Hi friends! It’s me Rebecca! I’m the creative mind behind Blue Cricket Design! I’ve discovered the best way to enjoy a good blog is in pajamas, slippers and while eating a bowl of Coco Pebbles! Trust me! It’s heavenly! I hope you’re feeling at home here!

I guess this is the part of the post where I share a little insight on myself! My biggest goal is to diminish any fantasy any of you may have about me! I am as average as they come and yes…I’m in slippers and a two day old pony tail as I type this!

My resume is probably similar to yours! I am one part wife, three parts mother and the rest is a mixed bag of genetic obligations, sass and reality! I hit the jack pot when it came to my matrimonial mate! I married my high school sweet heart (AHHH! I know!) and if I weren’t 98.9% sure my husband would kill me I’d share our endless cheesy photos together from Proms, Winter Formals and Sadie Hawkins. But alas I’ll save public humiliation for a different day.

I’m the boss of three busy girls! I say busy because it’s nicer then saying “crazy!” It’s an adventure being a mother to a drama queen,a sensitive flower and a sassy mini me! We are also looking forward to adding a BROTHER! , yep, a boy to this clan. (Wish me luck! I have no idea what I’m doing.)They are all sorts of wonderful and keep me constantly laughing and grateful for my own parents and what I must have put them through! It’s amazing how much you can love a group of misfits isn’t it! In all honestly my kids are my greatest joy. They are my main source of inspiration. I’m in the throws of motherhood and the journey is for sure an adventure!

For as long as I can remember I’ve been knee deep in some sort of a project. I come from a pretty creative family. My mom was always painting or making jewelery and my sister can work miracles with a Camera. (She took the fun photos for this post! Thanks Boo! Love your guts!) My Creative philosophy has evolved over the years. I’m completely in my element if I can recreate and improve upon a favorite find! I’m all about creating a version of something I love at a fraction of it’s retail price! I also am a HUGE fan of repurposing and recycling. Projects that are born out of something old are my favorite. I also believe that anyone can do what I do. I’m nothing special. I just see things differently and once you get into the practice of looking at something with a creative eye the ideas just seem to start taking over.

If I had to pick a favorite form of “Crafting” I don’t think I could. It’s like picking a favorite child. Impossible! I’m rooted in self taught sewing. I could sit behind my sewing machine all day if I didn’t have my real life to live. I’m a huge fan of creating my own patterns and making clothes for my girls. Fabric in general is my drug of choice. I can’t get enough of it! Any project that calls for fabric I’m pretty much going to love and dream about at night.

I also love to refinish furniture. Visiting the paint section of Home Depot is my idea of a romantic date night. I just love color! I’ve learned some pretty amazing tricks and techniques over the years. There hasn’t been a piece of furniture able to take me down yet. Taking something old and ugly and transforming it into an updated useful piece is my specialty. Everything has potential!

I’m also a lover of all things created in the Kitchen. I’ve become one of “those” ladies that prefer baking from scratch! My trusty Kitchen Aid “Sally” and I have been known to get a little crazy in the kitchen. Baking is my skill of choice. I love to reinvent a classic recipe, dabble in experimenting and always prefer adding my own twist when it comes to following instructions. My success rate isn’t 100% that’s for sure but my “Going Rouge” approach to cooking has produces some new favorites!

My most favorite things in life are my family, being a homemaker and letting my creativity escape once in a while. Thanks for letting me share my life with you!