop filled with adorable creations! Hats and Super hero outfits for the little super hero in your life! Winner will receive $25 of store credit to use towards a hat of their choice! Also enjoy a 15% discount when you enter code BCD15


Looking for the perfect way to record that little dudes growth? Well look no further then The White Loft! These darling growth charts are perfect for recording the whole family!  Winner will receive a Growth Chart Board!  Enjoy 10% off thru June15th when you enter code:BLUECRICKETDESIGN


One Little Belt offers a wonderful selection of little boy accessories! Belts and ties and Bow ties! The one stop shop for the finishing touches! Winner will win 1 free belt of their choice!  Find them on Facebook!


Lucy Darling Prints is exactly what it’s shop name leads you to believe! Darling prints for your little guys room! I am in love with these designs and Gunners room is about to get a little  more finished thanks to this shop! Winner will receive a print of their  choice! Also enjoy $2 off your print order when you enter code SPRINGGIVEAWAY


Lucy Darling Shop offers the BEST selection of milestone stickers! I have never seen such a unique collection of designs and I had to make a set my own! Your little dude will have adorable month stickers to help capture his growth thanks to this site! Winner will receive a set of stickers of their choice! Also enjoy $2 off your order when you enter the code SPRINGGIVEAWAY! Find them on facebook!

9Hill Country Wood Craft specializes in adorable eco friendly wood toys! There is just something so adorable and simple about these high quality toys that I just can’t get enough of. The perfect unique gift for any little guy! Winner will receive a wooden tractor!

il_fullxfull.419347350_ahub ad

Every little guy dreams of being a Super Hero! Klassi Kreations can make every little boys dreams come true with these Super Hero Cape sets! Custom capes for parties and for dress up! Winner will receive their choice of a Medium sized Superman, Spider Man or Batman cape and mask set. Find Klassi Kreations on facebook and on their blog!

Giveaway ends May 29th and a winner will be announced on the BCD Facebook page May 30th!

Thanks again to all the amazing sponsors for making this possible!

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Read to me, Mom!

PicMonkey Collage 8

Our house is filled with books but for the last 10 years we’ve been reading about princesses, ponies and fairies! With a little dude now in tow it’s time to start getting my feet wet in the super hero, din0saur and truck department! I’ve been loving all the new finds and recommendations I’ve been getting and just had to pass on my growing list of wants and haves for my little guy…


I can not begin to tell you how much I adore this first book! The cover caught my eye at a book store and the story made me laugh out load! It’s my new favorite gift to give at a baby shower and everyone needs to add it to their library but any little boy would eat this story up! Children make terrible pets by Peter Brown is my #1 new favorite children’s book!


My sister-in-law sent Gunner this darling book that I adore! Indestructibles: Baby Faces! These books ar ejust like they say: Indestructible! They are made out of cool material that is drool, dribble, chew and rip proof, perfect for the early reader and grabber in your family. They make an entire collection of these durable things so load up! This one about different faces is too cute!


I’m a sucker for darling design so this book “Moby Dick,” part of the “BabyLit” series, totally caught my eye. These board books take classic tales and presents them to your little one in a simple and beautifully illustrated way.


DC Super Hero ABC 123 is any little boys dream. This board book is here to help any little super hero learn his ABS’s and 123′s! Makes learning fun and has your little guys favorite Super Heros front and center!


Hi-yah!!! The Three Ninja Pigs takes a classic tale and puts a humorous martial arts twist to it with a surprise ending you’ll love! Your little guys will adore this tale and chance are will act out a little karate by the books end!


What wouldn’t you love about a book called ” Dragons love Tacos!” Come on! A hysterical tale of dragons and tacos! Sign me up! Beautifully illustrated and ready to entertain! new York Times Best seller!


Wonder is a book that every house hold needs to own! I read this book to my then 8 and 6 year old last year and I was blown away. This story is so well written and helps teach a beautiful lesson about compassion, bravery, friendship and the joy of the human spirit! Buy it! Read it! Love it!


Magic Tree House books are all about adventures! This series is fantastic for boys and girls but the adventure part of it all is a great appeal for any boy ready to take on a dinosaur, join in with Knights and conquer Mummies!


Dangerous book for Boys is a book for every boy from eight to eighty, covering essential boyhood skills such as building tree houses*, learning how to fish, finding true north, and even answering the age old question of what the big deal with girls is.

What are your favorite boy book must haves? PLEASE share! Leave a comment and share with all of us!

PicMonkey Collage 4

This post was sponsored by “Photos by Emilie!” For a fantastic Salt Lake family photographer or awesome online DSLR photography classes be sure to check out more info HERE!


Rest your little head, little man: BOY rooms!

As you can imagine I’ve been looking for inspiration as I turn a little girl room into a boy room! So far we have a crib being painted orange and that’s about it! Thank heavens for amazing people like you who have provided an endless supply of inspiration. I am loving these submitted posts from my readers on spaces they’ve created for the little guys in their lives…


Stripe wall Before After


Amy over at Mo Momma shows off her painting skills as she shares this amazing tutorial on how she created s a stripped feature wall in her little mans nursery! I am in love with this look and think it adds so much to this fun space. be sure to check out the link to get full instructions!


I SWOON over this amazing space that Jen from Craft-O-Maniac created! I die! It is an incredible space that I know I would be in love with if I were a little guy! I love the colors, the creative beds and all the storage! You are going to love all the photos so jump on over and check out the full post HERE!
Corner Mergee
Doorway Mergee
Doorway Mergee
Jocelyn over at Playing it Cooley shares a handful of great tutorials on how to create a cool space for her little dude! Love the cool motorcycle detail! Painting,

PicMonkey Collage 2
This post has been sponsored by “Photos by Emilie!” For a great onsite family photographer in the Salt Lake area and for online DSLR photography classes be sure to check out more info HERE!

Boy, oh boy kick off!

boy oh boy

Wo hoo! I’m kicking off our “Boy, oh boy! ” week long event today where it’s all about the BOY!!! I’ve gathered some great tutorials, awesome boy products and a fun collection of giveaways to help me celebrate the arrival of my little Gunner! All week long we’ll be swooning over little boy grins, tiny little man toes and all things boy! Be sure to check in daily cause you never know when a giveaway might pop up!

To kick off the week I just have to share a few shots from Gunners newborn photo shoot with the amazing Emilie of “ Photos by Emilie!” I just adore this chick and so did Gun…

PicMonkey Collage 1e `

Emilie is amazing and it was such a treat to have her in my home to capture these sweet moments! If you live in the Salt Lake area you for sure need to have Em work her magic with your little ones and your entire family!

And don’t feel left out all you non local friends! Emilie offers out of this world online photography classes where she teaches you how to use those DSLR cameras like a pro! BE sure to check out her online classes that are going on now!

See ya tomorrow for more “Boy, oh boy!” fun!



Single layered receiving blankets


I LOVE the single layered receiving blankets that they have at the hospital! Unfortunately our hospital doesn’t let you take home the ones they swaddle your newborn in but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy a single layer of flannel goodness at home. It just means I have to make a few myself and with my new found love of all things boy the flannel department at JoAnn’s is twice as lovely these days!


I love a single layered blanket for a few reasons! 1. With the weather warming up a single layered blanket is the perfect weight to create a snugly little cocoon for my little one and 2. They are less bulky then the double layered one if you plan to use these as a swaddle blanket which I plan on doing

.Recently JoAnn’s had their flannel on sale for less then $3 a yard. One yard is the perfect size for a receiving blanket! The prints were to die for cute so I picked up quite a few.

DSC00192 DSC00194 DSC00202 DSC00209


It doesn’t get any simpler then this! Finished edges with a zig zag stitch is all it takes! I used alligator clips to hold my edges before I sewed them! I love this trick over straight pins! Easy one handed on and off and no fear of dropping a pin and finding it later with my foot! Ouch!



Now I have a healthy supply of my favorite blankets in darling prints!

IMAG0400Peace out!



Faux Wood Paper Photo backdrop

long 2

This here is my Chuck, ok…my Charlie ( really my Charlotte but she doesn’t really know that!) She’s pretty darn cute but I have to be honest…that faux wood backdrop makes her look even better! Photo backdrops can create a darling setting for capturing a great photo! They add a cohesive element to a picture and make your subject the real center of attention!

long 3

This particular backdrop is perfect for creating a true backdrop or floor prop in this case! Butted up to a wall, you can create a different look. Place it up against any painted wall in your house to get the look you want!

longThis backdrop is so easy to create and for about $15 you too can have this prop on hand for taking great pictures of your kids or for staging photos of projects you’ve created.

I found the 4′x12′ roll of Faux Wood paper at my local Hobby Lobby. It’s in the same section as the poster board. It was $8.99 for the roll but I used my 40% off coupon so it was under $6. I’ve been holding onto my 4′x4′ piece of wood in my garage for 3 years! I know! I know! Finally I had the perfect use for it! It was under $10 at Home Depot and is 1/4″ thick.

I used my 3M spray adhesive to attach it to my wood and then trimmed off the edge.


$15 and less then 10 minutes later I have the perfect prop. I store it behind my fabric hutch and pull it out when needed. I love that it’s hard and durable and you can walk on it without damaging the paper. I left the other side blank and am on the hunt for either more paper or vinyl table clothe fabric that I can interchange for a different look! The possibilities are endless.