Beauty CRUSH: Hair products

I’ve totally changed the way I care for my hair this year! Starting in January I was determined to make this the year I got my hair healthy and LONG! I’ve always wanted long hair but could never get past the breaking point and it doesn’t help that my hair grows slower then anything! I honestly haven’t colored my hair in 6 months and it’s not ubber obvious ’cause of my slow growth!

First thing I changed? No more conditioning! Say what? I know! I know! When you think of repairing hair and making it super healthy I bet the first thing you think of is CONDITIONING! I did a lot of research on line and after hearing that conditioning wasn’t a must I tried it and LOVE IT! This will make more sense later in the post.

Let’s start at the beginning… If I was going to cut out my conditioning I had to get a great shampoo to compensate! That means Sulfate FREE, great ingredient and gentle cleansing! Harition and Hair One both had what I was looking for! Hair One by the way is a “Wen” knock off! These products are both sulfate free and work a little differently. Hairition is a shampoo and works like normal shampoo and even lathers. Hair one is a cleanser that doesn’t lather but also doesn’t strip hair of it’s natural oils. I did find that I needed to make sure I rinsed thoroughly when I used the Hair One! Rinse, rinse, rinse but man oh man, talk about silky hair!

$$$: Harition $5, Hair One $12 Sold at Sally’s Beauty

Ok! So now that I have clean hair, how do I keep it healthy especially if I’m not using traditional conditioning trends! ANSWER: Marrakesh Oil!  Because my hair leans more to the oily side stopping conditioning was a good step. But that left my ends at risk for damage. Marrakesh oil is the perfect solution. One small squirt of this rubbed into my palms and then on my ends was a great way to quench and smooth my ends and make it manageable. This is my new favorite product! Can’t live without!

$$$: $12 sold on Amazon

In addition to my oil I loved using RUSK Sensories Leave in conditioner. A tiny dime sized amount is all I need and I only apply it to the ends of my hair. Growth below my ears. This is a natural botanical product that helps eliminate static, conditions and works as a sunscreen for your hair!

$$$: $19 for 33oz. Sold on line or in some stores.

And there you have it! My new hair routine! That along with less frequent washing, styling and coloring and I’m well on my way to the healthy hair I’ve always wanted! I have some fun styling tricks I’ve been using that help with styling and cutting back on heat and damage! Stay tuned!

What hair care products do you swear by?