Minted Holiday cards

It’s that time of year again when we are all scrambling to get out Christmas cards ordered! I had to share my love for Minted with you guys and tell you how much I adore my recent order!

I had the chance to order this years Christmas cards from Minted, a site that features different independent artists and their designs. I loved that there were 100′s of designs to choose from and with a multitude of artists, you are sure to find a style that speaks to you!

All of the designs are customizable. Pick colors and fonts and put your own personalizes message on it…




The hard part was narrowing down just one! One of my all time favorite features about this site is the “Find it Fast” feature.


This feature allows you to upload your photo and take it for a test drive in all of the designs! Totally helped me find the perfect card for this years greeting.

Minted makes ordering easy and always sends you a proof to approve before shipping out anything. I loved that. When my cards arrived I knew exactly what to expect and I wasn’t holding my breath and crossing my fingers that it would be what I thought it would be!

Check Minted out for yourself and get your cards ordered!



Pic Couture

Oh my gosh, you guys! I’m embarrassed to admit this but it has been FOUR YEARS since I last took my kids into a studio to get their photos taken! I know! I know! It’s not like I haven’t taken pictures or had others take their shots but for reals it has been that long! Oops!

Pic Couture in South Jordan and in Draper, Utah are amazing studios that made going back indoors for photos so easy! This place has incredible backdrops, amazing photographers and ordering is easy and affordable at only $5 a sheet!

With my Mr. Wonderful turning 6 months old I knew I needed to get him in to capture this fun stage and OH MY HECK…

2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian DS-27

2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian DS-24

2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian DS-15

Is my little guy adorable or what! EEEK!!! I can not get enough of him.  Daniel at Pic Couture totally captured his sly personality and sweet demeanor. Can you see his sweet knuckle dimples in the last photo of him above!!! Oh how I love that I will always have that sweet knuckle dimple photo!

2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian DS-36

2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian DS-34

2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian DS-38

I also got some adorable updated shots of my girls! These pictures melt my heart! I forgot how special it is to have photos like these. My girls just loved having their photos taken. Daniel knew just how to find each of their natural looks and worked so well with my kids.


Pic Couture not only has amazing talent behind the lens but also when it comes to editing, cropping, face swapping and adding cool color effects. I love how the photos below were given a little tweak with cool color effects with their PicArt options…


2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian pa-7

2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian pa-1

2013-1061 Rebecca_Dulgarian pa-3

A big fat thanks to all the amazing staff at Pic Couture for making me one proud mama! I am in love with our results and will always have these and a ton additional photos to remember this most favorite time in my life! Being a mom to these 4 beautiful kids brings me more joy then I feel like I deserve and I have these photos to remember them always! 20 years from now when I’m wishing for these moments again at least I’ll have these tender reminders. Love! Love! Love!


Pic Couture has two locations in Draper and South Jordan, Utah! Each photo session results in endless images ready for you to swoon over! I left with a flash drive to take home and some amazing prints that only cost $5 each! Sessions are booking fast with the holidays creeping up on us! Book your sessions now!

Find Pic Couture on Facebook and be sure to follow! They are ALWAYS giving away free sessions, having fun contests and just having too much fun really!

And one more thing….


Can you pretty please jump over to this link HERE to “Like” Gunners sweet pic! Every “Like” it gets= $1 I get to use on more Pic Couture products like prints and canvases! How cool is that! It’s called PicPayoff and everyone who has a photo session will also have this same fun option! So go give me a thumbs up!!!! Thanks, friends!



Homemade baby food

Why on earth have I not made baby food before? This is my 4th kid and HELLO!!!! I’m just now whipping up yummy veggie puree! There is something so wrong about my tardiness to the homemade food goodness! It sounds like something only super moms do but let me debunk that theory ASAP cause I’m no super mom and it totally plays more to my CHEAP side then anything else!

Making homemade food for your little is super cheap and super fast and yes SUPER HEALTHY! Anyone can do it! A super rad blender helps but it can be done with a standard blender as well but my Blendtec is Gunners favorite appliance. It’s official!


Check out all that fresh produce! $10 is all this batch cost and it created 60 servings! Yep 60! I feed Gun 2 solid food servings a day so this will last us an entire month until his appetite grows! $10 and 1 hour of my time is all it takes for 1 month of food.



There’s no rocket science behind cooking up your veggies. I use a cheap metal steaming basket and a pot! Certain veggies only need to be warmed but others need to be sliced and diced, steamed and peeled!


Steamed veggies with a little water is all it takes to create a meal for your little one. My Blendtec whips up steamed veggies and can put Gerber to shame! The consistency is so smooth and creamy! Different veggies call for different amounts of liquid so you will quickly see when adding more water is needed to create the consistency you are looking for.


 HELLO smooth and creamy!


After trying a handful of different storage techniques I found I liked snack sized freezer bags best. These are great 2 portion bags that hold about 6oz each. I pour the food straight from the blender into the bags and seal it making sure there is no air left in the bag. And they are cheap! The only draw back is they aren’t great for on the go food so you will want to transfer the food into a sturdier container if you are going to feed on the go.


The other advantage to using these BPA free bags is that they store flat making freezing ideal. I stacked them on my quarter cookie sheet and popped them into the freezer! Once they are frozen you can store them upright, in your freezer door or tuck them into other vacant corners of your freezer.

When you are ready to use, just grab a few to defrost in your fridge.

hintsFrozen Peas: Frozen peas do not need to be steamed! You can simply defrost and or cook in the microwave to make them soft enough to blend. Peas will need about 1 cup water to 2 cups peas. Peas are also a very mild tasting veggie so they are great to blend with more powerful tastes like cauliflower and carrots.

Butternut Squash: This veggie is the most time consuming one to prep. You’ll need to chop your squash with the skin still on, scoop out the seeds and steam. The photo of chopped orange segments in the pot above are my squash. Once they are done steaming let them cool and then use your knife to cut the skins off. Squash has more liquid in it them you think so you’ll need less water in your blender for this one. The squash takes on a different consistency once frozen and then defrosted, think jello-ish. You can stir it up to regain it’s creaminess.

Sweet Potatoes: This one is a little guy favorite! It’s sweetness is very agreeable to most baby pallets! Peel, chop into 1 in. segments and steam. 1 part water to 2 parts veggie.

Cauliflower: Odd you think? Well oddly enough this veggie is a dream once steamed and it won’t lead to a gassy baby like I once thought. This vitamin packed veggie is easy to blend and needs less water then you’d think. Chop of the flower heads and steam for about 15 min before blending. I do like to use cauliflower as a great combo start! I’ve had really strong batched and mild so it really depends on each head. Frozen works great too.

Green beans: I’ve only used frozen green beans but they steam up great! Green beans also have more water in them so add water sparingly. I found that I needed to blend green beans a little longer then other veggies because there was a string like vein that was tricky to blend and they are a waxier, firmer veggie. I kept seeing my little guy struggle with a tiny string on his tongue.

Carrots: Full sized carrots have way more flavor then baby carrots so I prefer to use full sized! I scrub them well and leave the peels on to maximize the nutrition. Chop them in 1″ pieces and steam. 1 part water to 2 parts carrots. Sometimes carrots are strong and bitter so mix them with sweet potatoes and other veggies. My carrots stained my blender so be for warned!!!

Add ins: Canned fruit in natural juices make great sweeteners. I am still focused on mainly veggies but have added pears and peaches to a few combos.

Make it a party! I had two other neighborhood moms over for a baby food making night! We all brought over our hauls of veggies, some from our gardens and grocery store! It was a great way to maximize the variety and have a fun girls night!


My little guy is in heaven with each and every meal! I will warn you…if you’re baby takes a liking to homemade food they might become picky! My little guy won’t eat store bought now without putting up a fight! Oops!

I hope this gives you the confidence to give it a try! You will not regret it!



*** When introducing solid foods to your little ones it is recommended to serve the same veggie for 5-7 days without adding a new one. This way you can pin point any food allergies and or unagreeably food that they just don’t enjoy! Once you can be sure they are in the clear you can move onto combos and new flavors.


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