I got ta be honest! Stepping away from blogging full time has done wonders for my life! My departure came at a pivotal point for me and my family and I have no regrets taking the time I needed to refocus and concentrate on myself and my family. Over these last few years I have discovered some important lessons and came to some conclusions…

1. Ignoring that inner voice that is telling you to slow down and listen is a bad idea! Trust your inner voice.

2. There is a season for everything! My ability to thrive in different departments of my life will forever be changing. It’s ok to feel good about something for as long as it feel good but the moment it starts tipping the scale too far to one side you can’t be afraid to pivot and adjust.

3. Creativity isn’t something you can retire from! Try as I might to walk away from blogging when I needed to, turning off my “creative juices” was near impossible. I tried everything! I didn’t create a single project for over a year. I didn’t over decorate for the holidays and I even sold 75% of my craft room/craft hoard! Little did I know that my creativeness falls into a category similar to my physical traits. I’m blue eyed, 5’4″, have freakishly long toes and am creative! The end. Once I admitted to myself that it was still ok to be creative, a sort of joy and purpose came back into my life and it felt wonderful!

All of these things were lessons I might not have realized had I not taken the time off I needed! I am in such a better place in my life right now that once again I crave creativity and work. This isn’t my come back to blogging! Ha! I couldn’t even log into my blog without asking my web master how to do that!  But this is my creative come back! A “Born Again” crafter, if you will! This new perspective opened my eyes and helped me identify what I wanted to do next.

Over the Christmas holiday I fell in love with a timeless handy craft thanks to my niece. She came to Christmas with a darling embroidery  project. Myself and my three girls wanted to make one too so off to the craft store I went to create a few for us to make. Weeks later, here I am addicted and excited to share with all of you the adorable art of simple embroidery…

Insta collage introducing

I saw how captivating this project was for my own girls and knew that it would be a hit with other crafters in the making! I set out to create darling designs and complete kits that would offer a start to finish project! My 5 year old cleverly named them “Hoop-a-loops!”

  DSC03350 edit


Hoop-a-loops come with everything you need to create a handmade work of art…


Hoop-a-loop starter kits include:

  • 1 hand drawn design on premium muslin
  • one 6″ wooden embroidery hoop
  • 1 needle
  • ample embroidery floss that coordinates with your design
  • a photo of your finished design to refer to
  • one Hoop-a-loop tips sheet

Refill kits include:

  • 1 hand drawn design on premium muslin
  • ample embroidery floss that coordinates with your design
  • a photo of your finished design to refer to


Hoop-a-loop Starter Kits are $10 each or 3 for $25
Starter Bundles include: 1 Starter Kit and 2 refills for $20
Refills are $7 each

DSC03415edit(Hoop-a-loop party bundles available!)

Hoop-a-loops are recommended for kids around age 8 and up! Their simple to follow design is perfect for beginners and will result in confidence and a feeling of accomplishment! This is a great project for your kids to work on along side you as you finish up your own projects. If your kids are like mine they ALWAYS wanted to be doing what I was doing and sometimes my projects just weren’t age appropriate for them! This is!!!


I’m selling my “Hoop-a-loops over in my etsy shop! Be sure to jump on over and check out all my designs. New designs will be added often so be sure to follow me on Instagram @bluecricketdesign where I’ll be announcing new designs and special offers!

 All purchases this week will include a FREE practice pattern. Enter code “BCDHOOPALOOP” at checkout!


It feels great to be creating again! I’ve missed the creative process! So here’s to new beginnings and new ventures! Happy stitching, friends and thanks so much for your support!





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    wow nice web n awesome creativity

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    Hi, Becca
    Wow, I am so happy to see you. I have missed you on the blog. Happy you are back.

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